Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

home remedies for bed bugs

You’ve probably read or heard about the horror stories associated with the small insects that feed on human blood in the night. They attack when you are sleeping and are quite adaptable in most of the environments catering to humans. This is the life of a bed bug and contrary to popular belief – they surround themselves beyond unsanitary and unkempt conditions – even striking the ritziest of five-star hotels. While professional extermination is almost always the only way to eliminate the problem, there are a few home remedies associated with the dreaded bed bug.

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What are Bed Bugs?

Waiting until the night to attack their victims, the small nocturnal insect known as the bed bug belongs to the family Cimicidae, which is known to feed on blood. While humans are commonly referred to as the main sufferers of this pest, the bed bug also seeks out other warm-blooded hosts for their meals. With a past that traces back to ancient history, the common bed bug (Cimex lectularius) has learned to successfully adapt to the same living spaces as humans [1].

With a preference to temperate climates, the bed bug is often found in warm temperatures, especially in locales such as Florida and the tropics of West Africa and South America. It is there that various species of the bed bug infest poultry, bats, humans, and other types of birds.

Common Bedbug

When the bed bug reaches maturity, it is reddish brown in color with a flattened, oval appearance. On their body, microscopic hairs give off a banded appearance. They possess no wings. Some people believe that bed bugs are so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. This is not the case, as some adults reach length of 4 to 5 millimeters (which translates into 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch). Their size is comparable to that of an apple seed. Since bed bugs are extremely shy and wary of others, an infestation of the insect is quite hard to pinpoint.

When feeding, the bed bug is typically active only at night with the most activity taking place an hour before dawn. Using two hollow tubes, the bed bug pierces the skin of their host and draws blood. One tube injects an anticoagulant into their victim, while the other tube is used for blood extraction. Average feeding times are about five minutes, where the bug then returns to their place of hiding. At the time of the bite, a victim is unaware, although late reactions come minutes to hours later.

In the home, the bed bug seeks many different places to hide during the day, including linens, drapery, headboards, desks, nightstands, artwork frames, mattresses, and clothing. With the use of a flashlight, you may find a bed bug crawling about at night. Additional signs, such as blood spots help detect an infestation.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation [2]

The best way to detect a bed bug infestation is to call upon a professional, who will complete an inspection of your home. In case you wish to analyze your surroundings before hiring someone out of the Yellow Pages, some of the signs to seek out include:

a) Bug Bites:

Even though you may display bed bug bites on your body that occur during the night, this is not a sure sign that a bed bug was the culprit.

b) Blood:

The sight of dried blood (referred to as fecal spots) may appear on the box spring, behind the headboard, as well as about the seams of a mattress.

c) Bed Bug Skins:

A bed bug sheds skin during their nymphal stage, which looks like a hollowed-out bug.

d) Bed Bug Eggs:

About 1 millimeter in length, the eggs of the bed bug are rather difficult to pinpoint, but are still visible – resembling the shape of rice.

red bed bug

Risk Factors

Bed bugs do not feed on dirt, debris, or crumbs, meaning an unclean environment is not the primary target for the insect to dwell. Bed bugs feed on blood and it is advantageous for them to seek out places where warm-blooded individuals are present. This is why places, such as hospitals, hotels, motels, inns, and cruise ships are perfect living quarters for a bed bug.

When bed bugs find their way into a home, there are plenty of different methods to their madness. When guests of a hotel settle in for the night, bed bugs may climb into their luggage, where they are then transported to a new environment. Bed bugs also travel by way of used furniture purchased at a garage sale or thrift shop. The same is true with used clothing, as bed bugs are known to hide in the crevices and folds of material.

In multi-unit dwellings, such as condominiums and apartment buildings, bed bugs find their way throughout the premises by moving about the walls, cracks, pipes, and wires. New residents may bring bed bugs into a living space through their moving boxes, mattresses, pillows, and other belongings.

Negative Effects of Bed Bugs

The pathogens found in the bodies of bed bugs have been connected to plague and hepatitis B, yet no conclusions have been made as to whether or not the insect is able to pass on disease to humans. While the threat of disease is of no consequence, the bed bug is seen as a rather unclean visitor that affects the sanitation of a household. One is embarrassed to admit they have bed bugs in their home. Additional negative outcomes associated with bed bugs include:

a) Infection:

Those who scratch their bed bug bites may develop skin infections, which may leave behinds scars.

b) Red, Itchy Welts:

The sight of a cluster of bed bug bites is quite alarming, especially when they claim large stretches of visible skin. The back, legs, and arms are common places that bed bugs attack.

c) Stress:

A bed bug infestation is rather stressful with the potential to cause delusional parasitosis or even post-traumatic stress disorder in extreme cases.

d) Poor Reaction to Saliva:

A handful of people may experience anaphylactic shock, as they suffer an allergic reaction to bed bug saliva.

e) Extermination Costs:

Since bed bugs are very difficult to remove from a home or hotel, professional means of extermination creates extra bills for a family or business.

f) Offensive Odor:

A strong scent comes with the presence of bed bugs, as they emit an oil-like liquid from their bodies.

Prohibition Sign For Bedbugs

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

When it comes to bed bugs, there isn’t much a homeowner can do to get rid of these pesky intrusions on their own. Before calling professional help, some have found slight success with the following home remedies for bed bugs:

a) Rubbing Alcohol:

While not a definite fix, spraying rubbing alcohol where bed bugs thrive may contain the problem by killing some on contact.

b) Fruit and Vegetable Insecticides:

Some insecticides comprised of pyrethrins and canola oil are sometimes used by those who wish to lay down a home remedy that is safe for children and pets.

c) Steam Treatments:

It is not uncommon to see some pest control companies use steam treatments to deal with mattresses and other pieces of upholstered furniture. While very limited effectiveness is associated with this type of remedy, it shows great promise in treating items with less than ½ inch of penetration. At home, one may use small steam cleaners to care for their mattresses and other bedding selections.

d) Dry Heat [3]:

Placing clothing, footwear, rugs, toys, stuffed animals, backpacks and other non-launderable items in the dryer for a certain length of time can conveniently remove bed bugs. When an average clothes dryer is run for five minutes at low, medium or high heat, they generate temperatures of about 140, 150 and 180 degrees (respectively). It is believed that when drying a bundle of infected clothes, high temperatures are able to kill bed bugs. It is suggested to run the dryer for more than 20 minutes.

e) Hot Sun:

Since temperatures over 113 degrees are said to kill bed bugs, it is suggested to wash and dry clothing and linens at high temperatures. When living in a hot desert climate, you may hang your bedding and clothes in the beaming sun to destroy lingering bed bugs.

f) Duct Tape:

To get rid of any bed bugs on your mattress, pillows, clothing or floor, you can use the sticky side of duct tape as a removal tool. You can also wrap the legs and rails of your bed with the sticky side of duct tape to help keep the pests away from your sleeping area.

g) Scented Dryer Sheets:

Since the odor of most scented dryer sheets is repulsive to bed bugs, you can create a layer of Kryptonite by lifting your mattress and placing 8-10 sheets of scented fabric softener between the box spring and mattress. Repeat the same number of sheets on the surface of your mattress before putting your sheets back on. Stash one to two dryer sheets inside of your pillowcases as well. Use the sheets as protection against the bugs by placing in your clothes and throughout your linen closets.

h) Baking Soda:

Some people have used the drying-out (desiccation) properties of baking soda as a way to get rid of bed begs. One approach is to dip a paintbrush into a bowl of baking soda, and use the brush to spread a light layer of the soda around the cracks and crevices where you believe bed bugs are hiding. Don’t forget to address between the mattress and bed spring. Cover all surfaces of the mattress, including the frame. Vacuum the baking soda after a couple of days, and then reapply treatment.

i) Lavender:

The scent of lavender is a turn-off for bed bugs; therefore you may want to try placing fresh lavender or rubbing the oils of the plant around your bed and other areas where the pests are active.

j) Lavender, Rosemary & Eucalyptus:

In addition to lavender oil, the essential oils of rosemary and eucalyptus are also powerful against pesky bed bugs [4]. Add a few drops of all three oils into a cup of water, and then spray onto the bugs and around your sleeping area to kill and get rid of the pests.

k) Mint Leaves:

Mint is another herb that bed bugs aren’t too fond of…and when left around the house, it can act as a bed bug repellent. Even early Native Americans used the leaves of wild mint to get rid of bed bugs by crushing the leaves and sprinkling around sleeping areas. They also tucked mint leaves inside of the cradle board of babies and small children. Before going to sleep, they’d also rub crushed mint leaves across their skin. You can also try adding sachets of dried leaves between your mattress and in your linen closets.

l) Cayenne Pepper:

Some say that cayenne pepper can stop bed bugs from entering spaces in your house. Try sprinkling some of the spice in certain areas, and see if the pests avoid crossing over it.

m) Hair Dryer:

Since bed bugs cannot survive in temperatures greater than 113 degree Fahrenheit, the highest heat setting of a hair dryer can serve as a bed bug home remedy. After turning the dryer on, position the hot air over places that bed bugs frequent – start with around your mattress. Place the hot air towards mattress seams and other crevices that may contain eggs. Continue heating the areas to get the best results – your goal is to treat the surfaces for approximately 60 minutes to make sure all pests have died. To remove all traces of the bugs, vacuum the heated areas, and promptly clean the vacuum filter afterwards to prevent surviving pests or eggs from escaping.

n) Vacuum Cleaner:

The suction wand of a strong-powered vacuum can be used to remove bed bugs and their eggs from your sleeping quarters. Don’t forget to target the seams of mattresses and box springs, along perimeters of carpets, under baseboards, and in any other spaces and crevices associated with the pests. You won’t get all bugs and eggs with a single vacuum treatment, so repeating the process a couple of times is highly recommended.

o) Flashlight and Mirror:

Research suggests that the vast majority of bed bugs are found in or near the bed, as this is where most of the pests come to feed on their sleeping, unsuspecting victims. One of the first things you can do to treat a bed bug infestation is identify its existence and pinpoint the whereabouts of the pests. To inspect your sleeping area, focus on the mattress, box spring, bed frame and headboard. Using a flashlight and small mirror to aid your inspection, lift the mattress, address the seams, look at the surfaces, and eyeball the nooks and crannies of the box spring. For the best results, you may even want to dismantle your bed.


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  • anoymous

    Just throw away all your stuff and buy new stuff to get rid of bed bugs!

  • me

    Throwing everything out is the WORST thing you can do! As you drag your old stuff out of the house, bed bugs can fall off and infect your couch, rugs, and other belongings. They may also crawl into your neighbors’ home. In addition, if you don’t treat the actual problem, all of your new bedding will just get infected, too. Waste of time and money to throw out all your stuff.

  • stephen

    remove bed sheet every day and deep in hot water for aday and then wash as they very comfortably hide and breed on just the small folding of the bedsheet boarder, just to control to some extend from avoiding the bite the following day.

  • brooke

    sleep with long sleeved shirt and pants, pull socks up over pants to protect ankles and feet ,and so thet dont crawl up your clothing.

  • James

    Pesticides is the only treatment…Go with some best guys


  • wierd

    put salt and water on bed bugs bite(a little) and the it wont get swollen ans will stop itching

  • lauren

    Buy some normal insect repellent like Cutter, even though it says ticks, mosquitos, and other it will help prevent the bites if you have no other choice than to sleep in an infected area. Whatever you do dont scratch. The bites leave horrible scars and become infected.
    If leaving an infected area to go to another always wash all clothing and bags several times to prevent spreading from place to place. They will also get in your hair so wash hair very thouroughly. Good Luck

  • middy

    rip up all the carpets in the whole apt.

  • Arslan

    guyz,the easiest way’s to sell ,Not your furniture or other stuff but your whole house and flee the bedbugs for a new home

  • danielle

    I have tried it all i moved to an apartment complex that my nieghbor turned out to be infested with these things and now i have them. I have tried proffesional help home remedies heat EVERYTHING i even threw away all of my stuff. Nothing has worked they return within a week full force. I have even moved but this has not worked either.

  • matt nevada

    if you spray spic and span antibacterial spray, from, a dollar store, it will kill them within 2-5 seconds, also spray carpets with it, as it will help and is a cheap fix. death to all bedbugs! (dont spend a crap load of money on sprays that dont work)

  • des sears

    Kerosene will kill them on contact. Wear a mask and make sure there is lots of air. This works only if you know exactly where they are.

  • Bugs

    Move to an Island.

  • hope

    get some head lice treatment it kills them on contact and lice furniture spray… it works but you have 2 do your entire house and wash everything. BUT you have to find thier nest and it well keep them from bitting you at night

  • hope

    get some head lice treatment it kills them on contact and lice furniture spray… it works but you have 2 do your entire house and wash everything. BUT you have to find thier nest and it well keep them from bitting you at night if you put the head lice shampoo as a barer around the top fold of your top matress they won’t pass it!

  • HELP

    if any of this would work I would do it all. I have tried lost and still have the buggers.. Can’t sleep as I feel my skin is crawling…HELP

  • lost

    try hair spray soak everything bed mattresses and all (cheap hair spay will work it’s supposed to smother them and kill em.

  • l bickley

    Clean thoroughly and buy bayer insect killer and spray once a week for four weeks

  • sar

    get carpet tape (wide two sided tape) put completely around most top edge of mattress before you go to sleep their little legs will get stuck to the two sided tape and you can torture them in the morning. lol jk on the torture part….. though i’ve wanted to.. then throw them in a closed lid container of turpentine, kerosene or gasoline. till they die. remember they breed every two weeks and nothing but ddt will kill all stages and ddt is illegal in the usa. so you’ll have to keep the tape up till you see no more.

  • shanna

    Ive called a extermenitor, Ive bought the sprays emptyed all my drawers and closets washed everything we own Ive bought new pillows new sheets new comforters and one new bed and $800.00 later I still have them. I ve been suffering for one month I just dont know whats next. I cant say theres no improvement but we are still getting bit.I sure wish I had a great tip to share but I dont. Except sleep tight dont let thosde bedbugs bite

  • carrie

    i just tried the rubbing alcohol and it killed on contact. but that is only temporary, i will need a whole weekend to clean out my whole apartment, put everythign in the drive way and clean everything. the rubbing alcohol did kill on contact.

  • Jess

    We got bed bugs and didn’t really have the money to get an exterminator or the mattress encasements. So we vacuumed and saran wrapped our ENTIRE bed (box springs and all. After that we sprayed rubbing alcohol all over the floor, especially near the walls, cracks, and crevices. Then last but not least we put vasoline on the bottom of all the legs of them bed. I have not seen one bed bug on our bed since. If you see one….SPRAY IT WITH RUBBING ALCOHOL. They die instantly. Also they can’t breathe through vasoline either.

  • Pradeep

    wash your bed spreads, rugs, clothes etc in very hot water. Then dry them for atleast 60 mins in a dryer….

    Now throw the mattress which is infected with bedbugs….Seal the bed using candle wax ….(This is really effective)…

    Spray some insecticides …. use napathloene balls in closet and between clothes…

    if these things doesnt work ..you need to call an bug terminator

  • mitsy

    I dont have a tip but i do need some help i got them from my daughter. Her boytoy had them at his house and she goes back and forth from my house to his what do i do i dont have a lot of money to get rid of them so i need something very cheap.

  • el

    To stop itching from bed bug bites use a small amount of baking soda and water, make a paste and apply to affected area it stops the itching immediately as well as caladryl clear an over the counter antihistimine for the skin it stops the itching so that your skin doesnt get irritated.

  • tirinia

    im so glade im not alone! i received the nasty little bugs from my neighbor downstairs!!!!!! i will try the rubbing alcohol and keep my fingers crossed. but i never took the plastic off my mattris when i bought it so i wonder if they could get through my plastic?

  • tony

    ….i moved into a house already infested with them…im hating life…im ready to exterminate my landlord…or burn the house down..but shed collect insurance then…gimme good ole roaches anyday

  • wannakilllindsae

    My lovely step-daughter came to our house and complained about something chewing on her the entire time she was here. She swore it was fleas though no one else was getting attacked. Shortly there after her dad, my BF, who was sleeping on the sofa where she sat, started waking up itchy. Then she calls talking about bedbugs. Next, we find them in our couch. Now they are in our chair but so far NOT our entire house. I am so PI$$ed I want to kill her. We just got the couch. I KNOW they are going to end up upstairs in my bed. I WANT THEM DEAD!!! Yet we are both on disability and can’t afford an exterminator. PLEASE HELP!


    I had a rash and bites on my skin for 18 months and was on the edge of despair. Go on line to HHA Healer. I purchased the 4 herb tea in bulk and made the tea, which I took for 1 month. I had my a/c unit tucks cleaned. I put my mattresses in plastic mattress covers, and washed everything in my home. I also purchased heavy duty concentrate insecticide from a do it yourself home insect shop and sprayed my entire house, beds, and inside of vehicle. I had all my carpet ripped up and installed wood floors. And I prayed and fasted asking God for a miracle. I have been bite and rash free for almost 2 years now. Hang in there as this too will pass.

  • Aleena

    Stay out of New york City!!! the Big Apple is the rotten Apple due to bed bugs bites. I let my kids stay at my father’s apartment 85 Clarkson Ave, brooklyn. The entire building is infested, and their not doing the proper steps to get rid of them, now they traveled back to my house,and now I have to move out of my house cause they are taking over. Even when you don’t see them you start itching. Stop visiting!!!

  • GoinCrazE

    No tip…but HELP there everywhere. What do I do about them around my face and in my hair & Private Parts?????

  • Dawn

    I have read everyones so called remedies…IS there a REAL-for sure fire way to get rid of these bugs…I personally don’t have them, but, I know someone who does & I don’t want to go over because I’m afraid I’m going to get them & I do not wan to go through all the bs that everyone else seems to be going through…
    I read where some of the tips were to the extreme…like moving–not everyone can just pick up & go..come on-I’m sure there is a better way…
    Please be serious about this on going problem…My friend needs help with this…Thank You

    • Cheryl

      You have to steam every crack and everything , put your bed in plastic, put your pillows in the drier for at least 60 min, wash everything in hot water. you can steam the carpets or remove them. any stuff animals put in garbage bags for over a month. There is a powder you can put down also.

  • titi

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any cheap remedie will due but i cant take it anymore.

  • Bed bug solution

    Bedbugpowder.com. The ingredient is called Diatomaceous Earth. It is a fine powder, and when bedbugs walk over it, it cuts their shell and dehydrates them. It’s also 100% organic, so you don’t have to worry about poisoning yourself with insecticides. I’ve been using it for about a week now and haven’t seen any bed bugs. good luck.

  • Help

    Use Wax!The kind you wax floors with….its gooey and sticks on them. It sufficates them stick it all in the corners of your house all on the floors of course assuming you dont have rugs.

  • SugaMamma

    HELP!! i have bed bugs, every morning i awake to itchy skin and red mars on my arms, legs, feet, today under my chin, the thing is, i cant see them, im thinking about setting up a camcorder to see them.. I have searched and searched but to no avail… What should I do. I will wash my sheets in hot water today and spray the mattress with alcohol.. I also liked the idea about the tape around the mattress to try and catch them that way. I tried looking in the creveces of the mattress, etc. What about the bug traps (the sticky pieces of paper you put down on the floor). Maybe I can place them behind the headboard on the floor, Other than that< what else can I do since I dont actually see them.. I even get up in the middle of the night to use the rest room and look for them… Please Help!!!!

  • Jess

    I hate bed bugs as I’m sure everyone else here does, I just wanted to say one thing though off the subject of bed bugs. Shame on you “step-mother” for being so mean to your husbands daughter for bringing the bugs, shame on you. I doubt she meant to bring them and if she had known I’m sure she would have taken precautions. You are the reason for the whole “evil step-mother” bit.

  • sharmeka









  • Alexndra

    OH My God!!! I know how you all feel. I have never had a problem with any sort of insects other than ants until I purchashed my couch… They’re everywhere. I got the couch from a Jack’s Friendly Furniture Repo clearance dealer. It looked so beautiful!.. On the outside, but on the inside.. I have never been so frustrated!! What a rip off! I paid $200 for the couch, and my prize was an INFESTATION OF COUCH BUGS! What to do? I don’t know, but wish I did. I think I might go down and take it out on that furniture salesman!!!!! hehe

  • Pete

    I’m thinking of moving and leaving every thing behind meaning start all over not even clothes or electronics! I’ve seen them come out of my keyboard and from the back of my T.V.I have a major problem with these bugs! I recently got laid off I can’t even look for work due to staying up all night killing these things trying to stop them from biting my wife and kids! I’m afraid to take them with me, Tonight alone I’ve killed over 20 crawling on the walls!
    If I leave I am going to a much colder environment!

  • vikki

    I was too infested with bed bugs!I also had the horrible bites went to the doctors several times and a dermotologist they could’nt figure out what the rash(bites)were!one day I noticed a bug on my laptop while I was in bed,the next morning I had one on my chest.They both were small (flea like).I had mom on the phone and she was joking and said “maybe you have bed bugs”!So immediately tore back all the sheets well enough there they where!I called the “pros”they said $1500.00!so i went on line to order there stuff 100.00.So I decided to read all ther ingredients…went to the store got spray for ants and roaches(15bucks)(liquid)sprayed my bed walls carpet everything..put plastic bed covers(from wal-mart)over the matress and pillows…I washed all my bedding in hot water.to let you know I have no bed bugs any where in the house!I had the bite from march until july my skin is scared.If you want more information on how i did this please feel free to e-mail me! [email protected]

  • GoldNIrish

    Got em in NY City, expensive hotel in Midtown Manhattan East. Brought em back to Cincinnati in our luggage. This is horrible. They do give off an odor though, and some people do not react. 6 in home, only 3 of 4 kids react to bites. My wife is having a nervous breakdown. I suggest you VACUUM a lot, keep clutter down, bag everything, and check all WOOD. they love to hide and sleep in woody places. Also a lot of people I read here may have fleas. Those are much easier to get rid of. Cover dishes or remove from house then BOMB, vacuum, carpet powder and repeat for 2 weeks to a month. BBugs are way harder to subdue, going on 7 months here. Almost got it gone!

  • jekkk5

    We’ve been having bed bugs in our apartment that we moved in 3 months ago and our landlord only decided to send an exterminator today.He said we will need 3 treatments for 3 weeks and hopefully we will be bed bugs free. For todays’ treatment,it seems that nothing changed yet coz i still feel itching,bites all over me since we get back home after 3 hour after the treatment which we are told to stay out of the apartment.When we came back home, I checked out first our box spring matress where we are told that the bed bugs were hiding and still bedbugs are still running around it which i thought they’re all dead. It actually cost us much for this treatment but if it really works for the sake of our 3 kids we need to pay half because our landlord is blaming us that we have bedbugs since he never had bedbugs issue with his previous tenants….But we deny the fact since we never have had this issue to the apartment we used to live… I guess, i’ll comment again to see if this works in the next 2 weeks.

  • mrs anwer

    please help me for get rid of bed bugs. I have small baby at home and I cant spend much money.my Email number is [email protected]
    thank you
    please help meeeeeeeee

  • Disgusted and Itchy

    I had a bad experience at a hotel last week when I woke up to bedbugs biting me in the middle of the night. I was even bleeding as it was visible on the sheets. At first we thought they were ticks but soon found out they were bedbugs when I pulled out my computer and pulled them up online to be sure. Either way we were horrified. And were so afraid of bringing them home from the trip that we undressed in the garage and sprayed insecticide around the pile of clothing. Some of the websites stated that they cannot be controlled with pesticides but an insecticide had to be used. Then we began placing the clothes in the dryer to kill the bed bugs and followed up with washing them and then drying them (second wave of heat). I used a clothes steamer, to kill any bed bugs that may have climbed into our luggage, my purse and on items that cannot be placed in the dryer. I boiled water and placed items that could be placed in the hot water in it. My husband vacuumed items including the car that we travelled in then steamed the seats and carpeting. It took us a long time to do all of this but it was worth it in an attempt to keep the bed bugs out of my home. So far we haven’t seen any inside our home and car and hope we never do. However I am still itching like crazy and I have bed bug bites all over my body. I keep feeling like something is crawling on my skin but I never actually see anything. A friend told me about alcohol being affective against bedbugs. I researched it online and saw that it was recommended to kill the bugs on contact. Since then, even though I have not seen any I have been spraying alcohol everywhere, even on my skin and hair in the absence of any visible infestation! The next time I go to a hotel, I am taking my spray bottle filled with alcohol! I never want to experience that again!

  • Clicker F

    I learned one tip from the Internet that really helps you get a good night’s sleep while you’re battling these bugs.

    Bed bugs hate the spice thyme. I’ve sprinkled thyme in a powdered form all around the edges of the mattress and here and there on the sheets, blankets and pillow cased pillows. I can then sleep all night without a single bite. This doesn’t get rid of them and a sprinkling doesn’t last forever. I haven’t determined yet how often to use the thyme–every few days up to a week. Because I’m getting big whelts from the bites, I’m using the spice every night now.

  • Michelle Bryant

    I’ve read a lot, and appreciate everyone’s advice. Been battling them since we first found the infestation in my daughters bedroom 6 months ago. Sadly someone told me bleach worked but it DOES NOT and I’m going with rubbing alcohol./ Please I hope that works. I am developing sleep depro and anxiety over this crap. I thought we had it under control (checking/vacuuming/bleaching) but trying to sleep today one crawled across my sheet. in our own bed. And we all check weekly/even wash in hot hot hot. I can’t even sleep because they are in my couch – I pull a couple every week and my family thinks I am insane cause i am always looking. How much is Orkin?

  • maria

    i dont noe i need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • keke

    I know how all you feel now my girlfriend been telling something was biting her everytime she sleeps. But when i sleep nothing bothers me until this morning. I seen bed bugs crawling under my pillow. I’m pissed because i could’nt sleep at all. I been staying in my apartment for three years, and never seen bed bugs, or had this problem till now, I’m gon try alcohol, and the vasoline. I hope this works out…Thanks!!!!

  • jcoe

    someone please help me! My husband daughter and I are being eaten alive by these nasty little creatures… We have never actually seen them but after doing research it couldn’t possibly be anything else. We have no healthcare or money. I need a home remedie for stopping the itch. We are going to be scared for years at this rate. Please help

  • Bernard Grater

    Use alcohol in a spray bottle directly on the bedbug, on the skin and on the sheets.
    When lots of bedbugs, remove contaimanented sheets and soak. Do this for a few days in a row for 2-3 weeks.

    Eating garlic tablets seems to cut back on bedbugs. Not perfect but bites are less and smaller.

    Throw away any fabric furniture, and beware of cardboard whch bedbugs like to nest in.

    Cockroach powder betweeen the bedspring and mattress helps.

    If lots of bedbugs, bomb room.

    I have kept the bedbugs down to a minimum by 1. bomb room once2. change sheets 3. apply alcohol.

    Keep clothes clean . Have a clean atmosphere.
    REmove clutter


    Diatomaceous earth a.k.a silicon dioxide will get rid of ANY bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, ants and other anthropods. It is SAFE to uses around food, children, pets and can be put into your or your pet’s food to control parasites.

    The reason it’s not widely known is unfortunately quite a usual one: though it can solve a ton of problems, it’s not going to make anybody any money.

    Diatomaceous earth is a fine white powder, made from the ground up fossilized remains of diatoms, a kind of sea algae. The edges of each grain of powder are so sharp that they make tiny cuts in the hard exoskeleton of any insect upon contact, causing the insect to dehydrate and die within a matter of hours. Since the action is physical, insects don’t build up a resistance.

    I swear by it. I liberally sprinkle it around the bed frames, cracks, baseboards, carpeting, floors, cupboards, counters etc. I leave it in place for up to a week and then vacuum. I repeat again for a couple of weeks until all clear. It can also be made into a solution to spray. Just don’t inhale it if you can help it.

    I get it at the local hardware store. It is inexpensive at $11.00 for 200 grams which is enough for a two bedroom apartment. Just make sure the container says House & Garden and NEVER use the diatomaceous earth found for pool filters. It is not the same.

  • BugBeGone

    About to try it all of these remedies. Got them from old Apartment from neighbor. She had them from amattres she got. Never told me. They finally made it to my side. We moved and a few weeks late seen them again in my daughter’s room upstars. She now sleeps in bedroom in basement. Now they are are in my room and some in living room. They have not bit me yet. But they do everyone eles. thank you for this posting of help. No one has money for exterminators.

  • tamika

    i dont have a tip i need help i have 4 kids one of which is 5 months old my 7 year old and my 3 year old keep popping up with these mosquito bite looking things i know they are not those because its too cool outside for them and they are several bites in one spot…now my sons father looked up the problem and sure enough its bed bugs,now he said he wont bring my son back till the problem is fixed what in the world do i do im not a dirty person so why do i have them this blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Denise

    Last month I first started getting bit and I thought it was happening at work considering it’s a community setting and my employer have been dealing with them for over six months! Well, I checked my bed one Sunday Morning and found one in my bed ruffle! I threw my bed away, bought bed bug spray, used a bed bug fogger, got rubbing alcohol and etc. Still getting bit but have not found any. I even had an exterminator come by and found them in my living room suit that cost over $1000(had it less the 4 years), threw that away! Talked to my superviser about the problem and was under the impression that they were going to remburse me the money I had to spend as she told me to save my receits! 2 weeks later my superviser give me this stupid reason for not giving me my money back, “The exterminator said aint no way I could of took it home because the bed bugs are nocternal!” Well how else would they have got to work if that was the case! I am pissed and is now looking for another job after being there for almost 4 years, this is the thanks I get! I need help before they take over my house!

