Home Remedies for Bladder Infections

bladder infection remedy

When germs invade the urinary bladder, an inflammation develops that creates an assortment of uncomfortable symptoms. A bladder infection causes irritation and pain all across the board, especially when it comes time to relieve yourself. Getting this form of urinary tract infection treated is vital to the healthy balance of your body because once the infection spreads to the kidneys, serious complications may arise. Irreversible damage may occur.


What is a Bladder Infection?

A bladder infection (often referred to as cystitis) first develops when bacteria enters the urinary tract through the urethra, which is the tube that allows urine to exit the body [1]. The bacteria latch onto the bladder wall and start to increase in numbers. When it comes to cystitis, many types exist. A few include:

a) Bacterial Cystitis:

Serving as the most common form of the infection, bacterial cystitis is often transmitted from the bowel through the urethra leading into the bladder [2]. Coliform bacteria are responsible for this kind of inflammation and infection.

b) Interstitial Cystitis:

This form of infection is quite painful and not that easy to pinpoint. It also does not involve any sort of foreign organisms that cause your discomfort.

c) Hemorrhagic Cystitis:

This bladder inflammation is known to cause hemorrhaging and most often occurs within patients undergoing treatment for cancer.


Bladder infections can affect an individual at any age. For example, if you notice new patterns of bedwetting in your toddler (also called enuresis), you should consult your doctor whether or not this is a result of urinary tract infection. Additional bladder infection signs and symptoms include:

a) Urination Problems:

Bladder infections often bring about the strong urge to frequently urinate, yet only produce a small amount of urine. When urinating, an individual may experience a burning sensation.

b) Blood in Urine:

Sometimes traces of blood appear in the urine. This symptom is referred to as hematuria.

c) Urine Appearance Changes:

Upon examining your urine, it may appear cloudy, as well as give off a strong odor.

d) Stomach Pressure:

In the lower abdomen, you may experience a feeling of pressure.

e) Fever:

Some individuals exhibit a low-grade fever when suffering from a bladder infection.

Causes of Bladder Infection

Knowing the causes of bladder infection may help you avoid some of the triggers associated with this condition. While many of the listed causes are unavoidable, a few circumstances are preventable when establishing healthy habits and personal hygiene. Below you will find the main causes of cystitis:

a) Kidney or Urethra Infection:

If you are experiencing an infection in the urethra or kidneys, cystitis may follow. Infections in the vagina or prostate gland have also been known to trigger a bladder infection.

b) Kidney Stones:

Besides infected kidneys, if you suffer from stones in the kidneys, inflammation or irritation may arise in the bladder.

c) Urine Retention:

If you wait too long before relieving your bladder, you could cause irritation or inflammation.

d) Constipation:

Severe bouts of constipation have been known to result in a bladder infection.

e) Cancer-Related:

In the case of hemorrhagic cystitis, an inflammation of the bladder develops when one is undergoing cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation.


When visiting the doctor to speak upon possible signs of bladder infection, you will be expected to surrender a urine sample. Your physician will then test the sample to conclude whether or not you show blood, pus, or bacteria within your urine. If bacteria are present, you will most likely be treated for cystitis.

Risk Factors

It’s just a plain, simple fact – some people are more susceptible to developing a bladder infection than others. For example, women tend to suffer from this painful condition more than men. One of the main reasons includes the length of their urethra, which is shorter than male urethras. This means bacteria have a shorter distance to travel before reaching the bladder. Below you will find additional cystitis risk factors:

a) Sexual Intercourse:

Women who engage in frequent sex (especially with multiple partners) will also increase their chance of cystitis. This is because the bacteria that causes the infection is constantly being pushed further up the urethra. Diaphragm use also serves as breeding grounds for bladder infection bacteria.

b) Pregnancy:

Women undergoing hormonal changes due to pregnancy have an increased chance of developing a bladder infection.

c) Blocked Urine Flow:

If the flow of urine is blocked, a bladder infection may develop. Common causes of these circumstances are often enlarged prostate (leading to male bladder infection) or a stone in the bladder.

d) Immune System Changes:

Increased risk of bladder infection occurs when other conditions are present, such as cancer or diabetes.

e) Bladder Catheters:

The prolonged use of these tubes may lead to cystitis, which is a commonly seen in the elderly, as well as patients suffering from a chronic illness.

Home Remedies for Bladder Infection

When it comes to choosing one of the strongest homeopathic treatments of cystitis, you should know that the diuretic effect cucumber juice possesses is known to work wonders. Three times per day, mix one teaspoon of honey with a tablespoon of fresh lime juice to one cup of cucumber juice [3]. Below you will find additional home remedies to consider for bladder infection:

a) Cranberry:

Cranberry juice, extract or pill supplements are known to flush out the bacteria causing a bladder infection. Did you know that this home remedy might also be used to treat a dog or cat with a bladder infection?

b) Drumstick Flowers:

A great herbal remedy for bladder infection includes a teaspoon of the fresh juice from drumstick flowers coupled with ½ a glass of coconut water. This remedy should be taken twice per day.

c) Radish Leaves:

Consume one cup of radish leaf juice for two weeks to treat a bladder infection.

d) Spinach:

Mix equal parts of fresh spinach juice with coconut water (about 100 ml each) to treat cystitis. It is the nitrates and potassium within these ingredients that create an effective and safe diuretic.

e) Hot Water:

The pain associated with a bladder infection can be eased when immersing the pelvis in hot water.

f) Cold Compresses:

Applying cold compresses to the stomach are known to relieve the congestion within the pelvic area, as well as increase the healing of the skin. When using this home remedy, make sure you do not overly chill the skin.

g) Lemon:

Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to 180 ml of boiling water. Allow the mixture to cool and sip 60 ml of this concoction every two hours, starting at 8 am and ending at noon [3]. This home remedy has been known to subside the burning sensation, as well as cease the bleeding associated with cystitis.

h) Sandalwood Oil:

When it comes to bladder infections, sandalwood oil has been known to act as a great home remedy. Take five drops of the oil during the onset of the infection, eventually working your way up to 10-30 drops.

Bladder Infection Prevention

In order to reduce the risk of developing a bladder infection, you might want to adhere to some of the preventive measures associated with this condition, such as:

a) Drink Plenty of Fluids:

Beverages, such as cranberry juice and especially water have been known to thwart the development of cystitis. Patients taking blood-thinning drugs, such as warfarin (Coumadin) should refrain from consuming large amounts of cranberry, which could trigger bleeding [4].

b) Urinate When Needed:

If you need to urinate, don’t hold it in. Whenever you have the urge to relieve yourself, you should listen to your body in order to avoid bacteria from sitting too long in the bladder.

c) Healthy Hygiene Habits:

After a bowel movement, it is important to wipe from the front to the back to avoid spreading the bacteria that causing infections in the vagina and urethra.

d) Take Showers:

If you have a tendency to develop infections, you might want to forego the luxuriating bath and take a shower instead.

e) Gently Wash:

You should also get in the habit of gently washing about the vagina and anus. The use of strong soaps and harsh bathing habits have been known to increase the risk of developing an infection. Delicate skin is a portal for the spread of bacteria. For women, it is also suggested to avoid the use of perfumes or deodorant sprays in the vagina area, which may prove too harsh for the skin.


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  • Tina Marie

    Bladder infection, also known as a UTI Urinary Tract Infection. If you get this or feel like you have signs of this, such as burning when you urinate, dark urine, lower abdomen pain, feeling the need to urinate more often, or feeling as if you have a full bladder and only a teaspoon full of urine comes out…go to the Doctor!!! This is not something for home remdies! If left untreated it can move into your kidneys! I have spoken to my Dr. about this! Drinking cranberry juice regularly can help minimize your risk of getting a UTI, but it in most cases can NOT treat it! It can treat it in rare cases; if you catch it in the first or second day of infection, you can drink a few glasses of cranberry juice and it may treat it, but most do not have any sign until the 3rd or 4th day….some even have it longer before having any signs. Once it has reached the 3rd day you need antibiotics.

  • Mary

    Drink a cup of cranberry juice every night before you go to bed and this will more than likely prevent you from ever having a bladder infection!

  • e.stuart

    right,best thing if you cant get to shops is hot bath,plenty of water,first glass with half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in as this neutralizes the acid in the urine,tastes disgusting but works! Paracetamol and hot water bottle on your tummy.you can get a mixture from your chemist called mis-pot-sit(store in your medicine cabinet),they will make it up for you or buy cysts remedy. Don’t drink tea or coffee at all when you have it,as it will make it worse and if symptoms persist you will have to go to the doctor.and in future have a wee straight after you have sex helps to flush out germs.

  • anoymous

    Just do whatever the doctor says.

  • Dave

    Haha, do whatever your doctor says????? I have lupus (for 5 years now), and if I had listened and did whatever my doctor wanted, I would be on 12 meds at least right now. Hahaha. Yes, listen to doctors, but use your head too. Prevention is the best medicine, there is a place for medicine when prevention is not possible. But meds are OVERused severely. I’m not a whack job conspiracy theory guy, but you really need to question what doctors say or you’ll end up a medicated mess. There are so many things that can be corrected without meds, even for people with lupus. Of course, visit a doctor if you have a problem. Just be prudent in the meds you consume. Prevention is the cure, doctors are the safety net.

  • Dave

    For example… when I “junk out” on the weekends and eat garbage like McDonalds, BK, or just a bowl of lard, sugar filled ice cream, guess what, my bladder burns. It is stupid for people to eat like this, get a burning in their bladder, then take meds to keep eating like a slob, then take more meds when those don’t work or because they need more meds to counter the side effects of other meds.

  • Darlene

    doing whatever the doctor tells you may at times do you more harm, being most practice medicine via pharmaceutical companies, too many antibiotics can assist in breaking down your bodies own defense and help to create infections. I have had lots of antibiotics due to bad lungs and while I was on them developed an infection.
    True take caution when kidneys are involved.

