Home Remedies for Cat Constipation

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cat constipation home remedies

With the threat of dehydration and a spell of vomiting, cats may become sick when struck with constipation. Generally, a cat will experience a bowel movement one to two times per day, while a constipated feline may go every two to four days. To make Fifi feel comfortable during these sluggish times, consider home remedies for cat constipation, which can get things moving in the right direction.

Causes and Symptoms

Cat constipation occurs when an abnormal buildup of feces takes place in the bowel. Since the bowel is responsible for absorbing water, stagnant feces can become hard and dry, making it difficult to pass. Foreign materials, tumors, scarred tissue, pelvic injuries, and damage to the nerves associated with the large bowel can all cause constipation in cats. Longhaired cats may suffer the condition because of hairballs.

Pain is a primary symptom of cat constipation, as felines strain and crouch down for extended periods of time in an attempt to eliminate their bowels. Other signs and symptoms of the condition include:

  • Using the bathroom outside of the litter box
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Sluggishness and fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Depression

Cat Constipation Home Remedies

Untreated cat constipation can lead to a chronic problem called megacolon, where the colon abnormally dilates and becomes too enlarged [1]. As a result, the colon loses its ability to contract, which can cause obstipation – a complete blockage. To avoid health complications in your pet, consider the following home remedies for cat constipation:

a) Pumpkin:

Restore regularity in your cat by feeding them a boost of fiber, which is found in the tasty treat of canned pumpkin. When cat constipation arises, add one to two tablespoons of pumpkin to their food.

b) Water:

Don’t be surprised if your cat doesn’t drink a lot of water, which is a natural habit of domesticated felines. To make matters worse, dry cat food is very low in moisture. If you add canned food to your cat’s diet, you can provide the hydration necessary to promote beneficial digestion.

c) Petroleum Jelly:

Use what most over-the-counter cat remedies use to treat a constipated feline – petroleum jelly. Feeding your cat ½ teaspoon of plain petroleum jelly per day can aid in unclogging his or her insides.

d) Oat Bran:

Add ½ teaspoon of oat bran [2] or another high-fiber cereal to your cat’s food.

e) Trimmed Hair:

If you own a longhaired cat, make sure you keep the hairs surrounding their bottom well trimmed. Hair tangled close to the anus can cause constipation.

f) Clean Litter Box:

A clean litter box will encourage your cat to practice routine bathroom habits. Fussy cats often refuse to use a litter box that is not to their liking, which can lead to constipation.

g) Milk:

Under normal circumstances, milk causes pets to develop diarrhea, but if your cat is suffering constipation, it is suggested to give liquid dairy to your feline two times per day. Administer 1/8 cup of milk in the morning and in the evening. Discontinue its use once the problem is solved.

h) Broth:

Heat up a meat-based broth and add ½ teaspoon of a laxative containing psyllium. Not only will the added fiber get things moving, but the broth also assists in fighting dehydration.


[1] http://www.cat-world.com.au/ConstipationInCats.htm

[2] http://www.bobsredmill.com/oat-bran-cereal.html



  • Ciecie

    Be cautious when using psyllium as it absorbs large amounts of moisture as well as toxins from the body. If your kitty is dehydrated, don’t use the psyllium as it will make the problem worse.

  • Caroline Robertson

    I have tried both Sardines in sunflower oil and a dab of vaseline on the nose. I find the Vaseline works better though as my cat crouches all the time when she’s constipated. The fish is a good remedy if nothing else is available and you have some in stock! make sure you pour oil on to it once in dish for extra reassurance.

  • jeff

    i have a question is it good to feed your cat tuna from the can everyday

  • tatiana

    PUMPKIN truLY worKs..and you can incorporated in the food qutie weLL by overlapping the canned food and swirl into a tbsp or less of pum-KIn… then brrrrrrrrrroooooom!!! in the liTTer they gO:D

  • Alic

    I adopted a domestic short-haired male two month old kitten from an Animal Center and have had him about a month now. His main problem has been constipation. He was put on enoluse and the problem was resolved, but then it returned. I started looking at his litter box because he would not use it and then found out that clumping clay has been causing bowel and respiratory illnesses and even death in felines. I’m now looking for a new solution. Any suggestions?

  • Linda

    Pumpkin is fantastic.
    Thanks to suggestions on this site and others, I tried mixing mashed pumpkin with my cat’s food. Much to my surprise, she happily ate it and it worked a treat.

  • 2much

    Alic: we are a small rescue group and swear by pine pellets. No way could we handle the “volume” without it, and it’s not at all unhealthy. There are several brands on the market. Enjoy your kitty!

  • Deborah

    My cat is constipated, and I can’t get her to eat the petroleum jelly. She just wipes it off. I did get two droppers (about 1/2 tsp) of coconut oil into her. I’m hoping to get more in tonight, but right now she’s hiding because I had to hold her down to give her the coconut oil. She is very finicky. I tried giving her sardines, but she would not eat them. No tuna, no fish oil..she just won’t eat anything but dry food. I’m going to start putting coconut oil on her dry food to keep her regular.

  • Nora

    My 1 yr old male cat had been constipated for a day or two but we didn’t know what was going on, until we kept him in over night. Anyway, that night I gave him 2/3 cup water w/ 1/2 tsp of laxative powder. The next day, he was up walking around, but still was constipated. Then my mom gave it to him in his food, which he ate up too. Fortunately, I found this website & will definately try the pumpkin!!! Thanks so much for putting it up!!!

  • doug

    My male cat had a problem with constipation. I now mix 1 table spoon baby food butternut squash in the food.

    Seems to help.

  • jeanne beanie

    Try mixing the pumpkin with sliced deli turkey (my cats passion). He refused it until I tried that. Tear it up real well and mix with a spoon of pumpkin. Waiting for the results!
    Froze spoonfuls of the extra in the corners of baggies for next time.

  • Cheryl

    Our 17 year old domestic “Tails” has been having constipation problems off and on for about a year now. She will ONLY eat dry food, making it very difficult to “mix” anything with her food. She does drink alot of cold water, and we give her “Laxatone” daily. We feel awful when she vomits but are doing our best within our means to avoid this. She isn’t sick very often, but when she is ..well, she is. Any suggestions (we’re both pensioned) to help our “fur baby”?