  • QuitBitingMe!

    The rubbing alcohol DOES work. We wiped the kids at bedtime nightly. Petroleum Jelly around the ankles and thinly on the feet.. they seem to prefer feet here.Boil water, fill a spray bottle, fill another with alcohol (rubbing) and attack alternating the two. Cover mattresses and boxsprings in plastic *i love the plastic saran wrap idea* and was EVERYTHING… every single piece of clothing in the house… repeat the alcohol and water assault daily… this should help. No one can afford to toss all their shi…tuff…stuff out in this time of poverty! With couches? Cover the cushions in tightly taped garbage bags, buy couch covers wash those weekly, daily if needed…. the key is to keep the house cool too, they hate cold!

  • Rob

    I’m a landlord and I called in the exterminators, 4 times in a 2 month period to get rid of the bed bugs….I spent a couple thousand…and I’m not spending anymore ! This is a government issue as far as I’m concerned, as it’s an epidemic. There needs to be some kind of mass treatment subsidized by local governments. These treatments that I paid for did nothing to rid of them.

    All you need is to have a guest over who has a bed bug on their clothes or on their crotch and it’s all over. The whole apartment and building will become infested with the blood suckers.
    I like the person who recommended to seran wrap their mattress, spray alcohol on the bed frame, carpets and cracks, and apply thick at the legs of the bed.
    This sound logical and it just might work.

  • Prince Vern

    @[email protected] Me and my wife have been just pulling our bed away from the wall, surrounding the bed legs with double-sided tape (We make 4 squares surrounded with tape that we put under each leg) and we got the mattress encasements for any that are still on the bed~

    Unfortunately, we’re both still getting bit up +_+ I’ll give the vasoline thing a try and maybe even that Thyme thing~

  • unknown1987777

    i hate these bugs notthing kills them your gonna have to start life over leave your house with just the clothes on you back then hurry run to the store and buy new and burn the last bit in the nearest can…i tryed everything..but leave my house and not looking back im tired of itching and the welts im getting eattin alive awww well going to bed to get eattin

  • bed bug insanity

    I don’t have a tip,but I can’t take it anymore. I have 3 children and I have spent toooo much money on sprays.!!!!!!! I just need some sure to KILL suggestions. I got these things from my mothers downstair neighbor. Now my parents house is completly infested and she has done sprays, and even called an exterminator. Who has that kind of money!!! I JUST WANT THEM GONE!!!!!! PLEASE HELP

  • rinu

    in my home there is bedbugs.ever six months we are calling pest controll people and they are making spray.still bed bugs are there,so please tell the remidie to remove the bed bugs

  • Kim

    Sorry..not a tip…I need HELP!
    Well..I had these bites for about 2 weeks now..I thought is was masquito bites from being at the football field with the kids..Turns out my sister came to stay with me for 1 week..She brought the pesty blood sucking creatures with her! She told me that she had been battling them in her apartment. PISSED!! is a nice way of saying it. It looks as if I have a bad rash on my hands, feet and arms! The iching is intense..very! I read online about them..went home yesterday checked my matteress…and there I found them! I sprayed bleach on the edge of the matteress washed ALL BEDDING in HOT water. I woke up this morning with more bites…What works? Please help!..sniffle..sniffle..; ;

  • michelle

    I bought a new blanket for my bed , lets just say i never washed it before i put it on the bed. I had them everywhere i tried sprays and all kinds of products until a man told me about silicon dioxide i put it everywhere and on my carpets , base boards you name it and they are all gone ! Read the directions on label and and youll be bug free !! I still have the powder in cracks and refuse to clean it up just in case they come back !! Hopefully they never come back !

  • jamesm

    home depot has an insecticie labeled just for bedbugs. You have to spray evrything. Incase your mattress and boxspring in plastic. You can get them at most furnishing stores. Alcohol is good but I ound that green alcohol works best. On the bottom of your furniture you have to remove the material on the bottom to spray correctly. Leave the material off for a couple of days and spray daily. Place pilows in a garbage bag and spray before sealing. Bedbugs are at a infestation mode in 2009. You can’t getaway frojm thm. People buying these reconditioned mattresses and furniture are being led into this roblem. We din’t really know what diseases are being bred but it’s about time hat the CDC get’s involved. Until than we have to fend for ourselves. Good Luck, because if you don’t talk bout it people won’t know about it. Be prepared for a national emergency. Seriously.

  • Tina

    Thank u all for the tips. I justed moved into a house 1half week ago and 3days ago i was getting bit up plus my husband and 3children.This is a real pain in the but.I really feel embaresed even though its not my fault. I just really hope that i can rid of the that. Thanks everyone 4sharing there storys and remedies.

  • dambugs

    We had a flea explosion in our car on a long roadtrip a few years back.I thought it was the worst thing ever. But at least it was contained and treatable! Now we have bedbugs (discovered on the day of the last payment of our new bed!!!) Treated the bed and sofas then tossed them anyway. 6 days later have two new bites. I now know THIS is the worst thing ever. So far have emptied out all our Xmas money and all our savings on exterminator and steam machines and dryer costs etc. But impossible to wash everything in house. My mom is a clutterer, we had her house prof done too but she won’t follow any of the steps. DOOMED. Will we ever be rid of them? Wits end.

  • cedric

    One way is to apply vaseline to the legs of the beds. Second one is quite interesting, Take a Kilogram of green hot chillies, cut them into tow and boil them in the water. Keep on boiling untill the water is half of what the original wate was before boiling. Strain and use the hot chilli flavoured water to spray around the house. Mind you you will not find any bugs for the next 6 months. Try out it works!!!

  • Sarah

    I moved into my apartment about 6 months ago. Only after a few weeks we started getting bit up. When we confronted the lanlord about the welts on my room mates arms, he claimed he had no idea what they were, she went to the hospital and they said it was fungus! Then a couple of weeks later after nothing had changed we got a notice from the lanlord saying that they were doing there anual 3 month bed bug spraying. He claimed he had no idea what he they were yet he treated them? Anyway, i went to wal-mart and got some raid and i sprayed the mattress and the carpets and any cracks i could find, it reeked of poison. I put all of my clothes and sheets and anything that was possible to be washed in the washer and then after i let the room sit for a bit i vaccumed everything. When the sheets were done i found that they like sheets. So i dont have a sheet on my bed anymore, i just lay a blanket over it then use another blanket. Raiding keeps them down, and no clutter deffinately helps. But deff dont use a sheet that wraps around the bed, they’ll just go under it and make an even bigger nest. I havent had time to raid lately and they’re getting worse, i was just sitting here on my laptop and somehow my arms got bites on them, it creeps me out that they can crawl on me even when im awake and bite me. Any new remedies would help. I am in college, i have practically no money and no time. Thanks.-Sarah

  • Sarah

    AND are my pets affected? I dont want them getting my kitten.

  • itchiy richy

    Hi, I have been dealing with the little critters for about 2 weeks. I woke up one morning and I was covered with them. I have put petrolem jelly on the rails and legs of the bed. I also used rubbing alochol on my body not by my eyes and it works. dont dump the whole bottle on you. Also put little cups under the legs of your bed and fill with water. They come out between 3:00 am and 5:00 am. I am going to try the powder made from fosills. Also wear a pullover hat, long sleeves, long pants,socks and tape all the exposed areas of your clothes. Put petrolem jelly on your body. I put it all over my body. They cant walk through it. It sounds silly but I hope it works for you. I HATE BED BUGS !!!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    Well, as everyone else has said, these bed bugs are the most horrid thing I’ve ever come across to get rid of!! My parents are in their 80’s and never travel anywhere, however, they live in an apartment complex so we are certain this is how they got them. Anyway, it has been six months of the complex paying for extermination a couple times per month, we encased the mattress as well and threw away their beautiful sofa. THEY STILL HAVE EM!!!! Now they are in their two living room chairs and the exterminators suggest we throw them out as well. My sister and I don’t know what to do!!! Recently we planned to hire a housecleaning service to for my parents and told them they have been battling with bed bugs. They said they won’t come until they are gone, but gave us a tip to place dryer sheets under the cusions of the furniture and at each corner of the boxspring. We have no idea how, if, or why this would work, but did it anyway last evening. WE ARE DESPERATE!! Will update in 2 weeks after the exterminators come back to let you know if this worked!!

  • wow

    this is all too lol! I went to a four star hotel and caught them and just took hot showers and washed my clothes in hot water. everything needs to reach a scalding hot to kill these pests!

  • Arthur Me

    Bedbugs DO have a plan. They infest, nest, breed and feed (off of your blood). We would suggest “triage” to fight their plan. But, first, BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE BUGS OR SOME SORT OF INFESTATION. Otherwise, you may be putting yourself through a lot of needless work, money and worry. PLEASE BE CERTAIN TO READ ALL TIPS AND SUGGESTIONS BEFORE PROCEEDING. ALSO, WE’RE NOT PROFESSIONALS, WE CAN OFFER NO GUARANTEES. IF YOU CAN’T ACCEPT THE ‘NO GUARANTEES’ CLAUSE, PLEASE PROCEED TO THE NEXT TIP.

    1)a) Treat your wounds, rashes, sores…based on the above tips and information, it might be best to see a doctor or even a nurse.
    1)b) If professional medical help is out of the question – or unaffordable – we might suggest treating with salt & water, or
    1)c) baking soda, or
    1)d) caladryl or some other similar soothing lotion,
    1)e) or combinations of (a) through (d) if you care to and only if you and your loved ones can tolerate it.
    1)f) Don’t treat with anything that causes you itching, rashes, allergies or other adverse reactions.
    2)a) Hire a professional entomologist and/or exterminator or
    2)b) Buy and use a bug bomb – make sure you evacuate the premises for the amount of time the directions tell you to – or longer! REMEMBER: Bug bombs almost always are toxic!!! See this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bug_bomb#Hazards_to_humans
    3)a) If (2) is out of the question or does not work, machine wash and dry every fabric-made item in the vicinity.
    3)b) If possible, wash down the walls, the furniture (inside and out) and the carpets. You may even want to steam the carpet and other fabrics. Check the drapes, too. Check the tops of the window ledges, especially if you live in a ‘warmer’ climate. You will find plenty of bugs up there if you haven’t checked these yet. If these fabrics are non-washable, you may have to check in with your dry-cleaner. Um, they might possibly appreciate a little advance warning.
    3)c) Um, did you treat any cracks, crevices, holes or other points of possible exit/entry in the walls, floorboards, furniture, mattress, boxsprings…you may want to think about that…you may have to physically dry these items. If possible. PLEASE BE SURE TO CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITY OF PERMANENT DAMAGE TO ANY OF YOUR FURNISHINGS OR OTHER ITEMS…DO A LITTLE ‘SPOT TEST’ FOR DAMAGE POTENTIAL IN A PLACE THAT IS NOT CLEARLY VISIBLE.
    4)a) If you’ve completed all of (3), you may have located the nest – or some individuals – or more than one nest. You may want to have some boiling water handy or rubbing alcohol (unscented should be preferred, but scented might provide a ‘marker’ to let you know where you’ve already attacked…just remember, that scent might not go away…for a while…can you and your loved ones tolerate that?).
    4)c) That said, you may want to put your boiling water (quickly and safely) or rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Just be sure to insulate it with a towel or paper towels or some other fabric to prevent thermal burns. Gloves (fabric) are also helpful…
    4)d) Ready? If you aren’t, the little bloodsuckers have probably scattered. Have everything in place just for them so that they can’t get away.
    5)a) Clean up the remains carefully, there might still be a survivor or two left. Place them immediately in a container that can be sealed and that can’t be escaped. You might also have some rubbing alcohol or quicklime in the container. Make sure the quicklime has been kept sealed. REMEMBER: QUICKLIME CAN BE VERY HAZARDOUS AND CAUSE BODILY INJURY! KEEP IT AWAY FROM YOUR BARE HANDS – WEAR GLOVES – AND KEEP IT AWAY FROM YOUR EYES AND MUCOUS MEMBRANES! Want some proof? Throw a live bug in a container with fresh quicklime and watch what happens. To safely handle Quicklime, consult a Material Safety Data Sheet or see this link: http://www.ilo.org/public/english/protection/safework/cis/products/icsc/dtasht/_icsc04/icsc0409.htm.

    5)c) Discard the container safely and legally. You might do well to seal it with duct tape or something similar. You can also mark the container: Warning contains rubbing alcohol/quicklime.
    6)a) How do you know you got them all or that they won’t come back? You don’t. So it might be best to seal up every fold, hole or crease in mattresses, boxsprings and all other furniture to keep them from relocating – or exiting if they are still in there.
    6)b) Preventive measures might or might not include (remember, no guarantees…) the spice thyme (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thymus_vulgaris),
    6)c) Boric Acid (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boric_acid),
    6)d) Baking Soda and/or
    6)e) Make a blend of (6)b)c)d) in equal portions or experiment and
    6)f) Lay these out around the areas where they (the bugs) might wander through. Boric acid might be the most effective as it slowly kills the bugs from the insides (or should) as they lick it off of their limbs…
    6)g) Vaseline or mineral oil placed on the legs of furniture and bedposts might prevent them from climbing up…but prevent them from climbing off, too. Think about this. A little dish or pan of the stuff place under the feet of furniture and beds might also deter them. But, no guarantees. If you didn’t kill them the first time (or with repeated applications…), they won’t be able to climb off to nest…

    7) If all else fails, contact your local church (or other place of worship)…after all, you might as well try the Holy Water. God works in mysterious ways.

    Sorry, we’ve run out of time and have got to get going along.

  • john


  • Alex

    We have been battling these evil bed bugs since April of 2009. Here we are in December. The one reprieve we had was from using kerosene on all of our wood flooring, walls, and celing [it is wooden as well with beams]. We mixed Suspend insecticide with the kerosene and drenched the place. It smelled very strong for several days but, if it works–who cares. It did work for 6 weeks. Then they came back.

    Before using kerosene we tried the diatomaceous earth which doesn’t seem to work very well, and also the green chili water recommended by Cedric above, which, sadly, also did not seem to work. We tried heating our home to above 120 but were unable to acheive the temp with the space heaters.

    But–we are currently using Catalyst insecticide which is not approved for home use any longer [once was], only industrial use. That seems to be working, but it has only been a few days so I can’t declare success. Oh, another thing we tried was Propoxur which was useless. Funny, too since that is supposed to be “the” thing that will kill them–didn’t work. The other thing we tried which did not work was burning sulfur. That is the old fashioned way to kill them. It may have had some effect or maybe we didn’t burn enough, long enough or repeatedly enough. We may try that again. We burned sulfur with no one in the house, of course, for about 3 hours. Still got bitten that night.

    We also tried bug bombs–both pyrethrin based ones for fleas and the hot shot brand from home depot labelled especially for bed bugs which did not help and may have made the problem worse [they go deeper into hiding when you use bug bombs].

    My advice to anyone facing this is to go to the mirror. Say good-bye to that person you see, there. You’re not going to see him/her for a while–months, a year or more. You are going to become a neurotic, killing machine mixed with the most persnickety housekeeper archetype who you probably used to laugh about along with a dash of good old fashioned creepy crawly skin paranoiac. You’re not going to sleep well or enough but on the plus side, if you needed to lose weight, you are going to. Welcome to the bed bug battle work out. I have before and after pictures to prove its success.

    We got rid of our wall to wall carpet long ago, all books are sealed, vacuum and steam all the time, laundry non-stop, you know the routine….insomnia, despair but trudging on. I am reminded of the Dutch during the Nazi occupation. Their motto became, “It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere”. I wish you all luck and freedom from this and a return to a normal life one day.

  • Alex

    A couple of things I forgot to add. The enzyme “killer” Kleen Free was horribly expensive, smelly and did not work. Also, if anyone can benefit from this mad scientist experiment into which we have been plunged I had better add the details about our having long ago “isolated” the bed with steel cups of Murphy’s Oil Soap, encasing the mattress and pillows in bed bug proof allergy protection covers and slept in two TENTS–still got bitten every night. One of the tents had regular mosquito netting so I can imagine that they could get through, nymphs, anyway….by the way, the nymphs are the size of a SPEC OF DUST. Also used the noseeum mesh tent, which also did not work–now with that one I really do not understand how they got to us. We took all precautions, baked clothing, freshly showered and shampooed before entering the tent. Had one week of reprieve in the first tent by encircling the tent with a Home Defense insecticide from WalMart which a Canadian fellow recommended at bedbugger forums. But, alas, that did not work for us for long. It seems to have solved his problem, though. About the bedbuger forum, they seem to be a shill for pest control professionals. I have noticed that anyone who has had success with any remedy of their own is ridiculed on their forum or their posts are removed. Bed bugs can live underwater for some time–at least two hours and they can stand freezing temperatures for weeks on end. Another thing I have been doing is using the Glad turkey size oven roasting bags to enclose clothing and sheet in to bake them at 200 degrees in the oven for as long as the fabric can stand–up to two hours. In closing, those who are experiencing one member of the household being bitten while others are not–this is quite common. Bed bugs prefer females to feed on.

  • Emily

    OK here is my soluccion we came back from a trip and my daughter brought back bed bugs her bed got in fested we sprayed her mattress with 96%alcohol covered it and threw it out .Then i her room with alcohol.Threw her stuffed animals in the dryer so the heat could kill them .rubbed her bed especial the legs and the corners of her room with vaseline or petroleum gelly .the alcohol,spray bottle ,and vaseline can all be purhcased at the dolor store .my best advise is that at this point wash wash wash cloths and linens that can have any relation what so ever the couch the cloth in her dresser .killing then is cheap its getting them all what os tireing

  • stressedout

    I have no tip but I wanted to say thank you for giving tips,I am stressed over the bed bugs that are in my apartment it puts a strain on all I don’t know who to blame. I do live on the third floor in a building I could have got them anyway the good thing my kids aren’t being bitteni am though I am going to try that diacemous. Earth and see ill let. U know how I did

  • Bernard Grater

    put fabric furniture into storage until bedbug problem is solved(or throw away).
    Wash down room 2-3 times a week with clorox. wash all clothing in clorox(watch bleaching problem), and wash all clothing after one day use.

    Cover bed with 5 sheets. REmove sheet each night and soak in bathroom.Bedbugs will be attracted to your body. May have to wake up in the middle of the niogth to take off top sheet with its bedbugs.
    Spray body with alcohol and water(1/2 and 1/2). REmove clutter. Simply even if it requires putting stuff(in plastic bags) in storage.

  • Bernard Grater

    Steam treatments , or heating the room to a high temperature may kill bedbugs. Beware however it may set off your fire extinquisher or alarm.
    Any reports on the effectiveness of heating room to 115 degrees?

    Bedbugs like to gather in clothes that were worn that day, so put used clothing in shower after use.
    I hope never to use “raid” as spraying with alcohol will kill bedbugs on contact. Keep area and walls around bed especially clean with alcohol and or clorox.

  • Nicole

    Like all of you here I suffer from these nasty little creatures. I had never in my life even seen a bed bug until moving to these apartments. For about a year my now almost 3 year old son would wake up with bug bites and my boyfriend would not. I just figured it was mosquito bites or an allergic reaction since I have very sensitive skin. No that was not the case. One day I researched these bites we were getting and to my surprise BED BUGS! My landlord then told me there was no way to prove that I didn’t bring them in so I had to pay for them. Which is ridiculous because I had never had a problem with them. Nor do I EVER travel or sleep elsewhere. There was no way we brought them in. Anyways we paid for the 3 treatments. Of course they helped but didn’t at all get rid of them completely. To this day I am still being bitten. Not as often but enough to make my life miserable. I have tried every home remedy pretty much ever thought of even Diatomaceous earth which did help but also no real results. The only thing I could think of to do is leave everything I own behind and move but that’s not realistic for me. I guess I’ll be living with these things forever. They need to pay rent and food costs the food being me!!!!

  • Robert

    Guess i will chime in. I to have had these. My couch/bed was just infested. It’s gone along with a chair. Sprayed with a 50/50 rubbing alcohol water mix. Worked great. 3 months later i was getting bit and found maybe 4 bugs again so far. So last night i puled up the carpet by my new bed i’m currently using and put just regular table salt all in the cracks. It felt good to sleep. I didn’t feel a bite. I however am just FLAT BROKE and can’t even afford to go buy rubbing alcohol. Yep i am that broke a true 0 dollars kinda situation. The alcohol does work. If i had the money i’d just get a gallon and mix it in a 5 gallon bucket 50/50 and spray all the cracks. That silicon dioxide sounds like the trick too. Funny how you have to search for hours on end to find a good cheap remedy. Good luck to all and i hope the salt will work till i can get that powder. Has anybody had any luck with just regular table salt?

  • Mary

    I have been checking this site out for a while now, well at least since I found out where my mystery bites were coming from. I have tried the alcohol not the green and it works sometimes, the sprays that say the kill the eggs are a joke because the kill the big ones and then we started only finding small ones. so I tried the powder you know the one make from fossils ans that is the best thing I have used. So I put it in the walls through the light switch and electrical sockets to keep them from coming back and we are down to seeing a bite here and there from being woke up to huge welts everywhere. I took everything apart and started using my blow dryer to get into cracks because the heat will kill them and even if the dryer is not hot enough it will blow them out of the hiding spot and you can kill them. And once you use the dryer you will see the hiding spot and put the dust in that area I also completely covered the floor just in case they were hiding in the crack in the floor, it is hard to resist not to clean it up but fight the urge and you will be rewarded with a peaceful night sleep in the near future.
    Good luck

  • pj

    i am gonna try the alcohol and dioxide today….just moved into an apartment building around two months ago and we are now seeing them in the mornings around 4 and 5 am. yet they have no blood in them…bed bugs can live 18 months without feeding so even if you don’t see them for a while, i would keep doing it for at least two years and especially if you find their evil layer then you may not have to..i noticed them in my apartment in the spring of 2008 they were in the door frame that had small cracks in them and black specks, usually that is were their evil layer is..so if you see black specks around the walls and door frames, do this: i covered the door frame with box tape to catch them and i sprayed them with the ortho max home defense indoor and outdoor spray, the spray brought them out and they crawled out of their home and died slowly on the wall(yet these were the one that hadn’t feed yet)..i also got plastic covers from walmart for about 10 dollars for a full and 2 to 3 dollars more for larger beds. make sure you get one for the box spring too, and only use the zipper kind, they cant breath thru the plastic… and i made sure that my bed never touched the wall ever again, and i never saw one again yet i always sprayed once a week, my bed was brand new and i was gonna be damned if i let them win…so i sprayed it with the ortho max and wiped it down with bleach and put the plastic covers on them. yet i think that this time be a worse time because we live in a much larger apartment complex that allows dogs. we have a dog we have not been bitten but we find one or two every two days or so, and i am wondering if they are biting the dog. the caretaker, they are a joke…he said he uses a mixture of ammonia and alcohol to draw them out…and that is all it did….we’ve been seeing more now than before they sprayed. so i like making homemade concoctions…so i am gonna try some of yawz advice, and maybe you can too.. i am gonna pick up that silicon dioxide, house and garden brand, some rubbing alcohol make sure it is more than 90 proof. i am also gonna get the hottest peppers, maybe habanero and boil it. i will make a habenero mixture and an alcohol mixture. and use the powder in tight places. have a newborn so cannot take a chance on anything with a lot of fumes, nor do i wanna kill the dog, he puts everything in his mouth. fortunately we have not seen any in the bedroom only the living room in one chair..the caretakers are stupid, they are trying to accuse us, stating “well we had them in the other wing of the apartment complex but not on this wing, so you must have bought them with you…wrong/not…too damn cheap to hire an exterminator…people come in and out of the all the time, we live close to the main entrance and the laundry room…these damn things travel/crawl fast and hard to get to a new spot in order to cause havoc and stress…gotta be a way…gotta pray…hell they been around for as long as man has…so i wonder what the primitive people used before insecticides were made. i will let you know how it works..oh i tried the ammonia and alcohol…the ammonia is too powerful yet they don’t like it…you have to spray a little leave the room and let it air out then do it again. i will also continue to use the ortho max home defense, we bought a brand of enforcer bugmax home pest control, and it says it kills beg bugs, it has no ordor, yet i think this shit just bring them out to…. good luck everyone, and hopefully soon we will all sleep well, stress and itchy free.

  • Rayray

    Depending upon how bad the infestation is or I should say how long they have been breeding; you might have to take drastic measures! If its new you probably wont have to get rid of everything you have in the probllem area/home. You have to treat it as if everything is infected and take no chance of even 1 of those pesty biters surviving! As soon as you realize the problem act right away. steam all cloth furniture including matress & box spring, then wrap it in plastic thick enough to prevent them from escaping.If you can afford it buy “Do it yourself spray”, and spray them before you wrap them.If you have a place to store items you don’t apsollutely need in the home that will help alliminate other posible hiding places and save you from having to throw everything away. The bugs usually die after not eating for about 6 months but some say they can live a year without eating.Clear out all droors, cabineets and shelves; bag it all up. Bag up the things you can live with out. spray it, bag it and store it out side the home. Take all clothing and linnen to a laundry mat wash with bleach when possible, but wash all with hot water and dry in maximum heat, or dryclean. Be sure not to put the bug free stuff back in the same containers you previously had them in. No recontamination!Store those ssomeware until you have completed the rest of the process.Remember the begs can live in walls,carpet,wood,electrical plugs,and any where they want.Note if you live in snow country you can open up all windows and doors and freze them during winter.Ok now that you have everything steamed,sprayed and wrapped you still have to kill the ones in your home.And prevent them from returning! Plan to stay elsware for about a week at the least preferately 20 to 30 days. Ware gloves and face mask when spraying to protect youself. Before you Start spraying clean all floors with bleech or rubbing alcohol.If your place is infested you have to remove all carpet, rugs and curtains. Spray every room well;not missing any crack, corner, space or opening. Be sure to spray around windows and doors.Make sure the spaces are sealed so they can’t come in from out side.If you live in a motel or apartments you need to see if your neibbors have the problem.If they do you need to consider moving because the bugs will re-enter your home!you have to quarenteen everything you cary with or on your person.(Wallets,purses,belts,hats,phones,shoes, clothes,keys etc.Get an air tight bucket spray the inside and keep those things in there when you are not using them.Always remember that those little pests can hide any where!After you have sprayed everything in your place.Close all doors and windows and place a bomb in each room and maybe 2 in the worst places.Now that you are outside, spray all around your doors and windows. Clear all junk and dabree away from house so you can spray the outside real good; consintratating around the windows and doors.Leave home sealed up for about 5 days then spray it all again.If you do that 3 to 4 times every 5 days and keep leaving it sealed up all the bugs and their youg/eggs will die.Once you return now you need to spread the powder(Diatomaceous Earth which is also called Silicon dioxide) this crucial!Line this stuff in every corner,in shelves and cabinets.Consintrate in the worst areas.Put some between the mattress and box pring. And everywhere people sit or sleep. Everything you can’t spray with poison and or powder, keep cleaning with alcohol and (or) bleach.Put vasoline or protrolium jelly on all your Bed legs.Stay very watchful of everything and everyone that enters your home!Don’t get lax and forget to control everything that is brought into your home and you will not have bed bugs again! Bless you!R.A.K.

  • L..J.

    I moved from a house to an apartment complex back late October and my other half and I were elated. However a week of being in the place I started waking up with welts. At first I thought maybe they were flea bites from my friends dog, but after washing him and checking him there were none. Then I assumed spiders. Bought some crawling bug spray and dosed the place. Still the bites kept coming. For a while it seemed they focused on just eating me and left my husband alone, however 2 months later he too fell victim to their bites. Ironically enough the place I moved into I caught a few specimens and had them analyzed I had red house spiders, went to Orkin and they sold me the b1 pro apartment and house spray. That cleared up the spiders but Ironically after treating for them I did find a few bed bugs at the base board of the floor near by bed. The B1 pro spray does not work on bed bugs and the stuff itself is quite nasty. I ended up with propoxur poisoning. The main agent in their spray, due to the rather intense fumes. You do spray the stuff and leave for 4 hours but since its oil based it does seep into things and stays. Been a week now and we’ve got that under control now but I still have the bed bugs.

    Ive spent over 300 bucks now on stuff. My landlord recommended bleach and rubbing alcohol but that has not worked. Ive also tried tea tree oil and lavender oil, those do not work either. Boric acid also does not work nor dish soap. I’ve even gone as far as to steam treat my base boards but I fear I’m going to have to throw my bed out as well as my 3 couches.

    Its frustrating and sleeping has become a joke. 2-5 hours a day and I now sleep wearing clothes and socks but the itching… Its too much.