  • Nicole

    Have to strongly agree with Dave. All doctors do these days is prescribe pills that actually make our immune system weak and unstable among other things. They only mask the symtoms instead of treating them. Why would they want to cure you anyway, the drug industry is a multi-million dollar industry and if they cured you so easily they’d be broke. So many conditions can simply be cured by herbal and natural remedies but instead people are brainwashed in taking all these meds and ruining their mental and physical states. True, not all natural cures work for everyone,obviously you need to do some research, but rather that than putting all these poisions into your body.

  • Rameshchandra Mehta

    Please read this article for mummy’s infection

  • Angie

    I have had bladder infections for years and years and the doctors gave me all kinds of antibiotics – never really got rid of it. Then my girlfriend suggested taking more Vitamin C (I never took any in the first place….) and I started taking 1000 mg in the morning and 1000 mg at night. Guess what – never had another bladder infection ever since. My body was missing Vitamin C! I guess it's the natural remedy for bladder infections. If you are a hopeless case like I was – try that!

  • Jessica

    Cranactin is a vitamin supplement that I have been taking for about 9months. It is a god send to me. It has Vitamin C, Cranberry extract and probiotics. It is about $30 for 180 pills and I take one in the morning and one at night. I used to get 4 to 5 bladder infections a year, since I have been taking Cranactin I have not had one. I am also on Elmiron for my IC. It is very expensive but it works. I know it doesn't work for everyone, I guess I was lucky. I am still having painful intercourse problems, which is awful for me and my fiancee. Any suggestions anyone? I don't know about any of you but my Urologist is awful and I can not get any useful information out of them. Thanks and good luck everyone!

  • Jane

    Jessica, have u heard of Matia Brizman. She is a specialist in IC and uses herbs, supplements and diet very successfully . Her website is http://www.icama.org

  • susan

    i need some some advice with may bladder infection,ive seen a docter 3 time and still having problems.Any advice.

  • caroline nicholson

    I am currently researching and have found the following remedies I am currently taking the follwing: 1 -2 tablets daily of cranactin & goldenseal,then I drink at least 2-3 cups of water with 2 tsp baking soda w 2 tsp non filtered apple cider vinegar added.
    I am also cutting down consumption of alcohol, caffiene and white sugar as this seems to make the urinary tract or bladder infection symptoms reappear. I feel I am not experiencing symptoms as I was 2 days prior..I intend to follow this for a week…if anything talk to a specialist at one of your local health food stores…they can offer their expertise and knowledge to any ailment…

  • Julie

    I used to be a chronic UTI sufferer, I was tired of going to the doc & emergency care facilities. I was on suppressive therapy for a while, ordered by a urologist.( A low dose of antibiotic every night) Of course I didn’t want to build up an antibiotic immunity!
    I went to my family doc one day, and he told me to drink a gallon of water everyday. I was ANGRY. Well, I did it anyway. I don’t believe I ever actually had more then the daily recommended water intake (64 oz.) But..It worked.

  • Jamie

    Well I stopped by and read this because it’s the second day now and I’m sure. Never had a problem before, and now I thought I’d try to dispell the problem myself before a trip to the doctor. Thanks everyone for the home remedy suggestions.

    Any one here notice that the people who insist you see a doctor provide no facts, knowledge or reasons… just mindlessly go to your doctor, while, most of the homeopathic’s share real experience and provide suggestions along with reasons for their suggestions? Just an observation.

    But hey, if your Tina Marie, and you’ve gone 4 days with the burning I’ve got, then yea, you probably ought to go see a doctor and not take things into your own hands since, well… enough said.

  • audi

    uva ursi its found at health food stores, It will get rid of uti, kidney, etc it was used before there were antibioctics it works best when your urine PH is alkaline You do this with a spoon of baking soda and water (YES GROSS) but it works with out going to the doc.

  • TJ

    At the first sign of a bladder infection, I boost up the vitamin C,if I dont have time released I take 3 1000mg tablets a day and take apple cider vinager pills, drink alot of water and within a day or 2 it is gone.

  • gail cagle

    Colostrum capsules ,from Health Food Store, work well to fight infection and I take 2 caps at least 4 times a day at the start of a bladder or any other infection. I also give this to my son, grandkids and dog when needed during an illness or infection.

    Also, I find the brand with lowest sugar in Cranberry juice and dilute it some with water. Blueberry is the next best juice for bladder irritations but also dilute as it too has high sugar count. I drink these throughout the day until the condition seems corrected.

    Both watermelon and cornsilk teas are good to flush out the kidneys/bladder. Marshmallow root tincture (from health food store) is very soothing and calming to the bladder and I always take it under the tongue, where it absorbs quickly, or add a few drops to a good herbal tea or cup or water water.

    I take 2 Ester C caps morning, noon and night….ester c is easier on the stomach than regulard vit.c. I have only 1 cup decaf. coffee in a.m. and no wine or alcoholic drinks until condition is remedied.

    Get a chart or book (from internet , health food or book store) that shows the reflexology pressure points on the soles of feet and palms of hands. Gently massage these spots on the feet and hands to help break up the congestion in the bladder/kidney areas and then drink lots of water to help flush these toxins from your system.

    I have fibromyalgia so try to have reflexology done on my feet at least twice a month and you can feel, when those spots are being massaged, if they are sore or hurt and then I know to immediately to start my routine before the bladder infection actually kicks in so am usually able to use the above remedies and get it stopped very quickly. A good reflexologist is a” diamond in the rough” and can help you to relax, when stressed, and help to gradually detox your system, which helps immensely if you have fibro, arthritis, anxiety, and many, many other conditions.

    Many massage therapist have been trained in reflexology and if you haven’t tried this it’s well worth doing at least once. One leaves a session feeling calm and overall much better. I live in Az. and find most therapist charge aprox. $50 for a one hour session or you can split a session with half massage and half reflexology…..absolutely the most wonderful treat you can give your body!!

    Acupuncture is good for bladder/kidney problems as well as many other health issues. Years ago I had walking pneumonia for about a month and doctor couldn’t get it to clear up so I tried acupuncture and the lungs were clear and pneumonia gone after 2 sessions!

    Hope these suggestions help some of you gals.

  • Kirstyann Robertson

    Well, i’m 16, and have suffered from UTI’s for about 2 years.All docters prescribed was trimithorperin, which woked the first 2 times, then after that,they kept prescribing it and it wasn’t working! I found i got them more frequently if anything, so i tried drinking more water and cranberyy juice everday, i dont get the infections as frequent, and even better, i recently found i love orange juice, and the extra vitamin C has done wonders,i haen’t had an infecton in 4 months!

  • jaz

    N-E body ever have the feeling that your bladder is pulsating like right after you urinate, thus feel like its going to drop! OMG. AAUHH!!

  • Carli

    OMG!! I cant believe there are people on here saying drs over prescribe medications and to question drs. yes its good to question on bigger issues like lupus or other major diagnosis, and getting second opinions are great. but seriously your talking about a bladder infection!! the dr is NOT trying to scam you or mislead you here…its small potatoes!! it is a simple, clearly black or white test, either you have an infection or you dont. you should NEVER wait to treat a bladder infection or try home remidies because they WONT work! you need antibiotics to kill the infection!! I agree that antibiotics are over perscribed for coughs and colds but never for this!! if you do not seek treatment promptly, the infection will spread, up to your kidneys, and trust me from experience it SUCKS!! its horribly painful, you cant stop pukeing, and a kidney infection can PERMANETLY SHUT DOWN YOUR KIDNEYS!!! as for antibiotic use decreasing your immune system, this is unproven, but if it were true, it would be with use over a VERY long time. It has no effect on your immune system to use antibiotics for a few days to a few weeks (in rare cases) for treating a urinary tract infection

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you suspect you have a bladder infection, see a doctor…I promise they are not trying to make extra money by prescribing antibiotics, they are one of the oldest type of drugs, theyre cheap. You NEED antibiotic treatment, home remidies will not work, they will just let the infection get worse and spread. prevention is a great idea for any illness, for example, wiping front to back, peeing after sex, keeping your neither regions clean. But it will not prevent all bladder infections.

    Again, not promptly treating a bladder infection can let it spread to your kidneys, and even one kidney infection can PERMANENTLY SHUT DOWN YOUR KIDNEYS!! in which case you would need dialysis and a kidney transplant.

    -A Registered Nurse who has had both UTI’s and kidney infections.

  • ASHA



  • amyjo

    Im 27 and have repeat bladder infections… I go to the doctor and they prescribe me sulfa med. A week later i feel symptoms again go back to the doctor and they prescribe the same antibiotic.. I tell them i dont think that it works on me. I just finished my prescription a week ago and feel symptoms.. anyone know of an antibiotic i can tell them to try?? I am so tired of having them

  • heidi

    I’m 32 & get bladder infections at least twice a month ever since I had a hystorectomy 6 yrs ago. I drink so much water a day I think I’m going to grow gills soon. I don’t drink pop, coffee, tea or anything other than water & cranberry juice. I’m so tired of this, it’s interfering with my life as well as the lives of my family. I’ve been to the doctor & specialists so far nothings working. I’m looking for advice from anyone, I can’t keep going on like this. If anyone could help I’d be forever greatfull.

  • tina

    I agree that seeing your doctor is important, and if you have recurrent infections, ask to see a urologist. However, after having UTIs on and off for four years, many different antibiotics (often back to back), many medical procedures and a surgery (urethral diverticulitis), then having it all come back again only to be told this time it is not the same thing, it’s just something I’ll always experience on and off, I’ve decided to go the natural route. Why put antibiotics in your system only to have the infection return the day after you’re finished?! I’ve been very frustrated by how little doctors can do, unless you’re a standard case. I find naturopaths and homeopaths (good ones) look at the whole you. The best solution I’ve found so far is goldenseal for fighting an infection already in progress (every infection so far gone in two days max.) That said, I am researching how to naturally solve why my body does this so I can stop it.Until then, goldenseal is the next best thing as far as I’m concerned.

