6 Home Remedies for Catching Mice | Q&A

Q: Grandma, I’ve had a rat problem for quite sometime. I used the following – “Wooden Traps” “Boric Acid,” “Rat Posion,”Glue Traps,” and “Cage Traps?” I don’t know what else to do. Perhaps, you can share more natural home remedies.

A: Dear J, Mice normally attack during night time and are definitely a nuisance when you are trying to sleep. It is can also be harmful if they get into your food. Mice multiply extremely fast and start having babies while they are only 6 weeks old. What is worst is that these little creatures are carriers of different diseases. Eliminating mice can be accomplished if you start early and use the right methods and strategies with proper technique.

Discussed below are the proper methods of mice removal. These are home remedies for catching mice since chemical solutions are meant for short term use.

Home Remedies for Catching Mice


1. Cat – A cat can be an effective mouse repellent and an ideal way to naturally keep mice out of your home. Maine Coon cats are well-known mouse hunters. Even if your cat doesn’t turn into a mighty hunter, the smell and presence of the cat will be deterrent to local mice. [1]

2. Fox Urine-like Products – Fox are predators. The urine of the fox marks and leaves scary smell to their enemy making it an effective product for mice to stay away from your home. Buy commercial products that contain urine like scent and spray it particularly on the areas where mice are lurking and places of point of entries. In time, mice will start to leave your home peacefully. [2]

3. Ammonia – Place a cup of full of ammonia into every possible entrance of mice even the very small holes and slight cracks. Conduct this twice every week and until you have noticed no more mice is present. Ammonia is among many powerful home remedies for catching mice, if done correctly. [3]

4. Food Poisoning – Mix food that has powerful and inviting scents to the mice with rat poison. Make sure to mix the rat poison and the food properly and thoroughly. Then, place it on the kitchen or areas that mice travel through. In addition, also change your food storage location every now and again. Mice are smart creatures so make sure the food mixed with poison from time to time as well.

5. Seal Food Properly – Do not forget to seal food and clean areas covered with food stain. No matter how powerful and properly you use catching mice techniques; they won’t leave unless the invitation or temptation is gone. So make sure to seal all your food properly at all times. [4]

6. Clean Home – Aside from food, mice love to build their homes in dirty places such as unmanaged clutters, improperly sealed trash can, dirty kitchen, and etc. In addition, mice love to stay no matter how many times you kill or get rid of their companions. Dirty homes are good breeding grounds where they can scavenge their meal. Make sure to clean your home regularly.


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