  • joe

    This is for all the helpful info on cat constipation that I researched on the internet. I have no time to post more than once and hope to “pass the buck” as they say. Here is my story please share with the distressed cat constipated community and ask those to pass it on. Ok, my male cat (junior) up to about 7-8 years old was an inside outside cat, very healthy. I moved into an second floor apartment for a short time and he one day jumped off the balcony and fell 20ish feet. No visible problems. Within days a stray found me and I took him in. Surprisingly the cats got along, but now there was two cats using letterboxes. Week or so later I found junior struggling to poo. First edema, He went poo but for two years he kept getting constipated over and over. He had at least 20 vet edemas, 4-6 manual extractions. I tried everything, lactulose, pumpkin, soupy food, no dry food, mineral oil on and on. Than I had scheduled an appointment with a surgeon to get part of his colon removed. I backed out last minute and seen a different vet, not that mine was bad, I just needed another option. Now this is important, I didn’t know if a) he had nerve damage, b) going in a litter box problem, c) mega colon. The new vet gave me a combination of medications that worked now for 2 months and he is now only on one over the counter laxative. His poo is now soft yet not too soft, other words perfect. This was my miracle solution. He was on for one full week, ( colace – docusate sodium, 50 mg capsules, one capsule twice a day ). ( cisapride 2.5 mg capsules I was told to give one capsule three times a day, I gave one capsule twice a day ). And then ( Miralax – 1/2 tsp with food twice a day ). He is now only on the mirilax and doing great. Also changed his food to at least 5% crude fat cat food mixed with some water, not soupy but kind of wet. Please share this solution.

  • 4EverFriend

    Put unused, canned pumpkin in an ice cube tray and freeze. When frozen, remove from try and place pumpkin cubes in resealable bag for future kitty meals.

  • Kas

    Thanks for the tip, I tried pumpkin last night (happened to have a can in the pantry) fingers crossed)!

  • susan pass

    I am trying to get my cat to drink more water by mixing a teaspoon of turkey baby food or maybe a little less into 1/8 -1/4 cup water for him to drink. My cats love turkey baby food and they drink right away when the smell the turkey flavor.

    Good luck to you all – you are clerly such good, kind and loving animal parents-it renews my faith in people to see all the things you try in caring for these wonderful creatures who need us. May all the love you show them come back to you over and over again.

  • Sara

    My cat has just passed a bit of stool, hard but i’m just happy its there. He hasnt passed for the past two-three days!!! i began getting worried. He’s been on a chicken only diet (i boil the chicken and he gobbles it up) but lately his been picky and refusing to eat as much as before. Thank God he still drinks his water. Thank u so much for the tips i will try the pumpkin with him and maybe for now give him a bit of milk. Fingers crossed! thank u all!!!

  • Valerie

    Wish I had a tip. Have frustration instead and am going to try a couple of things mentioned here – please hold good thoughts. 13-year-old cat has been constipated on and off for 3 years. Have tried pumpkin, lactulose, cisapride, miralax, mazi-ren, metamucil, a red capsule whose name I don’t know, enemas, sedation and manual removal of stool — am at wit’s end. Love her dearly — was my mom’s cat and now Mom is gone.

  • Karen

    Metamucil (psyllium) and Benefiber mixed with wet food and water! Our 4yr old male, Indy, was constipated. We took him to the vet over and over, he had many extractions, we gave him enemas, he got prescription food and laxatives 2-3x a day for at least a year. He was on Cicispride, Lactulose, and Laxaire at the same time! the vets (2 of them) didn’t know why, one thought he might have nerve damage. I tried everything else too: Benefiber didn’t work alone. He wouldn’t eat pumpkin, not mixed with wet food, not ever. I gave him oral injections of pumpkin and prune juice. And and all we got for all of that was a constipated cat with diarrhea, yes both together :P. He was in pain and crying and vomiting when trying to use the litter box, which he stopped using all together. He lost weight, he slept all the time, he was very uncomfortable. I finally tried an online homeopathic powder and liquid combo, which helped some but not enough. When we ran out, I tried the first ingredient of the powder: Psyllium. I had some orange metamucil and some benefiber and thought what the heck? Might as well try both. And it was a miracle! After all we went through, no one recommended psyllium, and I say try it! Yes, make sure the cat gets lots of liquids too. But after all the things we did, all the worry and pain and expense, all it took was metamucil. Our picky cat didn’t even mind the orange (we since got unflavored). At first, he got 1/2 tsp. each in wet food, mixed with water, 2x per day. Now, he only gets it 1x per day. (I’m not sure the Benefiber is helping or not, but at this point, I’m not changing the formula.) All his problems are fixed – all of them! He’s off all his medications, he’s happy, he’s got energy, he poops in the litter box!!! I since spoke with one of our vets and they said, oh yeah, metamucil works. So why didn’t they tell me?! Because it’s “bulk producing” (ie: more poop) and you have to make sure they’re drinking enough water. To me, those are small problems compared to the rest.

  • Carlina

    My cat too is constipated. I will try the pumpkin tomorrow a.m. 2 people told me that I should stop feeding him for a day or two. Has anyone tried that? Valerie, I wondered if your cat had constipation when she was your mom’s, and I wonder if that was NOT the case, perhaps your cat misses her/your mommy and is binded up now. Just a thought. Emotions affect our health and so why not the health of animals. Right?

  • andie

    Never stop feeding a cat for a day or two. they can become very ill, especially if they are overweight. Cats can develop Feline Hepatic Lipodosis if they do not eat for more than 24 hours. It is serious and life threatening.

  • matchew

    I use 2% milk to keep my cat regular.

  • Nicky

    Here is what I have used that works with great results with 3 cats that will not eat wet cat food, so needless to say it is hard to get them to eat most of these remedies on their own. Anyway, I got this product on a natural online pet store called Fast Balance-G.I. which comes in a pretty big plunger tube (also can be used for dogs), it basically restores balance to the gut with a blend of pre and pro-biotics. Then when that ran out I filled the plunger with pumpkin and was able to easily administer that orally to my kitties (about 10cc per dose broken into two 5cc squirts). At one point my oldest medium hair cat was so constipated he didn’t even try to use the litter box and was so lethargic and acting strangely that I thought he was poisoned or something. I was so scared! But once I realized that he was severely constipated I gave him a few dropperfuls of water(because he was to weak to even drink) then I used both of these remedies in conjuction with eachother right after and within 15 minutes he was acting more like himself and able to drink on his own. Then I was also able to put a bit of hairball remedy on his paws and he licked that off too. Whew! I could hardley believe contipation could make an animal act so sick, but it is scary when it happens. I hope this helps….

  • Tom P.

