Home Remedies for Cat Urine

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Whether you’re the ‘cat lady’ living down the street or have just one feline companion, the scent of cat urine can become an instant turnoff for family and friends. From kitten mishaps to senior pet accidents, becoming familiar with home remedies for cat urine can rescue carpets, rugs, furniture, and other places in your household from distinct odors and stains.

Cat Urine Home Remedies

Why Cat Urine Smells So Bad

In an effort to mark their territory, cats pee around their domain, but the urine is comprised of organic components that can wreak havoc on hardwood floors, carpets, and upholstery. Uric acid is responsible for making the urine smell so bad. The color of the urine comes from a pigment called urochrome. The stickiness of the urine is a result of urea. At any rate, all of these components together cause unpleasant odors when bacteria growth becomes present.

Cat Urine Home Remedies

Whether you’re trying to remove the smell or eliminate a stain, the following home remedies for cat urine could come in pretty handy:

a) Dish Detergent:

To remove cat urine from upholstered furniture, mix one tablespoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent with two cups of cool water. With a clean white cloth in hand, sponge the stain with the detergent solution. Blot the stain until all of the liquid is absorbed. Repeat the process from the beginning until the stain disappears. You can also mix one tablespoon of detergent with one tablespoon of white vinegar and two cups of warm water to treat cat urine in carpets.

b) Paper Towels:

When removing cat urine from a carpet or rug, use a paper towel because they are able to blot up a great deal of wetness. Place paper towels over cat urine stains and press downward until the liquid is absorbed. Repeat with dry paper towels until no more moisture is absorbed from the stain.

c) Hydrogen Peroxide [1]:

For stubborn cat urine stains on upholstery, use an eye dropper to apply hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide breaks down the components in cat urine responsible for stains and odors. Sponge with cold water and blot dry.

d) Listerine Mouthwash:

Some people have used a few drops of Listerine added to a water and vinegar solution for the eradication of cat urine odors. Listerine mixed with a peroxide solution has also reaped results. When making a home remedy solution for cat urine, use hot water. Dab on the treatment.

e) Steam Cleaner:

Sometimes, you need a steam cleaner to remove old or heavy cat urine stains from a carpet. Do not use any chemicals when cleaning the carpet – just continue to dilute the cat urine with clean water.

f) Do Not Use Ammonia:

Do not use ammonia when cleaning cat urine. Animals are attracted to the smell of ammonia since it is similar to the scent of urine. It actually encourages a pet to soil the same area again.

g) Gerbera Daisies:

Some say that you can use certain plants, such as gerbera daisies, to remove the scent of cat urine. The plants absorb the ammonia found in the urine, which helps speed up the removal of cat urine. Another plant species that can aid in removing cat urine is the spider plant.

h) Carbonated Water:

Wash a cat urine stain with carbonated soda water to remove the odor. Rinse well and then blot dry using paper towels.

i) Home Repellents:

After cleaning a cat urine stain, discourage future “accidents” by misting past mishaps with vinegar, mouthwash, scented soap, or repellant sprays for moths.

j) Citrus Scents:

To keep a cat from urinating at a specific location, take advantage of the fact that cats aren’t fond of the smell of citrus fruits. Spray areas with a strong citrus scent (like “Orange Glow”) or leave behind fresh orange peels.

Cat Urine Home Remedies Resources

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