  • Carol

    I had a lot of UTIs in my 20’s and now in my 50’s am experiencing that again. I have taken antibiotics, with unpleasant side affects, and the UTI returned, so I consulted a naturopath who has prescribed Cranstat Extra (urinary tract support) and D-Mannose (a powder taken in water). I usually take a teaspoon of pure cranberry concentrate in water every morning (no sugar) and drink at least a half gallon of water a day. Then I recalled that years ago I would make a bladder tea from a natural remedy book by Joy Gardner: Bring 3 cups of water to a boil and add one tablespoon echinacea root. Simmer for 20 minutes, then remove from heat and add 2 teaspoons yarrow flowers, 2 teaspoons bearberry (uva-ursi), 2 teaspoons cornsilk (from Indian corn), and 1 teaspoon juniper berries. Steep for 15 minutes in a covered container, then strain. Store unused portion in the refrigerator. If you cannot obtain or cannot use 1 or 2 of these herbs, increase the other herbs, and the tea should still be effective. Drink 1 cup a day for a week. This is a very effective tea for treating bladder infections, however is you develop a fever or symptoms do not subside you should consult a physician. Also symptoms of burning urine, frequent urination, and pain in the bladder can also indicate many other serious illnesses/disease such as STDs or kidney disease. A good rule of thumb is to use allopathic medicine for diagnosis, then depending on the severity of the diagnois make a decision about the course of treatment. Naturopathic treatment can be preferrable, correcting the root of the problem vs. treating the symptoms with drugs. If the problem/deficiency, etc. is not corrected, the illness/symptoms often reoccur. Good luck.

  • TM

    I have had a few bladder infections over the years. The first when I was very young and sexually active. My mom refused to take me to the dr. for that very reason. My grandma treated my symptoms by limiting me to drink water and cranberry juice only. The infection did go away after a couple of excruciating days. And every time since, whenever I’ve felt it coming on, I increase my water intake and keep the infection at bay. This has worked for me.

    Now, my daughter has a bladder infection from wearing her panty-liner all day and overnight (of which I was unaware) and I had her drink water and cranberry juice (100% juice) but it hasn’t seemed to help her, maybe because she didn’t bring it up until it was a full-blown infection. Even though I do not put much faith in doctors and she didn’t want to go at first either, I’m going to have to take her now because I can’t stand to see her in pain.

    So, each of us is different. I think as someone said before, if after a day or two of the home remedies, they don’t seem to work, you should probably see a doctor. Chances are you won’t be able to get an appointment until a couple days later anyway. Might as well do what you can until the doctor can see you.

  • jean

    In some cases those symptoms may not be a UTI in fact, they can a yeast infection. If you have most of the symptoms above and vaginal discharge that’s thick yellow or white you probably have a yeast infection thus, you should go see an especialized doctor to treat the infection.

  • Starr

    Wow! There are so many suggestions on here.
    I am suffering with a bladder infection at this very moment. I’ve been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. I was going to make an appointment with my doctor, and then we got some snow and ice and they were closed, but I will definitely give them another call when they open back up in the morning.

    I’ve heard that beer will flush it out of your system too. I’d like some opinions on this. Has anyone heard the same thing?? Agree? Disagree?


  • Mel

    I had experienced some burning with urination as a child and then as an adult I got one every two months for 2 1/2 years after being dx with hypothyroidism and rheumatoid arthritis in my early thirties. The doctors just kept pushing pills every 2 months with no solution-no feeling for my immune system, contrary to what some of the people on here are saying, being hugely effected from too much antibiotic usage. I was killing my immune system with them. My body became so broken down that if I became simply stressed I got a uti. Couldn’t drink cranberry juice (I always used unsweetened or added stevia) because it exacerbates arthritis. Tried Uva Ursi, manna, bladder wrack, drinking lots and lots of water, cutting most sugar out, and then finally EUREKA!!! I discovered PH Balance. This is the crux of the uti problem. If the ph is out of balance being too acidic (can also be too alkaline but highly unlikely) then bacteria and viruses flourish in the body. I started drinking a freshly squeezed lemon in a little warm water everyday (which I don’t like but it is the most alkaline forming food for our body contrary to people thinking it is acidic–it is outside the body but inside lemons and limes burn into alkaline ash–however-oranges are highly acidic. I also eat asparagus, lots of alkaline forming vegetables, little sugar (I grew up eating sugar regularly and it has been the source of many health problems for me). Lookup “holistic ph balance” in google and you will find a list of foods. As for the damn doctors, I would have gnarled hands, still be having uti’s and constant sickness if I simply relied on their much of the time bad advice. One doctor before I was dx with Hypothyroidism told me the reason my hair was falling out was because I was getting older and I was only 31!! It is a classic sypmtom of the disease. Another told me that I needed to get my mind of myself and have a baby–1 1/2 years later he tells me that I need to immediately get to an endocrinologist because I had SEVERE Hypothyroidism!! They let it get so bad instead of believing me–pushed antidepressants instead! I told another I had been taking probiotics and the rude “B” told me in the snottiest authorative voice “probiotics have absolutely no use in the gynecological community”. I have been studying holistic medicine on my own since I was 20–PH Balance of the body was my Eureka. Hope this helps someone who is in need–don’t let drs push you around-they see you 10 minutes and go on with their life you have to be your own advocate–seek out good holistic doctors or nutritionists. If you start to feel a little itch in your pelvis, heat, fever, tiredness, strong urine odor, dry eyes–please get yourself to the doctor–you don’t want to fool with it but some of the people on here misinterpret others who are giving prevention advice as if they shouldn’t use antibiotics when needed. Western doctors are good for broken legs and acute infections etc.. but for body maintenance they are not. PH BALANCE is Key!!

  • Sarah

    I had a bladder ifection on christmas eve and i went to the doctor and recieved medication that helped instantly i also got something called azo that is an over the counter medicine, it turns ur urine oraange but it helps then pain when you urinate until the infection clears.

    Unfortunatly I just started feeling the infection coming back today, a week after the first infection it is so miserable! I’ve written down everyones remedies and will try a few, but anyone else is major pain get azo it is only about 6 dollars you can find it at any store and you take it 2 pills 3 times a day

  • Karla

    I have ever only had one bladder infection and I let it go too far because I was scared it was an STD or something, I had never had either before so I didn’t know the symptoms. I went to the doc and it was a viral infection.

    Now, within the past week I began having pain during intercourse, which really kills the mood and it put a huge damper for me and my fiancee as we are trying to have a second child. I didn’t think anything of the pains other then maybe my period was coming or possibly it was just the frequent sexual activity. I didn’t have this pain before when I had a UTI so I thought none of it. However, tonight I went to the washroom and I couldn’t get rid of the urge to urinate, I have been up nearly all night now because I cant urinate at all hardly and when I do there is blood in it. So as for home remedies, they may work, but I think they would work much better if you see your doctor first. The doctor can give you some medicine and you can help the process along by drinking cranberry juice or taking vitamins and such.

  • Chrissy

    I get bladder infections every other month and the best antibiotic I’ve ever gotten was Leviquin 500mg. (I think thats how it’s spelled)and I buy Azo for the pain. The antibiotic works within 2 days. However you want to take all of it! The Azo takes the pain away while I’m waiting for the meds to work. I grew immune to all the other meds so this seems to be the only one that helps me! Hope this helps for anyone that need it!

  • Ann

    In July 2009 I was diagnosed with a UTI – had a new job, stressful, and was not taking care of myself. Went immediately to my OB-GYN, where the Nurse Pract. diagnosed an e-coli bacterial infection and subscribed MACRODANTIN antibiotic. I took it for a week. The infection went way, but returned. Over the last 5 month, the Nurse Pract. continued to prescribe MACRODANTIN as it seemed to take care of my symptoms – at least on a temporary basis. In retrospect, I should have gone to a urologist instead of having the same antiobiotic prescribed repeatedly – very stupid on my part.

    In any case, I was taking 50MG daily of MACRODANTIN as a “maintenance” antiobiotic to prevent further UTI’s. I had no prior bad side effects from this drug (that I noticed), and did not hesitate to take it. However, I had several days of “wheezing”in my lungs, and determined that I was coming down with a bronchial infection or cold. I kept getting worse, coughing and feeling lousy, and went to the Urgent Care. The doc determined I had a bad case of bronchitas. I told him I was taking Macrodantin, but he didn’t comment. He seemed concerned after listing to my lungs, $600 worth of tests, gave me a Z-Pak (more antiobiotics!) and I went on my way. Several days later I was MUCH worse, wheezing, coughing until I threw up, and not sleeping at all. I was told that sometimes these infections have to “get worse” before getting better. Right.

    After six weeks of being terribly frustrated and progressively more ill, (missing work and not sleeping) wheezing, coughing, not breathing well and sick to my stomach – I checked my PDR book (on a whim) for a description of MACRODANTIN. You guessed it! This drug has SERIOUS side effects related to lung functions, and I was furious! I was mostly angry at myself for not looking up this drug when my symptoms started – but I had no idea an antiobiotic would cause lung problems that can be FATAL. So, the daily 50mg of MACRODANTIN I was taking was making me horribly ill!

    In any case, I QUIT this drug immediately, and after 5 days, am much improved. I am not yet sleeping well do to “wheezing”, and will have to check with another doc to see if I have any permanent lung damage. Am I angry at the Nurse Pract. that prescribed this drug long term? You bet!