    Oddly I haven’t seen any of them in my mattress, perhaps this is due to the fact that my bed sits a only a few inches away from 2 walls.

    Because I rent I can’t exactly tear away at the base boards or the old molding (its a turn of the century building) but I do have a sneaking suspicion that they are residing in the walls and baseboards and come out to snack on both of us. I spotted my first one crawling out from under one of the baseboards near my radiator.

    I wouldn’t imagine these on anyone and landlords really need to understand what tenants go though. I think if they stayed at one of their units for a month they would be willing to do just about anything to get rid of them.

    The issue is since I live in a 7 unit building and yes, my land lord says hes treated for them twice in the past year. I don’t think it was every unit or that it was from a reputable specialist (IE: They were not Orkin or Able who do have guarantees ) so the problem isn’t going to correct itself. If they aren’t all treated the bugs just move to another unit. I fear that I wont be able to rid myself of them due to the fact that they will just go next door or underneath me again until I’m lulled into a false security.

    Please advise. I really am having thoughts about moving except I signed a lease and I’m trapped here for at least a year. If you have any ideas please email me at [email protected] in the header area please title as BED BUG HELP.

    Thanks in advance
    Sleepless in Hamilton

  • Ms.Douthit

    I think the best solution ,is to spay your bed with the rubing alcohol.Remove all yur funiture from your house.get insect bome repelant from a family dollar our a phrmacy near you,and bome your antier house.After you do that spay some more ,but in the crevasious,seems,cracks,where you feel they might be hiding.Also rap your bed with the suran rap,put electrical tape around it with the vaslin.If this don’t work throw every thing away.

  • MrBoSSmanBiGGs

    OMG. it was like 2 maybe 3 weeks ago. the terminator said 95buck an hour per person n said he doesnt like to do this type problem. i found 1 2day n now my skin is crawling n im swating at n e thing that feel like its crawling i feel vialated i wanna pack my hardrive, tedybaer, dvds, guitar n jet away from here. those nasty viall little monsters. all i can do is pray that God blesses me with a mirical…PLEASE HELP ME DEAR LORD PLEASE!

  • Lou

    Here is the cheapest but not the most convenient way. Bedbugs can’t survive in temperatures below 30 degrees farenheit. Shut off the furnace and water lines and open a few windows be careful of thieves trying to get in your house so bundle up. This does work. I have done it and have no bedbugs anymore.

  • kuldeep

    tips to get rid of bedbug.

    1) turn on the AC for smtime, bedbug die on extreme temp.
    2) if they are visible then spray anything from kerosine to
    simple oil, not necessary pesticide, the basic idea to suffocate them as they die very easily with this method.
    3) wash ur bedsheet with hot water every alternate day.
    4) use anti bedbug bedsheet which are available in the market.
    5) bedbug usually hide in the wood so if you have any wooden cupboard or bed then make sure they are not eatenup or cracked, if they are any cracks then fill those cracks with any thing and paint it.
    6)bedbug will die if you put your matteress in the sunlight for an hour.

  • Jennifer

    We too have fallen victim to bed bugs, a special thanks to whooever shared this gift with us. I have scars all over my arms to remember them always. We tried to treat with bed bug spray…with no luck. We have washed everything, including stuffed animals. We purchased several rubbermaid tubs to place all of our clean clothes and bedding and stuffed animals so as to not be reinfected. We put all soiled laundry into trashbags instead of hampers. We trashed our bed. We covered all of our remaining beds in plastic covers. We steam cleaned our carpets and steam ironed the carpets around all baseboards. We have been boiling water with cinnimin sticks and placing it into a spray bottle and using the mixture on everything. It smells great and seems to be working. We filled all nail holes in the walls and re caulked every crack in our home. My daughter and son have suffered just a few recent bites but every day there is less evidence of these little creatures. It really is a lot of work, but it in not impossible. Good Luck!

  • Zoe

    There’s nothing you can do, Bedbugs are a life sentence it seems. My tip: learn to enjoy scratching, pain, and disturbed sleep.

  • Moe

    I too am battling the dreaded bed bug problem. We went to a rent to own store and got a bed and matresses. I have never in my life seen a bed bug, but my daughter started getting bit, and at first I thought it was poision oak or something because she was always itching. We have had the problem for about 2 months now. We ended up getting rid of all our old matresses and beds. I am constantly washing clothes, and have seemed to contain the things to my couch. We don’t see any anywhere else except there, and it is going out first thing tomorrow morning. I recently purchased Diatomaceous Earth, (had to order it offline as no one around here knew what I was talking about). It seems to be doing really well. I have only seen 2 since I have been using it. One was extremely small and the other one was a little larger. I also plan on using the rubbing alcohol to see if that helps. I don’t have the money to get rid of my furnishings and start over, but no one has been seeing bites since using the earth. The only problem with using it, is that you have to leave it in place for a week or two, and it really is hard to resist the urge to sweep it up off the carpets and floors. I wish everyone the best of luck in getting rid of these nasty creatures. I will post again in a couple of weeks to see if the earth continues to work. Thanks to everyone who posted their tips, and I wish you all the very best of luck.

  • Jean

    I thought at first it was fleas, but found the baby bed bugs in our couch. Though, I believe they have taken over my entire home and clothing. Been dealing with these anoying bits and now staying up all night. Yes, they do live in cardboard as do fleas. I have been using the rubbing alcohol and rubbing them off my skin arround my neck all night. It works a whole lot better then vaseoline. And steaming doesn’t work on these bed bug devils. So feeling the results from the alcohol in removing them from my skin. I have decided to use the alcohol and use the diatamacious earth again. This time I am going to put the diatamacious in the walls, electrical outlets and etc. I have tried every kind of insecticide available to no avail. Nothing seem to work. And, I am certainly desperate. My significient other is never bother by any insects. While I on the otherhand suffer from all those insect bites. I begain taking all kinds of vitamins and yet it didn’t make me immune to all those insects. I do feel heathier. I will save this web page. And notify you all if these efforts work. Thank you

  • nikki

    Orkin is great at getting rid of bedbugs. The only way to rid them properly is to get treated by a professional. It is costly but well worth it.

  • Jean

    Alcohol may help you remove those bed bugs and fleas off your body. And you will be amaze how many were actually on you. Alcohol does not kill them. I remember my mother would starch and iron everything including sheets. My dad in his 40’s became very sensitive to insect bites. My sensitivity started when I move to Texas 20 years ago. After realizing the alcohol does not kill them but piss them off even more. I starch and iron the couch, then came back with a sticky lint roller. I was amaze how many I caught. The bed bugs were unable to hold onto the fabric in the couch. Then I sprayed the starch and iron the bed spread. Caught a bunch of bed bugs with the sticky lint roller. Then came back with the sweeper none of them got away. Plus when the bed bugs try to re-enter the couch they were easily sweep up. It was amazing how many of those bed bugs and blood were actually on the blanket. I wish I could figure out what vitamin or herb I need to take to make me immune to them. B12, B1, Brewer Yeast and garlic does not make a difference for me. Though, I am considering Neem pills and Neem Oil and Charcol pills. The Neem and Charcol pills can be purchase at http://www.puritain.com Puritain vitamins are very affordable and cold process. What vitamins I purchase $160 pays for 5 months of vitamins.

  • Sharon

    I too had to deal with these horrible varments. We didn’t know what to do when I woke up one morning with bits all over my stomach. I thought it was mosquitoes. These bites continued for several nights. My husband didn’t experience any. The red welts itched and I thought I had been bitten by a spider. I went on the internet and discovered that bedbugs may be the culprit. I called up Google and entered “How to eliminate bedbugs.” I responded to a sight called Bedlam.com. and ordered the product they guaranteed would solve out problem–and it did. We got rid of our 35-year old mattress, bought a new one, washed all the bed linens in hot water and hot dryer. We sprayed the Bedlam product over the new matress and box springs, around the base of the bed and box springs and that worked for us, so far. The Bedlam product wasn’t that expensive and worked great for us. We used this product I hope you can rid your homes of these evil,distructive creatures.

  • wendy

    i hate f’n bed bugs they r eating me and my 2 year old alive. it figures i would get the 1 f’n bug that is impossible to kill WTF seriously can i not just have 1 f’n thing go right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ruggster

    Sorry, no tip yet. We had a tenant find a couple of bedbugs in their living room so I called Orkin. They checked all over and didn’t find a single casing, body, poop, blood stain or anything that would suggest bedbugs were there. He still recommended treating the whole place at about 2350. I thought I was going to puke! Anyway, I just wanted to thank all those that did add some tips here. I read just about everyone and will take a bit of time to follow through with several to exterminate the little bastards.

  • Gopakumar

    Make a soap solution with ordinary washing powder. Spray it everywhere on your bed and wash your bedsheets and pillow covers in hot water. All of them will die. Continue this for a week. This will work

  • General Awesomeface

    I hung out with friends and BAM! bugbites. So, I bought a cheap metal bedframe, two bags of diatomaceous earth, some vaseline, and some rubbing alcohol. I put my bed on the bedframe, washed my sheets, pillows and blankets in hot water and dried them in high heat, put vaseline all over the legs of the bedframe. then i sprinkled diatomaceous earth all over the box spring, put the cover (a fitted sheet) over it and sprayed the cover it with rubbing alcohol. i did the same with the mattress and pillows. I moved my bed and all my furniture away from walls, and put diatomaceous earth in every single crack and around and under my bed and other furniture, on my computer and beanbag chairs, and on my area rug.

    people need to realize that even though they are BED bugs, they don’t just hang out in your bed. I found them behind a poster i had hanging on the wall right above my pillow. I put tape on every single edge of every poster i have, so they can’t get behind them.
    once a week, i clean off and reapply the vaseline, vaccuum the diatomaceous earth and put it down again in the same spots. I wash my bed stuff and respray with alcohol every couple of days.
    since i’ve done this about 3 months ago, i haven’t noticed a single bite. everything together, minus the bedframe cost me a little less than 25 bucks. my friend did the same thing shortly after i did and hasn’t been bitten either.

    insects have the shortest evolution time, in that they become immune to chemicals rather quickly. what works for one person might not work for someone else in a week. keeping this in mind, i took the somewhat natural approach; diatomaceous earth cuts the hell out of them. if they make it to the legs of my bed, they get stuck in the vaseline. if they make it up on the wall, they cannot get to me because they cannot jump. super high heat kills them, just like it would a human, so if they are in my bedding, they die in the dryer. if for some reason they don’t, the rubbing alcohol will dry them out.

    haha! victory!

    p.s, i spend maybe 25 bucks a month this way, instead of the $809347592751 exterminators and in-store pesticides/insecticides cost.

  • BB Smithee

    Well, back again! Two professional treatments, four months later and my little BUGS” are back! Yep, they really are. i live in a high rise apartment complex and they (BED BUGS) are everywhere! One month they treat one apartment and the next month another one.The complete building needs closed down and treated. So, my next step is to contact the local goverment, as this is public houseing, and see if they can close down, move everyone out for a week, spray all apartments at the same time. Now we all know this will take time, may have to contact the television stations, get some press and then maybe something can be done. Using alcohol, D.E., vasealine, mattress

  • Sandra

    Thank-you everyone that had a suggestion, I intend to try everything to get rid of these horrible bed bugs

  • donna

    it’s not much of a tip, but rather a question… i have two sons, they sleep in the same room, on the same big bed… and i noticed that my older son was getting these bites that itched. my younger son was itchless, biteless…. if it was bed bugs, they weren’t biting my younger son. so i didn’t realize i had them until just recently. so my question is this.. do BB’s prefer a certain(s) blood type over others??

  • Donna

    I noticed the culprits about 2 months now, since then I have been spraying with alcohol which really kill them on contact but I still see a few now and then. Rid spray that is used for head lice really works because I spray my bed which is made of wood and the mattress and i have seen dead bugs on the floor. However I am neurotic now because when I wake during the night i am always looking for the bugs.I will continue spraying with alcohol and using the rid lice spray to see if I can eliminate these parasites.

  • charlene

    my husband was getting bit but i was not until lately,so there is no certain blood type.You can also try murphy’s oil it will work but i think i will try alchol

  • soniya

    hi i got bugs about 1 month ago.
    i have 2 bed rooms but my daughter wanted to sleep with us in our bedroom so we had an extra matresss clean one we put that on the floor on the carpet and after 4 months she had a bite on her skin then another n another….
    i was thinking its allergy cause no one else had it even we were in same room i took her to a doctor she said she have a allergy to dust mites so i came home threw the matterss and bought a new one n put it on the bed this time so she stoped getting bites on her skin.
    but guess what my husband was the next target and the me. then one day when i was changing my sheet i found one of themmmmmmmmmmmmmm then i knew what the problem is.
    i told my mom she said take all the furniture out of the house rip the carpet throw the carpet but funiture just unscrew all screws
    the boil hot water and put some red chilli powder in it then pour it on the furniture each and every place.leave it out side in the sun for littile while the head board is the main place where they hidewe did that when we put the hot water they came out of the holes and cracks and died then we clean the floor with same hot water n walls.then we bring the furniture back and i pour some drione dust in the holes in corners head board. it was a lot of work but we did it and we killed them compleatly now they are gone

    so do that it will help a lottttt you can order drione dust in any pest control website it cost around 50 $
    good luck

  • Molly

    O my goodness, you are all freaking me out. Completely freaking me out.

    I have had bites for the past two weeks. I have yet to have a bed bug citing, although I imagine that I see a few little spots on my sheets. All I know is that I want to nip this in the bud as fast as possible, in the hopes that they won’t spread.

    However, I live in a rental unit where I feel like there is not a lot of hope for me.

    I also feel like the exterminator thing is a big joke. Sounds like it is not worth the money and that I will have to try to tackle this on my own.

    Dear God, and whatever other gods and beings there may be, please please don’t destroy my life, I was kind of enjoying it up until now…

  • veronica

    please help me with real tips on how to get rid of bd bugs! i just bought 2 new lving room suits n my apt. is a 2 bdrm apt. with carpet on in the rooms…please hlp me wit at home remedy pls! [email protected]

  • jackie


  • patty

    a hand held blow dryer on high heat when you find the monsters can do well

  • Daniel

    I work for a large pest control company and I am sorry to say you are only making the problem worse if you try to take care of the problem yourself, because you are letting them multiply until you finally reach the conclusion, you NEED help from the pro’s. Throwing away sheets and furniture only costs you the money to replace them since bed bugs are noctural, by the time you throw things away,”during the day” 90% of the bed bugs are back where they came from, in your walls and attics!! Yes, putting clothes and sheets in a dryer on high for about 30mins will kill the ones in the fabric but this is not even going to dent the population. If you live in an apt, townhouse or duplex prepare for a long and difficult battle, even with profesional help, unless your neighbors also get under a treatment plan. Sorry to be a buzz kill but bed bug home remedies will only cost your more money in the long run because the larger the population the more money a PC company will charge you. The only real home remedy is, at the first sign of a bed bug, call a PC company for a free inspection, if they try to charge you, call someone else. You will get it for free. Then you wont waste money on all the home remedy treatment supplies and will have a much easier problem to deal with which will be less costly through you PC company.

    PS go with a highly respected compnay, do you home work before calling. You should spend no more than $300 per treated room.

  • Help

    Disenfect spray really helps, spray ur bed dwn befor sleeping, u can spry ur entire room down, Just leave for a few hours they hate the smell, I think sum lotions help but I know Disenfect spray works, not get rid of them but they won’t bite thru the night if U do it right b4 bed, There gota be a home remedy or sumthn out there.

  • nicolas

    we discovered bed bud bugs 2 weeks ago-been bitten for about two months-it is destroying our lives-thrown away the bed and half of our stuff-we cant take it anymore!!i cant believe there is not one single thing that works-we are expecting a baby and do not want to bring a baby in a world like it is at the moment!help!!!!

  • mati

    so i don’t know how i got bed bugs in my house but i found a cheap way of getting rid of it and it works. “resolve” carpet cleaner will kill it on the spot! so its perfect for houses that has carpets coz mine does and basically threw away everything that was in the house! what a waste! but again, resolve carpet cleaner works!

  • maryellen

    I am not happy. My ex husband has bed bugs and did not tell me. My son was bitten all over and now we have them. Is he responsible for the payment for pest Control to come in and spray? I threw out the old bedding, cleaned with rubbing alchol, steam clean and they are still here.

  • Scratching Sally








  • Helen

    I lived at University Garden Apartment in Langley Park Maryland where 99.9% of the resident are latino and illegal, I reseided there from 2002-2007 in which the last year in a half, I started having problems with bed bugs, I thought like most people that bed bugs were a myth. I would wake in the morn’n with bites and blood spot on my shert and after looking carefully I discovered this little black things. The Apartment complex had the discovered the infestation so badly until they bought residence new mattress and box springs.
    Bed bugs are embaressing, and they do give you a complex,.

    I have found that using Ortho bug spray work very well on them they die at once, on the spot, nano seconds.The product can be found at your local Safeway or home depot store. I get up at 4:30 AM and look for them and start spraying.

  • CrypticChristy

    Okay Here We Go!!! Thanks everybody for the tips and even gripes. At least I don’t feel so alone. Have purchased, D.Earth, Alchohol (Green and Clear), two-sided tape, industrial size plastic wrap and petroleum jelly. We’ve fogged the bedroom multiple times and that seems to be a waste of money so we’re trying everything else. For those of you with bites a million like us, try the $2 Hydrocortizone Cream from Dollar General. It seems to bring a lot of relief from the bites and I don’t wake up clawing myself in my sleep anymore. Will post again after a week or so of treatment. Thanks again.

  • help

    Help! My work has bed bugs and they aren’t doing anything to get rid of them. How can i stop from bringing them home????

  • Jon Bruno

    Go to the Doctors ASAP I went week later, should of gone that day, get steriod shot, Prednisole pack of steriods, Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream, Hydrocortisone cream.
    I look like I have the measels, How I am I to find work looking they way i do. Ft. Lauderdale Crew Houses….. Bad Idea
    If you can walk away from everything.
    I threw all my clothes in the wash at a laundry matt, threw away my lugage, bombed my car with everything else in it.
    Checked into a hotel.
    Sleep with the lights on,
    Flashlight under my pillow,
    wash my cloths every other day.

    steriods thought they were working after day 6, pack was over, 2 days later all the bumps are back and extra itchy. Dont itch put socks on your hands.
    Lots of hot showers, use a antiseptic/antimicrobial skin cleanser available any drug store, scrub entire bites area, then shower, head ands shoulders shampoo all over, then dove soap, rinse off with Witch Hazel.

    Take benadryl at night,
    Its been three weeks since I was eaten alive over 200 bites, arms the worse, legs, lower back.
    Call Eco Lab they are what hotels use, costs alot, but they test and spray, retest, dont use a cheap guy. Have your landlord make a insurance claim, homeowners. Advice is get renters insurance that cover bed bugs too if that exists.
    Tell people fire ants attacked you camping. Thats my line.
    Yes worst thing in my life, Come to find a new life/work and welcome to measle land.

    God please heal these bites. Death to the blood suckers, Must call Porfessional. Eco-Lab is all over USA

  • Rnoasn

    We’ve had bedbugs for about a year now. At first we didn’t know what they were. They bit my son, daughter and husband but hardly bit me and my youngest daughter. Since then we’ve throwen out 3 mattries, many pilliows and comfters. Also we’ve moved 4 times. In the past 3 months we’ve been using rubbing alocohol and recently been using vasline. Now the bites are fewer and less but we still have them even though I haven’t seen them anywhere recently. The best thing I would suggest is spraying rubbing alocohol and using vasline on the walls and bottom of the frunture.

  • debbie

    My husband and i got a roommate to help with rent cause i got sick and couldnt work, lo’ and behold,,,, bedbug city. please everyone dont buy the expensive stuff,, it doesnt work. i have tried alot of stuff and the only thing that works that i found is the rubbing alcohol.. also saran wrapping your bed as well for about 6 weeks, although you still need to wash your sheets everyother day, dont use the plastic bed covers as they go thru and or chew thru them..

  • Bugernator

    Heat kills these bugs. The hot summer months are coming for many so take heart you can leave off your AC and kill them with heat. You may have to go elsewhere for a day or two but the heat will kill them.

    I have three vans and one was in an accident and parked in my drive. I used it to kill the bugs. I boxed up books, bagged up stuffed animals and anything cloth, wood or fabric that I wanted to keep and I placed them in my van for a week with the windows up and let the sun kill them b**tards.

    Bed mattresses and box springs must be put in plastic not vinyl bed covers with the zippers. Then you must either tape *duct tape* the zippered area to keep them from crawling out of the mattresses.

    Wash bedclothes often, I washed in cold water because my water heater can’t keep up with the demand I’ve been putting on it, but I turn up the dryer heat and let them suckers cook.

    Steam clean the carpets and vacuum regularly, however, when you remove the vacuum bag or filters put them in plastic bags and dispose of them tied off tightly.

    Use Boric acid and or table salt mixed around the carpet edges. Any wall outlets you do not use or can spare block them off. Sprinkle boric acid inside all the used and unused electrical plug in fixture. Put the cover back on it. Then place tape across the plug in holes and around the frame of the cover so they can’t squeeze through it. They will stick to the tape too, so set up a schedule and pace yourself for the next several months.

    Change the tape monthly and sprinkle the boric acid/salt mixture.
    Wash bedclothes daily and dry on high heat more than 20 minutes.
    Spray alcohol on any areas that might have bugs or eggs remaining.
    Wear clothes to bed and exposed feet can be covered with socks or apply a Vaseline based lotion on any open skin areas.

    Shower daily so they don’t get nest in your hair.

    Cover pillow cases with plastic covers and pillow cases over them. Spray headboard with alcohol and rub Vaseline on bed legs.

    They had dogs that detect bedbugs and heat treatments that can be done in your home, but as of now. Orkin or any other exterminators in my area do not have them.

    Don’t buy used furniture. Anything you get used needs the heat treatment. I use my broken down van to bake everything in the sun and it kills them. I am junking the van soon, but for now I am putting it to good use.

    Don’t use a drivable vehicle to heat and kill bedbugs or you might get an infestation in clothes and such and back in the house they will come.

    Orkin has a heat application and a freeze application but they are expensive. That is not an option for me, I am too poor, but if someone can come up with the money that might be an option.

    People in apartments should contact the health department and get them on the landlords. This shouldn’t be your problem.

  • Bugernator

    P.S. Do not vacuum an infested area and then vacuum another area that is not infested in your house. It will blow the buggers out. Remove the bag after vacuuming the house and put it in plastic and tie off.

    Start with the uninfected areas and vacuum and suspected areas that are infested should be last. Then bag the vac cum bag or filter and pitch sealed tightly.

    If I can think of anything else I’ll come back. This is a public health problem and any store selling used or refurnished furniture to you and has bedbugs need reported. It is against the law. Let the health department deal with them too.

  • stacy

    ksoo, im 15 years old and these bugs are hell to me. almost half a year from now i had ALOT of them and they came out of nowhere. i started halusinating thinking their was bugs on me all the time. my dad got rid of them, even the exterminator couldnt. but my dad used pinesaw and sprayed the WHOLE couch and everything that had the bugs. he bought plastic rap and put it over the box spring and completly soaked the bed with pinesal and nomonia,. NOMONIA IS THE BEST FOR THE BUGS. i honestly feel terrible for whoever has these bugs because they made my life hell for months. i cried every day and i was sleeping in the bath tub and got a terrible sleep every night. just remember their sneaking little idiots and they know how to hide.

  • Bettina


  • pearl

    i am 14 yrs old and my dad has jst gotten bitten..we live in fiji..thanx peeps for info..well the alchol remedy looks promising, mite try dat 1.=]

  • Bettina


  • ItchyNBitchy

    Since BedBugs are nocturnal.. wouldnt it be beneficial to sleep with the light’s on?..just wondering.. damn im itchy.. never had this problem before until i let my friend move in with her boyfriend. their junk must of had them in it..

  • melissa

    Well me and my 3 children was moved into an infested apartment building all new furniture, we have had eradico come and spray our unit only 2 find out the multipule sprays and heat treatment did not work i think its due 2 other units being enfested they do not treat all of them 2 make a long story short we are moving and leaving thousands of dollars in electronics furniture behind and clothes and shoes this has 4 ever changed me as a person the damage is done im officially a freak 7 months with no sleep my children being bitten alive once a happy carefree person im now devastated and paranoid i pray 2 the lord once we move they will not come with us i cANNOT TAKE ANYMORE EVERYONE SAYS THEY ARE JUST BUGS BUT THEY ARE THE DEVIL GOOD LUCK AND GODBLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    omg bed bugs are killing me . im the only one in my house getting bitten . my husband sleeps in the same bed and nothing happens to him how is that?? thank goodness my kids arent . we cant afford the expansive treatment from the exterminators. going to try some of the home remedies. hopefully they work. if not going to take out a loan on the car to get rid of these pests. why did i hVE TO GET THESE BUGS?

  • tiffany

    hey guys, honestly throwing away furniture will jus cost losts of $$$ being tossed in the trash….a good inexpensive trick to do is to bomb entire room infested w/ the bugs including in little cracks and creaks(like in dresser corners, corners of room and etc) if they are cracks in the floor hot glue the spaces so they’re filled in(so they cant hide in the floor) then (if you cant afford to buy another mattress)buy moth balls and crush a good handfull of them then sprinkle on bed focusing on any seams, holes…everywhere. then purchase the plastic mattress cover where you can zip the bed up in and volia…no more buggies!!!! moth balls are harmless if children are around rather than using dangerous fumes but its important to bomb infested room then seal the creaks in walls and floors then do the bed when done bombing…it worked for me….good luck!!!!

  • Valerie

    I dont have ant tips but I found out I have bed bugs..Yuck there ugly little critters anyways I bought some boric acid and put it all over my couch “Not on top” All my clothes are now in garbadge bags…. I just got my bed froma friend and have not been on it yet so hopefully we are good in that room being bug free!!!
    I am going to try that rubbing alcohal cuz it sounds promising….But yeah My right ankle is infested with bites and so is the back of my right arm I just moved into my new apartment and this really sucks I hope this crap im reading works!!!

  • babygurl

    i dont have a tip but ima try everything yall haqve said and if that dont work im burning my house down so it dont infect others i live in a VERY populated place and it is around some nasty ppl so if i mave and leave everything behind if yalls remedys dont work i hope it does thanks for the tips and the best of luck to eveyone i know how you feel i just found out wat it was after 6 years of it

  • natalia

    i just find a few on my bed but im going to wrap my bed with plastic i will let you kno what happens

  • lisa

    ok so i have been battling these little guys for the last few months.Last week I convinced my boyfriend we needed to get rid of our old bed..I put the new bed in plastic and cleaned the entire room(pulled everything away from the walls, on my hands and knees scrubbing.) Its been about a week and they are back! I just spent another restless night woken up at 3 am itching! I see alot of suggestions and will be stoping at the store to pick up several of these items. I was just wondering for the people who spayed with alcohol, how many times? Per day?per week? And we have a cat, with the alcohol be harmful to her? Sshe likes to sleep in bed with us and I want to spray the bed down. I am a little worried also because many people have said that after trying several of these remedies, they have had relapses. How do I know for sure that they are gone for good? I am so tire and stressed out about all this I almost got into a carwreck driving to work!! I dont know how much more I can take!!!

  • trout

    throw furniteure away wash all the animals


    I just read on another web site that several people tried using a hair dryer on high heat to kill the bugs and they calimed it worked for them. Take a hair dryer and blow the heat on any infested area for several min(including cracks and crevis) then vaccum right away. Also they said to wipe/wash with course sponge. I tried just about everything else and if there are people claiming this works for them I will give it a try. Im also going to try the rubbing alcohol and silocon dioxide. Something has got to work!! I

  • Theresa

    i do not have a tip as of yet…i sleep next to my boyfriend and i get slaughtered every night by our new bedbug friends…i have red welts all over me…let me tell you..i have been reading some great ideas and plan to put them into action tomorrow morning…there are a few people here that are misinformed…(1.) i sleep with my AC on 62, lowest setting and bedbugs could care less, they love the cold in my room,its like iceland cold…(2.) last night i wore a tee shirt tucked into my undies..a hoody sweatshirt…a pair of jeans socks to my knees and guess what..i woke with about 8 more bites…through the clothing… meanwhile my boyfriend sleeps in his boxers with no shirt..not one bite..its killing me and we are sleeping tonight with the lights on..you should see boyfriend eyes covered with bandana..grrr i will be back in the next few days to give my input about the alcohol and vasoline ideas, sound perfect..and the Diatomaceous earth i have to find…wish me luck…Thanks for all the great ideas

  • mary


  • shannon

    well when living with my ex we had gotten bed bugs and we tried everything, alcohol, the bombs, even the sprays and nothing worked.. now where i live has them too. ugh idk wnat to do… cant afford the pros.