    Following a 5 yrs “constipation” journey with my 9 yr. old male med. haired orange tabby my cat became severely constipated and had two (2) manual extractions within seven (7) days. The cat was on Science Diet CD Multi, CD Dry, and 7″Lax-Aire daily for the past 5 yrs. Basically, he had a bowel movement every 2-3 days and seemed fine. About 2 mo. ago, Lax-Aire became temporarily unavailable from Pziser and he was switched to Laxatone. Eventually, last week with no bowel movement for days, he quit drinking and eating. Following the first procedure, he was placed on Science Diet ID wet & Lactulose (4.5 ML. daily).Following NO REAL BOWEL MOVEMENT by day 6, he went back to the vet for the second procedure. Severely, bound AGAIN. On day 7, yesterday, he returned home. The vet has now ordered Cisapride ($59.00)to his NEW daily routine and will be available in a few days. Last night(day 1 home)after completing the required dosage of Lactulose (4.5 ML), I began to notice “litter box frustration” (no bowel movement was beginning). At that point, I PANICKED and gave him another 1.5 ML of Lactulose(totally 6.0 ML). Success occurred over night in the litter box. Today, I am adding pumpkin. As a limited income person, I am very concerned about the seemingly on going prescription cost. Therefore, is there a proven home remedy that someone knows of that will minimize the need for the added Cisapride??? HELP. – T.P.

  • carol whitewood

    where do you get these products for constipated cats is it from the
    vets, or health food shops or is it from the chemist

  • Yardy1234

    keep an eye on your kittys. my cat got so dehydrated from constipation that cat liver started to fail and got jaundice and then hyper”somethingorother” with a 9-10 mortality rate. She’s still alive after hand feeding her for about 6 months on special soft food.

    when she was getting sick pumkin worked for while (with tuna juice on top ,there’s a lot of salt in tuna, so use sparingly), put p jelly on their paws, but if constipation consists after maybe 1- 2 days id just take them to the vet. because by the time you notice your cat hasn’t gone to the bathroom (or symptons occur) its been a few days already

  • Yardy1234

    Ah, here’s a tip for people with picky cats that won’t eat soft food. cat’s greatly rely on smell to tell if their food is good or not, so when you give your cat cold soft food they can’t smell it. try heating the soft food for 5- 7seconds(test it like youd test baby milk, i use my lip). also, in the wild they would only eat a mouse or so at a time. so only give them about a tablespoon at a time and cont the process til their done.

    For constipation, if you see your cat drinking more then usual and not eating take them to the vet. my vet told me that cats are from the desert and have very thick blood. if you see a cat drinking then its a bad thing because they can go a log time without it if they are eating the proper food.

  • Littysmom

    I tried pumpkin on my 16 yr old female tabby and being that she only eats dry food it was a little difficult. I don’t doubt that it works I just had a hard time administering it. Trying to corner the poor thing and shove little mounds of it down was no fun for either of us. What we have found that works is the colorless tasteless metamucil. It took a couple days to kick in but her poops are back to normal now! She’s our happy ol gal again 🙂 we put about 1/8 of t teaspoon in her small water dishes-she has two-they’re the size of ramekins so they’re easy to keep track of how much she’s drank.

  • Anwen Roe

    Hi, my cat has been unwell with diarrhoea for two weeks. She had probiotics and was put on a chicken only diet which didn’t help so we took her back to the vet. by this time she was also having breathing problems sneezing etc like cat flu. Vet diagnosed an intestinal bacteria/virus. She now coming to the end of her antibiotics but has now totally gone the other way and hasn’t had a bowel movement for about 4 days! I’m getting quite worried as normally she goes every day. She’s not been eating much for the past week only yesterday she started to eat properly but only tuna. She’s eaten cat food tonight and my husband gave her a little bit of cheese as this normally gives her the runs. She is sluggish but has been with her illness anyway. She hasn’t made any signs of straining or anything and has been passing water and drinking. Any advice????

  • Robin


    Above is a great product and have psyllium in it. Works great. My kitten is always constipated. I use coconut oil and pumpkin in her food a few times a week as well. Lots of water is important for a healthy colon.

    You can also get it on amazon but amazon doesnt tell you the ingredients like the above link will.

  • Lisa Willis

    I wouldn’t suggest the colace (docusate sodium)…my cat frothed at the mouth, went in convulsions and is now dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was awful seeing her go that way….I am so sad.

  • Sorry, I don’t have a tip, but a question. Where do you get suppositories and enema for cats?

  • june bullied

    i use tonic-lax from my vet. it comes in a tube and is flavored. i put one inch length on finger and she licks it off. she only gets constiplated once or twice a month. i would definitely try pumpkin if she gets constipated more than this.

  • Rebecca

    Answer Roe it sounds like my cat has exactly the same thing your cat did. I know the chances of you returning to this page in the next few days are slim, but I if you do, I would really like to know what happened to your cat and what if anything worked to make your cat better.

  • musarat

    my 1 year old pregnant cat is in constipation she is in habit of eating only meat i am giving her pumpkin and chicken broth she take a very little amount of water her constipation is still there i don’t know what to do with her as no vet is available in my town can anyone help me as the medicine of constipation are also not available here for the pets i am in truble needs help

  • stacy nunez

    I just tried the pumpkin hoping it works as for my cat dose not even want to move. I been giving him water and he so.k with that. But is it normal for my cat to be feeling like this from constipation? I will end up taking him to the vet tommorrow if not feeling better.

  • musarat

    i have got the remedy i started giving her meat vegitable and grains mix food which is actuly bulky and pushes the waste from her stomuc to the anal so she start pasing her poties on daily bases if someone wans the detail can ask me

  • Bobbie

    Multiple cats – I have 5 cats and only one of them is having a problem with constipation. Since I feed my cats at the same time, I’m trying to figure out how to treat just the one who is sick. He’s 12 years old, very sweet, but trying to give him the prescription medicine my vet gave me (Enulose) was a battle for both of us. More often than not, it would end up on his cheeks, my arms or on the floor. Besides, it doesn’t seem to work at all. Any suggestions?

  • Very Sadie

    I am soo upset. Recently due to the mating season, my cat was in heat and so my mom sent her away to the guy who provides us drinking water. He has a house on the ground. Just today he gave her away saying that she scratched his daughter. Since then, She is very dull, cannot pass stool and her body near the tailbone is paining badly. Is This constipation or something else? i am scared to use Vaseline becauseof what happened to LISA WILLIS’S cat. Please help. My cat even refuses to drink water.

  • JAMES J.


  • Ed

    When my cat hadn’t gone for a week, the day before he was scheduled to have barium and X-Rays, the veterinarian forced about three oz of mineral oil down his throat, and then gave him an enema. He fought like crazy, but within 8 hours he had expelled a long ropy stool filled with hair, and several hard rock-like pellets of stool. I had tried about 14 ml of mineral oil delivered orally via a syringe, but nothing happened.