    DO NOT TAKE MACRODANTIN for UTI’s, as it is a dangerous drug! My pharmacist admitted this, and suggested that I go to Vitamin Cottage and get CRANSTAT Extra to protect my urinary tract and take a Probiotic to get my immune system back in order. If you get a very serious UTI, see a doctor – but don’t take MACRODANTIN! I am very suspicious of western medicine – they just write out a prescription for your illness, never get to the root of the problem, and send you on your way! You must be your own best advocate, and don’t take any antibiotics unless absolutely necessary – and, check your Physician’s Desk Reference for side effects of any drug before taking them! LIVE AND LEARN!!!

  • Roseann

    I’ve never had a UTI before until I developed my UTI after having a hysterectomy and bowel repair a few days ago. I had been catherized 3 times after surgery because I couldn’t urinate, the last time was so painful. (I never want to go through that experience again for sure).
    I was prescribed by my doctor Sulfamethoxazole with Trimethoprim. The muscle pain side-effect was unbearable. I had to stop taking the prescription after the 2nd dose. I have been drinking 5-6 16 0z glasses of water since to try to clear it up and am going to try some of the home remedies. Anything has to be better than the muscle-pain I have now. I read on another web site that Echinacea and goldenseal helps. Since I have those already in my cupboard. I’m going to give that a try also.

  • Megan

    FYI-occasionally if your bladder is really irritated, cranberry can actually make things worse. I’ve suffered for years from recurrent UTIs and finally had a doctor that suggested ditching my preventative cranberry regimen for awhile. Doing that appears to have helped break the cycle for awhile for me. Also, I have had some success following the dietary restrictions for IC when I have an infection. I don’t have IC, but the dietary advice helps the pain a lot when I have a UTI and my system is irritated (or just plain MAD!).

  • cassandra ryers

    for interstitial cystitus drink aloe vera juice twice a day 4 oz.

  • Alisa

    I’ve had UTI’s repeatedly for over a year now. When I first feel one coming on I take Cranberry supplement pills (which are in-expensive, I just get them at wal-mart) and drink plenty of water and/or sugar-free cranberry juice since the sugar just adds to the problem for me. The AZO pills are really helpful also.

  • Melody

    For sexually active people make sure you urinate before and after sex for a preventative step. Take some azo cran pills for the pain and drink plenty of water and cran juice. My doctors helped me a couple times that i’ve had bladder infections but every time seems like it takes longer and longer for the antibiotic to work, and actually the last time it felt like it came back the day after i was off the med. Which is pretty much the most depressing feeling ever. I take the cran supplements now 2-4 a day and they’ve helped immensely. Oh yea and if you find you’re prone to getting UITs cut caffeine and extra sugar out of your diet. Caffeine can bring one on for me if i just drink a dr pepper.

  • Joshua

    I believe that i may be experiencing a uti, yes i had this light painful pressure below my abdomen but did not think it to be a UTI until i did some research. come to find out that the light pain i was recieving was right at my bladder, I have been taking cranberry fruit pills, vitmin c tablets, eating fruits and veggies, and laying off the alcohol and coffee and soda. whats wierd is i dont urinate painfully and i pee frequently but its always normal. anyway its seems to be subsiding. kinda scary cause i did not find out til three or four days later. has anyone else had this happen before? and if so do i have anything to worry about even if it seems to be dissapering. please feel free to give me any imformation that you think would be of any help

  • Cheryl

    My UTI is associated with sexual intercourse. Specifically after having a hysterectamy I’m more prone to these problems. I drink cranberry juice on a daily basis and lots of water. I don’t believe in using anti-biotics if I can help it. I do find that paying close attention to hygine and using a comdom helps quite a bit. And stay away from taking baths. And ladies, It’s O.K. to run around in a house coat or short shift dress with no bottoms on. Fresh air is good.

  • Mike

    I’m speaking as a Male who has been doing intermittant catheterisation for over 5 years. Owing to an enlarged Prostate, and my reluctance in having an operation, my bladder muscles packed up. Consequently I’m totally dependent on Catheters for passing any urine.

    An Ultrasound test showed that I was (previously) still retaining 800mls of urine even after passing water. Although my blaader was holding that amount all the time, I never had a single infection until I started catheterisation. My first infection was E-coli, which really made me feel ill, but antibiotics cleared it completely. Thankfully I never had it since. Then I had a Staphylococcus infection. Being ‘low grade’ I felt OK, and it was again dealt with by antibiotics.

    After thatI went for 2½ years infection-free, and believed that it would continue forever, until I started getting Coliform infections about 3 or 4 times a year. How I get them is one of life’s great mysteries which I really would like to know the answer to. I feel somehow ‘guilty’ in getting them, a kind of failing that I’m doing something wrong.

    Sorry but I don’t have any home remedy tips. As a nurse previously said, I wouldn’t like to have a kidney indfection. At the first sign of cloudy urine I go to my GP immediately, and I’m back to normal after 2 days.

  • Miki

    If you have had constant problems with what you think is a bladder infection and multiple sessions of antibiotics (from a urologist who needs more training!)and you have been through menopause-find a urogynecologist or a female urologist. I had atrophic vaginitis that was remedied by estradiol cream and not a bladder infection at all! I took antibiotics needlessly for nearly a year before this diagnosis and am now sensitive to most of them!

  • Audrey

    The answer for many of you is D-MANNOSE. Get the powder, not the capsules. Wellnesspartners.com is just one supplier. They sell it under the name UTISlip. You can research d-mannose on line and see how absolutely wonderful it is. No negative side effects. I have been bothered with bladder infections off and on for forty years. The last round of antibiotics did not clear up my infection. I started taking D-mannose (actually recommended by my doctor!)and the infection is totally cleared up. You owe it to yourself to at least research it.

  • Muhd

    d-mannose is really very helpful. I also bought (from http://www.dmannose.co.uk/ ), tried and got amazing result.

  • K

    My dad is having side ffects due to drug Norvasc, he is having water retention. Doctors r not saints. I hope thunder and lightening falls on creaters and prescribers of such drugs. They are killing humanity.

  • Pauline

    Hi everyone,

    I have had kidney infections all my life until I started drinking cranberry juice. I started when I was pregnant, because after a second flare up of kidney infections i refused to take more antibiotics. So i started drinking cranberry juice and that was 10 years ago and I will swear by it. I have had had not 1 infections since and before I would have at least 5-6 a year.

  • Kayla

    I’m 20 years old, and I’m having my first bladder infection. I didn’t know what it was until yesterday–it’s been going on for 5 days now. I don’t know what to do, and I don’t have medical. any suggestions?

  • angie

    i looked for bed wetting but you had nothing. it sent me to this topic. my 15 yr old daughter still wets her self at night and we have tried everything. please help

  • Liz =]

    Hey people, it’s liz again…just serfing the remedy site, haha. Honestly, if you are seriously ill with a UTI please don’t relie on random inputs of people on this site. I know this is NOT what you want to hear, but..GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!
    -liz =]

  • Abby

    I have a bladder infection, I never get them! I use to think I had them a long time ago but kept going to the doctor and they kept saying it wasn’t one. turns out it was PID (Pelvic Inflammatory disease) feels a lot like a bladder infection. The problem I have is any antibiotics I take cause a yeast infection. I have to have surgery in 2 days for a collapsed Vaginal wall, along with that my Bladder has collapsed aslo. I believe thats why I have this. The problem I have is I don’t want them to put the surgery off because of it so I am going to listen to a few of you and try the cranberry pills, the golden seal and Vitamin C. I am also drinking tons of Cranberry juice. I believe after my surgery they will have me on antibiotics anyway. I wanted to tell some people I read that went to the doctor and were undiagnosed. A PID can go undetected. It is when your uterus gets inflamed and blood comes out of it into the body cavity which causes a lot of the pain and also can lead to Endometreosis which is what happen to me. After my first daughter was born I tried to have another baby, I wanted them 2 years apart, it took a long time to get pregnant for me anyway since I got pregnant instantly with my first on my honeymoon. It took over a year. They are 3 years and 3 months apart. Anyway, be careful, If you feel like you have a UTI or Bladder infection and the doctors say you don’t, more than likely a PID. Not sure if there are home remedies for that. I had to have a Hysterectomy a few years after my daughter was born because the Endometreosis caused me to bleed all the time with severe pain. now because of the Hysterectomy My Vaginal wall has collapsed along with my bladder and other areas of my body down in that area have herniated. But most people with a Hysterectomy do not have this issue but it is possible since your organs have nothing to hold them up anymore. Intercourse was very painful during the PID so maybe a couple of you might want to look into this since I read there was painful intercourse and I’m not sure if Bladder infections cause that. they might but mine doesn’t cause pain. after the removal of my Cervix Intercourse was 100% less painful. With Endometreosis it is very hard to become pregnant. so if you have signs of PID for a long period of time please get it checked out before you lose your chance to have a child. Thank you all for your help I hope it all works, abby

  • merrie.myshaklee.net

    Bedwetting tip – Take a B-complex before bed. My son takes Shaklee brand and it did the trick for him. He faithfully takes it every night.

  • Rose

    I had cystitus for many years on and off. It was affecting me badly not just physiologically as I was waiting for it to return after each round of antibiotics. The simplest remedy in the world totally worked for me (and if I do get a twinge I take it immediately).

    The secret is CINNAMON! Put 2 large desert spoons of cinnamon powder into a mug and mix to a paste with good quality honey. Heat milk and make a drink which is pretty nice. This knocks it for six – really – try it. I used it maybe 10 times over 3 weeks when needed and now don’t get cystitus. Strange but true. It simply stops the pain – and quickly.

  • mom

    My daughter has had uti’s since a small child and it made potty training hard. When we realized what was wrong- she doesn’t have the natural lining in her bladder- her urologist said a maintenence dose of antibiotic would help. She has been on low dose for 3 years with NO side effects. We have tried to take her off it 3 times and the infections come back. He said many times the onset of puberty fixes this. Until then we will keep her on this as the social and physical issues of pain and accidents are no good for a girl in elementary school. Medicine is not always the answer but sometimes it can be a good fix even long term. FYI- forcing liquids can sometimes backfire as they can irritate an overactive bladder. Find a Dr you trust and work TOGETHER to figure it out.