  • meme

    ha- i finally found something that works.
    first it was the couch and my sons bed… we tryed everything, spraying all kinds of stuff and even an extreminator- we still had them. got rid of sons bed and got hm new matress and box spring BUT leave the plastic on! recently we moved – guess what they came with us. they will hide in anything.
    we found a remedy of rubbing acohol and that kills the lil by lil (i think they reproduce faster). if you have a bite you can use alil on your skin and it will stop the itching. then someone else said a bottle of half water half bleach will kill them. we were spraying(misting) the couch and both beds. that helped alot! but still had them.
    SEVENS DUST!!!! oh yes, but i got down and dirty… we got rid of the couch… it was full! sprinkled the floor waited tillthe next morning and vacuumed it up but left a thin line around the edge. then to the bed room, lift the matress up and vacuumed it! all over very good, then do the same with the box springs. vacuum the floor underthe bed too! then sprinkle the dust, put the box spring down and sprinkle the top of it, put down your matress. about a week later do it again- vacuum up everything and reapply. you willsee a difference and they are about gone now!

  • meme

    the biggest thing you have to know is when you vvacuum then up you are not kiling them, they will crawl back out your vacuum to feed. so as soon as you are done vacuuming take the bag out and throw it away… you will go thru several bags in a short time but everytime you vacuum you must throw out the bag…

  • stephanie

    sorry no tip, i need help really bad, i have these nasty things in my apartment.. i have never had them beforre and my husband and i and our three little ones moved into an apartment and about two weeks in my daughter start to get bit. they looked like mosquito bites so i never really paid attention till we all started to get bit.. of course the apartment manager was like you could of brought them in and seriously we are flat broke because of this situation.. we had our mattress steamed our kids beds thrown out and we took everything we owned and put it in a uhaul.. had them exterminate and they are still here.. my daughter got bit up last night and i soo just want to leave evrything behind and just goo. i’m going to try the alchol and the vasoline.. my grandma said also banana peels is what they used to do in the old days so i’m going to give that a try.. thankyou for the tips!!!

  • stephanie

    also i want to make a comment.. they also live in light fixtures of the home. i am putting everything in plastic bags and wont open till these creatures are gone..

  • michelle

    Oh man got dese fu*res, wen my apt. Complex send some1 to paint n he was dragn the drop cloth from apt to apt, got exterminatedn now they rbak. So thnks for th tips. Tryn rubbin alchohol, n turned my space heater on full blast closed da bedroom door n stuffed a towel under the door so they can’t get out. Washed all my dirty clothes n left dem bagged up in my car in the SUN! Dat shuld help. I am living in my living room rite now. So tired from doing so much work not done yet but will let u guys kno wat happens in a few days. Please I saw 3 babies in the bathroom I feel like jus blown dis whole place up!!!! Anymore sugestion any1 thnx

  • kayce

    Thank u for all ur good tip by reading all the tip it seem lie people is using alcohol and vasoline….. I wrap my bed with plastic and from some reason I’m still gettin bite I hate them lil fuckers!!!! Then I notice that it on the clothes u wear no my brothers can not sleep in my room cus I think they bring it in…. I’m got to ripe my plastic spray alcohol and re-wrap it!!!! I jus hope dis work but I can I convince my parents to do the same…. I’m tired!!!!! Pls let god be on my side…..

  • margaret

    nothing works !!!!

  • ana

    what about our pets???,omg!no tips..we are desperate!

  • L. Kinsey

    My daughter was bitten about 30 times the other night in her bed. I have now completely stripped her room and have not found one single bed bug. I bought casings for her mattress and box spring, steam cleaned the floor and created a spray mixture of eucalyptus oil, citrus delight essential oil, and water. The citrus delight contains geranium oil, clove, lime, lemon, orange, black pepper, mandarin, juniper,bergamot, maychang, and tangerine. It smells wonderful, and as a natural remedy, insects do not like this odor. It also helps to ward off mosquitoes.

    I carefully vacuumed and rolled up her carpet and threw it out into the yard for further cleaning. I will probably spray it down with bleach solution and let it dry on the line in the sun.

    Bed bugs do not like heat, and will die at 115 degrees. This is why I first power vacuumed all the cracks in her room, and then steam cleaned.

    She didn’t get a single bite last night, so I hope what I am doing is driving them away.

    Just a side note: We live in the mountains and have two cats that come and go. They keep the mice, rat, and mole population down, but occasionally a mouse will make it into the house. It doesn’t take long for a rodent to bring bed bugs, fleas, ticks, or mites into your home. So watch for rodent sign. Also, this morning one of the cats caught a bird and brought it in. Needless to say, the cats are going to be out for the rest of the summer until we are sure the problem is gone;-)

    I hope this helps you. Keep in mind that you can see these little creatures, so don’t start thinking you are hallucinating. If you look for them in target areas, you will find their nests and then be able to destroy them. My guess is that if someone is still getting bitten after all the effort they put into getting rid of them, then they probably are not finding the nest.

    There was also a report recently about a heat treatment that can kill an infestation lickety split!

    Good luck!

  • L. Kinsey

    I forgot to add, I also grow German Thyme in my kitchen windowsill. So I cut off a few sprigs of this and gently rubbed it around the boxspring. (All my mattresses and box springs are covered with bedbug barriers and duct tape around the zippered parts. I then tossed the rest of the thyme on the floor in the corner to vacuum up the next time I vacuum.

    I also wanted to add that it is much better to try and combat these critters naturally instead of using a bunch of Raid or harmful chemicals, especially if you have children or pets!!!

    And for those of you who are freaked out, just remember that it could be much worse. Fleas are awful and can jump–plus they are not very easy to smush. Ticks are bad too, because they carry Lymes disease. And bedbugs hate light! So during the day is when you can go at it with cleaning and searching for their hiding places. At least they can’t jump or fly and you can see them!!! Take heart:-)

  • margaret & dale

    hi okay so just not to long ago our home became infested with the bed bugs what we did was bag’d clothes sheets blankets pillows we dried the blankets sheets pillows we used every day only kept clothes we really needed and kept the rest in bags i then wrapped up the bags with duct tape making sure nothing makes its way out ….vacuum vacuum vacuum is what we do 3 to 4 times a day our beds we wrap’d up in plastic bed covers all our kids toys were boxes and wrapped with packing plastic wrap and kept out side …..so sorry i do not have real information but this worked for me …we may be living out of bags but i’d rather live out of bags then be itching all night …also another tip me and my boyfriend picked up was when looking for them in the dressers we used a lighter heated up all corners and watched the lil suckers run lol……………….good luck to you all

  • Chris

    This is not a tip, cuz I just got’em, but a couple questions. This wouldn’t work for everyone, but will they not come out if I sleep with all the lights on and the air conditioning cranked up? And do they only feed between 3 and 5 am? If so, can I just deal with them more slowly in the rest of the apartment while focusing short term on securing the bed and isolating it by the above methods? I mean, if I am in the bed between 3 and 5 and they can’t get to the bed…? Or am I just foolin myself?

  • Christian

    Haha this was the funniest comments web page I’ve seen in a long time! Seem like bed bugs give little sense of humor too! Anyway, yes, I have them too – I’ve used scotch tape to catch them and clean mattress in the seam areas, I vacuumed, but they do return. So I’ll be buying “Diatomaceous Earth” powder, seems like it’s best solution and very low price too.(thanks to few people who noted it). No, I’m not buying whole new house, selling everything or moving on the Island as some recommended. (OK, island I did think about a little, but not because of bed bugs :-)).

  • r. hopkins

    Plz tell us about this “new thing” concerning using the banana peels to exterminate the bedbugs. “old home remedies” usually will work! Do they stick on there? won’t that just bring in the knats?? How many do you use?? (etc, etc.)

  • robin

    The bugs will not cross a vaseline barrier. I put vasaline, with my finger, around the whole sides of my comforter near the top of the bed, and have slept bug-free since i did that. Pulled the bed from the wall, and put vaseline on the legs of frame. Also, keep ur comforter from hitting the floor, and don’t allow ur bedstuff {pillows, sheet, etc.} to cross over your vaseline barrier. {Note; I sleep on top of my comforter, with sheet and quilt on top of me.} I’m sure the bugs are there underneath somewhere, but they aren’t getn me at night. {If they can’t reach us to feed, shouldn’t they die off?) Am still gonna spray my alcohol fumigate, etc. And pray. i refuse to live with bugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rick

    -Use mattress and box spring encasements (not half covers) (duct tape on whole zipper as baby bed bugs can go thru zipper. I use a-“protect-a-bed” brand.. If you can’t afford, then use heavy duty plastic and tape to completely seal mattess and especially the box spring, this won’t keep bug away, it just prevents them from hiding inside the box spring and breeding and locks in any existing bugs that will die within 18 months without your blood
    -ISOLATE YOUR BED, its not a guarantee that no bugs will somehow get into your bed, but it will help, Get 2 plastic containers, put legs of bed in first smaller container, and then the smaller container goes inside a larger plastic container. Make sure edges of 2 containers are not touching each other. This two container system forms a mote, so bed bugs can’t climb up you bed legs. Use a cotton ball or tissue and very lightly coat the walls of the containers with baby power, this markes the plastic to slippery for them to climb. Use masking tape around the outside wall of the bigger container, we want the bugs to be able to climb in and get trapped. Wash these out once a month and re- apply the baby powder to the inner walls. For added security, apply a small amount of Diatomaceous earth or Pyrethrins insect powder to the bottom of each container to kill any bed bugs that enter.
    -A commercial version is sold on the internet called the Climbup insect interceptor.
    -isolate the bed and couch, keep bed and couch away from walls, do not let blankets or sheets hang and touch floor, as this will make a bridge for bugs to climb. You can also put the legs of your bed in the center on the large mouse glue traps, put a small piece of paper in the center, so your legs won’t stick to the glue board.
    -Only put clean bug free sheets and blankets on bed. HOT dryer will kill bed bugs, but clothes must be dried at least 15 min past the point of being dry. Put all hot dried clothes on new clear plastic bags. I place of clean clothes directly on my bed and fold them and place then in my bug free isolated clothes dresser. I installed 4 legs (I use castors) to elevate flat dresser off the ground. Then isolate dresser the same way I did with the bed with 2 container system. You can use this trick and isolate all you chairs too. For flat furniture, add legs or castors to elevate. Never put clothes on the floor.
    -Calk and seal baseboards, cracks and where electrical, water and radiator pipes enter. Calk around wall plug receptacles
    -You must get rid of clutter. Bed bugs love hoarders!
    -Vacuum often Do not store any items under the bed.
    – If you seen one bug, guaranteed you have lots more. Use the internet to learn as much as you can about bed bugs. Be informed and take action.
    -Be careful using pesticides, always follow label instructions.
    – For most infestations, home remedies won’t cut it; you must get a professional exterminator with experience with bed bugs.
    – I live in an apartment, I am taking precautions against bed bugs but my neighbors are not, so it is an endless battle. Only way out is to get a bug free house, and put “all” my stuff in sealed storage tugs for 18 months.
    – I hate bed bugs; I have had lots of emotional stress and sleepless nights because of these bugs from hell. I hope my tips help you!

  • michelle

    its michelle i am bak, i am the one who put the clothes in the car in the sun….so quess what the best thats working for me is the DIATOMEOUS EARTH!!!!!!!!YES PEOPLE I GOT SOMTHING FOR THOSE LIITLE F**KERS NOW BRING IT ON BED BUG B**CHES. you guys stop buying spray and all dat shit you must get the d.earth and sprinkle it under your sheets in the corners in you draweres along caroet edges EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 this is the greatest thing out there for these bugs. i could not find out but went to LOWES and found the shit, after the employeee told me the dont carry i went and looked in the garden isle and there it was for $9 bucks for a ten pound bag!!!!! yes yes yes yes yes yes yes get it now i got three bags dont need that much but fuk it i am ready and armed. somebody please hit me up and let me know u hear meeeeeee pleeeeeeeeeaaaase HAHAHAHAHA its these little bugs r not gona win NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO WAAAAAUY!!!!!!

  • rick

    DIATOMEOUS EARTH is not a poisonous chemical but it is un-healthy for your lungs if you breathe in the dust. Only use it in places where is not likely to get disturbed and become air bourn. Use it in cracks and crevices. Always where a duct mask when applying DE


  • michelle

    hey its michelle again, some 1 metioned that it will affect your lungs, not really maybe a little irritation in your eyes when you are putting down dont let it dust up too much, thats when u get an eye irritation but once its down you and your pets will be fine. now when i talk about D earth i am referring to the one for insect not the one they use to clean pools. there are two kinds so be carefull the D.E for pool cleaning is of a different grade and wont be effective in your home. but the effect the DE have on the insects is no way the same effect it will have on species that have their skeleton internally and before it even get to our lungs it has to pass through so much body fluids i doubt there will be serious harm done to us. again just make sure when you are applying it where a mask, once the dust settles you will be fine.

  • Jannie

    This the the only answer:

    I discovered these horrible bugs in my bed…just one. I then
    found a few in my loveseats. I had been itching and to my horror
    bed bugs were the reason. This is the answer: buy a dry steam
    cleaner which reaches temps to 240 degrees and steam everywhere.
    I steam every day and vacuum and spray alcohol on everything..just
    mist over bedding and carpet with a spray bottle. I have spray bottles everywhere. This is not harmful to you or your animals.
    Just don’t spray it when they are too close to you.
    I have cats and they are my babies so using chemicals is out..
    even that bud bug powder which claims not to be harmful to animals
    is suspect as I took it to my vet and he said “No”. Any spray
    other tham alcohol should be checked by your vet.
    Vapormor steamer is great and costs about 300.00. They are shipping
    thousands of these to New York City which is infested big time.I have done hours of research and outbreaks of bed bugs are everywhere now. I know that 300.00 sounds like a lot of money, and it is, but it gives such piece of mind and kills them and their eggs and any other bug that might want to visit. I love to steam and kill them..It makes me feel so good. Have your carpets steam cleaned with hot soap and water with those big machines in addition to using your own steamer (the steamer is only a steamer, not a vacuum). ALSO, you must encase your mattress, pillows and loveseats, etc. Look everywhere, turn your home upside down and steam drawers and closets, walls etc. Wash everything and keep your clothes in jumbo ziplock plastic bags in your drawers. Keep laundry in plastic bags and never where your shoes in the house. Get rid of all wicker and make sure the wood you have has a varnish on it. Don’t leave your purse on the floor. Seal with strapping tape the outside of every wall outlet in your house and put those baby proof plastic plugs in the unused sockets. Put all your stuffed animals or toys in a hot dryer for 80 minutes on high.
    Check high and low with a big spotlight. I got a great one at Target. Only use vacuums with bags you can throw out.I lay out
    white throw rugs so I can see them.
    These devil bugs have changed me as a person. I am creeped out forever. They can be anywhere and are great hitchhikers. Be careful who you hug and who you let in your home. Make them take off their shoes. Never bring a suitcase in your home. Buy a cheap one and dump it when you come home from travel. I have a trip planned in November and the first thing I will do is check the
    resort for the devil bugs.
    This is tremendous work and extreme stress and I am sleep
    deprived. I have been through the emotions of this trama from terrified, crying til I couldn’t breathe to angry. The government should step in on this major problem and push for an answer. The fight is constant and you can’t get lax about it.
    Steam, vacuum, stray alcohol. This process has taken me over
    a month and I am bug free. On the bright side, I have lost 15 pounds and still losing, have pruged my house of things I really don’t need, and my house would probably win an award for the cleanest home ever. I pray to God for piece of mind for me and
    all of you. I hope my suggestions help. I know it is very hard
    work, but you will win in the end.

  • charles s.

    I see I’m not the only one who’s going crazy with these insects .I’m in an apt. building in a single room unit and was the last one in the bldg. to get them I’ve been here 5 yrs . I discovered my infestation last Nov. it took the manager until Feb for the first treatment I really think the guys did a poor job just to keep coming back also it didn’t help that I have a lot of furniture.I got rid of my mattress and box springs now I’m sleeping on a air mattress I bought a big jug of that Bayer bug spray, don’t waste your money. I saw that special dust online for $23 but first I’m going to try the alcohol being that I’m on a fix income. I can get alcohol at the 99 cents store.I have change my whole sleep routine and I’m starting to feel like a vampire.Like someone said I’m constantly looking for them every spot is suspect.

  • Carrie

    Hi….like everyone else here I have bedbugs. I got them from my sister who got them from a cousin. My nephews were staying with me but visiting their mother on weekends so I guess they hitched a ride on the kids clothes. I have tried the powder DIATOMEOUS EARTH and found all it did was make everything a powdery mess. I’m not sure if I’m infested with them as of yet as I have only seen (and killed a few othem.) I did put plastic on my box spring and mattress and yesterday I took it off and removed the covering from the underside of my box spring and found the ba***rds hiding in my box spring. I bought this spray called “Good Night” from Home Depot and sprayed them and saturated the wood, folds etc with it and they died. I pray they all craoked. I have not seen any signs of them in my closet or in my drawers but did find them in my loveseat in the livingroom so I threw it away. It has been sitting outside in our 95+ degree heat. I sleep with my light on hoping the little nocturnal things will think it’s still daylight. I can only imagine what my light bill will be. I hate these bugs and hate having them. I want to go back to a time when I didn’t have them.

    Has anyone here gotten rid of theirs completely? I just want to know there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I hate bedbugs.

    Any tips will be greatly appreciated.


  • nic

    No tip. Have realized these little buggers are the problem. My husband was not getting bit at all only me. We used the hot shot purple bottle thats says bedbugs and within 3 days of that 3 of our 5 children are now getting bit. it breaks my heart to see this happening. The bug bombs only make it worse. We called a professional, cannot afford the treatment and there is no guarantee, the contract states control of: notgood enough for me. I already ordered 100% DE waiting for that to come. This has been going on for about 4 months. didnt realize what it was until about 2 weeks ago. We were always outside at games and figured it was mosquitos. Just wish that I knew that this was a big problem, meaning: just this week, front page of our local newspaper a huge article about housing projects needing to be sprayed.
    I have no idea how they got here, Just wish they would leave.

  • mr. awesome

    put rubbing alcohol and calamine lotion on each bite the stand in front of a fan spray alcohol on your bed then sleep on the couch after a thorough shower or at a friends house (not your girlfriends house or you will look stupid and be dumped maybe) also count your bites three times in a row then multiply that number by two now you just did some math also do something to occupy your self dont scratch if all else fails then cut each wound with tooth pick then squeeze wound until all puss is out. also tacos and doughnuts are awesome like me.

  • martin

    I agree with RICK. Bed Bugs weren’t created by God, they come from El Diablo! I’m working on the non-toxic solutions like rubbing alcohol spray. Easier on the your lungs and your skin!

  • louie

    the best way to avoid being bit at night while you sleep is to keep the lights on

  • charlene

    bedbugs ehhh????keep ur house clean….keep off your pets inside ur bedroom…..

  • Ryan n Jenni

    Just got the little f’ers in our girls room. Not to mention that they have been eating my whole fam alive every night. It sucks!!!! We have been vacuuming EVERY day, sprayed the whole apt with Black Flag, steam cleaned twice, washed all of our stuff with Hot WATER and dry it,we even pulled up the carpet and vacuumed, and spayed the pad with bug spray. We’ve been fighting these guys for a couple of days non-stop and so far, we’ve killed about 100,000 of them. (At least it feels like that many!) They are starting to die off like crazy. Hopefully, what we’ve been doing works for good!

  • tina

    omg im stressin real bad!! feel disusted,cant take it. cant stop itchn. ughhh.im scared 2 even sleep.i fear for te kids especially with the so called “bed time stories” sooo does rubbing alcohol damage?? or discolor?

  • Christene

    Has anyone got rid of them completely on these home remedies??? I got a bed from a friend over a week ago and had no issues til i woke up this morning. I did the research and sure enough found one of those buggers crawling across the bedding. On another site I seen someone say about a bug spray with a certain ingredient in it… which i did find at wal-mart, only the wasp and hornet spray contained it. Now before spraying it… i did not see any bugs anywhere for the exception of that one. I sprayed the whole bottle soaking my mattress on both sides and left the room for a couple hours. When i came back i killed about 10 that were high up on the walls (unsure if the spray affected them and they were the few who got away). I washed and dried all of my bedding. Ugh, eh I am itching thinking about them and totally bugged out.
    Now the saran wrap idea… hmm might have to go out and get some when my finances are back intact. I rent and and me going to the laundry mat daily would be too time consuming and virtually impossible for me to do. I’ll have to load up on D. earth and rubbing alcohol… i knew the empty closet here would come in handy for something in the future, but sure wasnt expecting this. If its not one thing… its another! Any one else want to chime in with some others “kill the bedbug” remedies??? There’s a lot of us who live paycheck to paycheck… I cant afford an exterminator and if tomorrow i hit the lottery, I’ll invite you all to an island. 🙂

  • christene

    I posted on here yesterday and today it seems to be gone. Has anyone completely got rid of bed bug with these remedies? I am itching like crazy!!!!

  • chuck

    I was a missionary in the Philippines for nearly 20 years. I have battled bedbugs for decades. There is only one thing that I have ever found to work, and that is prayer. (I kid you not!)

    Do the other stuff if you want, and it may help to some degree. But whatever you do, PRAY! And may God give you good success!

  • bug hater

    I discovered these bed bugs two years ago and still have them I lve in condo and the property manager has the pros come in and it don’t work I have done everything my daughter’s playpin was infested we found over a hundred and my sons and. I get eaten alive but not my husband him and I sleeping on the couches we dont even remember how it feels to sleep in a bed take it from me nothing works I was watching the today show they Saudi u cant ever get rid of them. …someone help I’m gonna endup in a looney bin

  • Linnett

    I would have guest and family over and would have bedbug problems I would always spray disinfectant spray mainly lysol spray when they leave. I had a small out break some months ago got rid of bed sheets and covers. sprayed my body nightly with the outdoor bug repellent OFF, and kept spraying my bed and couch with strong antibacteral lysol spray. The infestation did not get bad I cought the problem before it went through my home still have the bed and the couch. This worked for me Always spray couch and floor after guest and family. people they will not tell you they have bedbug infestation for fear you will judge them. And you wont want to be around them. It was the kids that informed me of their out break in their homes not the adults. So I used what I had didn’t know about any of the above treatments.

  • Jenna

    Not everyone has the money to throw away everthing and buy everything again. You don’t want to buy a used bed right? A brand new bed costs way more than my apartment! I had to throw away a bed I had for five years, perfect condition and clean, now I have an air mattress cause I couldn’t afford a new one.

  • karolkeshy

    omg this things are extremely bad.donno wat to do ,i cant sleep coz they are all over.
    trying all sort of remedies hoping to have a solution soon.
    pliz help, have tried almost everything and nothing is working.

  • Cheryl

    Dose anyone know where u can buy Diatomaceous Earth, what stores carry it in Indpls,In

  • need help

    i dont have a tip just a question…i dont have them in my bed but on the couch dont see bite on me or kids but i feel something crawling on me every time i sit there?? its not flea’s cuz i can see them, i cant see anything and im not the only one that feels it…am i goin crazy or do i have bed bugs?? and if so what is a really good way to get them gone??!!

  • Christene

    3 days and no bites…. whoa i am feeling better. Woohooo!

  • Robert Erbach

    Bedbugs the hate smell & oder of ammonia

  • Melissa

    I am soooooooo tired!!! I cant sleep. I am pretty sure my whole house is infected… have never had bug issues in my life until 2 months ago when these bugs decided to move in from someone in our complex.. pur management bug bombed about a month ago but they are back in full force… i have been doing alot of research and i did find this one website http://www.tallmanscientific.com/index.php they guarantee their product for 365 days… which is about how long it takes to starve a bedbug… i think that is saying something and its not very expsensive! they have the diatom dust and everything is environment and health friendly! I am checking them out asap… in the mean time I will be trying the rubbing acohol…. and maybe some double sided tape….

  • Jen

    I am with everyone on this site. I finally found a solution. Diatomaceous Earth. It’s amazingly safe for pets and children. A bag will run you about $8. Sprinkle it around the edges of your house/apartment. Sprinkle your bed with it and buy bed covers that zip up. Also alcohol works, but not well enough that it should be your only solution. I finally slept last night. The first time in months. THIS REALLY WORKS!!!

  • Kim

    I used the alcohol and heat treatment after an exterminator failed to rid me of them i have my fingers crossed this will work…

    wannakilllindsae…I think you are very rude and nervy to blame this on your step daughter anyone can get them from anywhere….i think your BF should kick you to the curb for being an unfit step parent…. how would you like it if someone treated your child like that is that accepatable….your are worst than the bugs themselves…

  • Roccadaboat

    TIP: If have carpets, carpet cleaning is only going to keep them away for about 3 months. You really need to rip them up. If you want piece of mind do it.

    We had our home sprayed 3 times, and they still came back months later. We bought the expensive bed bug covers etc. But the issue was really our couch. The extermintor (finally got a truthful worker) said the poison only gets 1/3 into the fabric, anything living beyond that, if they do not come up to try and eat you…they will live. Can live up to 365 days w/out a blood meal. He continued to tell us, that by law, he can not tell us, what to do w/ our furniture..that was his way of saying..get rid of it! Just got the damn couches about 4 months and they were perfect looking for the shape of the room – everyone complimented them. Go f’in figure!

    We only saw 4 bugs by site, but you KNOW you have them, because you itch, and you have mosquito looking bites on you. ALL IT TAKES IS ONE BUG to send your world

  • ME

    had a minor problem with the buggers myself.

    Threw out mattress, and bleached,clorox whipe, and windexed my entire wodden bedframe, then taped up the cracks and corners.

    been two days, havent seen a bug since.

    I find windex works great for a lot of bug types. Windex brought the bugs out of their hiding spot, and the bleach killed them.

    Oddly enough I was never bitten. I only knew because I have two cats that found them wile laying on my bed. The cats werent bitten, though.

    I replaced my mattress with two thick foamies, that are workign great instead untill i can afford a new matress.

    I also put 3 extra blankets over the foamies.

  • Cleanearth

    Years ago I stayed at a rooming house, got bites, told landlord, he said to put powdered sulfur directly on bed, then sheets over that. I did and never saw another bedbug. Don’t know if it killed them or just repelled them, but they were gone.

    Don’t know if you can buy powdered sulfur at the drug store today – maybe ask the pharmacist where you can get it.

    I’ve also mixed it with vaseline and put it on dog’s “hotspots” where he scratches and makes a mess. Works every time, probably because sulfur is something of a natural antibiotic. Hope this helps someone……..I haven’t had a problem in many years now.

  • diane/s.philly

    hi i also have that problem ,last year i seen them in my room and my childs [i tried everything,,,,nothing work -the big exterminators wouldnt even guarette it ] got rid of all the furniture ,re did the room ,,,while spraying ,now a year later i have them in my sofa ,im goin f nuts,but im seeing all ur post an like alot of u i cant afford $800 ,so im goin to take some advice from you all,,,if anyone whatches channel 6 they had it on the news this morning you can go to 6 abc.com and they have a live chat [NOT THAT THERE GOIN TO DO ANYTHING FOR US…..THAT SUCKS WISH EVERYBODY LUCK

  • PanicNoMore

    I dealt with these horrible bed bugs about 4 years ago and I got rid of them… but I do believe in strong pesticides. I couldn’t afford an exterminator, so my Dad helped me out by going to the nearest exterminator store and asking what he could buy and mix himself in a 5 gallon spray canister to use to kill them. I don’t know the name of the stuff, but the store can recommend something specifically for bedbugs.

    I sprayed the bare beds, mattresses, especially along the seams (make sure it’s safe to spray on bedding directly) and also on the boxsprings. Then I covered with freshly washed sheets that I had bleached in hot water in the washer, and dryed on the highest setting on the dryer. I washed baseboards, dried and then sprayed them. I got every creak and crevice. I washed all clothes in the house, the same as the sheets. I threw away the sofa, which I used to crash on at night, finding out months after being bitten that it was bedbugs. The doctors at first said they didn’t know what the ‘rash’ was… and I was told to come back in a month for a biopsy after taking some steroids. Did that. They said come back in a month for the results! Of course I was sleeping with the sobs the whole time having no idea! Finally, the doc said to check for ‘buggies’… I felt like screaming at this point.

    It took me about 2 weeks to get rid of them and that was only because I sprayed obsessively… daily at first, then every 3 days, then once a week, and now, 4 years later, once a month.

    Keeping the beds incased in plastic is really smart. Keeping cleaned clothes in new trashbags and sealed up is the way to go… yes, live out of bags for as long as it takes.

    Don’t despair. They will go with constant battle. It’s you against them, so make sure you win. You will rest again, but it takes a while to get over the psychological trauma. Read, read, read and try all the tips.

    Good luck, there is hope.

  • Yvonne

    We have also been fighting this problem for almost 2 years. We rented a house that was infested. The owner knew it and did not tell us. Within a week of living there we were all getting eaten alive. The first thing we did when we found them was to call in the professionals. They came 3 times a month apart and all that did was empty our banking account. We threw away all of the mattress (we have 8 children so that is 9 mattress and box springs altogether), went out and bought everyone air mattress because we were told they can not climb plastic. We never thought about the bed frames at first but we did a few months after when we still were seeing them. So we got rid of all bed frames and my husband made new ones for everyone. We tried everything…we went out and bought a steam cleaner that did everything from floors to walls to clothing…it would have probably done the dishes if I tried it 🙂 and that worked real well. We also moved after getting rid of 1/2 of our stuff. We put all of our stuff into the family room so I could clean everything with the steam cleaner and wash machine.

