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Q: Grandma, The bugs on our furniture are very itchy to the skin. Every time we have visitors, they start scratching. Please share suggestions because I feel humiliated whenever people come to my place.

A: Dear R, Bed bugs are loathsome parasites that feed on human blood. These pests love the warm temperature and are heavily found in countries and places in the tropics. These are most active at night when people are sleeping while they hide in mattresses, pillows, clothing, in-between wooden planks, headboards, small cracks and crevices, etc. These may find their way into your luggage and you may end up taking them home without your knowledge. That can be the start of your long struggle with bedbugs. When you notice signs of bedbugs like bites in your skin, give them a dose of your warfare. Here are some effective natural home remedies for bugs on furniture that you must try.

Natural Home Remedies for Bugs on Furniture

Home Remedies for Bugs on Furniture

1. Vacuum – Suck them up with a vacuum – the mattress, the drapes, and any upholstered furniture. Use the crevice tool on your vacuum to reach the “hard—to-reach” corners and crevices like the bed frames, furniture, baseboards, and the carpeting as well. [1]

2. Washing – If you suspect infestation, treat all washables like the blankets, mattresses, pillows with stuffed animals and toys in hot water. The bedroom stuff that can’t be washed must be separated in sealed containers like plastic bags.

3. Natural Insecticide – If you must use pesticides, make sure that these are safe for both the kids and pets.

4. Steam Treatment or Dry Heat – This works quite well, but is not as good as washing. A steamer can be used on mattresses and other furniture to kill bugs. The alternative is the use of dryer for 5 minutes on clothing, toys and anything that you can’t wash.

5. Use the sun – Another alternative is to expose the bedroom stuff to solar heat and radiation. Make sure that travel stuff are exposed to the sun’s radiation before bringing it inside the house.[2]

6. Bleach in a Soap Solution – Give the floors a wash with a soap solution in which a bleaching agent has been added such as chlorine.

7. Rubbing Alcohol – This is a good alternative. Put the alcohol in a sprayer and spray those crevices that harbor bedbugs.

8. Diatomaceous Earth – This is an abrasive powder that works by damaging the external covering or exoskeleton of bed bugs leading to their dehydration.

9. Mattresses and Box Springs – Use mattress bags to seal in bed bugs and control its spread. Check out these bags regularly for tears and rips to prevent the escape of bed bugs.[3]

10. Caulk – Seal cracks and crevices with caulk. Do not wait for the infestation to happen before you do this.[4]

11. Ice and Cold Treatment – These pests cannot tolerate ice or very cold weather too. Use ice treatment, the freezer or the outdoors during winter to kill bedbugs in beddings, clothes and furniture.[5]

12. Neem Leaves – These plants have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. These can be used to safely remove bed bugs from the upholstery by crumbling dry leaves to release its aromatic smell. Spread the leaves anywhere you suspect bedbugs to be hiding. The alternative is to take a bath in neem water to repel bedbugs.


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