10 Home Remedies for Cat Indigestion | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, My kitty wont leave the litter box and is staying in there trying to poo. I read about trying milk. what else should I do?

A: Dear S, cats usually eat things as long as it has a nice scent. Some can upset the stomach that triggers aches and other inflammation in the digestive tract. Symptoms such as bloody feces or vomiting are quite common and must be quickly tended to. While there are medical solutions and home remedies for cat indigestion, it also pays to know what your pet seems to have trouble digesting so it can be avoided in the future.The first line of remedy is to use home remedies for cat indigestion that are not only safe, but are considered effective.

Home Remedies for  Cat Indigestion


1. Pumpkin – Feed your cat some pureed pumpkin or add 1 to 2 teaspoons in your cat’s food. This home remedy for cat indigestion is good in eliminating constipation and diarrhea due to its high amount of fiber. Fiber contains enzymes that ease the flow of bowel. [1]

2. Mild Food – A diet that consists of sloppy rice and strips of boiled chicken is easy for the cat’s stomach to ingest. This meal might be bland, but it will give your cat the required nutrition to get better. Start by presenting a small amount. Once the cat is strong enough to eat, give it back its regular food.

3. Bach Flower – When dealing with stress in cats. Bach flower is one of the best approaches to use. This can help your cat get over its post-traumas. Additionally Bach flower essences can be administered by mixing with water. [2]

4. Calendula – Everyone might think that calendula is just a skin remedy for itches and allergies. It is actually extremely useful against cats that are stricken with constipation and other urinary tract problems. It is useful when treating ulcers, inflammation, worms, and gastric disorders.

5. Aloe – Give your cat some crushed aloe by mixing it with its food. Aloe is known to one of the best herbal remedies for cats. It not only treats burns, wounds. It also helps improve the overall blood circulation. [3]

6. Cantharis – When cats need home remedies for cat indigestion, cantharis can be a good solution. This eases the discomfort when cats urinate.

7. Ginger – Since the old times ginger is known to help ease indigestion problems. Just brew some ginger in a cup of water and drink. Or eat dishes that contain ginger. [4]

8. Chamomile – Mix chamomile with hot water to brew a tea drink this mixture a few times throughout the day. Chamomile is known to help calm the stomach and relax the intestinal tract.

9. Papaya – Eat lots of papayas daily. This will help the cat excrete. Additionally papaya helps in curing dyspepsia and is also known to help against constipation. Papayas are one of the most effective and natural home remedies for cat indigestion.[5]

10. Carrots – Drink at least 2 glasses of carrot juice daily or ingest lots of carrots. This will help the cat’s urinary tract to control gas.


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