    Went up stairs to start steam cleaning the floors to find that this new house also has bed bugs..yaaaa us! I steamed cleaned everyday for like 3 months to kill everything I could. I steamed cleaned so much the darn thing stopped working. We have been vacuuming everything spraying everything down on a daily bases. I am running out of ideas. I started to think about new ways of killing bed bugs and came up with one that I have been testing. One day I was vacuuming one of our sofas and say bed bugs I was getting tired of putting stuff on the curb so I thought the best way to kill them is to put something down that would dry them out. So I took baking soda (I clean everything with it and have a lot in the house) and sprinkled it in the sofa and flipped it upside down and did the same thing. Flipped it over sprinkled some on the carpet around the sofa and left it over night. Went to vacuum the next day and to my surprise found little black dots in the baking soda on the carper. I was shocked so I flipped the sofa over and found dead ones on the underside of the sofa. Let me tell you how happy I was. So we went into all of the kids rooms and put everything we could in black garbage bags or the rubber made bins with lids and got everything out of the rooms except anything that was made of wood. we sprinkled baking soda all along the wall and wood furniture. I stayed up until 5 a.m last night I am sorry this morning just to check to see if it was doing anything at all or if the sofa and carpet was just a flew k.

    Well I saw that there were dead baby ones in the baking soda and some big ones were moving reallllly slow. So I left it all day today and have been in the rooms twice so far and see that some big ones are dead to. So I think it is working I just think it takes longer with to kill the bigger ones so I am leaving it until tomorrow and then we will vacuum it all up. I will go to the store tomorrow and buy some more and re spread it again after washing everything down with bleach. I am going to put some on the mattress as well. I wonder how long this is going to take before we get rid of all of them. We want to move out of this house and do not want to take them with us. We will be inspecting the new house with a fine tooth comb because we have had to infested houses in a row. There will not be a third. I know God will help us find something that works. If this baking soda thing works I know it was God answering my prayers. We are all so tired of them!

  • Aneleh H

    I bought skin-applied insect repellent: Cutter Skinsations “with aloe and Vitamin E” – “moisturizes skin” and repels mosquitoes and biting bugs – an outdoor product for campers. I spray it on my body, more heavily where I get the most bites. It does help and I get less bites. Not very pleasant, though, to go to bed with bug-repellent on you. My bottle was running low, and I filled it up with rubbing alcohol, so I now have a half-and-half mixture to try. Hope it still works as well. And today, I received Diatomaceous Earth that so many of you mention. If it works, I will reorder. (The ITCHING is agony!)

  • JoAnna

    I am starting to believe NO ONE knows what to do anymore besides buy DDT on the black market and possible got to a federal pen for killing the enviroment. I have had these stupid bugs for 6 months now! My neighbours daughter broghtthem from Kentucky. Infested her parents apts ( who enjoy them and don’t wash before treatments) and now has traveled to most of the complex. I have spent over $200.00 washing and drying all of my stuff twice. Luckly I left most of my washed stuff some where else and only brought back what I needed. The Okin Man says if I get them again I have to burn my expensive mattress and sleep on the floor
    (closer to the bugs Yah!) and now I am going into a prevention war with Matress, box spring and pillow encasements for bed bugs, dust mites and other allergens.Another $300.00 out the door. Seriously NOTHING WORKS. Best advice protect your stuff if you can encase it get rid of it. They don’t like hard floors I have heard going all wood might help but I don’t have that option. As for the iching…DON”T SCRACH! they are much like mosqito bites. Anti ich for misquito btes help after the burn. Good Luck!

  • bonnie bender

    DO not scatter them! I had infestation. I am now bed bug free. Do get mattress cover; you will sleep better, but this is what worked. B.B.’s hate alcohol and Murphy’s Oil Soap. It is unfortunate that one must spray alcohol like it is room freshner, but you will. Spray the alcohol everywhere and anywhere you can and keep doing it. Mop your floors at every opportunity with alchohol and Murphy’s Oil Soap. I experimented with live bed bugs; believe me, bleach will NOT work; not even bleach and ammonia combined; that is pure poison, but they walked right through it. Alchohol and hot heat dries them up. I know other things will work instinctively. I will bet hot chili pepper water would work. Anything that will destroy their nasty outer layer WILL kill them. I have been fine sprayng alcohol 91% and the oil soap helps. It takes a few weeks at least to completely get rid of the suckers, so don’t freak. If you are rich you can get rest easy. It works. It is at Bed Bath and Beyond. You can get rid of these suckers. Don’t freak and keep going with alcohol and Murphy’s. Reach out and try other things if you are more poor than I am. I do think hot water with hot chili peppers would work. Dry up that nasty BB body; I know there are a lot of things that will shrivel them up, just as the alcohol did for me. Good luck. Blow dryer with dry heat works wonderful too, if you have the patience.

  • David

    I have been using this BedBug Spray I found on the Internet, it does not kill the bed bugs but it protects from infestation. Apparently herbs are natural repellents and the Lavender BedBug Repellent i found works really well. Their website is under construction but they can be found on facebook through their business page.


    Hope this Helps!

  • charles

    use a combination of cotact spray sor your wood products exteriors and steam the hell out of everything else. we tried everything from dust to bombs that say they kill bedbugs. the bombs merely run the bugs into the walls where they multiply and become worse over time. steam is the only thing we found that worked effectively.you must stay diligent at this process for a month and they will disappear.dont give up and dont remove the items from your home.they will come back either from someone else or they will find their way back inside not to mention you are infesting the rest the people around you by doing so.please try this method it has been very effective for us only after we spent hundreds of dollars on chemicals and got estimates that were well above one thousand dollrs.our 55.oo steamer has been the most effective

  • Bob

    The only way to removed bed bugs from your entire home is to have a professional pest control company this has the equipment to heat your home to 140 degrees. At this temperature the bed bugs are killed through out the house. Not just surface bugs, but deep down bugs in carpet, furniture, closets, etc. There aren’t any products that can rid your “home” of bed bugs. You can kill them on the surface, but deep down materials will not be affected.

  • Boo

    I have these nasty little bugs. I have used Clorox clean-up with bleach. Kills them on contact. But has to be with bleach!!!!. Buy mattress covers that zip up. Put your mattress and box springs in one. Leave this on for at least a year. Wash clothes, bedding, carpets, and whole house every 3 days. Get rid of stuff that you do not need. Put stuff you must keep in spaces bags and get a storage unit to store your stuff in for the time being. This way you have a chance to fight these nasty bugs.

    Most important DO NOT STOP SLEEPING IN YOUR BED!!!!!!. If you move out of your bedroom they will find you where ever you are. CLEAN AND CLEAN SO MORE!!!!!. Also if you rent find the bugs and show your landlord. It is there job to keep there places free from nasty things like this.

    I have went from having my apartment happy and cozy to OMG CLEAN EVERYTHING EVERY DAY.

    Happy fighting.

  • porsha

    for 3wks now i have had some kind of bites went to doc said no scabies to check for bed bugs i have looked and looked havent seen a bug anywhere in the house but i do know i get bitten while sleep i went to dollar store bought 50 bottles of alcohol and sprayed n poured it on everything in site no bites last night”thank god” will let ya know how it works

  • Lesbian Couple with 2 Kids

    Well…we are unsure where the bedbugs came from but my wife & I have been battling these things for about a month now and YES the GREEN Rubbing Alcohol does kill them on the spot but we also found that you can go to Home Depot & get a SPRAY made by HotShot for bedbugs & that too works. We already threw our bed in the trash. We live in a Four-Plex apartment building & have no clue if any of the other tenants in the building are having a problem (our neighbors don’t speak to us because we are not mexican or spanish) with them. I myself have EXTREMELY sensitive skin & have been bit all over, my wife is getting bit up too but it seems as our children are not. I can tell everyone try the GREEN RUBBING Alcohol and also the Hotshot (it’s says Bedbugs on the bottle) from home depot. We have been wondering if it’s possible that the Bedbugs were brought into our building by neighbors who moved in & only stayed for about 15 days & hurried & moved back out??? We live in Las Vegas Nevada (is always hot here), we keep our apartment @ a VERY cool (our kids are always complaining it’s too cold) temperature so what now? I am an EXTREME neat freak (OCD type) so our home is always VERY neat & clean. Any other tips on battling these nasty creatures?

  • Steven

    For people who can’t afford a proper pest control worker/company.

    Silica gel works well. The cheapest way to buy it is Silica crystal cat litter. You need to powder it down to a fine flour like powder or it will not work the best. It is tedious work but after you get the work done properly it will help rid your home/apartment of bedbugs for good. No matter how bad the infestation.

    You should always wear proper protection while working with dust treatments. PUT INTO CRACKS AND CREVICES and seal up any gaps in the floors or walls with some sort of sealant product to keep the bugs from coming back. The silica gel dust will continue to kill until it get’s wet and could keep the bugs away for indefinitely once the infestation is killed off.

    Remember that the silica needs to be powdered down incredibly fine. So fine that it can go through a sock. If you can feel salt like particles than you haven’t done it well enough. It has to stick to the bugs which in turn sucks all their fluids out of them. Ironic eh he,he,he. You can even put it on your bed/couch but there needs to be a protective covering between you and the dust. The bugs will like being able to go under the cover to hide and bam hello little blood sucking monster ha.

    If I sound like I’m a bit crazy than you should know that it’s from a year long battle with the bugs. To apartments and numerous different treatments. I’m not totally sure how good it works but countless others swear that they have had major infestation of hundreds to millions of bed bugs and successfully treated them with this treatment and won the battle. Even kept them away permanently by keeping the silica gel in the cracks and crevices.

    This is again to all those who can’t afford professionals. It provably will work better than if you paid lots of $$$ to get rid of them.

    Using 99 percent alcohol will help keep them at bay while you wait for the dust to do it’s work. Just remember not to use any water around the treated areas.

    If you mix the silica gel with diotameous earth it does a double whammy. Cutting them and then sucking the life strait out of them.

    I hope that someone will find this useful. Let me knhow if it worked out for you o.k

    Good luck all

  • becky collins

    in a 3week time frame i kept getting bites i knew it wasnt skeeters bites doctor said maybe bedbugs i thought what no way well i read a few reports to try acohol and powder with talc in it i poured and sprayed acohol all over my bedroom i mean EVERYTHING next day i sprinkled powder all over EVERYTHING and left powder down for 1 week then i took baby oil and sprayed in every crack i could see, along baseboards,bed,nite stand and now for 8 days havent had one bite:) i never saw a bug but from the pics of bedbug bites i knew it was the bedbugs biting me. i am 50 and always thought bedbugs was just a saying,dont let the bedbugs bite. this worked for me i pray it works for you…

  • Grandma’s advice

    I’ve been researching this myself – and I remember an old story of my grandmothers; she said that the house she and my grandfather purchased (back in ’41 – lived in it until last year when she passed away at 98 years of age) had bedbugs and everyone she knew told her not to buy the house.

    She stated that they purchased the house, but before they moved in, she went down to the general store and purchased several sulphur candles; and (pardon me as I heard the story when I was a small child, so a few of the details are fuzzy) put {at least one} on every floor (I don’t think it was /every room/ but it was either 1 or 2 on each floor (upstairs, main floor and basement), closed up the house, left the house undisturbed for (I think a weekend+, but at least a day or two) and there was never a bedbug in the house ever again.

    I’ve done some research, and you can’t buy them here any more, but you can in Great Britain for fumigating greenhouses pre- or post-season. I did find this:


    on how to make your own; it also has some info on how much sulphur content will fumigate how many cubic metres; etc.

    Also, sulphur can be purchased on the Internet, depending on quantity you may get a decent deal on ePay but I also found this site:


    which especially in larger bulk quantities is quite a good deal. At least for my region (Michigan) the shipping was reasonable as well.

    I may try the idea of sprinkling sulphur on the bed directly – sulphur is actually good for the skin used externally (and not set alight!).

    I also made candles in the past and still have my equipment – I may try to make some, and test them (outdoors, of course!) just to see if I can get the burn right. The website says use Beeswax (very good advice) but I may try with paraffin as I still have some on hand. (I’m a packrat).

    Now remember, if you decide to try to make some candles yourself and gesplode anything other than bedbugs (yourself, your pets, your house, your town, etc.) I’m not responsible… 😉


  • Brenda

    Okay…I have been reading all of these and I know I have em..haven’t seen em but the last few days I keep waking up with bites on my back and stomach and there’s nothing else it could be…Sucky things I have shag-like carpet and 5 kiddos…upon reading some of the remedies I’m going to make a list of what I am going to try and keep everyone posted on what worked and what didn’t. FIRST AND FOREMOST THO…who ever it is that keeps saying move…be serious…who has money for all that…I am a single mom with no help so cheaper is always best….I’m going to look into the matresss covers I have a pillow top that I love so if I can save it I will….if those are too high saran wrap or trashbags and duct tape will be the next best thing…lol I love duct tape…I’m going to do the rubbing alchol thing because it dries so fast I don’t see how this could pose a prob to my kiddos….my ex was here for 3 months and all he managed to give me was headaches…my kids got pink eye from his kids and I am finally winning my battle with head lice from his kids…funny thing is that I read a post earlier about lice spray…this mess didn’t start until I started spraying the lice spray everywhere….maybe it drew em out? huh I don’t know…from what I have read on other sites bombs are not working too well…they just kill the adults which some of the other remedies seem to do too…..Like I said I haven’t seen any but I know they are around….I’m going to also look into getting a cover for my couch…again if that’s too high there is no shame in me saran wrapping everything…lol you can always decorate the furniture with sheets or blankets which I do anyway to save my furniture…I have twin 2 year olds….it’s a pain…I am also thinking that once I spray I will put some thyme down before I wrap in plastic…keep the lil shits contained…..like I said I will check back in a couple days with an update to let you guys know what worked for me and what didn’t let’s keep our finger’s crossed!

  • stressed out badly from these creatures

    I moved into a house in march of “09” we were there for about 2 1/2 months and our daughter woke us up to tell us that she had bugs crawling all over her and her bed, we go check her bed and see the bugs n look them up and sure enough we had bed bugs, we never once knew wht they were until this, never had them never seen them, we told the landlord, he wouldn’t do anything about it he said it was our fault. we end up moving out of the house in june, we washed everything in hot hot hot water,threw away our beds threw away allof our kids clothes and moved to another city. we now live in another house n just recently realized we have the little suckers again. we bought bed bug n flea spray but dont seem to b working n we can not afford to move again, please someone help me, i am getting bit up like crazy, several new bites every day, its stressing me out n its very irrating. how can i get rid of these if i can not afford an exterminator. please someone give me some accurate advice in wich how i can get rid of thes from my house, there causing so much stress n anxiety i cant take it no more.PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!someone help me………..

  • Dr. Helldigger

    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. When ground into a fine powder it becomes a natural way to eliminate bugs and has become the preferred way to eliminate bed bugs pesticide free.

    The way it works is genius. Diatomaceous Earth is one of the hardest materials found on earth, and at the microscopic level, it is also the sharpest naturally occurring substance known to man.

    When bugs come into contact with Diatomaceous Earth it is akin to you running into a tangled web of razor blades slitting into every surface of your body. The cuts bleed out all liquid and within a day, you have died the death of a billion razor cuts.

    The dust of Diatomaceous Earth is easy to apply to your bedding and clothing in drawers and closets. Under your bed, in the cracks, in the attic and under the house, Diatomaceous Earth can be blown everywhere.

    Put an ounce in your laundry and you will be amazed at how stains are eliminated but it also will kill any bug.

    It can remain potent forever and one application is all you need.

    Diatomaceous Earth is as healthy for mammals as it is deadly for bugs. You have eaten it if you has eaten anything made with ground flour as it is added to flour to keep it from clumping and to eliminate pests.

    When humans eat Diatomaceous Earth, it has surprising results. Lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels while eliminating any parasites in the digestive tract are a few things but when your hair is softer and you just feel better in general, you will wonder how come your never heard of this before.

    Brushing your teeth with Diatomaceous Earth leaves them cleaner than ever before.

    Diatomaceous Earth has been used for livestock and pets for eons and human consumption is just getting popular.

    Diatomaceous Earth can be bought at feed stores and some plant nurseries. I purchased a 50 pound bag for 30 bucks in Phoenix Arizona. We spread it around the entire property to eliminate scorpions and black widows. I feed it to my dog. I take it every day.

    Make sure you buy food grade. Pool grade is not safe to eat.

    The alternative is to live with bed bugs and inhaling poisons and carcinogens.

    Another remedy is to pour gasoline on your bed and light it on fire. Which is about as effective as spending thousand of dollars investing in poisons and your local bug killer.

    Another way is to shave one side of your head and light the other side on fire and as the bed bugs run across to the shaved side, stab at them with an ice pick.

    Instead, just get some Diatomaceous Earth and apply it to your home, clothing and then add a teaspoon to your coffee.

    You will be glad you did.

  • buggin

    I’m glad I’m not alone in the saga, but I’m not happy for us all. Bed bugger have traumatized me. Some say they dont like light, well I beg to differ. I had slept with my light on once I learned that they dont like light. I was in the living room sleeping on sleeping on foam pads and with the light on. Since I threw out one mattress, and then my only other mattress got infested two. I prayed that morning too (minded you I only been getting 2 to 4 hours sleep last few months) for me to have a good sleep, I’m tired irritable, and cant focus on much but them b****s)that God let them see the light and I can rest. I woke up about 4:20a and one was crawling toward my head in the light. That was it I said God, I need work they F****n me up like mike tyson did that guys ear and I feel like I’m going to have a nervous break down. I appreciate all the helpful feedback. My landlord wont do anything after she said she would. Two neighbors move out and a few fews later bam; she also said her Boss said no Because I brought in another mattress. I told her that my friend didnt have problems with it and he give it to me for my two boys that was sleeping on couches and know i need to get rid of couches too Not only are they the devil but my landlord is the devils advocate. I like the baking soda procedure, so I will try it along with alcohol and depending on the amount of powdered sulfur or silicon dioxide. Just hope it works. I don’t go stay with family because I don’t want to cause them problems. and being unemployed puts a hamper on any professional treatment. I really admire all your strength. The ones with a bit of humor to story it was pleasant considering its not a laughing matter. I stay in apartment so like so many said if others don’t get treated you will be affected to. I don’t like roaches but they have nothing on these animals. I just wish we had a cheaper solution

  • Bitten

    Well I normally have a bad reaction to insect bites. So I thought that this summer the mosquitoes were really doing a number on me. I have both my outer arms have been horribly scarred. I kept watching the news and was wondering If I had bed bugs. I thought I was hallucinating. Well after an entire summer of terror, I woke up to use the bathroom around 2am and saw what I thought was a tiny roach on my bed. I killed it instantly only to see blood escape. Then a few seconds later I saw another. I saw approx 5 of them. I immediately realized that my fears were true. Called my husband at work (he works nights) He’s the one who takes the trains at nights from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Figured it had to be transported through him.
    After Reading this entire page of comments, I ordered the Diat. Earth and a steamer form the bedbugpowder.com site. The more sensible comments seemed to be regarding Diat. Earth and I will be also using the Rubbing Alcohol as well. I’m so afraid to tell my teens since one of them is a germophobe.
    I pray this works since I told my spouse that we would have to change this fairly new mattress and he wasn’t happy. It’s a recession. I will definitely be steaming and using the Diat. Earth and Rubbing alcohol and Vaseline.
    Will report my results. My Only consolation is that it only seems to be in the Master Bedroom.
    Will keep you posted. Thanks for the valuable information. Wish I had seen this site at the beginning of the summer.

  • tammy

    get an exterminator. my husband works for a company and they can take care of it. It is not done in one spray it will take more than one spray. Most cases 4 visits. but its time consuming and it costs. My sister had/has bedbugs. she movied didn’t see them for awhile but they were hiding. they are on the move and she has them again. real bad. any time you see a bedbug…theres more. so you got them. rather its a lot or not alot its an infestation. clean. don’t forget to look behind your picture frames too for them. they like to hide anywhere. good luck and again best of all…call an exterminator….time consuming but effective.

  • melynaake

    I read that Tancy flower (Tanacetum vulgare L) helps. Put dried blossoms in a fabric bags then leave bags everywhere in house (near bed, in the wardrobe etc.) should help.
    The other thing is boiling water, bedbugs can suvive heat. Spray or pour onto your bed. Also they don’t like vinegar, oil/spirit of turpentine, ammonia.
    Personaly I spray every corner and furniture in my house with tea tree oil+water or mix tea trea & levander+water. Tea tree is disinfectant and most bugs don’t like levander.
    In case if someone needs other info:
    ants – sprinkle cinammon on place they live.
    mosquitos & flys – don’t like basil smell, grow some at home on in a pot.
    ticks/fleas – don’t like vanilla smell.
    mouses – put some mint extract on a traps.

  • Chris

    If you are suffering from bug bites & itching – try putting a layer of toothpaste on it. This will take the swelling down, doesn’t leave marks/ scars, and the menthol/ mint has a cooling and soothing effect. Hope this helps some of you all.

  • Karolyn Speildent

    BORAX Sprinkle on beds, on carpets, anywhere, let it sit overnight, vacuume it up, dispose of that vacuume bag and then do it again for several more days. Natural, cheap, kills them by dehydration.

  • Lesbian Couple with 2 Kids

    Hey everyone!! Well, our battle is almost over! If you live in the Las Vegas Nevada area there is one awesome Pest Control Company I can recommend & they are very reasonably priced . The company is called Big Peach Pest Control, it’s a family owned company and this company does EVERYTHING possible to try to save any/all of your furniture. One thing I think everyone needs to know is do NOT use bombs/foggers (not only did I learn from the exterminator I am using but also my son’s Uncle (owns his own extermination company) the bombs/foggers may kill the adults but they just chase the bedbugs into the walls, you might not see any for about a month and then the next thing you know you have multiple than before.

    Again, the GREEN RUBBING Alcohol helps wonders, kills them (at least the one’s you can see. I also learned from both my son’s Uncle and the exterminator we are using that the SPRAY made by HotShot for bedbugs is also a NO NO. One thing you can get from Wal*Mart to try to save your beds are the plastic zip up covers for your bed, you want the one’s that say for Bedbugs on the package and zip your beds up, but before sealing your bed, I would advise spraying it down with the GREEN RUBBING Alcohol first.

    Also wash everything that is washable on a daily basis (the heat from the dryer kills them too).

  • Lesbian Couple with 2 Kids

    Hey everyone!! Well, our battle is almost over! If you live in the Las Vegas Nevada area there is one awesome Pest Control Company I can recommend & they are very reasonably priced (we live in a 2 bedroom, 2 full bath apartment, in a 4 plex building and we paid $250.00). The company is called Big Peach Pest Control, it’s a family owned company and this company does EVERYTHING possible to try to save any/all of your furniture. One thing I think everyone needs to know is do NOT use bombs/foggers (not only did I learn from the exterminator I am using but also my son’s Uncle (owns his own extermination company back on the East Coast) the bombs/foggers may kill the adults but they just chase the bedbugs into the walls, you might not see any for about a month and then the next thing you know you have multiple than before.

    Again, the GREEN RUBBING Alcohol helps wonders, kills them (at least the one’s you can see. I also learned from both my son’s Uncle and the exterminator we are using that the SPRAY made by HotShot for bedbugs is also a NO NO. One thing you can get from Wal*Mart to try to save your beds are the plastic zip up covers for your bed, you want the one’s that say for Bedbugs on the package and zip your beds up, but before sealing your bed, I would advise spraying it down with the GREEN RUBBING Alcohol first.

    Also wash everything that is washable on a daily basis (the heat from the dryer kills them). Also, just to let everyone know, it is a Myth that Bedbugs don’t/won’t come out in the light. I know from personal experience. Also, you might wanna check this site out and also report bedbugs, http://bedbugregistry.com. Just in Nevada alone there have been 114 reports of bedbugs.

    Good luck everyone! Hope some of this info provided helps a little!!

  • born

    I’m at war with those little m fcker

  • NIkkiAnoymous

    My cousin’s got bed bugs in their apartment from a neighbor, and we got them from visitng. Well it was just hell but eventually we start using all kinds of spary, raid roach spary the “lemon” kind kills on contact and it doesn’t ahve a awful smell. my mom came and our room and spary every night and every weekend when we left she spary and bomb are room with raid and turn the heat up high. Also be fore we le ave for the weekend we shake all are clothes down and spary our bags dwn and let them air out for we want speard them. so far none of my friends no we have them.

  • NikkiAnoymous

    Alos my gradma said that lighting lavender candles and spary can help prevent them…..

  • Finally… no more BB’s

    I had bedbugs for 7 months in my boyfriends apartment. I was misdiagnosed 3 times. Told allergies, rash, and even a fungus. We figured it couldn’t be bed bugs, becuase my boyfriend had no reaction. Well apparently only people allergic to them will react.

    My apartment complex covers bed bug treatments, as they probably have the damn exterminator on speed dial. We had our apartment sprayed 3 times! 3x!!! and still had them.

    We finally got rid of them in our new apartment, but we shouldn’t have moved, becuase but we literally dragged 2 or 3 with us. Moving is not the answer!! Get rid of them before you move. You will think you have gotten rid of them and a month down the road wake up with bites.

    We have finally succeeded and killing the pests. Its months 3 bedbug free.

    I used the saran wrap idea…Genious( mattress cover is a must-but make sure there are no seams for it to get into). We sprayed with rubbing alchol and saran wrapped it tight.

    Than got rid of clutter (consider it a good plan)– if you don’t you will only loose more stuff if you have to throw it out. Nothing is on the floor. we steam cleaned with our shark steam cleaner (like 90 bucks)once weekly and sprayed with rubbing alchol daily. And every second day vacuumed.

    It was tiresome and took a lot out of us emotionally but it worked. Dilligence is the key. This is not an overnight treatment. If you aren’t willing to put in the work, you will not get rid of them.

    We think the exterminator didn’t work becuase their are carpets in our apartment and bed bugs can hide anywhere, so their glued on nests are probably under the carpet hiding the pest treatments.

    Anyways good luck to all. Remember you are smart, they are not. Don’t give up, don’t lie to yourself, just tackle head on. You will be ok, just really work at it.

  • Finally… no more BB’s

    Also, Lets be honest some of these ideas are insane. Maybe they worked for a few, but I am guessing it was a fluke.

    People you are emotionally drained from this tramatic and emotionally draining situation, it drives you to do insane things.

    Just look to the most common advice and you will find right advice. Lavender Candles?? Wha? If it was that easy we would all have some nice ambiance in our bed bug free houses.

    Also, bug spray does work. They don’t bite when you are covered in it. But it just worked for me.

  • Willvab

    OK, well I found out this past Monday that we were infested with bed bugs. It isn’t a bad infestation but my step daughters room was the worst. The next day we took all the cloths and washed them (I mean ALL including all bedding), got bed covering, pillow covering, and bug bombed the apartment cleaned almost the whole house. Then the day after that I went to the hardware store and got two-sided tape and put them around the mattresses, the Diatomaceous Earth and put it around the bed post in crack, molding and other places, and lastly put Vaseline around the bed post. I plan to bomb the home again in a week. I will let you know if this worked. In total I have spent around 200 bucks, but I will pay more if needed.

  • Tony D

    Have any of you poor souls suffering with this problem thought about petitioning the Government to bring back DDT. DDT is the main reason they were completely eradicated from this country for about 40 years. I would rather use DDT then some of these other pesticides that are far more dangerous to humans. Do more research on the pros and cons of DDT.

    I would go with a combination of alcohol, DE powder, steam, and vacuuming.

    How about Boric Acid? I know it works very well for roaches and Ants.

  • Shredder

    Bed bugs are really irritating and itchy! If we want to get rid of them we better know, what are the places they love to hang on, especially in what areas of our homes. And also we must know how to treat and get rid of them, depending what effective methods they are best eliminated. I have tried to read lots of bed bugs preventions and solution here Bed Bug Bites .Try to check it out! Better to help also.

  • Teresa Marousek

    I need some help in the bed bug problem. No One else in my household is getting bit up by the bed bugs. I am the only one. Tonight they managed to bite my face by my eyes. I am getting sick of these creatures. I am a single parent that is now out of work and just had knee surgery. Need some help here. Anyone has any ideas would be helpful. you can reach me at [email protected]/ Thank you. Teresa

  • BrickStonJones

    Spray on bedliners end the seems to be of a pickup bed most likely much better than any other truck’s bed layer selection. Especially now that the truck’s bed liner coating shade can match the paint of your pickup. Even so, bed liners come with a number of problems. If you’re thinking of obtaining a spray liner or already have a single, here are a handful of ideas to contemplate.

    Everlasting might not often be greatest. Sure, it’s a plus to get a liner that lasts as long as the truck, specifically with a lifestyle-time guarantee. But that in no ways indicates you get a liner that can’t be ruined. See, the ensure just implies the liner will be repaired.