  • Help the Animals

    Hi all
    i had two little kittens about 2 months a black and white cat (Ruca)and a orange and white cat (Nody)they where all walking right but i notice last week that they couldnt walk so i whent to the vet just to see how much the cost and it was very expencive sorry but all the money that my mom and dad has is only for food, medicine, pay the house, so i search home methods and i saw pumpkin it was the only method left to do so i tried and it worked only to the black cat he got thin but he cant walk form the back legs and the orange cat no effect he got fat and fat and he died today 27/11/2011, im so sad i couldnt do nothing to help. i hope the black cat get 100% good. i wish that the vet was cheap. sorry for my english Portugal

  • Mad

    Ok am I glad I found these posts. My nine yr old female shorthair never been sick was wobbly and bloody poop with vomiting one morning all of a sudden. Took her to my vet two hundred dollars later couldn’t figure out what was wrong gave her antibiotic shot and hydrated her and went home with meds to give her. Two days later nothing vet says take her to er hospital get xray and blood test so we do that leave her there a few hrs for mote hydration xrays show nothing basic blood work nothing. So that’s six hundred bucks with no answers and they d furwant to do more tests for almost a grand and we don’t have it. Had to borrow the six so they send us home with stronger antibiotics and tell us to get water in her and give her baby food which we did for four days using the plunger type syringe measurer and she started doing better. Eating drinking pooping wonderful. Past few days almost like before except no blood no vomiting shes getting around but no water and only gravy from the wet food. And she’s dripping liquid poop not a lot but I see some little spots around yet she can’t get any more out when in the box. I’m devastated got some petromalt and kitty milk yesterday and going to start forcing water and a little food again. I’m reading all the posts will get pumpkin too anyone else have ideas? And to know if your cat is dehydrated pull the skin and fur up off back if it stays up dehydrated if it goes back down quickly thats a good thing. Please email me: [email protected] thank you!

  • Gracie B

    My cat is a 6 year old fixed female family friend. She means the world to my kids but due to our financial situation, we are unable to afford a vet bill. I found a site that suggested to give your cat Epson salt. It said to mix between 1/4 to 1 tsp in hot water to dissolve then add a little cool water to make it room temp. I mixed about 2tsp of hot water with 3/4tsp epson salt. Then I added a little Sunflower oil from a sardine can.(for flavour). I gave my cat about 1 tsp of this about 2 hours ago and now I am waiting for results. It said to give this to them 2 to 3 times a day. If this doesn’t work, it also said you can use (Infant) Pediatric Glycerine Suppositories. (haven’t tried this one yet but I did buy them “just in case”).

    Hope this tip helps someone!

    I will certainly try the metamucil or benefibre idea or even the pumpkin idea *especially the baby food one.. *

    • Kevin711

      @Gracie B Epson salt is a poison to humans and all living creatures. Should never be ingested under any circumstances!

  • Maria

    My 5 year old cat has been constipated for over a week now. I have tried the pumpkin, sunflower oil, salmon oil, he does not like any of it. I am now applying the salmon oil on his paws because I know he will lick it off. So far I am just patiently waiting, in the meantime any other suggestions would be great.

  • Markie’s Mom

    Its funny, I am owned by a 17 yr. old male kitty also. I am also on a fixed income, but by all means Master Mark comes first. I am constantly trying to come up with new ideas for this problem. I just lost his sister this past summer, so I am even more careful about his health.

    • Davidnacinovich

      my cat is almost 19 and i was giving him I.Vsolution at home,i think its just water and electrelites the needle doesnt seem to bother “Harry” at all ,in combonation with oral LACTOLOUSE. it worked .but now its 8 months later and he hasnt had a movement in a week . hes my best friend .he imitates a dog he lived with years ago so his loyalty is heartbreakingly affectionate.problem now is im laid off temporarily im over due on all my bills my rent is late and its hard to feed my to almost grown sons feed my wife and i are in the worst financial trouble ever and i cant give up on harry hes very lively considering his age and i know he could survive the anestisia and stress /trauma of the bENIMA HE NEEDS ,I PRAY THAT WILL HELP.the vet insists on an exam fee 75$30$for the enima and 3 or 4 other ifs ands and other possibilities like possible hospitalization if need be. my sister was a vet assistant and she says the stress of the ordeal compiled with an overnight hospital stay is a death sentence for an old cat like HARRY.i hope to get the enima throughh my sisters old boss an administerit gentely to harry with my sisters help in the bathtub at home .harry just 3 days ago began jumping im and around the bathtub .so i leave it dripping in hopes Harry will drink from it ,HARRY RARELY DRINKS WATER AND WHEN HE DOES HE DRINKS OUT OF HIS PAW .IF HE SEES US WATCHING HIM HE STOPS DRINKING ITS RARE BUT CUTE . I LOVE HARRY I HOPE I CAN PULL THIS OFF HES TRYING TO PUSH EVERY HOUR OR SO TO NO AVAIL. AND HE WOULDNT SWALLOW THE LACTALOSE  YESTERDAY AND IM NOT GONNA FORCE IT ANYMORE.I CANT BELIEVE I CANT AFFORD TO SAVE MY AND MY FAMILYS BEEST FRIEND .

  • Markie’s Mom

    The tip I wanted to give you was, if you haven’t tried, before – try the pumpkin remedy – but use it as a finger treat. Sometimes that little extra “Mommy” love works. As someone else suggested use a small bit of Deli turkey. I know Mark loves to eat with me – so if I have a snack with him and have some “finger” foods ready for both of us, he will take things he would not eat alone. He is such a Momma’s boy. So if your little one loves what you eat, prepare his with a special mixture. Mix pumpkin with 1/8 tspn of Benefiber powder. Should work within 2 to 3 doses. If constant. Use once to twice a week. You can put on finger plain, or wrap in a bit of turkey and make small wraps. He’ll love them.

  • Kiti in Aus

    So glad I found this site. My siamese girl gave birth 2 days ago, but did not have a stool since 3 days ago, yet she eats like a horse and drinks a lot. She is running a little fever and sneezes, but the emergency vet I phoned did not sound too worried. Same with my own vet whom I phoned just before they closed for the New Years weekend. I just gave her baby pumpkin/beef, mixed with her fav raw liver. She ate half the meat and all the pumpkin “sauce”. Will let you know how soon it works, am convinced it will.

  • Kiti in Aus

    SUCCESS! One day, two meals mixed with baby pumpkin, and one meal with only the baby pumpkin/beef (she loved it). Now if only I can get her to eat more, she is so skinny.

  • Carrie

    Anwen: My male cat also came down with what I thought was an upper respiratory. Vet thought so too (lungs were clear) and gave him Clavamox and Cipro antibiotics.
    He’s now severely constipated, meowing like crazy and walking around restless. You’d think he was a female in heat!

    I gave him two little syringes, orally, of Metamucil last night. He ran to the bathroom like 10 minutes later. Coincidence I think. All of that pushing on his belly while trying to hold him for the syringe. haha!
    Anyhow, he went and blasted out a huge amount of diarrhea. I’m worried he may be impacted now.

    The Cipro side effects say “constipation” and that makes sense…as I think he was a little constipated before and I never knew it. I just thought he had put on alot of weight.
    He eats non-stop! Even now!

