10 Home Remedies for Clean Prostate | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, how does one clean the prostrate naturally? I don’t want to use chemical based cleaners since it’s a sensitive part of my body.

A: Dear P, you have a good reason to be concerned with prostate cleaning because that is a good preventive measure to ensure the health of this male organ. Prostatitis, as you may know is the most common prostate problem afflicting the male gender of the populace. It is indicated by inflammation or enlargement of the gland. Keeping this gland healthy can jump-start good overall well-being and can help avoid more complicated medical conditions such as prostate cancer?

There are several herbs used in alternative medicine that are believed to be beneficial in cleansing the prostate. Consult with a physician before using an herbal remedy to cleanse the prostate.

Home Remedies for Clean Prostate


1. Red Clover – Red clover is known to have capabilities that are known worldwide such as cleansing the liver and blood. Red clover is mostly used to improve prostate health. [1]

2. Uva Ursi – This is a known and popular diuretic. It is used for cleansing the urinary tract, dissolving sediments that normally won’t dissolve. This has been used by the Indians and Chinese for more than 1,000 years to improve colon health.

3. Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto is used to help cure prostate inflammation and enlargement. It does this by easing the hormonal stimulation of the prostate gland. Additionally this can help treat enuresis which is the inability to control urination and painful ejaculation.

4. Prostate Foods – Try to eat food that is prostate-friendly for at least three days or until your prostate is better. Slowly incorporating these in your regular diet. Try to ingest foods such as mackerel, trout, dark green leafy vegetables and grapes. These contain omega-3 fatty acids that help in fighting cancer. Ingesting cauliflower is also viable. [2]

5. Calcium – Be careful when eating high levels of calcium. This increases the chance of risk in developing prostate cancer. Lessen or even cut all calcium rich food such as Milk, almonds, peas and broccoli and many more. It is also recommended to cut back on red meat. These contain Trans-fat acids that are bad for the prostate.

6. Tomatoes – Recent studies show that consuming lots of tomatoes which contain lycopene can increase the progression of BPH. [3]

7. Exercise – Exercise daily to decrease the polyunsaturated vegetable oils and margarine in the body. These increases the estrogen bat declines the production of testosterone, pregnenlone, androstenedione, melatonin and progesterone significantly. [4]

8. Stress – High levels of stress has a huge impact on the prostate gland. Stress can also increase hormones such as adrenal hormones that can cause the inability to control urination [5]

9. Kegel exercises – Kegel exercise can help improve circulation. This can be done by pulling the scrotum and anus muscles up. Repeat it at least 10 times and do this for 5-6 times a day.

10. Spinach and Carrot Juice – Mix spinach and carrot juice with a ratio of 2:3. Juices that are found Vegetable juices are good for prostate health. You can drink this for at least a month. This home remedies for cleaning prostate is very easy and healthy. [6]


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