    Repair indicates a respray with all the accompanying hassles and time spent. And in the meantime you drive a pickup with a damaged liner and possibly odds of a ruined bed very. The genuine key to spray liner sturdiness is the thickness of the layer. That signifies liner substance can be torn away and worn away and even now the harm may possibly not get to the truck’s bed itself.

    Yet another thought you may possibly not want to assume about is how that liner gets on the truck. The only way the liner paint will remain on is with proper floor preparation. That implies the paint receives sanded quite aggressively. It all but receives destroyed before the liner coat goes on. Image this. You get this new truck with the carefully applied factory paint finish and then you pay this guy to consider an air sander and sand the paint nearly off. Then you spray a paint finish on more than that.

    That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a agonizing believed. That’s what it normally requires to get that “permanent” liner.

    Damage to truck beds comes as more than just scratches too. Dents might do more hurt than scrapes can really. Dents surely consider a lot more to restore than a handful of scratches. Dent safety is one more way that liners shell out for themselves. Spray coatings normally add nearly a full quarter inch to the bed thickness. That coat includes rubber texture material as properly as fast hardening paint as well. That thickness absorbs bumps while warding off injury.

    For seems a sprayed liner might be unbeatable, but for protection a low-cost option avoids some of the troubles designed in with spray.

    Low cost rubber mats shield from influence much better and are effortlessly eliminated. With permanent liners, truly nasty hauling can make a mess of the mattress and you have no selection but to both clean it out or go away it a mess. But with temporary liners, it’s an easy activity to slip the mat in or out when you will need it or when you don’t.

    One more consideration with spray on bed liners arises when you get the value tag. A specialist layer prices you large. That’s a actual cause to look at other possibilities or at least to very carefully protect the liner if you previously have 1.

    Check out a bedliner today and see what you’re missing!

  • teresa

    I always thought that bedbugs were a myth, you know “sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite and if they do beat them with a shoe unitl they’re black and blue!” But, several apartment complexes here in Ft. Wayne, Indiana are now infested with the little critters which made me quickly realize that bedbugs are not a myth! My best friends apartment is infested and her apartment complex owners can’t seem to get a handle on the infestation so I recommended she call the local board of health department and the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta but from the sounds of it this would’nt do any good since the infestation seems to be national and well-known. So far Borac acid and Diatomaceous earth powder, plus rubbing alcohol until these work sounds like the best remedies. I’m relaying the info to my friend and I’ll let you know how it goes. But, like a few others have said, I’m going to mix a lot of prayer with any remedies and solutions we use.

  • Maria

    To avoid bites: Before go to bed, put on your skin any vegetable oil, like coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oils,…This oils make a barrier, so the bugs cannot bite you. They are also very healthy for the skin. You’ll wake up bites-free, and with a beautiful skin.

    To kill it: Apply hot air with the hair dryer for a few minutes on the areas you see or think they could be.
    It worked for me, it will for you!

  • Janet

    We have been using cedar oil, Bestyet, by cedarcide.com and is fairly effective in apartments. As a landlord I agree with prior guy who said this is an epidemic and government problem.

  • linda

    how often do you use the rubbing alcohol,,

  • Linda Richter

    Encasing the mattress is key. I liked the saran wrap idea…nothing can breath with that over it. We had a problem with fleas. The weird thing is my cats DONT go outside, but here in the country, we bring them in on our shoes and clothes. The rubbing alchohol sounds like a good tip. For fleas, someone told us to put some white vinegar in the water (I put a capful in each small can of food that way, they get it right away) The other tip was to put the vinegar in a spray bottle and go around the house putting it on the cloth items, couch, rugs, curtains, etc. I wonder if bedbugs have the same reaction to the white vinegar as well :/
    Another thing is the diatamateous earth might not be spelling it right, but this also works on fleas, maybe bedbugs too. I bought a large bucket of it, put it in an old sock and go around putting it on the couch, chairs and carpet. It leaves a powdery covering on all, I brush it into the rug with a stiff broom. The mattress and box springs are too smooth and slippery for that to work. My suggestion, try everything that you can afford first. (home remedies)
    If you dont have to travel…dont. It does not matter, you can get them everywhere, thank God we left New York and dont have to ride the subways anymore :/

  • timothy

    Just used rubbing alcohol 70% and wrapped in saran wrap box springs and matters. Went and laid down after a day leaving the saran wrapped on i was not bit once. I cross my fingers and how i got rid of them. Hopped i can help some one by what i posted.GOOD LUCK.

  • maisnon


    ####NOT the SWIMMING POOL kind, but the FOOD GRADE kind####

  • Erica

    I am currently having a bedbug infestation in my home. Like most of you I never knew that bedbugs were even real, but obviously they are. I am going to try the alcohol, de, vaccuum, and steam remedy. We’ll see what happens. I’ll let you know if it works. I am so stressed about this. I have 4 kids and just relized yesterday that I have bedbugs. I want to thank all of you for your posts, even the crazy ones that make me laugh. I needed a laugh just to get through all the crying. Thank you all!! I’ll let you know what happens.

  • tyler

    a neighbor of mine last night about 10:02pm knocked on my door and said he found a bed bug in his room he had trapped it in a bottle but prior to this i have been looking at my mattress for the common signs of bed bugs and haven’t seen any smudges or anything that would indicate bed bugs being there but earlier in the day i was sitting about maybe a foot and and a half away from my TV playing a video game and all of a sudden there were what seemed to be a few bite marks on my stomach plus the itching didn’t really last long to me it felt more like it was just of a on and off type of thing for about a couple of minutes at the most maybe not even a minute just few seconds (not sure) i did not feel anything bite or anything crawling on me it just felt itchy all of a sudden would that or could it have been bed bug bites or just flea bites if someone could help me with what i just wrote it would be greatly appreciated (my neighbor) to my knowledge he hasn’t found anymore should i be concerned

  • danny

    i think i got bed bug i dont now tho i got alots of bits and wen i sleep i fell like i got bugs clawing on me andbiting me is ther any way to kill bedbugs in appmate be cuz i cant boom it be cuz of other pll HeLp

  • Mubasheer

    You can use Boric Acid which is available easily in the Market and very cheap.Also it is no Dangerous.

  • linda

    Not a tip but will keep everyone informed about what we are about to use. We have already tried sealing the beds in plastic and using the spray from home depot. Bugs still here. we are about to try the alcohol,the dust, and sealing all cracks along with washing bedding everyday. That will take at least 2 full days. We will be doing this when the dust comes in by this weekend. I will continue to blog the results. I REFUSE to just get rid of my things or move. I WILL WIN !!! These little S.O.B.s have no idea who they pissed off !!!

  • Jennifer

    Does anyone know how to protect the couches?? I can not find plastic covers anywhere in stores. The ones online don’t cover the bottoms. I am not infested yet, just getting strays from another connecting apartment. I am bagging and binning everything!! I am trying to protect my furniture as well before this problem gets worse. I covered the bed and box spring. I am getting the silicon diatomeceous to use around the room. Alcohol does kill on contact and may kill human scent when sprayed on clothes and bedding. vaselined the bottoms of furniture legs. I am using a spray but the exterminater said no sprays really work. No one has a chemical strong enough really but it makes me feel better to use it. I still find one or two crawling where I sprayed. Landlord is taking nature time on fixing this, hasn’t even notified other tenants!! With all my stuff packed I am just giving my notice!

  • darlene

    I was staying at my mothers house and I was waking up covered in the itchiest bites ever, but i couldn’t figure out what was biting me. I was going crazy cuz i was the only one getting bit. After about a month i finally ran into one and thats when the horror story began.When I came home we all stripped at the door and threw all the laundry straight into the washer.Two years later my mother is still fighting the problem but I “thought” I had dodged a bullet.No such luck!My worst nightmare is coming true!I have had nightmares of these lil bastards and it is so embarrassing.If the bites weren’t enough, the psychological part is way worse.I’m just praying that i caught them early enough. My mother has tried everything but they are stubborn. She tried the over the counter stuff because she didn’t have the money to hire an exterminator but over the last 2 1/2 years she could’ve hired 5 exterminators.These lil buggers just don’t go away!

  • H3MANG

    Put kerosene in the infected areas and then lit a match stick and burn your whole apartment,burn your stuffs and everything that is within the apartment.Next day i am sure you won’t find a single bed bug as well a single thing of yours in the apartment.

  • Itch

    I used a tic, flea, bedbug and cockroach bomb *twice* and in between that I used the spray made by the same company, cost $20 but I still see them once in a while. Should I be worried???? I’m going to use rubbing alcohol and drench my new bed in it.

  • leslie

    try cedar oil spray. it can be purchased at a specialty pet store, and is safe for animals and people. i got rid of a major flea infestation with the stuff, and i am told it kills bed bugs, too.

  • michael

    Here is a tip that has worked for me. My neighbors had bed bugs so they brought an exterminator in. Apparently the exterminator spayed a combination of peppermint and something else around their apartment. I noticed that it smelled like Icy Hot so I went down to the pharmacy and bought some. The Icy Hot that I bought was in a stick form that looked similar to a stick of deodorant. I coated a piece of paper towel on both sides and then put the paper towel in a hand towel and folded it over once to reduce the smell. I put this under/behind my pillow and haven’t been bitten in a month. (I used to get bit on my head, arm and/or upper back every few weeks). I haven’t tried putting it anywhere else but I suppose you could put it at the end of the bed or between the box spring and mattress hanging out at the end of the bed. Please let me know if this works for you.

  • bugged

    I visited a cheap hotel in Africa and now 2 weeks later our whole home is crawling with bedbugs. Had Rentokil come and spray, so far have had 1 spraying and last night was still bitten 40 times. Hopefully after several sprayings this will end.

    My husband is not supportive of my efforts to sanitize the house, will not have his clothes washed, just yells saying there are no bugs. This is really hard on our marriage.

    Courage to everyone in the same situation as me.

  • Jane Doe

    I fought bed bugs and have been free for 4 months now WITHOUT getting rid of my stuff WITHOUT moving…and here’s how/what I did:
    1) Sprayed the crap outta my house with tons of rubbing alcohol: beds chairs, carpets, closets (and everything in the closets) sprayed the entire house with bed bug spray you can get at hardware stores for $20 a bottle as well
    2) Vaccumed everything like every other day
    3) kept washing clothes alot and made sure all the laundry was done up in hot hot water, and in the dryer on max heat
    4) Used a big roll of plastic on all beds first you do the box spring then the mattress. If you don’t have a big roll, cut the seams of big, clear garbage bags, and tape onto bed covering and overlapping everthing. OR go to the store and buy plastic mattress covers. It seals them in and prevents them from maintaining contact with your skin. You’ll feel soooo much better the 1st night having done this-no lie!
    5) Be cautions of the places you go, wash all new clothes in hot water before wearing or putting them away, just assume anyone could carry/harbour them (paranoid? probably but it keeps me safe and worry free)clothing stores and movie theatres all over have them these days because people go out, try stuff on and don’t treat them.
    6) DO NOT visit people/ friends who have them!
    …Finally, as much as this sucks yes, it takes a boat load of work but its effective, it lasts, and most importantly you don’t have to spend a huge fortune, or move/get rid of stuff. Just vaccuum, spray, wash&dry everything, and plastic beds (very very important in getting a good nights sleep bite free) Hope this helps everyone! 😀

  • Jay

    I so far do not have tips but i am greatly appreciative of the advice on here and I will tell my parents about these suggestiond :). Believe it or not, my household has had begbugs going on TWO YEARS now! This is particially because of my parent’s denial just because they never seen them till I pointed them out after research. The first time we realized we had them our house, it was cluttered pretty bad. But then when my parents did not want to deal with the situation,some people that work at our apartment complex convinced my parents to trash virtually everything! We threw away our beds, couches, and chairs and got rid of a lot of clutter in the house. Preparing for a major spray provided by the exterminators at our apartment, we washed every article of clothing and packed it away,checked miscelaneous items and bagged them, and vaccumed everyday. Since most of my family are on the move everyday, it was a pain in the neck to be done with our school/work day but to have to stay out for 4-5 hours more for toxic bug spray just to come home and sleep on the floor (when we could sleep!). During that time it DID improved so much that my parents thought they were gone completely and over the first year’s summer we unpacked our things and got new funiture. We continued to spray rubbing alcohol and vaccum the apartment. Eventually we learned some visitors that came in our house had bed bugs. I’m not sure if they brought them back but from then till now, we still have them and they’re pretty bad now. We haven’t tried everything becuase of money issues but everything we’ve tried has either been a temporary fix or didn’t work at all. Is there any way to completely get rid of them for good without the expenses, loss of personal items, or excessive labor such as packing everything up? My dad is our only income and he can’t afford to repeat everything we done back then. PLZ HELP! So much suffering comes from things so little…

  • Mark Johnson

    This is what I don’t understand. People are coming to this website and in particular this page for desperate tips and ideas to get rid of these bed bugs and a lot of you are joking with them.

    I just found out about 2 weeks ago, I got bed bugs. YUCK! Well, I know where it came from and I am not proud of it – my parent’s house. My father is one of those people, who is out to get his own family by causing pain and suffering by all means. So, somehow these bugs got into our parents house and have multiplied due to my stubborn father. He gets angry and mad if someone brings up bedbug issue in the house and dismisses the whole bedbug problem. I’ve had a chance to visit his house and I can’t believe my eyes. You don’t need to go too far into the house to see these bugs crawling on the carpets and on the walls. Thank God, I moved out 2 years ago. Still, I got them whenever my mother or father visited us. I knew it was going to happen, even though we were very careful. So, NOW WHAT.

    Well, from what I have experienced and done so far, I can tell you this. FIRST, DON’T CALL EXTERMINATOR especially big company i.e. Terminex or Orkin, unless you want to throw away your hard earned money in a garbage can. Exterminators are a joke. I’ve had coach roach problem for awhile on and off. So, I figured you know maybe I needed a professional help to get rid of roach problem. Well, you are not going to believe what happened. One morning they sent a high school dropout to my house. You can tell he looked liked he was 18 or just turned 18. All he did was walk all over my house placing these roach baits and spraying chemical along the walls. It took him maybe 5 to 10 minutes. And guess how much they charged me ($150.00) for that. I thought to myself, “he is joking right?” Nope, that’s how much he wanted. He told me they have to come in for 3 more visits costing me $100.00 each. When he told me that I said, “Take the check and leave and don’t come back.” I could have bought the baits for 5 bucks and the spray for 7 bucks and did it myself. That’s exactly what I have been doing. Slowly, roach population has gotten smaller to a point that I don’t see them as often. The point I am trying to make is that all exterminators are part of a company and company has set quota to earn on each visit and a job. To do that they will do whatever and charge you ridiculous price. That means they are not their to exterminator your bugs but your wallet (LOL). The more bug problems you have in your house the more money they make (if you choose to kill the bugs through exterminators). Understand that first.

    As far as my bedbug problem goes, I have contained their population at an early stage. I still have yet to go through the whole house. What did I do so far? Well, I didn’t rip out my one year old carpets or throw my couches out. ( you have to be nuts to do that ).You would only do something like if you can’t walk anywhere in your house without stepping a bedbug. I have been reading a lot of your comments, tips and home remedies. They all sound simple, easy and cost-effective, but there is still one more tip that no one has said it yet on here.

    First of all, take a look at your situation – are the bedbugs just in your living room or couches or furniture or your beds or your whole house? Then, go and get yourself a lots of a hefty large garbage bags and get as many LYSOL spray as you can depending on your situation. Grab all that you can bag in your house like your kids toys decors, anything and everything that you can put in a plastic garbage bag and tied it off tightly. Before you seal the bags, spray the items with LYSOL. A scented LYSOL is even better. After spraying the items, tie the bag tightly. Then take all the bags put it in your garage or basement. If not, take them outside where it is safe to leave your things. You shouldn’t have any loose ends in your house period. Once that is done, take all of your clothes. I mean every single clothes you have in your house and bag them. Those clothes that you don’t need leave them in the bag and the ones you need wash on HOT water in your machine. After all that, pick a starting point like your living room. Go through each and every furnitures you have – couches, sofas, end tables, coffee table and look for bedbugs. These are some of the places that you are sure to find them. I found my beds adult and little ones mainly on my couches. I checked each and every folds. Sure enough there they were. Surprisingly, they didn’t run away as soon as we signed a light on them. That’s a good, because we zapped them with our scented LYSOL on the spot. They just became stunned and didn’t move at all right after we sprayed them. To make sure they are dead, we took a long flat head screwdriver and squished them good on the spot. LOL. A day later we keep looking at the same spot where we found the bedbugs and not a single one to be found.

    Why I am using LYSOL instead of rubbing alcohol and water? I am not saying that rubbing alcohol and water won’t work, but LYSOL is made to kill germs and virus. That means LYSOL has a lot of other chemical that will make sure that bedbugs are killed in an instant. Plus, scented LYSOL has smells that bedbugs don’t like. So, it is a win win situation. I also like the D. Earth powder. I am going to get a lot of them.

    As I progress through my operation bedbug massacre, I will let you know and leave comments. here.

    People remember bug infestation is very easily controllable with little or no investment. Don’t go calling so called professionals and end up with 3,000 dollar cost. All they are after is your money. So, they charge you $99/hour or what not. Their dogs are capable of finding bedbugs, but not when you have millions of bedbugs. Who knows in the process of exterminating one bug infestation, they may introduce another while you are not looking. LOL. More bug problem in your house more money they make. They have new way of killing them – heating your walls and rooms. To be honest with you, that is just a waste of time and money. My friend once had that done after he got infected with bedbugs by his neighbor. Guess what, after thousands of dollar, he still has bedbugs in his house. In a nutshell, the inhabitant of the house is the bedbugs’ only source of food. Bedbugs will try to do anything and everything to get to you. To keep them away, you have to create obstacles by using chemicals and powders or whatever you can use to kill them and to keep them away. That is the sure way to get rid of them.

  • Mark

    If you want my simplest tip, use LYSOL. Scented LYSOL would be great.

    Oh by the way, thanks for deleting my last comment, administrator.

  • Ramalamadingdong

    gasoline and a match

  • vicky

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me i have bed bugs i saw them and i want them dead, i have already moved from two room in my house to one safe room and i think there going to find me in the safe room my skin is so scaRED!!

  • Brian

    dust your matress , box spring and everything around with diatomacious earth (available from garden centres) it is microscopic razor sharp grains that stick to the bugs and cut them multiple times causing them to die from dehydration this contains no chemicals and is safe for kids , pets … you can even mix with water and drink the stuff as a treatment for internal parasites

  • patricia

    dont waste your moneny on the bed bug shredder you can buy diatomaceous earth at home depot and it is the main ingredant in all of them and it is very cheap good luck

  • Timber

    BELIEVE IT OR NOT….my girlfriend grabbed the first thing she saw to kill one of these nightmare bugs and it was FEBREEZE!!! I don’t know if it was because it has some sort of alchohol content in it or what, but i didn’t believe it until i saw it for myself. Kills on Contact!! This is just a temporary treatment, not even a remedy, but it is something that u can spray everywhere…because we do already right? These bugs are a nightmare, i feel like something is there even when it’s not, these bugs do not only get in your bed, but in your damn mind!!! LOL! (not funny at all though) The president needs to declare war on bedbugs, not foreign countries! FEBREEZE y’all, and thank you for your testimonies and advices. We may not live in the same house, but we’re all in this together lol!!

  • bbigham

    Ok, this realy worked and it’s pretty cheap. Get a can of any and roach spray, an empty spray bottle and some ammonia. Spray the ant/roach spray into the empty bottle. Mix 1 part ant/roach spray, 1 part ammonia, and 1 part water. Spray every where! Repeat every 3 days for 2 weeks. Washing bedding everytime you spray. And NO MORE BUGS! Be sure rooms are well ventilated!! And pillows need to be out in deter on high heat no less than 45 min!

  • Marie Willams

    90% alochol does’nt alway work because sometimes they crawl away minutes after spraying them. My home was exterminated twice and i still found bedbugs crawling out of my speakers and from my couches.
    I didnt want to throw away my furniture because it was only about 1 year old, So i wrapped my couches in plastic and put them in the garage for about twelve months. Between the hot summer whether and the cold winter months they would surly die if they didnt starve first. I throughly vaccumed and sprayed to prevent further infestation

  • Pit

    Don’t forget the little critters roost in cabinets closets dressers not just the bed area. When the suckers invaded my domain I fought them everyday for 3 months. i used sprays but the best was steam. I steamed so much that I think my place became water-logged,lol. It worked I have not seen any since. If you find them you have to keep at it. Afew days or wks will not do it. Oh yea i used that hand-held steamer, why rent when you can own one for less the $30.00. Goodluck and Good hunting.

  • John

    I have contacted a couple hardware stores to get some (Home and Garden)Diaqtomaceous Earth a.k.a. Silicon Dioxide. Noone seems to know what I’m talking about. Can anyone tell me where this stuff would be located at in Home Depot or any hardware store?? I really need help

  • frank & anita

    pinesol kills them on contact

  • rekha

    please help. i have 2 kids and am infested with bed bugs since 2-3 yrs now. cant seem to do away with it. my kids are falling ill becoz of it. what to do?

  • Hair Dryer Kill Them Dead

    Use your hair dryer. It will kill those bed bugs and keep them away. Using a physical barrier such as scotch tape will also do the job. Make sure the sticky surface of the scotch tape is exposed, so it will grab them when they try to walk by.

  • hopeful helper

    i have been reading all these comments and i have mixed feelings. a few years back we got bedbugs from our neighbor. the house was infested from top to bottom. we saw them in the walls, the bathroom, furniture, books, we saw them at night, in the day. it really didn’t matter. yes mostly at night but you’d be surprised. my husband and i were so traumatized we moved. we left everything, the only thing we took were books, which i sprayed w/ computer spray b/c it is frozen gas. then we put our books in storage. we checked every picture frame before we left and also put those in storage. but all linens, clothes, and furniture we threw out. i had the family shower and change into new clothes before we left. it was horrible. we were bug free for over a year. unfortuneately we have them again. some one visited and brought them into our home. we don’t have the money to do this type of move again. and i don’t have the emotional strength. i will say the organic powder helps some. if anything it brings them out of hiding and you can see them to kill them. they can live in wood so watch were they are hiding. hot water and alcohol work too. i do not believe in the pesticide sprays. they do nothing except kill a few and send the rest into hiding. when they come back if you kill one it is full of poison but not dead…..maybe the spray keeps them from breeding, i don’t know. bed covers help, but remember to cover the box spring. vaseline i haven’t tried but mineral oil around the legs of your bed helps too. you must be vigilant when combating these bugs. it can seem overwhelming. i have known people to fight them and rid themselves of them. i am hoping this time we too can be victorious w/o having to purge our home of everything. last comment about exterminators. be wary not all are the same. some will only spray the stuff you can buy and only in certain rooms, you must have them do crevices, all living spaces and the absolute best way is to tent the home. our friend, knew a family that tented their home for a week and it was done. but again that is pricey….. so i hope this hasn’t discouraged anyone but has warned about the trickiness of fighting bedbugs. good luck

  • BOB Klettke

    I had bed bugs and tried diatomaceous earth and that helped keep them at bay but as soon as I quit spreading it around they came back. Although I kept a line at my bedroom door to make sure they would not get out of the bedroom. I popped down to Home Depot and asked what they had and a Staffer recommended their product for CREEPY CRAWLY INSECTS . It comes in a red and white container with a pump/spray dispenser. The first time I applied the stuff I did a good job ( I thought ) but they came back 4 or 5 weeks later. Argghhh. Went down and got another Jug even though my first one was not empty yet. Used the whole new jug on the bedroom making sure not to miss any nooks or crannys. I was VERY, VERY thorough the Second time. That was almost 2 years ago. If applying the spray DO NOT miss any spots . These things can hide in cracks in the wall, electrical plugs, between folded sheets
    anywhere . GOOD LUCK

  • ron

    dont give up i cant sleep called exterminators they quoat high prices starting at 1800 on up for 3 treatment in a three phase process they say they put down powder first then steam everything then when done put down a spray the process takes3 to 4 hours with repeat treatments for 5 rooms occupants have to leave the house during the process , they said to take everything off the floor put in bags and the dryer he also said i wouldnt have to throw out my furniture he could treat it. i feel like theas exterminator are takeing advantage of people going trough despare the goverment needs to step in sell the dd stuff they used to eradicate them years past and stop this exsidust and the public from suffering enough is enough stop the fleecing put out the necsasary products that poor pepole can afford i havent slept in weeks and im disabled vet on a fixed income cant afford the high prices required from the exterminator firms or to start over again with every thing in this econmy it doesnt seem fair lets start apettion to get them to hear our cry we deserve relief from this epademic

  • The answer man

    use 10 lemon’s juice in a 2l spray can and fill the rest with water and spray it all over ur home and wash ur floors with it! becsause it really works

  • alisha

    Wow, these sucker tick me off, completly paronied now. Had them for mounths tried everything, my grandma said to put camphor, on a cotten ball, and rub on area`s u see them alot, so I did this, and sprayed with it to, then alcohol, for the now fix, also moth balls have camphor in them. THIS WORKED, NOTHING ELSE DID NOT EVEN PRO`S!!!!!



  • sonya

    Spray down evrything with pine sol. Cover matress and boxspring with bed bug covers….pine sol floor cracks bedframes etc regularly.

  • cleve

    our dorm was majorly affected 6 months ago.. We had terminex come in and inspect and spray a few times.. The bill came to be several thousand dollars and the bugs were back shortly after. Some things that i have tried that work: use 4 small steel bowls and put them under the legs of your bed kinda like coasters..lol. Buy some anti bed bug mattress covers for your mattress and box spring. They have them at wally world. And your pillow too. Do not keep one bit of clutter under your bed! No shoes or anything under there.. Wash clothes and dry them on high for at least 45 mins. Vaccum every day and clean the vaccum out every day into a seperate bag and dump the bag. Did this for three weeks straight and havent had a single bug for almost 4 months..

  • vivian

    The problem in NYC is that our bedbugs have become resistant. To clean out bedbugs, there must be a concerted effort. Everyone in the building needs to report any infestation and go onto the bedbug registry to report it. All surround apartsment in the building need to be treated at the very least. If your landlord does not want to do it, call housing- they have to. They now have to certify before you move in that the apartment is bb free. If you have your own apartment or home and you cannot afford $1500 for exterminators, get the sparay at Home Depot especially for bbs. Spray every room, especially woodwork, behind the bed. Spray matress daily with alcohol spray, uses a clothes steamer and steam it, wrap it in a bb matress cover and be vigilant. Try to find out how you got them-like right after you went to the movies or were at a hotesl. Go online and see if anyone else posted anything, then obviously don’t go back and re-infest. Many people are not observant and only know they have them after being bitten many times and then many don’t report them. The bedbug registry is a very good tool. It will tell you all residences and business; that have them, and not getting them to begin with is the best cure, even though that seems more and more unavoidable in nyc.

  • Kristine

    I have had bed bugs for over a year now thanks to the apt I lived in. I have had Orkin come spray at least for times and spent over 600.00 just in laundry and dry cleaning bills. I have yet to find anything that works except for my Shark steamer. I steam everything everday and it keeps them managable. Welcome to the family bed bugs because it doesnt look like you are going anywhere any time soon! I tried to move away but they just followed me.

  • Bring Back DDT

    DDT killed them. Too bad it has been banned due to the pseudo-scientific rants of Rachel Carson. Thanks to the banning of DDT, mosquito borne malaria has killed tens of millions of children in Africa. The amount of deaths that Rachel Carson is responsible for would even make mass murderers like Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot blush.

    If that isn’t bad enough, there’s more bad news: there have been 14 new cases of HIV/AIDS in NYC in 2010 which have been directly attributed to transmission via bed bugs. Yep, that’s right; they spread AIDS. It looks like the tens of millions of malaria deaths were only the beginning of Rachel Carson’s killing spree. Wait until the AIDS pandemic hits in 2014 or so. By then, it won’t matter if DDT is brought back or not because it will be too little too late.

    After we all drop dead from AIDS and malaria, the peregrine falcons can inherit the earth. Just like Rachel Carson wanted.

  • Mad about bed bugs

    In January I started getting bites from these bugs, first I thought it from the medication I was talking from my diabetics. Then I thought it was the soap so I change to sensitive skin. Then one day I notice a little bug crawling across for bed. So I went to bed internet sites and started researching. I washed the covers but didn’t not inspect the mattress. Then I told my daughter I think we pick up bed bugs from the hotel we stay in Wendover, Nevada and was she experiencing a problem. She said no, however she had been over at mine house the night before, and said she had three bites and they itch like crazy, then I realize I had a problem.

