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Q: Dear Grandma, we love our pets but the vets charge a ridiculous price to sterilize our cats. Could you advise if there is anything that we can buy or give the cats to prevent them from having kittens?

A: Dear A, There is indeed a problem on the rapidly growing population of the stray and feral cats in America. Would you believe there were about a hundred million cats roaming in the US as of 2005? Spaying or neutering cats is among the most inexpensive ways to control the feline population these days. But, if you want non-surgical options, there are other humane forms of birth control available these days for cats and dogs.

If you are interested in human remedies for birth control in cats, there are only a few options available. There are, however, humane medical solutions to control the cat population. Here are some suggestions.

10 Home Remedies for Birth Control in Cats


1. Quarantine Your Cat – You can keep your cat in a cage just when it is about to go in heat. Female cats do not bleed, but will leave oily marks around the area where it lives to signal nearby male cats. Without mating, the estrous or in heat cycle continues for 10 days and every 2 to 3 weeks. Thus, be prepared to keep them in quarantine for a long time. [1]

2. Wild Carrot Seeds – This is a natural form of contraceptive since the 4th or 5th century. These days, this is more popular as a contraceptive for pets. Depending on the dosage, the effects can range from, infertility for a few months to permanent sterility. Just be warned there are side effects such as gastric uneasiness and vaginal dryness. [2] [3]

3. Stimulation of Ovulation – This is a good strategy to end a heat cycle. This entails tricking the body of the cat into thinking that it is already pregnant. The intercourse marks the end of the heat cycle. This is also called sham breeding.

4. Use Q-tip or similar device – The stimulation can be done using this device. This is inserted into the female cat’s genitals to the cervix. This makes the cat think that intercourse has taken place. This stimulates the release of eggs and the end of the heat cycle.

5. Teaser Tom – This is also based on the same principle that trick cat breeders use. A male cat is vasectomized to render it sterile. When a female goes in heat, the male mounts her to stimulate the release of eggs and end the heat cycle. With the male being vasectomized, no pregnancy occurs.

6. Ovaban Prescriptions – This is prescribed by a vet. Megestrol acetate or Ovaban is a supplement that stops the heat cycle in cats and dogs by affecting hormones. It’s safe, but long term use poses risks like mammary gland cancer diabetes, liver disease, and uterine disease.

7. Diapers – These diapers, also used on dogs, can control in heat cycle and breeding. This makes the female non receptive to male advances. [4]

8. Food Additives – Progesterone is added on foods. This also exerts some birth-control effects.

9. The Pill – This can be prescribed vets that make the cats sense that they are already pregnant.[5]

10. The Shot – The injection contains Depo-Provera that stops ovulation in humans as well as in cats.The injection contains medroxyprogesterone acetate that can stop the release of eggs. It, however, increases weight gain and risks of diabetes, mammary tumors and uterine infection.


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