    I am on my way to the store to get wet cat food, pumpkin and metamucil…and anything else I can find from the tips given!

  • Reese’s Mom

    My female cat has been constipated for 4-5 days. I can see a piece of stool that is stuck–she tries to go but it doesn’t move. I have given her vegetable oil in her food and Metamucil (1/8 tsp) in her water. I started this yesterday morning. Nothing yet. She won’t eat pumpkin. I’m considering giving her a syringe of metamucil as Carrie did, but I not sure if that would be too much. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Jessica

    I tried the Milk and the pumpkin.  My cat is normally very regular, but swallowed a piece of plastic and didnt go for about 4 days. I tried the pumpkin and milk at same time, in a day or so he had was going again and the plastic came out too!! Thanks, saved me a vet bill with possible surgery!!!

  • sweetpea’s mom

    really grateful to find this. This past week I have been aware of sweetpea’s constipation and we have had some minor successes after trying some plain yoghirt one day, a pat of butter another day, some olive oil on some tuna (drained albacore packed in water) With each small victory we would go another 36 hours or so before a small poo deposit in the litter box. But now we are back to the same but it seems worse and I’ve been freaking out all day as we just lost our other kitty, nicky, 2 days before Christmas from congestive heart failure (or it could have been a huge tumor…after tests and xrays and a growing vet bill I was told either diagnosis was a death sentence and he was struggling to breath and on oxygen thru the 2 hour ordeal at the vet….he had to be put to sleep) I have been so afraid that sweepea was suffering from the same as she had become lethargic and started hiding.
    After reading all these posts, I’m pretty sure it’s just a really bad bout of constipation. I’ll try the pumkin tomorrow. Just gave her some more tuna with olive oil and dropped a few grains of epsom salt into her water (which IS NOT poisonous! It’s basically magnesium slts and thats the key ingredient in Milk of Magnesium. There are warnings though on how much and how often and directions to seek medical help if you don’t have a bowel movement. And the pkg has directions for kids as well as adults) Will def post if it works.
    Oh, the one other thing I tried last week was just massaging her belly. It worked quite rapidly! She’s a litle to cranky for me to try that now but hopefully soon.
    Thanks for the details of each persons specific sitution with their own kitties: it’s really eased my worries and given me hope we can resolve this at home without rushing to the vet. Gonna give her another day or 2 of home remedies and lots of love and keep praying for poo!

  • dkatz

    My cat turned his nose up at the pumpkin so I mixed it into milk. Hoping things start moving soon!

  • Deedee

    To Davidnacinovich,
    I do feel for you and I really hope Harry is doing ok. Similar thing with my cat, she’s like a dog and follows me everywhere, even down the street, I have to lock her indoors! It’s heartbreaking especially when you feel you can’t do anything for them, and poor loves, they can’t tell us what they need. You are already doing the best by him by being loving and caring and his friend. He survived to 19, he’s definitely got good genes and is tough, but it’s always hard watching the ones you love get old and a bit rickety.
    Have you tried putting the lactulose on his paws?
    I great vet I used to have suggested a long time ago my cat was a bit blocked (she still is, always will be, so is on lactulose now and I’ll be trying pumpkin after this), but he massaged her stomach to loosen things up. Seemed to work and he never suggested any meds. I wonder sometimes if they are too quick to write a prescription without trying a few obvious natural options first.
    All the best to you, and a pat on the head to Harry the dog-cat.

  • Deedee

    Oops, had meant to leave a tip. I’m sure I read somewhere that baby food can sometimes contain things that might be toxic to dogs (so perhaps cats too), very surprising. Anyway, if you do use pumpkin baby food or similar, then check online and on the label to be on the safe side.

  • patricia h

    my cat cuddles gave birth few weeks ago and i notice after giving birth she was having hard stools. i didnt think much of it til few days ago when my daughter noticed some blood on her hiney. and she’s been very grouchy and wont let anyone touch her. i googled this morning and constipation popped up. i tried putting olive oil in her canned food and now she has diarreah. now i’m trying the pumpkin in her canned food and she likes it so seeing her eat makes me feel a little better since she looks like she’s lost alot of weight. so now we’ll just watch wait and see if this works. breaks my heart to hear her cry.

  • patricia holland

    pumpkin mixed in canned food

  • Robin

    Anyone have any success with Probiotics?

  • Sheri

    I want to thank this site for the wonderful tips. My 14 year old cat had gone 4 days with no bowel movement. I added the pumpkin to canned food, added extra water in it and she ate it just fine. I also gave her tuna with extra oil and also gave her some petroleum jelly mixed with a hairball remedy with a tuna flavoring in it. Within 5 hours she had pooped normally in her box. I had taken her to the vet because of excessive vomitting and I get her back constipated. I was so worried. These suggestions were very helpful:)

  • Stacey

    Hi, I need help. I took my 10 month old cat to the vets two days ago as she was very depressed, off her food and drink and not going to the toilet to poo. The vet gave her liquid parafin, wormed her and gave her an injection. She later passed a stool that was black in colour, but the vet thinks it was a hairball she is suffering with. She still has not been since, and is still refusing to eat or drink. I have syringed water into her mouth and tried to feed her via a spoon. The vet suggested tuna but she has turned her nose up at it, and is vomiting, what do I do!!???

  • Laura

    My 13 yr old boy has been constipated for the last 2 days, gave him 1/2 teaspoon of mineral oil twice already and it won’t do the trick. Will try the metamucil tonight, I’m praying it will work. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful tips. Wish us luck!

  • hal

    If kitty likes dry food you can soak it first in some water for awhile until it puffs up and absorbs some. I use a kitchen strainer to drain it and serve.

    Different foods will absorb water differently. Some pellets are quite hard and need a good soak. The longer they soak the more water they take up and the bigger they get.

    This will also make it softer if your cat has dental issues.

    I’m going to try the pumpkin, I like the idea of moisture in the food. I also grow cat grass for my tabby, she loves it.