    I decided to take a nap and before I did I began to inspect the mattress and low and behold discover dark spots at the head of my bed and the foot of the bed on the side where my boyfriend slept move the mattress and there they were. This was three days ago. Upon discovering them I call the hauling company to take the mattress to the dump. While waiting for the hauling company I discovered this site and began my research Then I threw all the covering away and went and bought a new bed and encase it. The infestation appeared to be in my room only as I inspected my son mattress no signs but I still encase it. My bed I had it 4 years and it was a expensive pillow top, thick, and infestation in two places. So first tip throw away the bed period if you want fast results. Upon discovering the bed bugs you will be frazzled but calm your down and whatever you do get the green alcohol this will keep them at bay till you get the rest of the stuff and do not put your bed next to the wall this will make it easier for a quick inspection so you will know if the bugs are dying from the alcohol and you will need to space to apply the two sided tape which is very important for later. l did this and was able to get a peaceful rest and no bites.

    Next day I purchase the borax and mix with salt notice the next day I look and found brown little spots it cut the heck of theme wall a distance and sprinkle the borax and salt throughout your house and let stay overnight vacuum up next day and reapply again and leave it down. The third day I bought the two-sided tape for $1.99 at Lowes play against the wall and baseboards woke this morning found that brown little babies ones stuck to it. I have the D.E plan on putting it in the wall sockets. I also purchase the wall sockets and place two sided around it when I found the pop stains and I vacuum it out and placed the cover sockets. So far have not been bit again. It is very important to pin point the source of your infestation if possible. Once I made my boyfriend aware of the problem with the bed bugs, he began to deny bringing them into my home even through he was telling me his apartment have been sprayed five times and he is positive he didn’t not have them. I live in an apartment complex where they say bedbugs are common, and have been seeing lot of mattress out the dumpster, my neighbor moved out suddenly and I thought they travel from her house at first.

    I ask my boyfriend to check his mattress only because he could of bought the bugs from my house to his. In conversations with his roommate he stated he woke up to find the bugs all over the pillow case and he sure they do not have them because the apartment came and sprayed. This was in the summer of 2010. So I have told my boyfriend that my home off limits for a while because if he is not going to follow the same steps I am then he cant come period because I believe this is where they came from from him So my final conclusion about the bed situation and my personal tip is this arm yourself with several of these home remedies first before you call a professional in my opinion. I call the apartment complex manager and they say the are working on it no one has show up yet. In the days I have discovered them, I feel confident with green alcohol, the borax and salt and the two sided tape and this is only to prevent you from getting bite and killing some while cleaning up your home to see if they are in other areas. Thanks Everyone for the tips

  • chuck007

    I thought more information would be here . I’m going on my second year and at one time I thought I would have a psychotic episode . Now I have surrendered my apt as long as I’m not being bitten I’m OK if I get a bite I wont stop until I find a bug and kill it. I find keeping a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol around is helpful and wonder why this isn’t used more often it kills them in their tracks . the only thing is alcohol doesn’t hang around for long and it only kills the ones who come in direct contact with it but still better than nothing . My office chair was infested using rubbing alcohol I have made it a nice place to sit again . alcohol seems to kill nymphs adults as well as eggs but still several applications might be needed . I have purchase professional type sprays that did not do anything except stink up the place . Walgreen recently had rubbing alcohol on sale a quart for 78 cents . I have my bed up on risers which are top off with petroleum jelly I have not seen any bugs trap in any of it and i do get a bite but I’m so sensitive now I can catch the bug that did it before it gets away .

  • sophielokii

    if u hav animals and children or just dont like chemicals try diatomascas earth(food Grade)its a fine white powder that when bugs crawl accross it its like shards of glass cutting them up it drys them up and kills them i rub it into the mattress,rugs and pet beds. i bought it on line and have been using it religously and only every once in a blue moon do i ever see one or get bit,i hve 5 cats and also use ,just a little b hind their necks and it does a job on fleas too,

  • Jersey Joe

    I’ve been itching and scratching myself until I scratched holes in my arms. My pillows and blankets were covered with blood spots near my arms and shoulder area. I was going out of my mind. So I woke up and found them climbing between the box spring and the mattress to me. I didn’t call a professional. I read what all the bed bug sites said and went to Home Depot the next day. I bought an 89 cent spray bottle, 1 spray can of Hot Shot Bed Bug and Roach Spray and a small roll of double sided sticky tape. It’s a little thick and white and sticky on both sides about two feet long. I also bought a plastic bottle of of Borax white powder. The Borax gets poured around your base boards and walls. It is a powder and comes out of the plastic bottle like water so be prepared, long, slow flows. Talcum powder was also reccomended for inbetween floor boards. Just leave it there, don’t vacuum it up anywhere.

    Then I went to the Dollar Store and bought a bottle of regular rubbing alcohol. I should have bought two, it was small, about two cups. O.K. NOW, how to get rid of the pesky bed bugs for one twin bed, matress and box spring. I used my wet-dry vacuum on the matress first, right at the bed. Do not drag it anywhere, vacuum right there, all edges where the seems are and any brownish areas where the eggs are. Take your time, they are there !!!! Then take that one outside or into your tub or shower. Then vacuum the box spring, all edges. Rip off the flimsy black bottom fabric and vacuum all inside especially the corners and where wood boards are nailed together, spray inbetween them, I was happy with what the rubbing alcohol and vacuum did but I couldn’t miss another nights sleep, so the Hot Shot ended everything. Vacuum the steel or wood bed frame on all angles up,down and all around. Thats’s how they get crawl up to you bed. Spray the rubbing alcohol on the matresses downwind so you don’t get it.

    I coughed the rest of the day and smelled it even though I sprayed it with the wind at my back so it blew away from me. It’s strong. I left them outside all day to air out. They were not soaking wet but wet to feel. I used Latex Yellow kitchen cleaning gloves while spraying and turning the matresses all through the whole process. The double sided tape is taped candy cane style on the leg frame bottoms just above the wheels, this stops them from coming up again. Keep bed away from the wall. Walmart shopping, I bought one matress Bed Bug slip cover with a zipper on the bottom end and velcro to cover the end of the zipper end. I couldn’t afford to buy one more for the box spring but I will soon.

    They are soft on the outside and plastic on the inside. Completely sealed, the pillow bed bug cover with zipper and matress cover with zipper will suffocate the bugs. I spent a total of $125.00. Do not throw your matresses away or call a professional. I just found out I spelled mattresses wrong, please forgive me. By the way, the mattress slip on is like a new bed, so soft and fluffy, just like the Hyatt. 🙂

  • Jennie

    Nicotine is a dangerous poison. Do not use this tip if you have babies, children, pets, birds, or fish. Put a cigarette in a gallon jug of water. Wait a few hours. Now the water is dangerous nicotine water. Wear a face mask, rubber gloves, long sleeves, long pants and cover all skin. Put on goggles. Put all bed linens and blankets in the wash. Put the nicotine water in a spray bottle. Spray all furniture and rugs.Remember the boxspring, and mattress. Spray under the furniture. Work quickly and leave the house or apartment with your heat left on high, windows and doors closed for a few hours. If you get any nicotine water on your skin, wash well with soap and water.

  • Crying Baby

    3 months ago, I started itching, a little bit at first…Thought is was lice. Went and bought all the lice shampoo (I have a 14 year old grandson that lives with me…thought he contacted something at school). I think the bedbugs just had a party! Went to the doctor, diagnosed with lice or scabies…Did the whole friggin routine of trying to get rid of them. Went back to the Dr. and he sent me to a dermatologist…He said they were mite bites, gave me some steroids and sent me on my way. THEY’RE FRIGGIN BED BEDS!!!! Found this out after reading this site. I want to thank everyone for the tips, I’m gonna try the alcohol and saran wrap out tonight. My biggest worry is giving it to the people that came into my house. I can’t go anywhere and nobody can come over til these friggin creatures are gone. Wish me luck!!

  • rocksta

    i was so frustrated that i tried a solution which worked just fine.now i have got rid of those nasty bugs forever.the remedy is simple.just follow the steps given below and get freedom from bugs forever.
    1)remove wall painting and hangings from ur wall
    2)move furniture and sofa away from the wall
    3)move out any gas cylinders or inflammable items from the house
    4)disconnect eletric appliances and move out
    5)keep a can of kerosene or gasoline for later use
    6)leave clothes and draperies back
    7)make sure your house is not attached with ur neighbours
    8)remove old people (if any)from ur house
    9)apply for an insurance with a hefty premium
    10)AND FINALLY douse ur house with gasoline
    11)get out and light the match

    THERE IS NO REMEDY FROM BED BUG AS OF NOW EVEN THOUGH we have reached new frontiers in space and science.

  • sharon

    ive tried hot shot goodnite bedbug spray alcohol flea and tick powder and now head lice spray and mattress covers on box spring and mattress so far beds look good ive bombed twice and spray every day and now im going to try that powder dietdematious earth and if i still see them on my couch im going to steam clean my furniture will let all no what works its the worst thing ive ever dealt with good luck to all

  • Jt

    I used a Zep product called HITMAN INSECTICIED DM which uses active ingredient called “Deltamethrin” which works really well and says it kills bedbugs plus many other insects… Went thru the whole routine of washing and cleaning.. I then sprayed the mattresses and box spring, carpet, baseboard.. Did this every 10 days for 4 treatments plus vacuumed everyday… Found a bunch of them dead the the first few days and gradually less has I went thru the recommended application. Now they are completely gone…. !!!!Warning!!!! There’s some safety cautions you need to follow when apply around people or animals cause it a residual insecticide which keeps killing for 4 months and could affect someone if the where to get it on them…. Then I just maintain with a Pyganic dust to prevent future infestation… BUG FREE SO FAR!!! 🙂

  • Donna

    Well, I was told by the school that some kids are infected with lice and bed bugs. So I called my mom to asks what she would do, I was told to bath in TEA TREE OIL (2-3 drops to bath) plus her grandchildren too in new shampoo bottles (2-3 drops), also go a buy a HAND HELD STEAM CLEANER to do beds and pillows etc… Plus asks the landlord to turn up the heat on the dryer also the water for washing machine to hot. I told her he is cheap ,she also had answer for that what’s a cost of the belts and power bill to having to spray alot of apartments. Well so far NO bugs it has about three months now since the school sent letter out.


    Gee I covered my entire flat with DIATOM PEST / Diatomaceous Earth over 48 hours ago it did not work.This stuff is meant to be the number 1 product on the market for killing aphids ants bed bugs beetles cluster flies cockroaches earwigs fleas mites silverfish slugs snails ticks and most other crawling insects.It does not kill them chemically it does not kill them mechanically.I’m sure as the seal was not broken it must have a been tampered with via the Masonry or perhaps it was not good to start with.I have a real serious problem with these people and with heir engineered creepy crawlies they are murdering thieves who want to keep the human population down by increasing germs bugs other engineered diseases planning a wipe out of 80% of the human race by 2020.I am a beautifull fellow Christian who is being bitten on my face arms and neck,my doctor’s secretary will not make me an appointment with my Doctor as ? She does not want to.I might ask her to write me a letter you see to the council housing people who own my building the rent is always paid on time.I cannot see a Doctor even though I’m laughing in the face of my schizophreneia illness.

    http://www.grandmashomeremedies.com when I have got an answer to the bed bug epidemic I will repost ok.People are throwing their matressess out all over brighton city England it is the green party in power at this moment with a 666 in their telephone number lovely people.And yours Faithfully Mr Iain Innes http://www.inventioncorporate.com Innovator / Writer.

  • toki

    get a big pot. fill with water. boil. pour with a cup on couches mattresses, floorboards, box springs, pillows, whatev… let dry.. repeat. repeat. guaranteed to work… I have had bed bugs twice in 4 years works like a charm… if they come back boil another pot.. wash all linens.. put a healthy dose of vaseline on before bed time.. CHEAP SIMPLE EASY.

  • a vetran of the war

    I first ‘got’ bedbugs in about 2008, before they were news…and I have them again! I moved into an apartment building that was infested. the neighbors thought they were ticks.
    While I don’t have a cure I do have some experience and advice, much of which is unpleasant, but there you go. Bed Bugs.

    In many cases, such as mine, the initial infestation is severe because of two factors; we don’t recognize bed bugs, at first, and many people are not sensitive to their bites. I gradually became sensitized, but living in Miami and spending much time outside or with my windows open, I was completely infested by the time I realized what was happening. Now there is a lot more info about bed bugs.


    When I was first infested this seemed like a ‘last resort’. Unfortunately, I had a roommate and a dog and a cat (i.e., there were multiple areas of infestation). We tried bleach and pesticides to no avail. When I moved they came with me, even though I threw out all the bedding, the bed,the chairs, washed everything, and so on.


    Like cancer, bed bugs do go into remission when you take certain drastic measures, even without an exterminator. If catch it early, throwing out the offending mattress makes a lot of sense. More on that later.


    I’ve done some things that newbies to the site may find extreme or gross. When you are infested it isn’t hard to find dormant bugs in the seams around your mattress. I have taken bugs and tried a variety of folklore potions, as well as store bought insecticides, on them. These bugs are scary. Here is what I found:

    Immersion in bleach; doesn’t do a thing.
    Immersion in rubbing alcohol: nothing.
    Immersion in diesel: nothing.
    Immersion in acetone: nothing.
    Immersion in Ace Hardware’s ‘bed bug spray’ a year ago: nothing.

    These beasts were still able to grab the tip of a pencil after 3-5 minutes of having been totally immersed in each liquid. After 5 minutes of total immersion in diesel,(my Cuban landlord’s suggestion), they died, but it’s an academic point. No one can soak their mattress that
    thoroughly with diesel and sleep in it again, nor with any of those other substances.

    I do have a really hot dryer now, and until this point have stayed pest free for 9 months. I have not tried the steam cleaning method, but I despair of much of anything working on a mattress, short of the zip over ‘covers’…which bother me as I don’t want to simply coexist with my bugs, even though I do.


    I love to read, and I had finished my book…well, it’s hard for me to throw books away, and I saw one on my shelf that I hadn’t read in years…stupid me.
    Within a day of opening it I saw a tiny, translucent bug on a page…squished it and saw blood…I did throw the book away but within a week I was re infested. As I see it I’ll have to replace my mattress, again, but I am pretty lucky as I detected it early, this time.

    It doesn’t take bed bugs long to infest, but the earlier you catch on the better. If you are infested, don’t waste too much time on the above remedies, as the problem will only spread. I really wish they worked, but you will probably need a new mattress. If immersion in a chemical doesn’t work in 5 minutes, how can a spray? As for exterminators, I have no personal experience other than phone calls; but I work for a realty company, so I have discussed other cases than my own. They are expensive and have no guaranteed; bed bugs can go into hibernation for years.

    Wish I had better news.

  • Jasmine

    Oh Gosh reading all this makes me itch so bad. I hate BED BUGS. Last summer they were eating my son up alive. They arent to bad in the winter. Considering we live in California (Our Winters are not too cold the coldest it get here is like under 35 degress at night). I think they are more active when its hot. They are in my couch. God everytime we lay down on the couch it eats up our arm. I was a complete mental case last summer. Use to sleep with all the lights on in the house. I was just going insane. As winter came, they werent too bad. I have found one in the summer on the couch and one just yesterday that my son showed me. Grabbed it with a napkin and threw it away. I have been using 91% rubbing Alcohol and I dont know if its going to work. The alcohol smell is strong. I have sprayed the kids room from mattress to blinds to walls. I am hoping that they go away. I dont want to be another Mental case. Summer is coming and I am hating the idea of summer. I also purchased some Lice/Bed Bug/Flea/Dust Mite spray from CVS its a small can. Doesnt go too far. Sprayed the kids room and some on the couch. I am thinking of buying a few more cans tomorrow and respray everything. The funny part is the only person that doesnt get bit is my husband. Maybe he does but he doesnt feel it. He is a drinker (Alcohol) I am thinking maybe they dont like his blood. haaahaaahaaa. Anyway I am hoping everyone GOOD LUCK! with the Bed Bugs!!!

    Bed Bugs go away and never come back another day!!! 🙁

  • Shalena

    NOT A TIP! I just found a bug tonight about 3 am my time right before I went to bed. I have looked for everything I could think of and never found any signs. I was the only one in my house being affected and it has been a living hell! I have been bite approx. 50 the last 3 months, I got a HYPOALLERGENIC bed sheet and pillow covers, it has helped some. Also your local pharmacy will have some great otc stuff that sooth’s itching. I also found this stuff called CHIGGER it is white little container with a red lid and it helps alot, as well as otmeal baths and pure pepermint extract!

  • Linda

    I to have been held hostage by these tiny monsters, several months ago my son’s room was infested, it seemed one day they were just there and bad. I threw everything out the window as not to track it threw my house. I woke up this morning 6 months later and found a full grown one in my bed Im mortified Ive sprayed weekly for months so Im tryin the alchol and double sided tape Ive vacumed the beds and done the usual wish me luck… I’ll keep u updated

  • BBwarrior

    What you will need
    4. CAULK

    ALCOHOL, the mint green rubbing alcohol,spray it every night on bare mattresses/bare pillows and your skin before bed, the sent is minty to keep them away and it kills the eggs and any you see on contact.

    Keep a cup of alcohol near the bed, to put them in if you see one, yes, pick it up. you could spray it but then you have to go find something to pick it up with anyway after you kill it.

    Use only one bottom sheet, one pillow case and one blanket, one without lots of seems and lots of cushion in it. Don’t use quilts or comforters they can hide inside. Less to wash and keep clean the better.

    Spray alcohol on entire surface and baseboards of carpet, or bare floors, Wash floors with alcohol.Spray alcohol on all furniture,fabric,clothe,wood,plastic.Ventilate the room.
    Wash down baseboards, walls ,ceilings,doors, windows, wood trim, all walls and surfaces with dish soap, and water, Spray alcohol and wipe with rag damp with alcohol.

    Wash sheets/blankets/pillow cases in hot water with extra soap,(shampoo/dish liquid) and in dryer for 30 min on high, put them into a plastic bag right out of the dryer, use only these for beds. keep the bag tied and in a high place. away from beds and floors. Double bagging is useful.

    Caulk around windows,baseboards,trim around doors,ceiling light fixtures, electrical outlets, and light switches. Seal cracks and holes with Spackle, chipping paint, etc. keep a night light in unused outlets.

    Plastic bags go into dirty clothes hampers to keep them contained until washed.

    Get clutter off the floor and cleaned up, organize and get everything out of the house that you don’t use. Bag up extra clothing blankets, store in garage/shed. Keep everything away from beds, couches/ furniture. Keep dressers at the other end of the room far way from your bed.

    When anyone brings a bag into your house bag it up, book bags, purses, overnight bags must stay in a plastic bag. Good idea to find out if someone has bed bugs that may come to sleep at your house. In my opinion i wouldn’t let them stay if possible.

  • wendy glithero

    when you have cleaned your bed put a line of chalk yes kids chalk crushed around the legs of the bed. bugs will not go near it and easy to clean up so no more on your bed cool

  • Tam

    Bombs do NOT work. Check out the EPA site and they will tell you bombing is one of the worst things you can do, as well as waste your money on.

  • robin kirtley

    the term “BITE ME” has a brand new meaning to me these days. i have been suffering alone & in silence for 7 months the bugs have mentally decapitated me they waged a physicological warfare on my ass! they are winning hands down they are alive fat & happy like all of you i cant sleep eat work have fun leave the house have company. i told my landlord CATE GIBLIN naples fla 7 mo ago that we had bed bugs she blew me off!! yes i tried to do it alone-my husband does not get bit he doesnt see them im crazy!! i told CATE constantly for months she didnt do SHIT FOR ME!! my husband told me to stop complaining,i watch him sleep so soundly that i fasinate on ways to torture him fire ants & honey lol! his son gf & kids moved in next door & you guessed it the bugs went to welcome them.in a way im glad because NOW i can complain.i had a free insp done they called CATE w/ estimate she flipped YAY!!! she refused to treat the bldg so i called health dept,state reps,local reps,tv stations,the FEDS-housing & urban developement,letter to the editor its GAME ON! she told me i wasnt doing enough! im gonna save a few & put them in her car im dying to see how fast she loses her stamina & sanity!! my marriage is over becuz of this he says im angry crazy detached!! duh!!! i dont like me either. she has been forced to hire a professional to tent the bldg & pay for our hotel,she is telling anyone who will listen that this is my fault b.s. this webpage w/ your stories saved my life today my marriage my health my mind is in shambles yes the bed bug is to blame but ultimately i blame CATE GIBLIN for not being a responsible property owner i have nicknamed her SCUMLORD i want her to spend the night in my home to experience this joy im not stable enough if she were to get to close to me!! i have laughed & cried w/ all these stories here THANK YOU FOR SHARING THE WALK OF SHAME W/ ME!! pick up your phones & kick some ass dont take no treat like cancer get mean,get serious get aggressive w/ property owners & the govt. lavender baby oil gel i cavered my body slept in t shirt & shorts to experiment no new bites & i slept for 5 hours what heaven. maybe they will start biting that selfish bastard i call my husband(hehehehehe) how many tylenol PM does it take to knock out a bed bug sufferer? the answer is there isnt enough!! god bless all of you & good luck. kick ass take names dont take no for an answer please!!

  • Helpful Sister

    Ok people, my poor brother got them 2 years ago. he was tormented for over a year before we figured it out. sores, scabs, burning pain, NIGHT AND DAY!!!!! BED BUGS YUCK. we never had anything like that in our family. he then remembered being in a motel 2 years earlier in another state, being eaten alive by “fleas” while he slept. “someone must have had a dog in the room” he foolishly thought. boy how innocent we were before the little DEMONS. now we know, it is near hell on earth, and harder then anything to get rid of them. DON’T FORGET YOUR CARS. those little DEMONs will get in your CAR,TRUCK, BOAT, CAMPER, TENT every where and you bring them back and forth. you will also carry them to other homes. the onnly way to kill them is all the steps of cleaning that others mentioned and then SHUT down the RESPIRATORY system of the little suckers!!! NO PESTICIDE WORKS!!!!! EVER! at least not for good. THEY’LL BE BACK BABY!! Save your money and anger. the strongest pine sol you can find spray it every where LEAVE IT, let the little demons crawl through it, turpintine, (be careful it sticks) what ever smells strong that is how they die. GET a sprayer like for the yard and cover your walls and ever inch of your home in the oils (camphor, pine, eucolyptus, menthol) the house smells good opens up sinuses; vacum all the time every inch of home/car. Apply oils liberally and often you will prevail. may take a couple months.GOD SPEED!!!! To KEEP THEM OFF YOU while in war with the demon blood suckers or if ya don’t have the money this week to get all the camphor or (GOOD) pine sol, COVER YOUR BODY IN VICKS SAVE OR MENTHOLADUM OR CAMPHOPHINIQUE. This will save you, moth balls around you ON THE BED AND AROUND BED will keep them at bay until you kill them. if they get in bed after the tape and leg tricks others posted; THEY ARE IN YOUR BED ALREADY, NOT CRAWLING ON TO YOUR BED!!!!!! they are in slats and screw holes of bed. keep baby safe by putting vicks all over crib rails, wood, and baby if baby is old enough to handle the fumes also keep the tape or turpintine on feet of crib and bed. YOU WILL WIN. TAKES WORK LOTS OF IT. MY BROTHER ABOUT WENT CRAZY. GOD SPEED.

  • robin kirtley

    ok victims of the devils spawn-threw out old bed(belongedd to scumlord) good ridiance i sprayed basebpoards,windows,door frames,perimeter of house w/ the alcohol-bleach-ammonia-lavender pinsol-left new bed in plastic(retaped seams before that bad boy came in) & sprayed the plastic on box spring & made a border around it also on floor then put lavender baby oil in all corners & openings & i COVERED MY BODY w/ THE BABY OIL so far 3rd night no bites. my scumlord is currently being fined $500 @ day for non compliance of our county code enforcement ofc(this is the 12th day) woohoo!! **IMPORTANT INFO** PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL U.S. DEPT OF AGRICULTURE TO REPORT YOUR BEDBUG PROBLEM they can help you 100%**TERMINEX IS EXPECTED TO COMPLETE TREATMENT 4/19/11 BULLSHIT-it has all this stuff to be done-SCUMLORD hasnt done her part & its 3pm-trim bushes 18″,rake rock from bldg 18″ remove rooftop attachments ie:satelite dishes! good GOD im busting my ass to UNDO my home uproot us severe panic attacks & just plain pissed she does NOTHING!!! to top it off folks she is telling all the neighbors & tenants that its my fault-she’s nasty(meaning me) & im outta control-why cuz i yelled at her? cuz i turned her in?whatever!! im bout ready for an assualt charge if she so much as looks at me fucking funny ever again!! WILL I EVER STOP LOOKING FOR BEDBUGS NON STOP OR WAKING UP SCARED & SCANNING MY BODY INCH BY INCH LOOKING FOR BITES?? DOUBTFUL!! wonder if she’ll smile for the T.V. cameras tomorrow?? hahahahaha!! ive caught a few & didnt kill em cuz im taking them to the hearing on her NON COMPLIANCE of the law!! just picture everyone SCRATCHING subconciously i hope i dont drop any!!! hahaha GOOD LUCK GOD BLESS & THANK YOU for your TIPS & STORIES. xoxo robin

  • Eric Palmcity Fl.

    Been at war since June 2010 haeted bedroom to 130 degrees for 15 hrs. Now they are in sofa thew it out cleaned sprayed they just show up- somware else got new sofa they moved in it in 2 weeks spraing alcohl with skin so soft from avon has been working alone with borax sifted on to carpet and do this every 3 days helps me sleep they never go away its a dayly war on bugs.

  • luanne robbins

    I got rid of them. boiled my clothes, shoes, and underwear. Left the apartment behind with everything in it. Started over.
    Showed up at Court ready to fight. The Landlord let me out of the lease and any rent for the months the apartment was uninhabitable.

  • Me

    I have bed bugs..! I hit em from a nieghbor that gave me his big comfy couch… This was abut ago..! I have tried everything I also taped the outlets so sense they live in the walls too they can’t get out lol I also tried the blow dryer to the outlets bit yeah nothing..! I threw my bed out hoping to rid these nasty bugs but nope they are still here and I’m not buying an other bed till they are gone..! So yeah I’m getting bitten up while I sleep in a palet on the floor :-/ not the greatest but whatever right, I Also read about using lice spray hmmm I’m gonna try that tomorrow thanks

  • shemika brooks

    had these little beates for a while tried everything even moving twice went throught 3living room sets and was reduced to sleeping ontha floor me and my kids don’t know what else to do.HELP

  • jennie

    Silica is in playground sand and diatomaceous earth. Buy a bag of playground sand at the toy store. Put it under all of your furniture, in the corners of your rooms, and sprinkle it around. The only problem that you may have with the sand is if your cats love it. Spread this knowledge around also. Sand kills bedbugs. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  • Done!

    I am so done!
    I don’t have them super bad but its still enough. I feel like I havent slept in days. This is so horrible. They are gross and im so fed up…

  • Jennie

    I should have added that talc which is in gold bond medicated powder, or the store brand, and many other powders, such as baby powder, has silica in it. Silica is the enemy of bedbugs, so put a little on your feet before bedtime. The bedbugs die after crawling through talc. SAND, DIATOMACEOUS EARTH AND TALCUM POWDER ALL CONTAIN SILICA. TALCUM POWDER ISN’T GREAT FOR BREATHING, THAT’S WHY MY GRAMMY SAID TO PUT IT ON YOUR FEET.

  • Tania

    Hello, Bed bugs are an occupational hazard in my line of work [housing] and I have been fortunate never to get them [knock on wood]. I discovered a new product that works on biological enzymes that specifically targets Bed Bugs and Lice species. its called “Kleen Green” and can be researched / ordered via http://www.naturalginesis.com or http://www.licesquad.com [lice squad is the canadian distributor as the product is made in the US]. The product is non-toxic to humans and pets, and is chemical free, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. I don’t get any money or anything from promoting the product, but I know it works… and these creatures are so hard to get rid of – I just know that sharing this information will help people avoid the irritation of the insects as well as the usual strong chemical treatment in fumigation to be rid of them / prevent them. I hope this helps anyone who reads this. Kind Regards

  • lisa

    I put moth balls all over the bed then covered mattress with a plastic cover for 8 hrs. then vaccumed up balls. Bugs were gone and havent returned.



  • Eric Wiliams

    Bedbugs have taken over due to exterminators getting rid of the bedbugs natural predators, ants and spiders. Don’t kill spiders, just take down their webs when you see them and your insect problems will vanish.

    During my peace corp years, I noticed that ants would kill every insect in our building when they went on the attack. The locals told us not to worry the ants would come in and pick the place clean of bugs and then we would be insect free for months.

    Remember this when you call to get rid of ants and spiders. They serve a purpose and that is to get rid of blood sucking insects.

  • noor

    hi i’m looking for a way to get rid of bed bugs. i dont know what to do, they;re not every where yet but they really bother me and my kids. in MN

  • Bridog

    Me and my wife live in an apartment complex in southern Michigan with eight units in each building. About eight months ago complaints from three apartments for bed bugs were sent to the manager of the complex. A pro exterminator was brought in and did an inspection and found that our unit was the only one without bed bugs. We were told to expect the units to be heat-treated by the pros. Mysteriously, within six weeks of the inspection we had a minor “fire” in our building resulting in all eight families staying somewhere for 30 days while all units being cleaned, painted and got new carpeting. Now, guess what, the bed bugs are everywhere and in our place too. Here’s what we did and are doing to combat these things. And as someone else wrote, “…you will never look like the same, happy person when you’re done.”

