10 Home Remedies for Bloody Sores | Q&A

Q: Dear Grandma, I have an old bloody sore in my nose that just wouldn’t heal and think I just found a flea attached to it as I cleaned out my nose. I need safe remedies to completely heal it.

A: Dear S, bloody Sores is a very common condition. Despite the fact that bloody sores are common, the reason for its existence may vary.

You need to understand that if you neglect the existence of your sore, there is a tendency that it can cause severe medical problems. If these bloody sores stay longer than expected then consulting a doctor is already needed. However, if you don’t have time or you want to ease the pain and symptoms, try these home remedies for bloody sores.

9 Home Remedies for Bloody Sores


1. Ice cubes – Get ice cubes and apply it on the bloody sore to soothe it. Ice packs can as well be used; apply to the affected area for about ten to thirty minutes. Do this regularly until the pain and bloody sore subsides.[1]

2. Don’t pop it – Whatever you do and whatever happens, never ever pop the bloody sore. This is a one of the must do home remedies for bloody sores. Popping can invite infection which can further slowdown natural healing. If the bloody sore is located on the foot, aim not to put extra pressure on it.

3. First aid cream – Use antibacterial creams such as Neosporin on a bloody sore. This can be very effective if your skin is wrecked at the bloody sore are because it has the ability to keep the area away from infection. These creams can as well speed up the healing process. [2]

4. Leave it to dry naturally – Never attempt to stab the bloody sore to bleed dry the juice. Stay away from tricks that use things or materials that can be the reason for the bloody sore to pop. It is best to let it pop naturally when it’s ready.[3]

5. Pate Gels – Use waterproof and breathable paste gels for the pain to subside especially if the bloody sores are located in between your toes.

6. Do not touch the sores – For instant care, try to not touch the bloody sore. Raise the affected area. Apply a cold compress. After the pain subsides, put a pad or a something to secure the affected area.[4]

7. Lukewarm water and salt – Immerse the blood sore in lukewarm water with salts to lessen the swelling.

8. Do not apply pressure – If the bloody sore is located in your nose, never blow your nose too hard because this is going to worsen the sore and can even cause bleeding.[5]

9. Boost the Immune System – A lot of times, getting the right supplements can help such as lysine, vitamin C and zinc. Often, the cause of the bloody sores is weak immune system.


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