  • Peg

    I have bad UIT alot, what I have tried and it work is cook 2 large sweet onions in about 2 cups water and let cool and drink the water it help every time. It is gone the next day Try It

  • Kimberly

    I suffer from infections approximately once every three to four months and it is so horrible I don’t have any home remedies to cure it I am afraid, honestly if I can’t treat it myself I do seek antibiotics from my doctor, however a brilliant way to ease the symptoms is the cystitus relief treatment you can buy in any supermarket, pharmacy and most cosmetic type stores, it is a sachet of powder which you mix into cold water, it is a 48 hour treatment but whenever you feel the symptoms drink some of this and within half an hour you will feel a million times better! Honestly! It eases the burning sensation and stops you wanting to wee every two minutes. I always have these sachets in the house just in case, because when sometimes they can’t treat the infection (though it has on occassions) it always eases the symptoms until you are able to get to a doctor or use your preferred treatment. They are very cheap and very, very effective. I must stress though, this doesn’t always treat the infection but it will always ease the symptoms and take away the burning sensation, worth taking even if it is just until you can find a full cure! For some though it isn’t neccessary after use. Most places have their own brand of this with the imaginative name ‘Cystitus Relief’ and as mentioned it is very cheap. I sound like I work for the promotions team here haha but I do swear by this product to give me quick relief and comfort

    Also… picked up some great ideas from people on here for the future!

  • Rachael

    Have had cystitis for years about 3-4 times a year and it is awful. I haven’t yet found a cure as despite using Cymalon or similar, it sometimes returns. I have had cystitis for the last 8 days and it is driving me mad. It makes me feel so low. I have a mug of the cinnamon, honey and hot milk as advised above by Rose,at my side right now, and have alsohad the usual over the counter Cymalon, to no avail this time. Antibiotics usually get rid of it, but it isn’t easy to get them because I always have to send a sample in first and it always comes back as ok, so it wastes time.(A week with cystitis is a long time) I am on long-term Trimethroprim although I don’t like doing that, but if I stop it, it all comes back. I have no tips….yet. I hope Rose is right, and if so, grateful thanks Rose.

  • Shannon

    I also have suffered with what I assumed was just typical UTI’s since I was in high school. At the first of this year, I starting having the symptoms again. The frequent urination, the pain with urinating, and even chills. Come to find out, I had a severe bladder infection. I went to the Dr. and got antibiotics for it, but I had a fever with it. I missed several days of work, because I could not get the fever to break. I rotated Tylenol and Motrin, and it started helping some, and I also used the AZO pills and drank lots of Cranberry juice, which really did not seem to help with any of the infections I have ever had. The AZO did not do anything for me with this one, and it’s not helping with the one I have now. So my suggestion to anyone who has insurance or the cash, please do go to see your Dr. Unfortunately, I don’t have either, or I would definately go see mine. I am having back pains with this one as well, but I have a kidney stone that the Dr. found 2 years ago, and I cannot pass it. I was under the assumption that I was trying to pass it, but I know now, it’s my bladder…

  • Sandra

    I’m the queen of UTI’s. I have suffered with these for years.
    I would get one every few months and then it gradually got worse.
    Now I get them EVERY time I have sex with my husband. Let’s just say it has not been good for the sex life!!! So damn frustrating. I tried it all- drinking lots of fluid, cranberry juice, wiping the right way, washing before and after, peeing before and after…….
    Spent many times researching on internet as well. Finally I got fed up. I felt that tingle once again and new what was happening. Got on the interest again and read a very interesting suggestion about the cause being PH balance. Made so much sense and this person said to drink a half a glass of slightly (with water) diluted lemon juice. What could I lose, so I gave it a shot. I swear I could feel something happen immediately!!My urine, which was cloudy, cleared right up! I drank another before bed and continued doing that each morning and night. So far so good. No problems with peeing or pain or anything!! I have decided to start taking 1000mg of vitamin C twice a day. I am so screwed up from taking so many antibiotics that I am also working on my digestive tract by taking an active pro-biotic as well. I hope I can continue this and finally be rid of the misery of UTI’s. I will say this- if you feel like you still have any chance of infection- go see a doctor.

  • Beth

    D mannose, a natural sugar like in cranberries, is a great help to most people who try it. Tastes good. Just mix the powder in some water and it can cure and prevent most UTI’s.

  • Honey

    My grandmother 88 is experiencing a bladder infection along with urinary retention. Do any of the remedies that any of you suggest also aid with promoting the reestablishing of natural functioning of the bladder?

  • Treena

    Well I have had a bladder irritation for over two years now, throughout which I have been passing blood that is visible in the toilet. I’m a cyclist (or was) until I realized that cycling caused me to get bladder and urethra irritations. It took a year of repair after cycling before my symptoms dropped down to a few weeks a month. I had been given large courses of antibiotics with no results, and told on numerous accounts that it was caused by depression and that anti-depressants would remove the sensation as it dulls nerve receptors and it would be a “take them for life thing”. Well there was no way I was going down that road when I wasn’t depressed, I was peeing blood! This leaves me with where I am today, completely fed up with the health system. I was told today after a urine screening that I have a low grade infection that they would like to treat with trimeprathrone, (excuse the spelling) something I can’t take because I react to it in nasty ways. Well because of this I was told they wouldn’t give me anything else and I should just try all the usual strategies that they suggest with cystitis (as if I’m not already). My recent doctor said she would refer me to a urologist for them to view my bladder by camera, to ensure there isn’t anything sinister (finally a step forwards)! That was until a conversation with the nurse whom I had to ring to get my recent results from said that a urologist wouldn’t see me and that its just something I would have to live with. Soooooooo I am left screaming inside because I take a step forward and two steps back! I’m sure you would all agree that living with a constant UTI is pure horror. I guess my point being people is I feel your pain and if anyone has any suggestions or similar experiences let me know…I’ll try some of the new tips that are on this page so thanks all for that 🙂

  • Linda

    My daughter suffers with cystitus every month she has to have time off work with it and they are getting a bit fed up with it. If she goes to the doctors and gets antibiotics she then gets thrush, so she won’t go to the doctors. Her urine tests come back negetive so its not an infection. At the first sign she takes bicarbonate and it works but comes back again next month I don’t understand why………help she is 19 and fed up.

  • No

    I have an natural urine infection medicine but misplace it somewhere in the garage and now have to find alternate home remedies.(Having urine infection now starting little)When I was pregnant with my son and still working.While at work I go to the bathroom alot and decide to go home but at that time I didn’t drive so I have to walk five blocks to the bus station and men it was painful. I needed the bathroom so bad and all the stores wasn’t open yet so I saw a store that sells coffee and two little old couples were getting it ready to open so I went and begged them to use the bathroom.I was six month pregnant and I explained why I needed the bathroom. Thank goodness for them they let me into their shop to use the bathroom. I ride the bus for thirty minute I don’t remember but when I got home I went and get my medicine which is sent from Laos a special tree bark cut into pieces. I took one little piece and put it in Hot water and drink it like tea. From noon to 2pm I was relieved from the pain and urinating.I was healed. Man, to bad I don’t have with me now. ->drink cranberry juices have baking soda on the side if the cranberry don’t work. THATS MY STORY.

  • Kelly

    Every so often i will get bladder/UTI infections after having intercourse. Its very unbearable! But drinking cranberry juice always does the trick. But i’ve been drinking so much of it its making me sick to my stomach.. either that or im pregnant =/

  • Shana

    Hello everyone I have a bladder infection or a uti as we speak, and they say the uti is worse than a bladder in fection matter of fact I just went to the doctor, and was diganose with the uti now it has came back to hunt me lol.When I ask the doctor if she could go through my record since I get them so much all the time she said you get them every year so this bladder problem started in 2006 to now I still get them.Now I dont think it is normal,but the doctor said it is how strange I thought they always tell me to drink alot of water that it is important so I do then doc puts me on the meds they work temporarly, but it just comes back, and so fourth even it seems like I cant have no flavor with out getting a bladder problem on the other hand I know my body, and I know its not normal it just makes me so upset its a very uncomfortable feeling for One fOR 2 I hate them and 3 the docs are telling me you can drink things like soda,juice etc, but I know if I do it will appear again while on the other hand everyone can still drinks soda etc I cant.So now I just drinks alot of juice, and water I dont even drink soda.At this point I can run to doc to help all shell do is give me meds that dont work and its just gonna come back. Why do we have to go through this ,and our own doc cant help us too. Help someone before I go crazy LOL Least I know Im not alone in this.So maybe home remedies will work out

  • Kathryn

    I suffered from UTI’s for years. Literally had one per month until a friend of mine told me to visit a local chiropractor. Had three adjustments and never have had another infection for years. Had a bad fall on the ice a couple of years ago and started getting them again. Several trips to the chiropractor later…no more. I will say that if you are having immune system problems, don’t mess around. Your body can turn a simple infection like a bladder infection into sepsis and you can die. It is what ultimately killed my dad. He was older…in his 80’s, but it happened so fast that antibiotics couldn’t turn it around before he passed. Take care of yourself…and visit the chiropractor.

  • omolara

    i have been celebate for four years until october this year when i got married but i have been visiting the doctors since then treating one bacteria or the other. it started with staph then candida(fungi infection) and today it is coliform. in three months i have taken peflacin, levofloxacin,doxycyclne,ciproxin,fluconazole. my test result today showed resistance to all antibiotics used. its fraustrating because am newly married and i am not enjoying sex. so, i can attest to the hypothesis that antibiotics destroys your immune system and only opens a window for other bacteria to grow. i have decided to stop taking antibiotics and try the home remedy before i become a vegetable.

