Home Remedies for Bloody Nose

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You could find yourself at too high of an altitude or get into an argument with the wrong person, but there’s no denying that your nose is a vulnerable part of your face. Open to a variety of accidents and mishaps, the concentration of blood vessels in the nose makes it a prime candidate for bleeding. Becoming familiar with home remedies for a bloody nose can help address the damage in quicker time

What is a Bloody Nose?

Damage to just one of the many blood vessels inside the nose can lead to severe bleeding. The medical term for a bloody nose is epistaxis. The event is common in both adults and children. You don’t even have to get hit in the nose to cause a wave of blood. Some people can suffer a nosebleed simply because they have high blood pressure. If some people bend down to the point of creating just the right amount of pressure, a vessel inside the nose could break.

Causes and Symptoms

A bloody nose, also referred to as epistaxis or a nosebleed, is common in children and adults. Possible causes for nosebleeds include dry, cold air or trauma to the nose. According to the Merck Manual of Medical Information, the most common cause for the condition is actually from picking the nose. Besides the obvious accidents to the face, other known causes of a bloody nose include [1]:

• Cold, flu, and allergies
• Dry air conditions
• Tumor in the nose
• A sporting injury
• Nasal infection
• Chemical irritants
• Medications that thin the blood
• Cocaine use

Bloody Nose Home Remedies

The sudden gush of blood can really take an unsuspecting victim by surprise. The sight of red pouring out of the nose is enough to make most people overreact and faint. Instead of panicking and running for the hills, consider the following home remedies for bloody noses to provide immediate attention and relief:

a) Onion:

An old home remedy for nosebleeds is to lie down with your head tilted back with a chunk of freshly sliced onion placed under the nose. The raw onion lets loose a natural coagulant and some people have reported bleeding that stops within a couple of seconds.

b) Matches:

Light a match and blow it out before placing the smoky tip underneath the nose. Breathe in the smoke without sniffing hard. The smoke should reach the nostril(s) where blood is coming out of, which contains components that instantly heals a broken blood vessel.

c) Vaseline:

To prevent a nosebleed caused by a dry nose, apply Vaseline inside the nostrils to keep the skin soft and less susceptible to bleeding.

d) Cayenne Pepper:

If you are a chronic sufferer of nosebleeds, take a teaspoon of cayenne pepper mixed in a glass of water during and before bleeding starts. If you consume cayenne on a regular basis, it is said that you can minimize the number of nosebleeds you will experience. Simply use the spice to add a little heat to your food.

e) Brown Paper Bag:

Place a small square of a brown paper bag (the kind you get from the grocery store) under the upper lip (between the lip and gums) to soothe a bloody nose.

f) Vitamin C:

Pile on the fruits and vegetables that offer a decent source of vitamin C to strengthen the walls of your nasal blood vessels.

g) Towel:

Place a wet towel on your head to help stop a bloody nose.

h) Do Not Lean Back:

It is not recommended to tilt your head back during a nosebleed because you can swallow blood in the process.

i) Ice:

Place an ice cube in your mouth – using your tongue to press it close to the roof of your mouth. Keep the ice in place, as it is said to help stop nasal bleeding.

j) Think Green:

It is suggested to eat green vegetables when suffering a nosebleed.

k) Cotton Ball and Saline Solution:

Saturate a cotton ball with saline solution, and use to stop bleeding by placing it inside the nose and allowing the blood to collect in the moistened cotton. Pull out the cotton and repeat until it comes out clean. You can make your own saline solution with distilled (or filtered) water and salt.

l) Cold Compress:

The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests applying a cold compress to the bridge of the nose to prevent or gain relief from the pain or soreness associated with a bloody nose.

m) Do Not Lean Over:

Leaning your body over will increase the blood pressure to the nasal region. This act will intensify blood loss. Instead, you should lean your head back, and apply pressure to the nose.

n) Pinch the Nose:

When pinching your nose together to reduce blood loss, make sure to do so gently to avoid injuries and further damage to the blood vessels.

o) Vitamin K:

Some people suffer bloody noses because they are deficient in vitamin K. Eat foods, such as raw peanuts, which contains the vitamin that can lessen your chances of a nosebleed.

p) Gauze:

Roll up a piece of gauze and place under the upper lip (between the lip and gums) to calm a severe nosebleed.

q) Vinegar, Salt and Lemon Juice:

Add one tablespoon of salt to a small cup with just enough vinegar to dissolve the salt. Place a couple of squirts of lemon juice into the cup, and stir the ingredients. During a nosebleed, smelling the liquid very close to the nose will help stop the bleeding.


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