10 Home Remedies for Black Hair | Q&A

Q: Grandma, I want to have shiny black hair like before. I now have white hair that’s difficult to conceal even after using a hair dye. Also, even if i color it with a dark dye, it looks damaged. Please share some good advice.

A: Dear J, Black is a very resistant hair color and residues from hair dye can stay on the hair strands for months. Just like the other hair color, black hair dye can lose its sheen and eventually gives the hair a dry and damaged look. But, one good thing about black hair color is that not much maintenance is going to be needed compared to other light colors. Despite the stated fact, you still need to follow some tips and use home remedies for black hair so that you can keep it as shiny and healthy as possible.

Home Remedies for Black Hair


1. Lesser hair washing is recommended – It doesn’t actually really matter if you are using hair-color-safe shampoos and the like but the truth is that every time you wash your hair, a bit of the hair dye is washed off.[1]

2. Stay away from the sun – You need to be careful every time you step out into the day light as the heat of the sun can reduce the vibrancy of your black colored hair. Using products which promise protection using SPF can sometimes even worsen your hair’s condition. If going out in the heat can never be avoided, use a hat or bandana instead.

3. Massage your scalp – Massaging the scalp is highly recommended if you want to keep the natural sheen of your hair. The purpose of massaging is for better blood cirsulation. Poor blood circulation promotes poor nutrient circulation and this often is the reason why grey hair appears. Massage your scalp everyday using natural oil such as sesame oil.[2]

4. Choose your shampoo carefully – If you’re about to shop for your shampoo, try to look for those ones which contain, Amla, coal tar bits shikakai, zinc, salicylic acid and selenium. These are good home remedies for black hair; these ingredients can prevent dandruff which is a common cause of hair graying, thus, promoting better scalp health.

5. Do exercise and get some sleep – It is important for you to have enough rest and do a lot of exercise in order for stress levels to go down. Little do people know that stress can as well cause the growth of gray hair.[3]

6. Vitamin A – This keeps the Sebaceous glands active thus secretion of sebum is healthy making hair follicles nourished and not dry. Hence, eat a lot of carrots, mangoes and other fruits which contain vitamin A.

7. Lessen the use of shampoo – It doesn’t matter if you use shampoos that claim they can strengthen the hair because the more shampoo you use, the more fragile and dry your hair can become. Consequently, it is recommended for people to use shampoo every other day but if not possible, use small amount every time you shower.[4]

8. Comb when wet – Hair tends to become more breakable when it’s dry, so, comb it right after you shower. Make sure that you use a comb instead of a brush as a brush can greatly break the hair strands.

9. Avoid heating products – The hair is one of the most fragile parts of the body. You need to avoid hair dryers such as blowers and hair irons as these can speed up dryness and damage. Wrap your wet hair with towel and let it dry naturally; this is important so that you hair can absorb all the nutrients in the water and shampoo.[5]

10. Eat right – Eating the correct foods is important because a healthy body inside reflects outside. Having enough nutrients can help keep the scalp and hair healthy. The healthier you are the stronger and more vibrant your hair can be.


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