  • Ayah




  • Don Rico

    Antibiotics and cranberry juice and a urinal at the bedside.

  • Brutus

    Brutus is a unfixed 7 year old male dog. On New Years Eve he small drops of blood come out of his penis. He went to the Doctor that day and went on Ciprofloxacin every 12 hours. He seem to get better but when the pills were gone spots again?? Called the Dr. got another script for 2months. Brutus got better intill the meds were gone then spots. Called the DR.he said Brutus could not have another script and he had to come in for some very expensive testing that his owner could not afford? So what does Brutus do now?

  • Katie

    I first suffered from cystitis when I was 18 and as I didn’t know what it was at first, I ended up having it for 3 weeks until I passed blood. This turned in to a kidney infection and the pain was unbearable! And nearly everytime I had sex I got cystitis. And now, after even one day I can’t bare the pain so the biggest tip
    I can give is go see the doctor asap!!!!!! Do not wait or it will get worse, trust me! I didn’t have it again for 2 and a half years thanks to preventing it before it started eg. Peeing before and after sex, wiping front to back, drinking plenty of water etc. But now I am suffering again with cystitis and have been taking trimthroprim for 5 days and they have done nothing. My body must be used to them by now as I have been given the same antibiotic since I was 18, I am now 23! But until I can go back to the doc tomorrow I have been taking paracetomol and bicarbonate of soda in warm water and it really does take the burning sensation away! Cranberry juice hasn’t done anything for me but I have been drinking as much water as possible prefrably warm and having a hot water bottle really helps!

  • Anneke

    My brothers son is batteling to wee since a age of 3yrs. He has no pain it is just frustrating as he needs to go every few minites
    with no luck. He is now 7 yrs.Drinking antibiotics helps for only a couple of days.Parscley cooked as a tea helps him to wee, but after a few days its back.

  • Desirae

    I usually just flush my system with water and low acid fruit juice like cranberry. I only visit dr when these do not work and sysmtoms persit for more then 5 days.

    I hate to say it but i dont let my dr give me antibotics at first i usually have him completly drain my bladder with a cathider then i spen two day drinking 32 – 64 oz of fluid if still present then and only then do i do the antibodic because i have had so many infections not just bladder im afrain that ill become immune to antibodics so i only use in worst case sernerios.

    Doctors are ok but dont just do the first thing they tell you ask questions give out sugestions see what they think you’ll find that in most cases they will listen usually document everthing with a fine tooth comb first but they will listen expecially when if u let them know it worked but want labs to verify they dont feel obsoleete or threatened with law suits if you ask not tell and listen with open mind sometimes labs so home remadidies wont work to to bacteria count but they will usually help the meds along so u dont have to take as much.

  • rosemary

    On the subject of dog with blood in urine: See if you can find site for Wholedogjournel. There are natural remedies out there, you just have to spent alot of time “googleing” for them. With describion of “drops of blood” it sounds like more than a bladder or uti infection. There are homopathic vets, some pricy some not. Is this a male dog? Might be a kidney stone lodged in his penis….happen repeatly to my cut and kept shutting down his kidney. Finally had his penis removed (yes you read right poor little guy} and it did take care of the problem. Apparently, the penis “tunnel” is more narrow and the kidney stone would lodge in it. But again, this was a cat, not dog. Google dog blood+in+urine. Please insure anything given is OK for dogs. Easy to kill adog with human medicine. Best of luck. Rose.

  • Kiley

    As a kid when any of us kids had an infection in that area my father used to give us DeWitts bladder pills that was 40years ago.
    My daughter had a problem ,so I told her no problem we will go to the Chemist and get you DeWitts pills.(They turn your urine blue.)
    The chemist said they were no longer for sale in Ireland”they were curing people”

  • Julia McManus

    Information for the dog “Brutus” for UTI. Got to the health food store or order on-line the following products: Ferrum Phos 6x and Kali Mur 6x cell salts. They are homeopathic and very gentle. Open the bottle and tip one tablet into a spoon (do not touch remedies with your fingers), then open the second bottle and tip one tablet into the spoon. Use another spoon to crush the two tablets to a powder. Gently open the dog’s mouth and tip the spoonful of powder onto the front of the dog’s tongue. The powder will dissolve almost immediately on the dog’s tongue. You can also mix the crushed tablets with a little spring or distilled water and spoon it into his mouth. During an acute crisis when he is frantically peeing and is panting from the pain, you may repeat the remedies every hour until he gets some relief. To treat him for chronic UTI, give the remedies three times a day for three days, then two times a day for three days, then once a day for three days. Repeat if the symptoms reappear.

    You may give the tablets by mouth whole and uncrushed but crushing the tablets or adding the crushed tablets to water hastens the action of the remedies. Look at his dog food too. If the food is too high in grain and fillers, his urine will be too alkaline. Select a good quality dog food with a meat source listed as the first ingredient. Add a probiotic such Florazyme LP or Solid Gold SeaMeal to his food. Be careful giving Vitamin C to dogs as it can upset their stomach or irritate the pancreas. You can get a product called Solid Gold Berry Blend which can be added to his food. Hope this helps.

  • shersher

    Just be careful when treating yourself. Yes, YOU know your own body better than any doctor so trust your instincts but if you have underlying health ISSUES SEE YOUR GP. It’s all fair and well being told to take cranberry juice but if you have Lupus, or are on warfarin or any other anti-coagulant DO NOT DRINK IT! It will interfere with your warfarin levels and is not advisable to have if you have lupus! (I have had lupus for 17 years and only found out 10 years ago that I should avoid cranberries as well as loads of other foods and drinks that I would never have suspected!)

  • Bahati

    My experience to date:
    1. 1st Cystitis episode 15 years ago, very painful, cleared with antibiotics (in Europe)
    2. 2nd, 3rd and 4th episodes all within the last 7 months (Recently moved to tropical climate in Asia)
    3.Allergic reaction to antibiotic Bacterin therefore, the last 2 episodes were within weeks of each other.
    4.In addition Doctor has also given me Potassium Citrate liquid for the burning- seems to help
    5. 3rd episode cleared with 2 weeks of the antibiotic:Enhancin
    6. I am currently on episode 4 and taking antibiotic Augmentin
    7. Also taking Kordels Cranberry Plus with uva ursi and cranberry;not sure what effect but I am so desparate to get rid of this once and for all.
    8.Anyone else also feel that their outbreaks have something to do with a chill down there??- (I dislike aircon and feel v. sensitive to it.)

    My 3rd episode occured when on holiday in the middle of a remote village. No doctors/chemist so I luckily managed to keep the pain at bay by following a diet I found on the internet: Alkaline diet.
    I only ate boiled potatoes, spinach, banana for about 3 days and this really helped me until I got back home to my doctor.
    A list of foods that help alkalize your body is here:
    This did not cure it however. Still looking for a cure.
    Thank you all for all your tips on this site and I wish you all a speedy recovery.

  • April

    D-Mannose!!!! It’s amazing. I had a really bad UTI once, now if I get the slightest feeling that I have one I take some D-mannose and it’s gone! My mother has had lots of uti problems and she started me on it. Yes, if it is bad enough you shouldn’t mess around and just go to the Dr, but now I avoid having to.

  • ingiebingie

    almost died at 11 years old problem neck of bladder, uritors, . 23 doctor stretched scar tissue, 3 days in hospital antibiotic, could void better, no problem, had 45% kidney function, told me to have scar tissue stretched every 5 years should be fine. at 29 i was having attacks of gout , doc cat scaned and showed destruction to the talus and calcanius bones, major surgery grafted bone from hip and a screw to hold bones together started allopurinal 300mg. a day , about 2 year recovery. could walk bodybuilded for 23 years from age 20, studied music and traveled around the world for over 20years, came back to los angeles summer 2010 , was fine just some fatigue , always slept alot, mother wanted me to see a doctor, offered me $1000 toward a car i wanted if i would see the urologist, told him of my life and that a doc told me i should have scar tissue stretched every 5 years and i haddnt in 25years. he wanted to check my scar tissue, said it was a painful procedure but only lasts 3 min, (and that he would give me a prescription to some erection meds.cause i wanted to try the hooker in pahrump where its legal in u.s.a) after procedure, he gave me a uti, burning pee, running to the toilet.

    in nov. 2010 was waiting for things to get better figured it was the procedure, but he gave me no med. before or after and didnt warn me of the risks of his procedure, tried to ejuculate after 2 weeks but pain, never before in my life, waited 10 weeks, had feeling of needing to pee but not much, tingeling, in march had 2 painful stinging ejuculationa and went to the hospital for tests, enterococus 100,000 the nefrologist said my kidney function was 6% i went back to the jerk that gave me the infection, and he said he couldnt give me antibiotic because i told him my mother thought i was allergic to pennicillian, that he must stent me and would treat the enterococcus during the surgery, warned me he might not be able to stent if problems and could have pain when urinating if urine backs into kidney, he said he would have to do this procedure 4x a year or i would need dialysis,,,i ran to the walk in clinic and got antibiotics… the nef told me allergy test were unreliable…the walk in gave me 7 days nitrofuritan, macrobid.

    took 2 days and the nefrologist said it was bad for my kidneys, and he would find another drug, ordered zyvox, the pharmisist said the cost was $2,200.00 for 20 tablets, yes two thousand two hundred dollars! medical wouldnt pay, finished the 7 days macrobid,, headache , bloating, pain, feaver..2 weeks later the dentist said my teeth were infected and gave me 5 days amoxicillian, 2 weeks later urine count was enterococcus 40,000. sad it wasnt gone but happy it was less, my private parts were better the antibiotic did give relief..pannicked i belled the infection disease clinic at the hospital they wouldnt take me cause of my address, but the receptionist told me of free zyvox rsvp program, i phoned and 2 days later i had the 20 tabs for free, i was so happy i thought this was it, had strong taste of meds after a few days, blurred vision, trouble understanding what type of non tyrmine diet i was suppose to follow, i didnt have high blood pressure, on day 7 drank cran juice and grape early morning hours, began colon burning, stopped after drinking water 3hrs..the 8th day zyvox against better judgement i drank again in early morn cran, and grape , burning didnt stop, after hrs, and hrs of water, thought i was going to die, could barly walk, after 20hrs, mother phoned emergency, gave me oxygen, burning stomach colon, was anxioty, shaking, i.v the doc said my insurance didnt allow me to stay at the hospital, and if the burning moves to my heart i would die, (exactly my thoughts only 15hrs earlier) went home stopped the med. 1 week later. enterococcus was no growth.. on urine, i was very happy.