  • nancy

    Thanks for all the great ideas. Miss Amber is finicky and like Deli roast beef and dry food with a little water… I have tried so many different foods. The Vet would rather her be on caned food but she refuses. I think I will try the cocnut oil and if that doesn’t work. regular oil mixed in her food. The pumpkin sound s great but know she’ll turn her nose at that one… Thhank again…

  • angela

    I have a cat with mega colon, and he has had extraction once but seems to get still constipated…I had my vet say there was a peice the size of his forearm and my cat physically couldn’t pas it. I was desperate as I didn;t have another 300$ for the extraction so I researched and found that physillium fiber REHYDRATES the poop in the intestine, so I ground up some ALL BRAN BUDS (not the regular sticks, the buds with phsyllium fiber) and added it to wet food. my cat now is one a mainly wet food diet, but still has his dry when he feels and voila….problem solved. My vet was so astounded he made me bring the cat back in to make sure (free of charge) and he was raving to everyone there and thanked me cuz he hates doing manual extractions (very messy) I ran out and my cat is backed up again, so about a few tsp a week in food seems to keep it at bay. Mineral oil is only good in small doses if anyone uses that as it prevents the intestines from absorbing vital nutrients. It’s cheap and works, All bran, who knew! beware giving too much gives them uncontrollable runs! we found out the hard way! 😛

  • Lanie

    I am so appreciative of everyone’s great tips on this site. Clearly I am not the only one who adores my cats: they are my babies. Another thing is we switched them to a raw diet 3 months ago, successfully, i might add. My 5 year old male orange tabby, Chubbis, had been fatigued and listless for a few days. (He sleeps a lot of the day, like most indoor cats, but not running for his treats? That was friggin weird). On the 4th day, I got freaked and took him in…the vet did a very thorough exam and said, “He’s constipated…”. I was a little hesitant to believe it, since he had been eating okay, but lost some weight.

    She suggested pumpkin, which I had heard before. She gave him some dewormer, and tried to get a fecal sample, but he was all backed up…she said it was like hitting a wall of hard poo. It further convinced her that constipation was the issue. She advised me to watch for poops, and if none arrived, to bring him back for an enema and they’d remove the hard poo log (i already had an appt for his teeth cleaning, and she said they’d just do it all at the same time, to keep his anxiety and discomfort at a minimum. So that’ll be in 2 days, if no poop abounds. Ill keep ya posted. (as an aside, i did manage to feed him 1/4 cup of his raw food, pumpkin, psyllium powder and i smeared a little Vaseline on his paw and around his little butthole ( i heard this can ease the pooping process when they finally do the doodie). Im also grooming him and i plan to do a very light massage around his belly….hope these tricks get things moving!!

  • sherri

    I have a 10 pound, 18 year old cat that struggled with constipation for so long we thought we were going to lose him. After many, many vet visits and a lot of money spent we found a solution: soft, low grain food ( cats are carnivorous) morning and night, add 1/4 teaspoon of Aloe Vera juice (found at health food stores), and 1/2 teaspoon of plain Metamucil (or psyllium) with a little water added and mixed in. We have also discovered that he has hip joint pain which makes it painful to squat so he holds it. For that we add to his food mixture 1 capsule of Cosequin for cats. He has grain free dry food out all day so that he can get plenty to eat. We researched this for a long time and tried a lot of things but this is the only thing that made him better. He is like a young cat again.

  • alice naylor

    After reading this blog on ways to relieve severe constipation in cats I tried adding plain canned pumpkin to my 23 year old cat’s pureed wet cat food, whipped up together in a small food processor with a bit of wster. This has been a godsend and I know that it has brought him added good time on this earth. He gets a tablespoon twice daily, with each feeding, mixed with a bit of water. Although he won’t eat the pumpkin ‘straight’ he seems to go after the mixture with even more eagerness.

    He was completely blocked – probably because his spinal arthritis made it just too painful to give pooping any effort. He is too frail to survive impacting procedures, and his very excellent vet said that using medication or human constipation OTCs was not a good idea due to his frail condition. So the pumpkin was a perfect alternative.

    HIs bowel movements are now entirely normal. And he has even gained some of his lost weight back. He was very close to needing to be helped over The Bridge. Now he is enjoying some more time here. Thanks to everyone who has recommended pumpkin. I keep a bag of frozen lumps of canned pumpkin in the freezer, and just pop one in the microwave for 30 seconds to thaw. So easy!

  • Carrie P

    I am Sooo glad to find this site & the last tips are just what I needed.

    My large ginger tabby will hopefully make it to 18 in a few weeks with these helps. He has gone thru at least seven lives and always bounces back better than ever, so the last few dealing with older kitties gives me hope. We too, were looking at helping him on to his next journey, but can tell he is still fighting despite all the worst of the symptoms. He has been a great traveler his whole life & will jump right in the litter box we place in our vehicle before we get a quarter mile down the road, (he knows his comfort level for traveling) so- when we decided to try it today- just to know for sure it was constipation- he tried some but didn’t go, then we knew for sure! (he is an indoor/outdoor- so we weren’t 100% sure) Ironically his name is Pumpkin (we call him Punk) so I’m hoping this and aloe vera will help.

    Will also try to get psyllium in him and may try baby suppository if needed. We can’t afford even the office visit right now, and the stress at being there in his frail state is more than we can bear putting him through, even though he has always been the more than ideal patient for the vets. (Even let the vets scrape his teeth some!)We had been able to get him to lick up plain organic yogurt when nothing else was appealing to him, and we think the probiotics in it has helped him hang in there.

    Breathing hard on small amounts of your cat’s food does help to bring the smell out for food from the fridge, especially for older cats. I am very interested in following up on the post about the dangers of clumping litter?! EVERYONE– we also reverted him from full-blown insulin needing diabetes at one point. PLease look up the dangers of high carb (not just high ash content) in all canned food! Cats are really meant to eat mostly meat, and the additives in virtually all canned food- yes, even the ones from the vet- are off the chart on added carbs… only a few flavors & varieties are okay.

    Also very important- if you have a fixed male with the typical urinary issues they get, you DO need to be sure your cat is getting plenty of water. (hint- adding a little salt to their food will help encourage them to drink more- but only a little here & there & only when they are healthy)
    Thanks to everyone for their posts & here’s hoping all our lovies will recover from this dangerous condition.. Bless you & I promise to report how/ what works 🙂

  • Andrea

    My cat is approaching her 16th birthday, she is a long haired ginger cat, I’ve had her since I was 4 years old and never have I seen her constipated but tonight she just keeps going to the litter tray, stands for a few seconds and gets out with nothing to show for it. That went on for 3ish hours of back and forth, she would sit down and lick herself and get up to go again. It’s 6:26am where I am, she passed a little at 5:59 but still keeps getting back in her box to try again. I’m really worried for her because other than ear mites ive never had anything wrong with her at all. I guess I’ll try some suggestions later today but for now I just have to listen to her moving about! makes me sad for her, I’ve never seen her so down…

  • Mary

    My cat who is 4 years old has been on a raw diet since he was a baby, but he doesn’t drink very much water. Recently, he has had constipation issues. I have started adding water to the raw diet from Primal, along with pumpkin and about 1/2 tsp extra virgin coconut oil. Seems to be helping. I might
    have to resort to a bit of fiber

