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Q: Grandma, I am an avid cook and I like presenting food in gleaming and shiny dishes. How can I remove all those unsightly stains (caused by hard water) on dishes?

A: Dear M, it happens if you don’t use water softeners at home; the minerals in hard water – calcium and magnesium – form unsightly stains on dishes. The lime scaling solidifies with time, making it tougher to remove especially the undesirable rings and spots. This problem is compounded in those areas where water is naturally mineralized.

There are home remedies that make use of basic kitchen and garden ingredients that can help. Here are some home remedies for clean dishes.

9 Home Remedies for Clean Dishes


1. Vinegar and Water Solution – Combine a mixture of vinegar and water using the ratio of 1:1. Plug the sink so that the mixture won’t go down the drain. Put enough solution to submerge the dishes in it. Let it sit for a few hours or so this will cause small bubbles to appear. This means that the acid found in the vinegar is dissolving the mineral deposits. Scrub later with a sponge or iron wool. Rinse and dry the dishes. Create a new mixture of vinegar and water and submerge the glasses for 30 minutes. These home remedies for clean dishes can remove the cloudy appearance of the glass. Brush after 30 minutes then rinse. [1]

2. Lemon Juice – Cut a lemon in half and forcefully rub it on the plate. This will remove stains left by hard water. Lemon contains acidic properties which can disintegrate the alkaline minerals causing the stain in an hour or more. After an hour scrub the dish and rinse in a lukewarm water.

3. Olive Oil and Vinegar – These are good home remedies for clean dishes. Find two pieces of cloth and put vinegar on one and olive oil on the other. This is best to use when cleaning stainless steel objects. Such as appliances and utensils. Use the cloth with the vinegar and wipe it and let the vinegar sit for 2 minutes. Next is to wipe it using olive oil. This will remove any chances for it to corrode and will leave it in a luster. [2]

4. Baby Oil – Mix vinegar and water with a ratio of 2:1. Put in a spray bottle and apply it in steel dishes and wares. Wipe with a clean cloth dipped in baby oil and rub vigorously. This works excellent against tarnishes found in steel wares and will leave your wares shiny.

5. Baking Soda – Mix baking soda and water to create a paste like consistency. Use this paste and apply it to stainless steel that has tarnish. Leave it sit for 30 minutes and wipe. It is optional to add salt and lemon juice on the paste for it to leave a nice scent. [3]

6. Toothpaste – Find a used toothbrush and put a small amount of toothpaste. Use this to brush the metal this home remedies for clean dishes will help the silver restore its shine. Rinse thoroughly in warm water. It is not advised to use toothpaste gel.

7. Hot water – Boil enough water to fill half the sink. Put all the dishes in the how water and let it sit for 10 minutes or until the water is warm enough to be used. This will remove any debris that is stuck on the dishes and will make it easier to wash. This home remedies is best against dishes that is full with grime.[4]

8. Drying – After cleaning the dishes it is recommended to air dry it, Use a soft clean cloth to give it a rub down. This will make it shinier and cleaner. [5]

9. Storing – It is recommended to place cloths, napkins, or paper towel between stacked dishes. This will reduce the chances of scratching. If dishes or plates are only used once a year it is best to wash it annually. This will help preserve its color and luster.


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