    3 days later i felt symptoms of irritation in crotch area and went on 10 days more of ampicillian hoping once and for all..2 weeks after enterococcus 75,000 i cried. the nefrologist told me no more antibiotic or the bacteria could become resistant, i began to try to live with bacteria growing in my bladder, the nef said i should be stented then maybe the kidney function would improve and i could pass the bacteria . the same nef who said the bacteria is only killed with penicillian. of which i wasnt allergic. i went 1 month hoping enterococcus would be asymptomatic, no effect. but by the 3rd week was feeling heavyness in crotch, and pain like splinter like a ghost for a moment shoot in my shaft, of my private where the doc had placed that rod to check my scar tissue.

    i shook in my bed at night afraid of what the bacteria would do to me, i hated i wasnt fighting it , i went to the dentist to get a tooth pulled to get rid of all infection in my teeth, i told the dentist to give me a local injection of antibiotic because the doc said i couldnt have any more ..he misunderstood me and thought i was talking about the anthesia saying he had the best in the world, later after i asked to give me the injection he said he didnt have one and i must take oral amoxicillian he gave me prescription for 2000mg. a day, in a sense i was relieved i wanted to hit the enterococcus, a new nefrologist told me he wasnt sure i could handel the dose , i drank floods of water but after 7 days my calves blew up like baloons, i dropped the dose to 1500mg. and 3 days later the nef put me on 750mg..

    i took sauna, elevated my legs at night they reduced, my vision re blurred at distance..4days later i felt the bug bitting and am now doing 1000mg every 3 days. some days feel nothing. trying to avoid sugar, but dificult, had used probiotics all through and after antibiotic cycles.. took cran tabs, till a lady told me they can cause kidney stones, i was told the d mannose doesnt work on enterococcus, bought garlic tabs, then found out they dont reach the intestine because the stomach acid burns up the allicin.. bought more garlic tabs, that were coated took them for 3 days and realized the coating could cause kidney stones, cant drink beer, wine, hagen daz chocolate ice cream any more..found that rubbing silver charged water with 1 drop of grapefruit seed extract stopped the irritation that had started around my anus..now on amoxicillian 4 weeks, am trying to see matia brizman i live only 5min away, i am so troubled , and before i was so carefree and happy i had always watched what i ate and tried to take very good care of this body God had given me. a big mistake to let the doc do whatever, hard to know always what is the right thing to do.

    i believed in letting well enough alone, and if it isnt broke dont fix it..a good doctor would have just watched me void. and not risked giving me this horrible type of bacteria that can cause so much dammage..anyone with answers of help . please [email protected] protect your health enjoy your lives and try to be careful..i slipped. im just praying 1 man caused so many problems for me and yes i allowed him to not knowing, now maybe a person will have a solution for me..the stent i was told could cause it harder for the infection to pass , and may not work and could cause more infection.and pain…according to other doctors..i would like to persue herbs to rid the bacteria and help my kidney function if possible..

  • Jen

    I started getting urinary tract infections in june 2010 the same month I started having sexual relations. I have only ever had one partner and we have been checked so its hard for me to accept that this will always be a problem as long as I have a sex life. The first UTI I had developed into a kidney infection becuause I let it go on untreated since then I’ve had an infection nearly every month! Macrodantin is the antibiotic the doctor put me on. Every infection goes as long as I take it propoerly. It comes back once I stop taking the meds. Early this year a urologist put me on a low dosage of the drug to take daily for 3 months once finished it all came back! Since then I’ve been too depressed to put my faith in doctors again. I havent tried that hard at preventative measures other than being hydrated and hygenic. Sex has become something i try to avoid now knowing what will result… I have read all this wonderful advice and would like to just know a good list of things I should be doing so that hopefully the UTI I have now is my last…

    • SabresLoyalist

       Don’t give up, and keep the lines of communication open with your partner. Avoiding intimacy can be very damaging to the self-esteem of your partner and for yourself. I hope you find the answer you need.

  • Bunbar

    Having suffered from bladder infections for many many years, for no apparent reasons most of the time, I discovered that drinking hot water as soon as the symptoms start helps me a lot it seems to flush out my bladder.I usually try and drink 2 or 3 glasses and as hot as you can comfortably stand one after another. It at least makes me more comfortable until I can get to a Doctor and most times clears it. Hope this helps some of you Ladies and Gents.

  • Paras

    I’m not a homeopathic doctor, but I know of a wonderful medicine for almost any problem relating to severe burning in the urine. It’s a homeopathic medicine called Cantharis (30th potency). Everyone I’ve ever given it to has thanked me for the immediate results, and I really mean immediate. The next time they urinate it’s free of any burning sensation.

    I have a friend in the USA who says homeopathy is available at an outlet called Whole Foods. It’s available without a prescription, so no harm in trying it. One famous homeopath once said that if ever they had to prove homeopathy, it would be with this medicine. Homeopathy is difficult to prescribe because it’s based on symptoms and not diseases, but I’ve never known this medicine to fail whenever burning in the urine is the keynote of the disease. However Homeopathy is antidoted by camphor (which is in every toothpaste) and coffee, so keep a two hour gap before taking the medicine if you’ve used them.

    I know there are lots of people out there who think homeopathy is a crock, but I’ve dabbled in it for over 30 years and I’ve seen it do remarkable things (even though it’s only a hobby with me) including cure two paralyzed people, restore the hearing in a deaf man, restore to normal the hugely swollen legs of people, etc. All of it within 24 hours. I’ve seen it do a lot more than that, though I was a total skeptic myself when I was first given it to cure my sinus problem (which it did.)

    I think it works better in my country than in the western world because people aren’t exposed to strong scents and chemicals as much. Homeopathy is delicate, it works on a nano basis and is easily antidoted. If the symptoms fit though, it can cure a variety of diseases. I’ve verified it myself over the years.

    Unfortunately there are so many skeptics out there who will fanatically tell you that it’s quackery, though they probably never tested it in their lives. They belong in the category of those who insisted the world was flat so very long ago….

  • John B

    To handle UTI ecoli do the following:
    Drink lots of water to dilute the problem.
    Take cranstate extra to keep the bacteria in the urine.
    Take Probiotics to provide good bacteria to compete with the ecoli in terms of space on you and nutrients in the urine
    Take D-mannose to flush the ecoli….it attaches to the d-mannose, and not to you.
    Each item above has instructions for use in case of infection. Follow all to completion. Don’t stop after one dose.

  • Suzanne, Perth Australia

    Can anyone enlighten me: To fend off UTI we are advised to eat cranberries yet also to ‘alkalinize’ our gut system. The two contradict each other. What am I to believe…

  • lizzie


    When younger I had chronic cystitis for 20 years. This is a good home treatment, very soothing. Boil up pearl barley in water, strain and add lemon juice. Just keep drinking it until the symptoms go. You still need to see your doctor. A hint: after sexual intercouse go to the toilet and wash with warm water right away. I hope this will help someone. Lizzie.

  • lizzie

    Lizzie again. I forgot to say that a Herbalist finally cured my cystitis. I wish I had gone to him in the first place. Even so, the pearl barley helps a lot and also lots of water.

  • Katie

    I developed a uti a couple days ago. Went out last night and got cranberry pomegranite cherry juice and mixed it with some water. Symptoms got better after the first glass was in me.

  • Emily

    I’m 14 years old and I’m peeing blood… I don’t want to go to my mom and defently not to a Doctor ( I’m afraid of them) any help??? I’m scared!!! What do I dothat no one will notice??

    • Myluv_1320

      I hope you told your mom because your just gonna end up in the
      Hospital this could get to your kidneys and cause more

  • Carolyn

    I have had UTI infections since I was in my 20s (I am in my 50s). It started after I started on Birth Control Pills. I was on one round of whatever antibiotic the doctor was pushing at the time, over and over. Of course since anitbiotics kill both good and bad bacteria, and seldom really do the job of killing ALL the bad, I recurred constantly for almost 20 years!!! I had a several year break only after I finally stopped breast-feeding my son and all the hormones subsided in my body. Just like magic, no more UTIs. Now, I am starting menopause and guess what, they are back. I went to the doctor and like a mindless lemming, he just prescribed Cipro even though I told him my entire history :0 I also have a unique skin reaction to bug bites that always turn to infections and skars that look like cigar burns. This only started happening after I was off the antibiotics for a while. Interesting, when I was on this dose recently, my skin started healing. Hmmm, something else is going on inside. As expected, I felt the beginnings of a recurrance of the bladder infection. Well, I had luckily done some research and purchased some D-Mannose. It is helping for sure. After I feel safely ok, I may try the lemon juice for prevention. I am also on a probiotic. I think this is only the beginning. I think it is all about healing the gut and perhaps the PH will return to normal without forcing it. Has anyone tried the GAPS diet and had UTI problems clear up as a side benefit? I’m wondering if all the other home remedies suggested work because they affect the PH levels of the urine? Any thoughts?

  • Ali17

    I have drops from my penis after urine,I suffered from constipation also.I think my pennis becomes weak please guide me.

