Home Remedies for Cleaning Grass Stains

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From a game of touch football to the kids playing in the neighborhood, you run the risk of dealing with green discoloration at the end of the day. Grass can leave behind stains that take a lot of patience and the right approach to overcome. Good news – you don’t always have to toss away clothing when you use the right home remedies for grass stains.

About Grass Stains

The mixture of protein and other organic matter in grass stains is what makes the discoloration difficult to remove. Add in the liquid component (such as chlorophyll and other pigmented compounds) and you have a mission on your hands. Once grass comes in contact with a fabric, these materials closely bind to the natural fibers of a material. The grass stain could also have dried up dirt and other matter than increases the difficulty of stain removal.

Grass Stain Home Remedies

It is not impossible to remove a grass stain from your clothing and other fabrics. Just remember never to use ammonia, degreaser or alkaline detergents or you run the risk of permanently setting in the stain. A few home remedies for grass stains to consider include:

a) Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonia:

When your kids have had an active day outside, remove grass stains from clothes by mixing a couple of drops of ammonia with one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Rub the solution on the stains and as soon as the stain disappears – rinse and then put in the laundry for a wash.

b) Window Cleaner [1]:

A window cleaner with an ammonia base can be used to remove tough grass stains. After spraying the stain, let the garment sit for 15 minutes. Blot with a clean rag, and then rinse with cool water before placing in the washer. The cleaner needs to be clear to avoid staining the fabric. You cannot use this remedy on silk, wool, or their blends.

c) Cotton Swab:

The small shape and absorbing power of a Q-tip can treat stains that need the attention of an accurately placed solution.

d) Chlorinated Laundry Bleach:

Soaking stained clothing in a solution of chlorinated laundry bleach will help release grass stains from clothing.

e) Wood Alcohol:

If you happen to have wood alcohol in your possession, sponge onto stains, and then rinse with warm water. Wash the piece of clothing as soon as possible using your usual laundry powder or liquid.

f) Rubbing Alcohol and Water:

You can use water and alcohol as a method to pretreat a grass stain. Wet a sponge with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and rub into the stain. Let it air dry. Once it has dried, rinse the stain with cool water, and then work in your liquid detergent (something like Tide with bleach). Rinse with cold water, and then air dry until you are ready to wash in your usual manner.

g) Hydrogen Peroxide and Bleach:

A mixture of bleach and hydrogen peroxide can treat a pesky grass stain on clothing. Mix equal parts bleach and peroxide, and then add to three part of cold water. Place the solution directly on the stain, and then let it sit. After one hour has passed, rinse the garment thoroughly, and then wash as normal.

h) Warm Water and Vinegar:

A warm water and white vinegar solution can be used as an effective pre-treater for grass stains. Rub the mixture directly into the stain, and then launder as usual.

a) Molasses:

A couple of drops of molasses placed directly on a grass stain can work wonders. Rub the sweetness into the fabric, and let it sit for a few minutes. Wash the garment like usual.

i) Eye Dropper:

When you need to only pinpoint a small stain, use an eye dropper to apply your stain removal solution just where you want it [2].

j) Empty Spray Bottle:

Filling an empty spray bottle with a homemade stain removal remedy will save you time when you need to treat a fresh stain.

k) Old Toothbrush:

Use an old soft-bristled nylon toothbrush to work stain remover into the soft fabrics of a garment. Gently dab to help remove soaked-in stains.

l) Soak the Stain:

One of the easiest ways to loosen heavily soiled clothes is to soak the garment in cool water – from 30 minutes to overnight.

m) Vinegar:

Add 1/3 cup each of white vinegar and water to create a solution to clean grass stains from your shoes. Use a soft cloth to dab on the mixture to the stains. Blot the spot with a different clean cloth. Repeat the process until stains have disappeared.


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