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How can you enjoy the beauty of a spring or summer day when your windows are dimmed with grime? What about a house plagued by drafts due to leaky windows? Need a quick fix when you’ve accidentally broken a glass pane? Home remedies for windows can help you solve common household issues, stay safe, and brighten your view without spending a fortune.

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Window Home Remedies

The market offers a wide range of window cleaners – many of which use chemicals and other toxic ingredients to produce results. With many home remedies for windows, you can find a handful of healthier ways to prepare your own glass cleaners using common substances found in your household. Solutions for typical window issues include:

a) Vinegar:

One of the most versatile home remedies for cleaning windows involves vinegar. You can use it straight out of the bottle or diluted with water. Vinegar also removes the debris left behind by stickers placed on the windows of homes and cars.

b) Vinegar and Dishwashing Soap:

Combine two cups of water, ¼ cup of white distilled vinegar, and up to ½ teaspoon of dishwashing soap. Add the ingredients to a water bottle to create a simple window cleaning solution.

c) Candle:

For a convenient method detecting potential air leaks in your windows, light a candle and hold by suspected leaks. Watch the movement of the flame to pinpoint leaks. You may also blow out a candle and hold in front of drafty areas. Follow the smoke to see where your warm air is escaping.

d) Chalkboard Eraser:

If you’re constantly battling foggy windows and windshields in your car, keep a simple chalkboard eraser handy. It only takes a couple of swipes to gain a clear view and is said to work better than a cloth.

e) Lemon Juice:

When you’re in need of a homemade glass cleaner for windows, add three tablespoons of lemon juice to a small spray bottle. Fill with water and shake well.

f) Rubbing Alcohol:

Isopropyl rubbing alcohol makes an effective cleaner for windows.

g) Cornstarch:

Add two tablespoons of cornstarch to ½ cup of ammonia and ½ cup of white vinegar to create a streak-free cleaning solution for windows.

h) Liquid Fabric Softener:

Use liquid fabric softener to remove hard-water stains from windows. Dab undiluted fabric softener onto stains and leave on for 10 minutes. Wipe off the softener using a damp cloth and rinse.

i) Nail Polish Remover:

When you’ve gotten paint on your window, remove stains by dabbing on nail polish remover. Allow the solution to remain on the stain for a few minutes before rubbing off with a cloth.

j) Bubble Wrap:

Duct-tape pieces of bubble wrap that fit your windows to increase insulation, which helps lower energy bills in the wintertime.

k) Adhesive Tape:

When you’ve broken a window, use adhesive tape to safely pick up slivers of glass.

l) Paintbrush:

When you need to give your window screens a good dusting, use a large, clean paintbrush to remove debris and dust.

m) Nail Polish:

A small tear in your window shade can usually be repaired with a dab of clear nail polish [1].

n) Newspaper:

If you desire streak free windows, use newspaper or newsprint to wipe away your window cleaners.


[1] Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things by Reader’s Digest; pg 222.


  • edlina celise

    well i have been a housekeeper for fifteen years and when i run out of window cleaner i use rum

  • Carly

    Use shaving cream to clean your mirrors and windows. Does a great job and helps prevent fogging on mirrors, windows, car windshields.

  • Coral

    A very quick and easy way to clean the microwave. A medium size bowel that is not too shallow fill half with
    Cold water then add a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar, heat on medium high for five minutes and when
    Finished be careful removing the hot bowel, then just wipe out the microwave with a clean cloth and then you are

  • Dee

    This is just a comment, not a tip. Well it might be a tip. In regards to Coral’s tip posted on June 20, 2013, at 11:37 p.m. about cleaning a microwave, why would someone want to use a “Bowel”? A bowel is one of the divisions of the intestine. If I was going to follow this tip, I think I might use a “BOWL.” It might actually clean the microwave instead of making more of a mess in the microwave. Sorry, I have a thing for misspelled words and people not proofreading what they have written before they submit things like tips on a blog or web page.

  • Dee

    Now, for an actual tip. Want to remove ink from clothing? Before washing the piece of clothing, spray ink marks with hair spray and let soak. Then wash as usual. If ink is still present after washing, repeat before putting in dryer.