9 Recommended Home Remedies for Callus Feet | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, I love wearing sandals but I have callused feet that really look ugly. My tendency is to always wear closed shoes to hide my feet. Please help.

A: Dear M, It is common for a person to have callus feet. A person who is suffering from this issue must understand that it is triggered by a collection of dead skin cells that thickens and harden over a period of time and found at any part of the foot. Thus, one of the most common affected areas of the feet is that big toe, the heel, and the ball of the foot. The reason why there is accumulation of dead skin depends on several factors. This include obesity, flat feet, high arched feet, prolonged standing, high- heeled shoes, abnormalities of gait, short Achilles tendon, shoes that are too fit/small and etc.
Here are some recommended home remedies for callus feet that you can count on!

Home Remedies for callus feet

Recommended Home Remedies for Callus Feet

1. Baking Soda – One of the recommended home remedies for callus feet that show effective results is by using baking soda. Put 3 scoops of baking soda into a basin filled with warm water. The next step is soaking the feet for a couple of minutes. Once done, brush your feet to exfoliate the dead skin and rinse thoroughly.[1]

2. Nail clipper – Start trimming those toenails. Sometimes, the cause of callus feet is caused by long toenails. This is because it adds more pressure when wearing shoes. Do not forget to maintain trimmed toe nails.[3]

3. Lotion – Apply oil-based foot cream on your feet at least two times a day or after every bathing. Foot cream helps the feet to lock in moisture; this decreases the accumulation of dead skin. Also, using an oil-based foot cream is much more long lasting compared to other moisturizing methods.[4]

4. Cornstarch – Pat the feet dry before sprinkling cornstarch powder on the callused feet to help maintain the feet dry and prevent the skin from breaking down.

5. Sanding Sponge – Scrub your feet with Styrofoam sanding sponge to rub and scrape-off the dead skin from the sole of your feet. Make sure to do this during bathing or showering since the bottom of your feet will be softer during this time.[5]

6. Vinegar – Tape a cotton ball soak in vinegar on the callused feet and allow it to stay overnight. In the following morning, remove the taped cotton ball and scrub it with pumice stone.[2]

7. Lemon juice and Aspirin – Mix the two components by crushing the aspirin tablets and lemon juice to make a thick paste. Directly put the paste on the callus and cover it with a plastic bag for about several minutes. This permits the acid from the lemon juice and aspirin to soften the callus. Afterwards, scrub the callus with pumice stone.

8. Massage – Massage your callused feet at least 20-30 minutes with lotion or baby oil. It promotes better blood flow circulation, relieves pain and lessens dead skin build-up.

9. Chamomile Tea – Soaking your callused feet in chamomile tea serves as a relaxing way to relieve stress from the pressure on the feet. This also allows softening of the callus. Chamomile tea is considered as one of the herbal home remedies for callus feet.


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