15 Home Remedies for Candles

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With a reassuring flicker in the middle of the night or serving as a scented romantic mood enhancer, candles are known for playing an important role in both home décor and safety. The first candles were wickless and date back to the days of ancient Egyptians. The designs, colors and functions have since come a long way, so you might want to learn home remedies for candles.

candles home remedies

Candle Home Remedies

Candles are functional décor that you must handle with care. Slender tapers can break easily. Hot wax can stick to furniture, table tops, clothing and table clothes. Sometimes, it’s difficult to light your favorite candle. You may also face issues with candle holders. Thankfully, there are ways to remedy the most common issues. Some of the home remedies for candles below will show you how to prevent drips, remove stains, and maintain the longevity of your candles:

a) Freezer:

When removing candlesticks after a long storage, you can remove wax drippings by sticking them in the freezer for a couple of hours. The wax will harden and you can chip off the excess. Some people also store their candles in the freezer because there is a delay to dripping that lasts for hours after they are lit.

b) Salt-Water:

To prevent dripping of candles, soak in a strong salt-water solution after buying. In order for this remedy to work, the solution needs to be as strong as possible. A good saturated solution contains enough salt when added particles do not dissolve any longer in a container of heated water. Leave your candles in the solution for two hours, and then dry after removal.

c) Oil:

When you rub a small amount of oil on candlesticks before putting in your favorite candle, they will be much easier to remove when the time comes. Any dripped wax will also peel away much easier. It is suggested to use olive oil for the best results.

d) Soda Bottles:

The plastic of a clear, 2-liter soda bottle can help shield the wind and keep the fire lit on a candle when you are outside. Simply cut the top and bottom of the bottle, and place the middle part over the candles.

e) Oven:

If you are interested in reusing the glass jar after your candle has burned out, clean the container by setting the jar in an oven set to 200 degrees. The leftover wax will melt and you can pour it out – but not in your sink drains!

f) Wax Paper:

To protect that expensive tablecloth when storing table linens with candles, wrap colorful candles in plain wax paper so that the color of the candle does not rub off on linens [1].

g) Spaghetti:

When it’s become difficult to reach the wicks at the bottom of a jar candle, use an uncooked strand of spaghetti. Light one end of the pasta and then use it like a fireplace match.

h) Rubbing Alcohol:

After removing candle wax from clothing, you may face the issue of a lingering stain. Fill a small bucket with two parts rubbing alcohol and two parts cold water. Lay flat the clothing with the stain facing upwards. Dampen a white cloth in the rubbing alcohol solution, and then blot the wax stain. Start at the edge of the stain – blotting while moving close to the center of the stain. Use cool, running water to flush the mixture off of the clothing. Follow up by applying a prewash stain treatment to the treated spot. Wait 15 minutes before laundering as usual.

i) White Computer Paper or Paper Towel:

If you have dripped candle wax on a light-colored carpet, try removing by ironing over a piece of white paper or paper towel that has been placed over affected carpet. The wax will heat up and melt, and should transfer to the paper.

j) Air Dryer:

To remove candle wax that has dripped on your floor, use a hair dryer to soften the material, which will allow you to easily peel it off. Use a paper towel to wipe off any excess wax. Follow up with a blend of 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water.

k) Ice:

An ice cube can help remove candle wax that has dripped on a tablecloth or your clothing when you rub it across the fabric. Use a dull knife to gently scrape off the wax, and then launder on the hottest setting possible in the washing machine. Ice cubes can also be used to harden dripped candle wax on wooden floors, which you can then scrape away using your fingernail.

l) Knife:

Use a paring knife to shape a taper candle that is too large to fit into a standard candlestick. Before working on a candle, dip the base in hot water to soften the wax – this will make it easier to work with the material.

m) Iron and Paper Bag:

No need to fret when candle wax has dripped on a sofa or tablecloth. Try placing a brown paper bag over the wax, and then iron the bag. The iron should be set to medium heat. The wax is expected to transfer to the bag, so that you can easily peel it away.

n) Pringles Can:

The tube-like shape of the can that holds Pringles potato crisps is perfect for storing long, tapered candles [2]. A perk to using the can is the convenient lid.

o) Tape:

You can use tape to wrap the bottom of an ill-fitting candle that slides around its holder.


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