  • Bahati

    Emily and Ali- please see a doctor before any of your symptoms get worse! You will get the help you need from them.

    Cystitis: possible cure

    It’s me again: I have now tried De Witt’s Kidney and Bladder pills and they stopped the tingling from becoming a full blown infection!! I started on them at the first sign of the tingling and took them for 5-6 days. Pills are blue and turn your pee green/blue.
    The two main ingredients are Dry Buchu Extract and Bearberry Extract.
    If you cannot get De Witt’s where you live, try going to a herbalist who will definitely have the 2 herbs mentioned.

    Live in London? There is a great Herbal Poly Clinic attached to Westminster University. They should have these herbs there.

    I got De Witt’s from South Africa and have stocked up.
    I really hope that this is the cure once and for all! So pleased to be off antibiotics!
    Check out De Witt’s here: http://plantswisdom.blogspot.com/2011/10/cystitis-herbal-and-natural-helpers.html

    Speedy recovery.

  • Rose

    Any established bladder infection should be treated immediately with antibiotics. The secret to preventing further infections if you are a chronic sufferer is to take cranberry extract and/or Dmannose nightly as a prophylactic on the last day of your antibiotic course. This must be ongoing to remain clear of infections. Both have many other health benefits.

  • Alice

    I am a chronic sufferer of cystitis and strongly dislike taking a antibiotics as I always end up getting thrush from them.
    I have found a method that actually works, Lemon and hot water.
    When I feel the cystitis coming on, I squeeze the juice of a whole lemon into hot water and drink it. Something in the lemon juice neutralizes the acidity in the bladder and also acts as a herbal antibiotic, reducing the infection.
    If the cystitis is bad I drink three cups of the lemon drink in a day, usually in the morning, lunch, and just before bed. It honestly really really helps.

  • paras

    I know a person who used to get UTI infections often, but didn’t know why until her doctor told her that she should be careful while using toilet paper, not to wipe from back to front (i.e., infect yourself with fecal matter). She wasn’t doing that, but her sanitary napkin used to slip (she’s from a 3rd world country, and used napkins that are tied in place) and this may be what caused the problem. After she started using the stick on type the problem ended. Maybe some people out there are getting infected by their own fecal matter because they don’t clean it properly or something. It’s worth considering.

  • WOW1977

    D-mannose worked for me!

  • sandy

    I am sorry but Doctors do there best. But some my perscibe something to much. If you do not think the doctor is doing you good go to a diffrent one. You need to drink alot of water and then drink cranber juice about 2 glasses a day with 8 glasses of water. It should help you from getting bladder infections. Be addviced Go to the doctor when needed.

  • Dawn

    When I was 21 I developed a UTI, and went to my local health clinic. I was given MACRODANTIN and told to drink a lot of water. I did what I was told. When I ran out of meds the infection returned. I went back to the clinic and they gave me MACRODANTIN again. It still didn’t work. My infection was actually progressing while I was on the anti-biotic. Within the week, I was so sick that I was unable to leave my home. My best friend helped to carry me to my car and drive me to the hospital. I was vomiting non-stop, and had a fever of 104*.

    I had to be hospitalized for three weeks. My kidneys had completely shut down. I was on dialysis for two weeks. When I was in the emergency room, I almost died. I had developed SEPSIS, meaning the infection had spread to my bloodstream since the kidneys had shut down. I survived the ordeal, obviously, but I would hate to see anyone go through that. MACRODANTIN DOES NOT WORK!!! For the last 20 years I’ve endured so many problems due to the permanent damage I got from that infection. My opinion is that using homeopathic cures are a great help, but infections like these are a serious matter that can have life-changing consequences. Go to the doctor and get help. But, be wise and look up the side effects of any medication you are given, as well as, how well it’s been known to work. You only have one body and one life!!!

  • Sandra

    I am a sufferer of UTI…I am going on a urologist. This information on this site is helpful. Will start taking Vitamin C 1000 twice a day.

  • hannah

    I have found a wonder cure! I have been to the doctors, the urologist and the homeopath, and guess what, they suggested all the usual and prescribed all the antibiotics. I knew where all the toilets in town were and travelling out of town by car was a nightmare. The pain was unbearable and intercourse unthinkably painful – just like a visit to the toilet. Problem with e.coli is that it builds up resistance to antibiotics. In the end, nearly no antibiotic was available for me to use. I became so embarrassed to go to the doctor yet again that I stopped going, trying homeopathic and home cures which were mostly not working or horrendous to ingest. And then I found a cure that works for me. It is not as bad-tasting as some of the others, but you still have to be committed to drink it. I drank it four times only and YEARS of pain, discomfort and embarrasment was gone. All it is, is one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon dissolved in a little bit of hot water. After I drank it, I usually add a bit of cold water to the glass just to get out the last bit of cinnamon.

    I have no idea why it works, but I found it under home cures that were used by South African women in previous centuries. Obviously, they did not have cranberries and antibiotics and most were living far from doctors. Give it a try for a couple of days, and let us know whether it works for you or not. If it does, I’ll be over the moon because I know that I have spend thousands on medication which did not help one bit. Yes, the infection can come back after a couple of months, but I usually take it again for a day or two and then it is gone again. The freedom of having time to do things is tremendous. The freedom from pain and always looking out for a toilet is heaven-sent. I became so depressed along the way from lack of sleep from having to go to the loo 10-12 times during the night that I was prescribed anti-depressants, which I refused to take. Yet, the urologist confirmed that there is no damage to my kidneys. Try it. Its all natural and cannot harm you.

  • Lionel Sieberhagen

    My bladder does not work normally and we have to drain the urine every morning and in the evening. When I recently had my Aorta valve replaced the dr’s found that my blader had 4.1 liters of urine in. After this operation my urine system stopped working. Is there any medication I can take to let my urine system to work normally again

  • leah

    pure coconut juice in one of the best remedy



  • Tab

    I am currently SUFFERING from a UTI, not the first time at all, so I know what it is. I called my doctor on Monday (today is Friday) and they finally called in 2 prescriptions – one an antibiotic that cost more than $40.00 and Peridium (sp), which costs over $20!

    When I called Monday, the first thing they asked is whether or not I was drinking cranberry juice. I cannot drink it, so I told them no. A few years ago, I was given an antibiotic AND the Peridium and my insurance covered BOTH. Now, though, it won’t cover EITHER!

    I don’t have the burning at all. Just a feeling of a constantly full bladder and lucky to pee out a teaspoon of urine with extreme pain at the end – when my bladder should be “empty”, along with feeling as if I have to puke because it hurts so much.
    Considering I drink water like they aren’t making any more and should be going frequently with a good quantity, this is NOT happening.

    So, whoever said the medications are CHEAP, tell that to the pharmacy I went to last night! I am disabled and cannot afford over $60.00 in additional medications.

    I do soak in the tub frequently, but learned long ago not to use any type of bubble baths because these do cause me to get UTI’s, but I have also been drinking quite a bit of tea for months now with no problem. However, I did soak in the tub late last week and, within two days, hello pain.

    I do believe in going to the doctor to be checked for infection (I have a sister in-law on a kidney waiting list), but I also believe this doctor called in a much stronger antibiotic than necessary and one in which my insurance will not cover.
    When I KNOW what I have, I don’t feel the need for an office visit, though and they did try to insist I come in, but I refused simply because I feel they just want my money for something I already know I have.
    So, here it is September 27 and, if they don’t call in something either more affordable or my insurance will cover, I’ll have to wait until October 3 before I get any relief….another SIX days on top of the FIVE days since I first called the doctor. If they were so concerned about this UTI (which is now coupled with a low-grade fever), why did they wait so long to call something in???

    I’m not opposed to medications, when needed, but I’m really NOT liking doctors right now!

    As I was told by an ER doctor the first time I had a UTI, lay off Mountain Dew because it is the WORST thing you can drink and causes many UTI’s, and to drink tea sparingly. Also, drink plenty of water and, if you can, cranberry juice, don’t soak in bubble baths, and, above all else, ladies, wipe from FRONT TO BACK.

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  • Mia Smith

    Blueberry concentrate ( without added sugar) in water helps right away.

    Hyland makes many excellent homeopathic remedies and one is called “Bladder irritation”

    Many years ago i had an acute infection and was about to fly to Europe…I was on my way to get antibiotics—which I avoid whenever possible—and took a wrong turn. landed at a health food store where I found the Hyland’s tablets ( about 7.00) and the blueberry concentrate.

    Within 3 hours the excruciating symptoms and pain were gone. Women should keep these things in the house. Avoid sugar and alcohol. Apple cider vinegar in water also balances ph and I have heard alka-seltzer is a fast remedy ( again related to ph)

  • Rachel

    I have been an active woman for most of my life, always using natural remedies and drinking plenty of water,cranberry juice.
    I collapsed at my home and was admitted to the hospital with a severe UTI, kidney infection and electrolyte deficiency. I drank about a gallon of fluids a day thinking that would keep me well hydrated. Boy was I wrong. Too much water actually flushes your system of all of the good bacteria that your body needs to function. My advise? do what your Dr. says,, they aren’t making money off of an antibiotic that costs 4 bucks and when you have a uti, its worth it and all the fluid/juice you are all talking about,,,,64 ounces is the max water intake a day. period. do whatever you want but its dangerous to diagnose yourself and you can end up in worse shape than when you started! Get a good Dr. remember that they work for you. All the home remedies was not worth the huge hospital bill,, all to avoid that 4 dollar antibiotic!

  • Pat

    I am a quadriplegic and can’t completely empty my bladder so I get frequent UTIs. I have tried cranberry juice and D mannose and neither worked for me. I am afraid of taking so many antibiotics because they have side effects and you can build up immunity.

    I found an herbal tea that works great for me called Comfort Teas. You can find it at http://www.comfortteas.com . If you are running a fever go to the doctor, otherwise try one of these natural solutions.

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