  • Lynn Green

    To James J. I have 2 cats. Beany, the Persion & Lucky, a tabby. Beany wouldn’t drink or eat. lost weight. Took to vet and he hydrated her, blood tests didn’t show anything. He told us that cats like MOVING WATER, (ever see them drinks drips from faucet?). So, we took a pan (about size of sheet cake pan), then bought one of the little pump motors that are used in small in-house water features, (can find them cheap anywhere almost)put it in the pan, plugged it in and it worked and she started drinking and eating normally. She was 16 then and lived to be 22 when we finally lost her.
    2nd cat, Lucky (12 y/o); he weighed 20 lbs and went down to 8 lbs.(Imagine us losing that percentage of weight!). He’s very long haired so we just hadn’t noticed, stopped eating and drinking. Took him to vet; again he hydrated him; blood tests showed ‘fatty liver’ disease and told us it’s almost always fatal! I asked for ANYTHING that might help. She gave us a liquid multivitamin, and a capsule (I’m sorry I can’t remember it). I checked the dosage; put one dosage (vitamin & capsule disolved in it) in ice cube tray(s) & kept them frozen. Thawed one each, 3 times/day and gave it to him thru SYRINGE 3 times/day. He wouldn’t eat it willingly of course.took practice; but made him take it!) “Lucky” beat the disease. Went back to vet who was shocked. I told her what we did and how we did it and she started telling other owners whose cats had this disease. And now, 8 years later, 18 years old weighing in at 16 lbs doing very well. He had also been neutered at 2 years old, but NEVER outside. Hope you get this or it helps someone else. Again, sorry I don’t remember the name of the capsule.

  • Roger

    Our little “baby” is Sable who is just about 12 years old now. She was always on the fat side until she started losing weight around 10 years. She is an indoor kitty only. She has some issues with going poo and in the last 8 months or so has often refused to use her box (but uses it without fail for urination). She definitely has irritation with her bottom at times and licks it a lot. She often leaves little bits of poop around the house that she “licks” out.

    I called a vet who makes house calls because Sable is a very nervous cat and I think taking her in to a vet would kill her. The vet didn’t come to our area and said “so many things” could cause her to be this way. Though we love our Sable, we won’t put her through treatment nightmares, so home remedies are our only option.

    She only eats dry food (moist gives her the runs which irritates her bottom something terrible), but I sometimes will make a “soup” out of it with warm water to get her to drink a lot. She loves it once in a while and refuses it completely other times. Usually she drinks well, so I am not too worried about her dehydrating, but getting extra water into her once in a while seems to really help her constipation issues.

    I also tried petromalt which is for hairballs, but it works great as a stool softener. I only give her one every few days even though the recommended amount is 2 (or 4 if they have bad hairballs which she does not). I don’t want her to get too soft and runny–you won’t want that at all for your cat!

    I also started giving her a daily vitamin treat for senior cats.

    I also bath her with a kitten formula, no water cat foaming shampoo that includes catnip. She LOVES it. That and brushing often–even though she is on the shorter hair side–help keep her from ingesting hair.

    Keeping the box clean helps and will let you keep track of successes.

  • Phyllis Smith

    I noticed my kitty, 12 yrs. old, vomiting and going into litter box but nothing. He got out on me and ate alot of grass a few months ago, and got constipated then, vet visit cost alot. Vet had to put kitty out to examine because he is feral. After cleaning kitty out, he has been fine for months. Today, it started again. I tried the Laxatone the vet gave me last time. Nothing. so I gave him some milk by syringe and water by syringe too. Nothing, I don’t have any pumpkin, so I gave hime a little vegetable oil , just a little. after all this he finally produced a very hard poop. He was walking around the house crying before, now he seems more comfy. I am going to stock up on the pumpkin, and metamucil, flaverless. Thanks for all the tips.

  • sashama

    I have a 20 year old cat – 3 years ago he started eating his mouth – 4 vets later and lots of injections they told me he is too old t treat – has gingivitis and could be caused by a by a variety of reasons the main one seemingly cat aids. I couldn’t understand as we had moved around alot but I had never seen him in a fight-against the recommendations, I decided on 4 different occasions not to put him down, rather – as I have with my other cats – to let him die with me when he is ready. In February I dug a grave for him in the garden under the tree as he was not standing up any longer and struggling to eat etc.etc. I was going to take him in on the Tuesday morning if necessary but on the Monday I found him sitting on the window ledge eating from the food bowl… He is still here – 8 months later.. I let him be. The week before this episode I receive messages from 2 different sources – 1 a woman who runs a wildlife sanctuary – the other owns a horse farm. ‘Colliodal Silver’ they said; if nothing else is left in the house – make sure you have a bottle of Colloidal. put it in the drinking water, spray it on the affected area, wash the wound with it – eyes ears nose body in and out… I mixed some with the food – gave it to him with a syringe – I was okay with the fact that he was passing – but i did not want him to die from starvation.. I gave a little to him every few hours – and crushed tissue salts – 4 days later he stood up – ate. passed a stool, carried on – however frail – as normal. The vet was aghast – said give him whatever he wants but no more medication – no more expensive products – colliodal silver, tissue salts, healthy oils and soft wet and home cooked foods and lots of love.. that’s my miracle story..

  • wendy

    I tried everything……….pumpkin worked a little, but I would have to mix it………….I accidentally found a solution for my cat! I am a health nut and eat organic raw coconut oil….my cat decided he liked it and I give him a teaspoon a couple times a day and since then………at least 6 months ago, he has been fine….see if your cat likes it because it really works!

  • teresa


    I would like to Thank all of you for all your info.
    My cat is 11 years old and over weight.He is always getting constipated. He had not pooped in about 2 days.I came here to see what I could do instead of going to the vet.Well, I tried milk and some mineral oil. Yeepy Skeepy! He is now pooing.Thank you very much. You just saved me $600.

  • Debbie

    My female Manx cat is 6 years old. She was so constipated, she would strain and cry. I mixed 1 heaping teaspoon psyllium seed with 3/4 cup warm water and 4 teaspoons of Cod Liver oil and let it set a few minutes, it will absorb the water and look thickened. I then smash this into a large can of wet cat food. I put it into about 8 small dishes and put half in freezer and half in frig.

    I give her one daily along with all the dry food she wants. This has kept my kitty happy and pooping normally. I thought of this because the Doctor told my Granny years ago(she was 90) to use psyllium seed to keep herself regular and it worked great for her. I hope this will help some of you that are having the same problem.

  • lb

    Not a tip, looking for help. My cat’s sarcoma tumors have come back with a vengeance! Cat is only evacuating once a week. Was trying to get him healthy enough to undergo one chemo treatment to see if it would work. Have stepped up the lactulose, but kitty is just so lethargic and suspicious, don’t know what to do!! Will try pumpkin tomorow! Please let me know if you have any suggestions!!

  • n pochick

    I put a little drop of olive oil on her dry cat food everyday. and it really helps.