    For a queen box-spring and mattress I used one-200ft roll of Glad Wrap for each and sealed them. We cannot afford the $70 each price tag of the mattress bags. Make sure you stretch the wrap as your doing it so it will stick to itself and be extremely careful in handling as it doesn’t take much to puncture.

    1. We applied a liberal coating of petroleum jelly to the five legs of the bed frame to keep them from climbing up. This also keeps them from climbing down so be thorough!
    2. We moved the bed about six inches from the wall.
    3. I didn’t find any bugs on the frame. I bought some 90% rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle. The spray bottle top screws directly on the alcohol bottle. (I’m thinking about mixing the clear alcohol with the wintergreen scent to see if it works better.) I filled up an old Lysol bottle with blue Pine Sol. I sprayed the complete bed frame with the alcohol and then with Pine Sol.
    4. When placing the box spring, do it carefully so you don’t rip the plastic wrap.
    5. We wrapped the mattress. Folded up a sheet and placed it between the box spring and mattress. I think without the sheet between the two, the plastic would rip.
    6. Tossed the mattress pad, pillows, pillow cases, sheets and comforter in the dryer for one hour. Threw out the bed skirt and made the bed making sure nothing touches the ground and the bed.
    Every night before we go to bed I spray around the edge of the bed with the alcohol. Also, I wipe my arms and legs with alcohol. So far, this has worked. We carefully inspect the bed every night.

    We tried the double-sided tape on the sheet around the mattress but when my cat decided to walk on it and it stuck to her feet; well, let me say this, a freaking out cat with sharp claws running around at 2am in the dark like the devil is chasing here is not fun. I would not recommend the tape! I still have the scars.
    I will vacuum every two or three days and sprinkle some Ditomaceous Earth on the floors and under the cushions of everything.
    One night before we did all this I experimented with covering my arms and legs with Shower to shower powder and I didn’t get bit. Maybe it was coincidence.
    I have sprayed the ones I’ve seen walking on the floor with different things. The alcohol seemed to kill them after several seconds. I used to get bit while sitting at the computer desk so again, I experimented and sprayed the Pine Sol on the floor and in the joints of the wood on the desk. That was three days ago and I haven’t been bit while sitting at the desk.
    I can say that since I’ve been spraying the floors with the Pine Sol, we haven’t been bitten in two days. I’m going to spray under the couch cushions and around the baseboards to see what happens.

    This is a constant battle and it’s true, once you start on this mission you start looking like Rambo armed with two spray bottles.

  • marinez

    Okay i have bed bugs but i was wondering can you get rid of some of the bugs with bleach?

  • ben melich


  • Sarah T

    Alchol DOES NOT KILL THEM just makes them stupid for 12 hours or so.Terminex and trash every thing you do not need.They love books and small cracks. De clutter, treat every thing that is it. I will run about 2000.00 but it works on stand alone property. Appartments if the hole building is not being treated they will be back. move and treat every thing you take with you if any thing at all.

  • Frustrated!!!!

    HELP!!!!! I have a neighbor who had been seeing bugs in his house for about 2 months before he finally askeed the landlord to check into what the bugs were and where they were coming from. Of course they were BED BUGS. My landlord asked if I had seen any bugs and the answer was no. The exterminator came bombed and sprayed the house. Three months go by all of a sudden I am waking up with huge swollen red spots on my skin. I went to the docotr & dermatologist and they could not figure out what this skinn irritatin was from. i go home upset and frustrated I decide to investigate becasue I had not seen 1 bug in my house. I ask the neighbor who and he stated that he has still been seeing them but never told the landlord. As I begin my search I found 1 bug hidden in a nail whole on the frame of my bed. I was Pi**ed. More so becasuse the neighbor was not telling anyone. I now cannot get rid of these nasty little creatures. I feel so disgusting walking through my house. I deep clean and vaccum everyday. Walls. pictures, closets, door and window frames, base boards, etc. You name it and my vaccum can reach it I vaccum it. I bleach everything, wash everything daily in hot water and dry on high heat. I have thrown my bed and box spring away. Keep in mind I only see 1 or 2 every couple of days but it is the most horrible thing to go through. Where I need help is how do you get rid of bed bugs when your neighbor aparently is not bothered by them. I clean everyday and I know for a fact (100%) that he does not vaccum nor clean. I have asked my landlord to send him packing but then I’m affraid they will come straight down stairs since the upstairs is vacant. Please HELP i cannot live like this. It is stressing me out. What woudl you do??????

  • Michele

    A couple of months ago, family members spent quite a few nights on the couch getting bit up. I checked for bugs but found none, because I was so nieve before finding so much information. Now, while waiting for the guy with the truck (tomorrow!), I am armed. I wanted to kill as many as possible so moving the furniture out wouldn’t cause so many to scatter all over. It’s pretty much contained to the LR. Here is what I’ve done with success: DE-Diatomaceous Earth-NOT the pool kind-the kind recommened for insect control was first. Went to the dollar store and bought squeezy catsup and mustard dispensers to apply around baseboards and ‘puff’ it like a cloud inside the couch by turning it over. HAIR DRYER: Drove them out, then I collect them using my big lint roller. Made sure woodend coffee table was OK, then used petroleum jelly on the legs. BEDROOM: Mattress cover on mattress, $4.00 roll of plastic was used to wrap box-spring (could use it on mattress, too, but I already bought, paid and used it), petroleum jelly on legs. Spray bottle of alcohol and bleach cleaner to wash everything down and spray couch because it’s going anyway. Furnitures going to the dump and I will NOT get new until I’m 100% sure they are g-o-n-e gone. I found all of these good tips here. WARNING: They will drive you crazy and it will be 2:00 am before you know it. You might find yourself looking in your sheets in the dark with a flashlight or thinking you saw a piece of thread move. You are not alone. Good luck!

  • Amanda

    For my birthday this year, all I wanted was a new bed set for my bed, so my mother got me a comforter from Kmart, and sheets from Big lots. I got the sheets that matched my comforter, and took the other ones off. As I went to take the sheets off my bed to the hamper, I noticed bed bugs crawling on them. We threw my bed out, and sprayed some bed bug spray that we got from Lowes. After that, I didn’t get bitten, and I didn’t see any, they were gone…. or so I thought. I woke up a couple weeks ago with bites all over my arm, and immediately started freaking out, and tore my bed apart, and sure enough, the little bastards were back with a vengeance. I had to tear posters, and everything off of my walls, and while I was doing so, there was one crawling on my floor (The things creep my out so bad, so I do the whole paranoid, shoot eyes to anything you see moving thing) and I sprayed straight rubbing alcohol on it, and it died instantly. we had so gotten some powder, so we’re hoping to god it works. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated, please feel free to contact me [email protected]

  • Paul

    I took a spray bottle and filled it with rubbing alcohol and a very inexpensive cleaner that I purchase at Wal Mart called Spray Power. They not only kill the bed bugs on contact, it didn’t have that bug spray smell to it. I sprayed in the creases of the mattresses, took the Spray Power and used to wash my sheets with the hot water. Thank goodness this worked !!!

  • Charish

    Well not a tip just an experience and a questionmy quack doctor 2 times the first I was told that the red splotches on my arms were from a viral infection..so I had to get a steroid shot and prescription…once it was done ..the spots came back…I went back to him and he told me it looked like sun poisening Then my husband got the red marks so I looked up bed bugs and freaked out..didnt see any but vacuumed every inch of our room and washed all bedding…I kept seeing what looked like blood smears on our sheets too. Today I looked on my white rug in front of our bed and found one…here is my question..since Ive only found 1 do you think Im infested??? Im freaking out and getting ready to go spray some rubbing alcohol…I cant handle any type of bug in my house

  • ms.tam

    i have read all these posts on here about bedbugs & i am so thankful ‘some’ ppl r finally speaking up! i too feel that this has become an issue our LOCAL HEALTH DEPTS.& OUR LOCAL,STATE & FED.GOV. should look into. yes! bedbugs spread several things…sit down…H.I.V.to name a few. this was told to me by an hiv patient whos dr. told them that bedbugs are able 2 pass on the virus, it makes sense. i live n an apt. complex with my mom. she gets bites but i dont. i have 11 grandkids, when they visit, only 2 have complained of bites. needless 2 say my kids no longer allow their kids 2 come 2 my apt. this breaks my heart. BUT! i have been sprayin everything n my apt. with alcohol (strong!.the 90’s percent is the best). this seems 2 help. i kill everyone i c & i have covers (for bedbugs) on my box springs & mattresses.

    ive even put the vasoline around my baseboards (i have carpet). i have seen so many pieces of furniture at the dumpster n my complex but nobody is talking. my landlord says ‘not his problem’ so guess what! the problem is n my hands now so i will deal with it the best way i can! getting tape, sealer, coulking, whatever, 2 take care of business!caulk ur baseboards, electrical outlets, b careful,between the ceilings and the walls, around ur moldings…everything! i’m pissed! we r not a third world country, and i do feel 4 them,that this bug problem is a part of their everyday life, BUT WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING!!! we need to contact our local health departments…they send out ppl 2 spray 4 misqutoes…why not bedbugs?! notify ur local gov. funded offices! they no how 2 get rid of this problem…if they want 2. guess we will have 2 wait 4 it 2 b a problem n the whitehouse!!!LOL

    • Maureen

      You hit the nail on the head!!!  When the president and his family get bitten then maybe something will get done but not until then!!!!!

  • Mrs Gregory

    If you get bit try rubbing toothpaste on the bite it stops the itch. Just remember that you have it on before you leave the house. I did this had it on my legs. You get so upset with these things you cant think straight!!!

  • Bitten in Brooklyn

    Pray……and spray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • charish

    Alcohol does kill them on contact…buy a spray bottle and fill it with straight alcohol….the best place to find them is to lift up your box spring and look in the underside of it…GROSS

  • JAY


  • Katie

    Saw 1 lg BB on chair, turned chair upside down to see cats had clawed lining- ripped lining w/knife to see if bugs inside: tons of eggs! Immediately went to hw store, heavy plastic/taped chair, threw out.
    Sofa saw 1 – turned sofa Lt/Rt/upside down spraying w/alcohol. Covered in heavy (must get heavy-rolls from Home Depot, taped shut. 3 days later, uncovered.
    Sprinkled D Earth (can purchase at garden shop or Lowes), anyway turned sofa again all directions sprinkling with powder- inside openings- area between legs & material small gap so soured powder inside then taped shut.
    Remove all baseboards (take out the nails-dont worry if you are a renter just do it), vacumme, put down heave D Earth, push baseboard back- DONT HAMMER DOWN so every week you can vacumme & do again.


  • Allie

    When I had bed bugs, I took EVERYTHING out of my room. It was winter at the time. So we took whatever we can wash and washed and dryed it in high heat for 45 minutes and for the things we couldnt wash especially my mattress and bed frame, we put outside and on my unheated porch. Not only does extreme heat kill them but so does extreme cold. And I mean EVERYTHING that couldnt be washed I put out in the cold. Bed bugs hide everywhere. May sound insane, but take down any posters or pictures or anything on your walls and doors, dvds, cds, boardgames, knick knacks, pictures, and etc, too. I even put my hair products and stuff all out in the cold just in case. Make sure your room is EMPTY! Nothing should be left behind, bed bugs get into everything! If you dont have extremely cold winters, you must have a pretty hot summer.

    Leave the stuff outside for a couple weeks to make sure they’re dead. Sleep in your living room or another room but make sure you dont bring anything to where your sleeping that hasnt been washed (including your clothes) otherwise that area will get infected too. All the stuff you washed especially clothes and linen put in a location that you know doesnt have bed bugs and try putting any washed thing that you can in a plastic bag for storage and extra safety. For electronics, because they hide in those too, put in an air-tight plastic, closed completely trash bag for a couple weeks in a room like a basement or attic or somewhere out of the way so any bed bugs will be suffocated. Any crevice and I mean ANY crevice or crack (including the crevices in your hardwood floors) in the infected room should be sprayed, mopped, and washed down numerous times during the process of getting rid of them with different bed bug sprays, ammonia, bleach, and any other chemical thats rumored to kill them. Then conceal the cracks with different products for different kinds of cracks like in walls, floor, triming, windows, crown molding, etc. Bed bugs are very flat.

    In fact, they’re as flat as a penny but theyre babies are even smaller! So any opening is a possible hiding place. If you have wall to wall carpet, either get rid of it or wash your carpet slowly and thoroughly with a steamer thats very hot numerous times. If it’s removable, get rid of it, put it in the cold or hot sun, or wash and dry it in high heat. Bed bugs hide in electrical sockets. If you don’t believe me, look it up, and i saw bed bugs hide in mine! So take off the socket plates and even your lightswitch plate and soak them in ammonia for an hour. Then take a cotton swap and put some rubbing alcohol on it and rub some around the socket area. Then nail back on. Then buy plastic electric socket safety plug-ups (those clear plastic caps that you plug in unused electric sockets most likely used for safety for children) and rub some rubbing alcohol on the tips that insert into the socket. Keep those in for the remainder of the time that youre cleaning out your room. Then take out only the safety caps where you’re going to plug something else in. But keep the caps in the sockets that arent being used in for a year because bed bugs can survive for about 8 months without blood. It’s a very tough process but it’s neccessary.

    And remember conceal and plaster cracks and crevices, scrub and spray useful chemical products, cover up sockets, if you’re insecure about the bedbugs and want to cover up the crack at the bottom of your door preventing travel with plastic bags, a towel, blanket, etc, go for it, if you wanted to paint and/or re-do your hardwood floors, now would be a good time to do it surprisingly (paint can kill them, conceal small cracks and crevices in the wall and trim and stain and sanding will kill any bed bug in your floor but make sure you mop with ammonia and conceal cracks in the trim and wall and floor first because paint and stain isn’t completely successful at killing bed bugs), prevent getting bed bugs again (unless you want to go through this whole process again), and don’t forget about your closet. So unless you have a lot of money for an exterminator that MAY or may not get rid of them completely, do this process instead, it definitely worked for me and it’s definitely worth it.

  • sole

    there is no tip but my mom and daughter are the only ones being bit and she just threw away her mattresses. what can we do to prevent them from returning and eating them alive. we have actually caught several of those pesky demons and now we need to know what would be the best thing to do keep them away. help us before we turn out like the people from new york cause they made their way to texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jhana

    I have been infested for months, the land lord calls this b.s. exterminator who sprayed the bare minimal amount of product, so I called this company I saw and they want $1000 just to “take a look”. I’ve cleaned and rearranged the furniture, and now my 8 year old son has scars all over his body. The furniture I had in my children’s room is taken down and about to go out I don’t know what else to do. I’ve tried the sprays which are like $10-$20 dollars each and washed everything which cost me $200 twice. I don’t have any more money to throw away. Its hard enough with me and three kids then add ridding my house of bed bugs to the equation, its enough to drive you mad. Is there any thing out there that wont cost me a months rent to rid my home of these things?
    Sincerely Bugged Out

  • NONE YA!!!


  • Mommy of 1

    Here are some home remedies i found..
    ~Canola oil or Rapeseed oil (it attacks their nervous system)
    ~Black walnuts
    ~Spread mint leaves around (helps repel them)
    ~Cayene Pepper

    I hope this helps!!!!

  • lori

    COCKROACHES kill bedbugs

  • This Is Awful But Here Are Some Tips :)

    THE LAW IS THAT IF YOU RENT AN APT IT IS THE OWNER/LANDLORD’S RESPONSIBILITY TO EXTERMINATE! DO NOT MOVE TO ANOTHER ROOM AS THEY WILL FOLLOW YOU WITHIN 5-7 WEEKS! Vacuum your bed and encase in a zip close bedbug encasement. Caulk all cracks in walls, (even on headboard) pull your bed away from wall. Use only white, plain sheets, blankets and pillowcases so you can see them. Keep flashlight near bed if you sleep in dark! Buy eye covers so you can sleep with light on. (I sleep this way.) Use double sided, wide carpet tape as it is very sticky on both sides and you can put it all around the frame of your bed. I have a platform bed which I now hate because of bedbugs. I put the tape 1/2 on the bed and 1/2 on the floor. (Cross that you bedbug losers!)
    If you have a cat or dog, make sure you use something for them. We have dogs and kitties. (Indoor only!) We use Advantage for cats and Advantage for dogs an they seem okay. In fact, when we discovered them last Wed., I redosed them all.
    Sleep with your hair in a bun wrapped tight. The bugs are so fragile that while trying to scoot one into an empty pill bottle with my nail, (it was a tiny one) it bled. As hearty as they are to stand up to chemicals and environmental factors, they are easily smooshed when you roll over on them.
    Put flea and tick powder around your sheet by patting it in allll around the sides. (We dare not let the sheets slide off the bedside.)
    DO NOT BOMB! It does not work and will make them hide deeper in the walls!
    If you get an exterminator, make sure that the drop ceiling is done.
    Put all clothing in plastic containers. In the containers, put mothballs or rubbing alcohol doused paper towels you will have to resaturate/replace every 3 days. That acts as a deterrent.
    Make sure any pet cages you have you clean daily! If you have birds, lift out the tray and make sure there are none in there! NO PESTICIDES NEAR BIRDS!
    Keep cat box litter clean. You should have been doing that all along anyway.
    Keep on top of this! Last and most importantly,
    (Philippians 4:5-7) . . .. 6 Do not be anxious over anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving let YOUR petitions be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God that excels all thought will guard YOUR hearts and YOUR mental powers by means of Christ Jesus.
    Pray and work diligently on your part. We can overcome this.
    (Proverbs 24:10) 10 Have you shown yourself discouraged in the day of distress? Your power will be scanty.
    This last scripture proves we ave to trust God and not give in to stress and discouragement or in the hardest of things or His great test, you will have no power. Pray for strength to go through this. Yesterday, day 10, I finally realized that as aggravating as this is and frustrating and uncool and disgusting, there is nothing more we can do than what we have done! I will not allow bedbugs to take away the vow I made to God that I have made.
    Will you!? If you need prayer, remember there are those of us that don’t know you that will include you in our hearts but do your part to pray incessantly, always…

  • Hitesh

    Didn’t know that there is something called a bed bug until today. Had spot one in my hair around a month back. Not sure how long my bed has been infected for, but they have been around for at least a month and a half. Scratched a hole in one of my feet a few days back because of the intense itching. As that clotted, scratched a hole in the other feet 2 days back. This finally got my attention. Spotted a lot of them on bed yesterday. Today, took out the mattress and found their hiding spot. These bastards HIDE IN THE CREVICE/GAPS of the joints in my wooden bed. I’ll try getting rubbing alcohol and pouring that over them. Till then, I’ll sleep on the floor away from these guys. I would recommend the following to you guys :

    Prefer one-piece furniture without joints/crevices. Nothing beats the one piece steel bed we had in college.

    DO NOT SCRATCH THE ITCHES LEFT BY THESE BITCHES. I am wearing socks for now to prevent this.

  • bunnie

    yes just like all of you,i have the lil suckers to and there only bitting and not my children thank god for that,but anyways my friend said that she had them and she got rid of them by using bleach,amonia mixed together,but you will need a mask,go around base boards first.

  • Tracey Lee

    I have been dealing with these things for years now but thank god is has just been very mild. First they were just in my sons bedroom and then just in my bedroom. The landlord has sprayed a couple of times and it does help but, the only product out on the market that works is called GOODNIGHTS bed bug spray. I also use hot water and bleach. The eggs are the main problem. Everytime an adult bug feeds it lays eggs and it takes two weeks for them to hatch. They start as white bugs untill they feed then turn brownish red. The eggs look like a pen dot but die very easily if they get wet. I prefere to use bleach but plain hot water works fine also. Everytime i wake with a bite we wash and dry all bedding, vacuum every spot and crevece in the whole room and spray the walls and frame and all things that can be sprayed with bleach without bothering it. It is a long and stressful process but you can beet them. If you have things that6 can not be washed then put it in a garbage bag tiye it very tight and store it for over 18 months. As much as that sucks that is how long they can survive with out feeding. VACUUMING is a major key to beating these blood sucking roaches! They can not hang on so suck up very easy. Dispose of bag or if bagless make sure to get rid of it becouse they can climb out of it.

  • Mrs. Napp

    Ok, apparently by the time you notice that you have bed bugs, the infestation is already time to torch the house. Bought the powder for bugs, not a lot of help. Bought bed bug bombs and set them off inside zippered mattress covers, still had live ones. Sprayed until i could hardly breathe, still bugs.

    Sooo, I broke down and called the exterminator. Spoke with Ms. Orkin (names have been changed to protect the innocent). She says and ill try to quote, vaccuum everything, walls baseboards, carpets, furniture. Anything that cannot fit in a dryer or large plastic bag. VAsaline the feet of anything that touches the floor, Put the demactucus earth powder around all heat vents, door frames and windows. and run every bit of bedding thru the dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes. Ms. Orkin also said that a positive attitude is required, as the bed bugs have been known to play jedi mind tricks and make you want to arson your home and or belongings. The most important thing she said, was to move your bed away from any walls and keep the waterproof plastic covering on both the mattress and box springs, as the little buggers will climb the walls. vaccuum every week, everything in your house. dispose of the contents of the vaccuum via a zip lock bag so they dont get out. hope all this works, i have to call Ms. Orkin back in 4 days, cross your fingers 0.o

  • Michelle

    We have been struggling with Bed Bugs for many years now. They suck ( no pun intended). I just wanted to let you all know that if you sleep in another room they will follow you there so by doing that you are just spreading them. They also like popcorn cealings so if you are wondering where they are look up. Also behind picture frames, nightstands, carpet ect. Metel bed frames don’t mean they won’t live there either because most of the time they are hollow and they will hide inside. They also really like books so when going thru your things make sure to look in all your books on the book case or by your bed. I have just read about this stuff called FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH and most people that have tried it have said that it will kill them within a few weeks of using it consistantly and its pretty cheep can be bought at a pet store. Its also supposed to be pet friendly and people friendly. I am going to give it a try cause I really hate these things and am so sick of getting bit every night. Good luck to everyone and I hope that you all find the answer to get rid of these little bastards! God Bless

  • michelle childs

    the best and only thing that actually works is Detomaceous Earth Food Grade, i had a small infestation in my bed& living room furniture also on my curtains in living room& bedroom washed all curtains, dryed on high heat(plastic all) put dust down, left windows open certain ares, used the mask from the movie scream, checked up in other bedrm no problem no one really sleep upstairs(just precautionary measures) dusted love seat inside and out,threw long couch out totally infested, no more bites or bugs oh by the way you don’t have to throw your vaccum bags out, just take your vaccumm cleaner outside take it apart run the hose through the hoses that come off set the bag on the bannister(after shaking debris out(make sure its stuck tight against something as not to blow away, the bedbugs will crawl out to the top of the bag , flick them in the grass, wipe the rim of the vaccumn where the bags goes, with alcohol, as well as the vaccumn cleaner itself and all loose parts, let stay outside all night, the heat will kill any remaining bedbugs in the vaccumn & the bag let dust stay stationary for a day or 2 or 1 week, dust curtains as well as baseboards, carpets, crack crevices i sealed mine with clear tape
    headboards(if you have any)check any type of fabric wood or card board it worked for me now i’m frre but i’m still moving be patient it takes time but not a whole lot of energy i will be dusting my new residence as well a few days before i move will take no prisoners no exceptions period!repeat until all is gone or you get tired of doing it LOL

  • Grace

    Bridog, thanks so much for the tip. after reading your post, i decided to get up and get a pinesol and put in the spray bottle. by the way, its 3:00 am when i did this. cant sleep thinkiing about those blood suckers in my sofabed in the living room. so i get up and start spraying the sofabed, and i was so amazed that pinesol killed them on the spot. so if anyone, wants a cheap bedbug remedy, try spraying it with pinesol. fortunately, the one that i have is lavander scent, so my whole apartment is smelling so good. im so happy to see those bedbugs dead instantly. tomorrow they will fumagate my building but i will continue spraying pinesol. so good luck to all of you that’s been having problem with bedbugs. thanks guys for the tip.

  • jake

    Well, if you figure they hate mint and certain smells then buying lotions and oils to defuse the aroma in the room, that creates an aroma will keep them off of you. buying mint putting it around the house, mopping with super hot water, then hydrogen peroxide foorgrade mop 3 to 6% wear shoes or something. Do the drying technique on clothing outside in a bag. Cock/silicone the cracks at your base boards so they dont spread, seal all holes in the walls that dont have a screw. Expect your neighbours by calling. Cover drain holes when not in use. This will stop all types of bugs as well and make good to keep the air clean, and dust free if mopping everyday. Spraying bed with hydrogen peroxide and leaving mint all around so they flee instead of bite, they will die out. Vacuming and drying the intense therma exterminators. If you have animals, may want to re-exam this. Keep pigeons and other animals alike out of outside area. Less junk around so they cant hide. clean desk and counters regulary. Salt baths are naturally good for you. Boiling your bathroom will eliminate them from there with ease. Good luck

  • missy

    been waking up with what looked like red welts on my upper arms, and wrists, and they itched like crazy..my boyfriend on the other hand had no marks on him at all, only complained of itching at wrists..but he saw a picture at the doctors office of what ‘bed bug’ feces looked like, and pointed it out to me on the head of our fitted sheet, and pillow cases…SO, i looked into home rememedies for bed bugs..decided to go with rubbing alcohol..stripped my bed, pulled mattress from wall, and LO AND BEHOLD 2 or 3 nests!! well, i POURED rubbing alcohol on the nests i could see..killed them dead automatically..swept up the dead bodies, and am hoping i may have got some eggs in the sweep as well!! the alcohol works..planning on doing this once a week, and well, we will see what happens…hopefully i don’t have to do it every week the rest of my life

  • Raquel

    I sprayed ‘live bedbugs’ with Lysol…killed them instantly! Washed bedding and dried, both in hot hot hot! Sprayed carpet with the Lysol and the mattress….vacuummed both then dragged the mattress to the curb. Sprayed again making sure to get my travelling path (from throwin out mattress)really well and into all edges of room and in corners…….I sure as heck hope I get no-more. Gonna try a remedy I read….strong smelling perfume and/or lots of strong smelling body lotion! I have a baby in my room…so far they havent’ touched her but I’ve been itchy and gotten bit now for about 2weeks…if they breed every two weeks as I’ve read…I really hate these things; really tired as cannot sleep due to the itchiness.

  • Latif1967

    Heat your house to 160 degrees with a torpedo heater blower dry everything dryable

  • cheryl

    Think I got bed bugs from the neighbors as they just threw out their mattresses. First step I took was to throw out my sons 2 mattresses on his bunkbeds, I then bought mattress encasements from walmart and new mattresses. I then went to the Home Depot and bought 3 items: 1) Bedbug Fogger 2) Bedbug Spray 3) DE . I have washed everything in my sons room in hot water and dried it in dryer. I plan to clean his bunkbed with alcohol, then I am going to vaccume and bag that up. Then I am going to put that damned powder in every crevice. I plan to repeat this process until I win and my son is not bitten anymore!

  • Amanda

    So, my husband brought home a used mattress.4 days later bites and nasty little creatures crawling on my linens. We used 1 gallon of hot shots specifically for bed bugs and fleas as well as the aerosol can. I think the only thing it killed was most of our brain cells. I just finished vaccummining my mattress, rubbed drier sheets all over the matress and boxspring, I put drier sheets in my pillow cases. Laundered all of my linens, vaccummed carpets, wrapped my mattress in heavy duty leaf bags, put vaseline on all the legs of the bed, sprayed lysol and windex (Ill spray anything at this point), put all throw pillows in a leaf bag and set it in the sun all day, after they were in the drier. I swear to god if this all didnt work, Im going to go insane. Im already freaking out and it has been a week. AHHHHHHHH. Oops I forgot to spray rubbing alcohol on everything…. DAMN, looks like I’m off to the store to purchase 15 gallons of rubbing alcohol.lol. I will let you all know if it worked. Also I am so releaved to see i am not the only one suffereing. Its quite embarressing, and thank you for all of the tips. Your all great!

  • Robert Silvester

    So much misinformation being dispensed. If you can submit here , you obviously have a computor. Put is to work, do your research on bed bugs and how to get rid of them. I have been fighting them for 5 yr, quite successfully in my rental apt. People bring them in, low rental, or if I miss one egg, they are back. So far, I am using a safe cedar oil product. Works very good. Use a fogger machine.
    I am going to try a less expensive one, for continual maintenance, and see how it works. My cedar spray is $100 a gal. New stuff is $30.
    A most effective product is Diatomaceous earth. Spread around the
    floor or rug. Spread on rug, then brush it in smoothly with a broom.

    Buy it by the bag cheap from a farm supply co-op. Be sure to buy the right kind. Toss the matress and box. Or cover them with a plastic cover, available at Sears, after spraying. If really cold outside, well below freezing, put them out for 2 weeks at least. