9 Home Remedies for Bleeding Acne | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, How can I prevent my pimples from bleeding? They look so gross now since I always pick on them. Please share inexpensive solutions to my problem.

A: Dear A, For teenage girls, nothing beats having a zit on a special occasion like a dance or prom. However, having acne, especially bleeding acne, is something that can be much worse. Aside from being unsightly, it can cause scar marks that can become permanent. Instead of pinching your zit forcing it to explode every time you get one, why not try natural home remedies as an alternative?

Natural Home Remedies for Bleeding Acne


1. Freshly squeezed lime – A face wash can be made out of lime juice and boiled whole milk. If you have dry skin, try adding glycerine to the mixture. The face wash is great for pimples, black heads and even for cracked skin. [1]

2. Garlic Juice – Do not worry, this is not for drinking. Garlic juice is perfect for cleansing the face, this helps in making pimples and even acne disappear without a trace of it being there.

3. Groundnut oil and lime juice – This mixture is best for preventive purposes. Equal amounts of these two substances will prevent blackhead formation, pimples and such. This works because lime juice breaks the molecular structure of the oil from groundnut. So the amino acids found on the skin do not absorb the oil.[2]

4. Cinnamon – This spice is not just perfect for cocoa or coffee, cinnamon is one of many natural home remedies for bleeding acne. Apply cinnamon paste made from ground cinnamon and honey, on the pimples and leave overnight. Wash with lukewarm water in the morning. A two week period must be maintained using this method to see effects.

5. Orange Peels pack – This is one of the best home remedies for acne. Orange peels used for this are best when sundried and ground. Make sure to store in a cool place and airtight container. This will be made into a paste, apply on face, air dry and wash off.[3]

6. Mint Leaves – These leaves will not be for tea but will be used as an astringent. This refreshes the sebaceous glands that produce the natural oil of the face. Ground the leaves and make into a paste, then apply the paste on the pimples and air dry. Wash off with plain water. Keep away from oil based moisturizers since these stimulate the sebaceous glands.

7. Aloe Vera – Aside from popped pimples this is one of the best natural home remedies for bleeding acne. This greatly aids in restoration and healing of popped pimples especially caused by acne. This will shorten the healing time of the bleeding pimples and can avoid scar marks.[4]

8. Honey – An addition to great healing substances, honey is also best for healing of popped pimples. Warm honey renders the best benefits this also reduces the risk of scarring caused by popped pimples. Relief from inflammation caused by pimples is also another benefit by honey. However, keep in mind that pimples must not be popped.

9. Toothpaste – Straight from the traditional home remedies handbook for acne treatment. This is one of the cheapest and most effective methods. However it is only for spot treatment of pimples.[5]


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