  • Veronica

    For immediate relief of blockage:

    -Baby enema available at the grocery or drug store. Fleet is really cheap, about $1.50 and has a nice soft tip. OR
    -Pet enema available through Vet’s office without a prescription, Amazon or other websites (google cat enema and you find a tube-like product with 250 mg of Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate)
    -You can also whittle down baby suppositories from the drug or grocery store, but good luck getting those in.

    The good thing about the little tube with the pet enemas is that I make a mixture of water,mineral oil and K-Y (or whatever personal lubricant) and reuse the tubes rather than buy more enemas. I mix equal parts of the oil and the lubricant to a tiny bit of water.

    For any enema, you must try to release the liquid slowly if possible. Otherwise the cat will vomit. Also, make sure to lubricate the tip of the enema with vaseline or K-Y. To do the enema, I swaddle my cat in a towel with his head and uncovered and an opening to the backend. It helps if you have another person holds the cat. Usually this will produce a hard stool within minutes. I will often let the cat rest and do another later that day or the next. WARNING Do this in the bathroom. It can get messy. You may have to even bathe the cat because the waste can dribble out. Don’t forget to take a litter box in with you.

    Once the cat is cleaned out, go to maintenance. My cat is a very picky eater, but he will take some pumpkin and plain Metamucil/water in his canned food. He still gets bound up so I will be trying aloe vera juice and Miralax. He doesn’t care for olive oil, coconut oil or mineral oil added to his food. And he can’t stand Laxatone.

  • MandyM

    I wanted to share with the forum members a solution that works – psyllium is great because it mixes with water and makes a jelly which cats tend to like – especially if you flavor, but the other ingredient is Vitamin C powder – ascorbic acid. Mix half a teaspoon of the psyllium with a 1/4 – 1/2 of ascorbic acid and do whatever will work for your puddy to eat it. For mine, who I only feed the raw meat whole diet, I spread it on the meat and although he did not eat it at dinner, I put it in with him at night and by morning it was all gone and a nice stool in his box.

    Anyone interested in avoiding the merry-go-round of vets (and the dominant medical paradigm) will enjoy researching vitamin C, orthomolecular medicine, Linus Pauling and for the whole food diet for pets. Pottinger’s Cats is a wonderful text on what happens to cat health when you stray too far from a species specific diet.

    We have been taught that fortified cereals mean we care about our animals. Fortified cereals are easy like any fast food, but they will lead your animal down the path of dis-ease. Ever been to a zoo and noticed how particular they are about ensuring a species appropriate diet to keep these very expensive animals healthy?

    I have also lost faith in vets, once, you only needed a vet if your cat was hit by a car or some dreadful thing, now we have been taught if we care about our animals we’ll form a partnership with vets that keep us there every few months. For the vast majority of problems I trust both my own and my animal’s ability to heal, to reach homeostasis, it is just up to me to provide the setting.

    As a last note, you will come across sites who talk about kidney concerns related to Vitamin C, keep researching – Linus Pauling won a nobel prize for science and debunked this myth. The power of Vitamin C for us and our pets is worth investigating.

  • Scherry

    (What is my tip to everyone else? Don’t feed dry or canned foods to your cats)

    My cat is a 10 year old long hair who ate dry food for about 8 years. he got sick and I took him to the vet and found out that he has kidney crystals and because of that he was also very bound-up as well, I went online and found out that cats ARE NOT supposed to eat dry cat food of ANY KIND partly because they don’t drink much water. I started him on a homemade RAW diet that is more natural for cats and he IMPROVED in both areas in less than two weeks! I then took my vets advice (because of the cost of the raw diet X 3 cats)and put him on a canned food(After about 5 days days of research,I decided on petguard.BIG MISTAKE!)Now he is right back where he was before I changed his diet to the raw food! I am now going back to the raw food but in the meantime he is so bound-up that he will not eat ANYTHING!And nothing I have tried so far is breaking him loose. I am completely lost here. Anyone out there have any idea’s??

  • Scherry

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m not sure who suggested it but I tried giving my kitty a tablespoon of pumpkin in a 1/4 cup of milk AND HE DRANK EVERY BIT OF IT!! I will give him more tonight and we will see if it helps him poo. I hope so,because my next move for him is the vet again. and I HATE that idea. He is VERY finicky too. So PLEASE everyone I know it sounds weird but you should REALLY try it. Even if your cat is like mine and is a VERY finicky eater. Just try it, what have you got to lose besides a little pumpkin and milk! 🙂

  • Tina

    You are all life savers. I have had cats all my life and never experienced this. We lost our Bear about six months ago, I should have waited longer to get another but the gaping hole he left in this family just couldn’t heal. Now we have Josie and she is like no cat I have ever had. She is in everything all the time and absolutely fearless. I have caught her chewing on everything including power cords so when this problem began two days ago, I assumed the little turd actually ate something she was chewing on. She hasn’t eaten in two days and did not have anything in her litter box today. I was starting to panic. My girls are already so attached to her, I guess I am too. I am so afraid of loosing her. It would be devastating. I am going to start with the pumpkin and work my way through as many others as it takes. I just hope I can get her to eat. Wish me luck and thank you all so much for the information.

  • phyllis emig

    Thank you all for sharing. The cost of a vet is so high these days…I know everyone here online has found this site useful.
    I am getting ready to adopt a cat, and have been reading all these replies. I like the ALL BRAN BUDS…ground and added to the wet food.
    NO MORE than two teaspoons a week TOTAL. This seems to me a practical solution…and easy. And I like the running water thing, to entice the cat to drink more. I think I will get a small indoor fountain on line. OH, and the baby suppositories. Wrap the cat in a towel and slip one in. I would like to add: If you hold the cat by the nap of the neck and pull back very tightly— it leaves him helpless and with his mouth wide open, so that you can give him a pill or insert a suppository or do whatever, without being bitten or scratched. Push the pill down in and rub his throat to get him to swallow before releasing him.

  • steve

    i have an older male cat who has had constipation issues lately, to the extent of not being able to fully evacuate for days, only small bits. this condition has existed for months now, and i make daily notes on my calendar regarding his bowel movements.
    i have successfully used suppository numerous times when i know it is required, these are liquid glycerin adult suppositories, brand name ‘fleet’. this takes 10-20 minutes, and in that time the cat will fully evacuate all accumulation, usually squatting twice to finish completely.
    the cat will squirm for insertion of course, i think my cat is accustomed and does not tighten as the first few times. when cat tightens, be gentle.
    i have also used homeopath for nasal drip, works great. i purchased cat homeopath on internet, read the ingredients then buy ingredients local retail health food store.

  • Laurie Conway

    Took me 3 hours to find your page. I only wanted a simple home remedy and all I could find was causes for constipation and things that will help in the long run. My kitty is 15 + and in pain now not in a few days. Thank you, I will keep you posted on her movements lol