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Q: Grandma, my Beagle has a terrible odor on her body. I think it is due to bacterial infection on her body. She also has a thyroid problem and has been on medication for a while then.

A: Dear V, It’s quite common and usual for dogs to have a smell. However, there are health problems in dogs which have symptoms that include awful smell. Since, dogs are great at hiding sicknesses, it is very vital for owners to become upbeat.

Even the healthiest dog alive has smell, but, since your dog has bacterial infection and is taking medicines, smell is supposed to be expected. Give your dog a bath because this is the first recourse to address the problem. This is, perhaps, your only option as of the moment. In numerous cases, this is useless and sometimes it can’t even remove even the slightest smell.

If you are losing hope, try these home remedies for body odor in pets.

Home Remedies for Body Odor In Pets


1. Yoghurt Rub – Buy some yogurt and apply it on the body of the dog then let it steep for fifteen minutes. Rinse the dog, but don’t use shampoo. [1]

2. Avoid frequent bathing – Giving frequent baths to your dog can dry their skin. Their skin’s natural skin pH balance can be lost that attracts bacterial growth and smell.

3. Raw Egg or Sweet Potato – Sometimes, it’s in the food they eat. Add a raw egg or sweet potatoes to your dog’s diet. This can help with the odor. [2]

4. Higher-quality foods – Choose the right foods which can make your dog healthier. Also, the right foods help to lessen the bad breath that dogs usually have. [3]

5. Fish Oil 0r Olive Oil – This prevents dry skin that can attract bacterial growth.

6. Homemade Dog Sprays – These are like canine colognes or doggie perfumes. Try herbal sprays using lavender, chamomile, peppermint or spearmint or whole cloves; oil-based sprays concentrated herbal and flower oils, fresh smelling sprays fabric conditioner; and alcohol-based sprays. [4]

7. Balanced Diet – This can help the digestive system. Let them eat homemade dog treats that can help reduce bad breathe. Minimize food intake, most especially foods high in sugar, carbohydrates & saturated fat.

8. Exercise – Too heavy dogs are habitually plagued with skin yeast and bacterial infections. Some breeds are even predisposed to yeast and other skin infections. [5]

9. Bath – Use organic apple cider vinegar to wash your dog or more complex shampoo blends with good quality essential oils, like as lavender, carrot seed, geranium, rosewood, chamomile, ravensare, helichrysum, or labdunum.

10. Grooming and Hygiene – You can groom the dog for a few minutes each day, with the use of a damp cloth wipe troubled areas then dry the hair. When your dog is really stinky, bathe the dog in lukewarm water with one cup of apple cider vinegar; this will usually do the trick to remove bad odors. [6]


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