Home Remedies for Clogged Ears

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“What? What did you say?” Does that sound like you? If you’re experiencing pain and irritation, then you probably have a case of clogged ears. Immediate relief for clogged ears is important because ignored cases can turn into unwanted circumstances. To encourage healing, consider using home remedies for clogged ears.

Causes and Symptoms

A clogged ear can strike adults and children. In fact, when a child complains of ear pain, 90% of the time, they are clogged [1]. The most common causes of clogged ears include cold, allergies, sinus infections, muscle tension, and of course – a buildup of earwax. Sometimes, clogged ears develop after swimming or turning an ear upwards when taking a shower. For younger patients, clogged ears can develop due to the presence of fluids in the ear and improper bathing techniques.

Symptoms of clogged ears include diminished hearing, throbbing pain, discomfort, irritability, and in some cases – complete hearing loss. Some people may also hear persistent sounds when their ears are clogged.

Clogged Ear Home Remedies

Untreated clogged ears can lead to ear infections and hearing that worsens until the problem is addressed. It is important to treat your pain and symptoms with home remedies for clogged ears to avoid further medical concerns. A few suggestions to consider include:

a) Hydrogen Peroxide:

Fight clogged ears with a drop of hydrogen peroxide, which helps to break up earwax. Don’t be alarmed if you see bubbling wax coming out of your ear.

b) Olive Oil:

Create your own softener for earwax with a couple of drops of boiled olive oil. Apply the oil to your ears when it has reached body temperature. This home remedy will soften wax so that you can easier remove it from your ears.

c) Yawn:

Sometimes, clogged ears develop when your surrounding pressure has changed – especially when landing and taking off in an airplane. You can slowly relieve excess pressure by making yourself yawn.

d) Chewing Gum:

The motion of chewing gum helps reduce blockage in your ears. During a flight, you can also chew on gum as a way to balance out the pressure in your ears.

e) Swallow:

Ease plugged ears by frequently swallowing to unblock pressure.

f) Heating Pad:

Apply a moistened heating pad to the outside of a clogged ear to enjoy pain relief.

g) Hot, Steamy Bath:

Unclog your ears with a hot bath or shower. The steam surrounding you has a way of relieving pressure. Stay in the steam for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

h) Nose-Blowing Etiquette:

When sinus problems are at the root of your clogged ears, refrain from blowing your nose too hard. Keeping your mouth open when blowing your nose can also help.

i) Ear Safety:

When treating a clogged ear, never use sharp objects, such as a pen, pencil, or safety pin, to loosen wax. You run the risk of damaging your eardrum.

j) Pure Grain Alcohol:

Apply a couple of drops of pure grain alcohol to the ear. Follow this home remedy for clogged ears once in the morning and evening on a regular basis.

k) Elevate the Head:

Treat clogged ears in kids by elevating the head to about six inches. This will reduce the pressure in ears, as well as encourage drainage.


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