Home Remedies for Cleaning Drink Stains

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When hosting a dinner party or dealing with toddlers, it is advised to have a stain removal plan in place in case a friend drops their red wine or Kool-Aid dribbles from the mouth of your babe. Freely moving liquids can easily find their way to the ground or on your clothing (it seems always when the color white is involved). You may want to become familiar with home remedies for drink stains.

About Drink Stains

Drink stains can pose an issue for removal because the liquid can easily penetrate the soft fibers of fabric. Acting quickly minimizes the overall damage to the fabric. Blotting the excess liquid is an important part of drink stain removal. The color of a drink stain also affects the difficulty level of removal, where the darker colored beverages (like red fruit punch and blueberry juice) pose a higher risk to leaving behind a lingering stain.

Drink Stain Home Remedies

From your morning hot coffee to a cup of orange juice, any liquid has the potential to leave behind a stain when spilled or dropped. Acting fast is important when you want to minimize the damage. To quickly clean up your spills, consider some of the following home remedies for drink stains:

a) Vinegar:

Vinegar is an effective stain remover for water-soluble blunders, such as fruit juices, black coffee, tea, orange juice, and beer. Pat spots with a cloth or towel moistened with undiluted white vinegar just before putting in the wash. To treat large stains, soak the entire garment in a bucket of three parts white vinegar to one part cold water before washing.

b) White Wine:

Act fast to treat a red wine stain. To neutralize the damage of a red wine stain, try pouring white wine on affected areas, and then soak up. Follow up by thoroughly rinsing the stain in cold water and ammonia.

c) Lukewarm Water:

To remove a milk stain from washable fabrics, sponge with lukewarm water before washing as usual.

d) Boiling Water:

When you’ve spilled fruit juice on your white cotton clothing and linens, stretch the material over a basin or bucket, and pour boiling water over the stain. If any stains remain, treat with a soak of chlorinated laundry bleach[1].

e) Gin:

To remove red wine, try blotting with gin, and then wash in the laundry as usual.

f) Bleach and Water:

You can treat a stubborn soda stain on a white sweater by soaking in a diluted mixture of bleach and water.

g) Meat Tenderizer:

Meat tenderizer has the power to remove stains that have a protein base, such as milk. Sprinkle a small amount of the tenderizer on fresh wet stains – making sure to cover the area. Allow the tenderizer to sit on the stain for one hour before brushing off the residue of the dried tenderizer. Wash your clothing in the laundry as usual. If the stain has already set, make a paste out of meat tenderizer and water that is rubbed into the milk stain. Wait an hour before laundering as usual.

h) Hydrogen Peroxide:

To remove wine stains from your clothing, reach for hydrogen peroxide and use a blotting motion to treat.

i) Cool Water [2]:

If you’ve spilled beer or soda on your shirt, sponge the spot with cool water or soak in a small tub filled with cool water for 30 minutes. Put in the laundry and add chlorine bleach to the wash if it is safe for the stained fabric.

j) Paper Towels:

Use the high absorbency of white paper towels to blot the excess liquid of a drink stain.

k) Old Toothbrush:

Use an old soft-bristled nylon toothbrush to remove liquid that has infiltrated the soft fibers of fabric. Gently brush a treated stain to work in the stain remover.

l) Vinegar and Liquid Detergent:

If you are trying to remove an older drink stain that has set in, try pre-treating your garment with a solution made out of three tablespoons of white vinegar, two tablespoons of liquid detergent, and one quart (1 liter) of warm water. Rub the remedy into the stain, and then blot dry before placing in the wash.

m) Baby Wipes:

To remove spilled coffee from your carpet, use a baby wipe to blot up the liquid and stain. Sometimes, the wipes can help treat stains on your clothing and upholstered furniture[3].

n) Baking Soda:

Remove coffee and tea stains from your china by dipping a moist cloth in baking soda to make a stiff past. Gently rub your cups and saucers with the paste. Rinse clean and dry.

o) Cold Water and Ammonia:

To treat a white wine stain, wash your garment in cold water and ammonia. It is important to quickly address these stains and rinse thoroughly after using removal solutions.

p) Bar of Ivory Soap:

To remove fruit-flavored drinks and juices, soak in cool water, and then rub a bar of white soap (preferably Ivory[4]) over the stain. Immediately place the garment in a wash with detergent – using the hottest water recommended for the fabric type.

q) Spray Bottle:

Be prepared for all of the drink spills in your life by having your most effective stain remover handy in a recycled spray bottle.

r) Beer:

Get a coffee or tea stain out of a rug by pouring a small amount of beer over the spots. Lightly rub in the beer and the stain should vanish. To remove all traces of the stain, you may have to repeat the process a couple of times.

s) Salt:

To remove coffee and tea stains from your favorite cup, sprinkle a bit of salt onto a sponge and scrub using small circular motions. For stubborn stains, mix white vinegar with salt in equal parts, and rub away the stain with a sponge.

t) Eye Dropper:

To address small droplets of drink on your shirt and minimize the spread of the stain, use an eye dropper to accurately apply stain remover to spots.

u) Shaving Cream:

When you’ve spilled a bit of juice on your carpet, apply a small amount of shaving cream. First, blot the stain and pat it with a wet sponge before squirting on the shaving cream. Wipe the stain clean with a damp sponge.


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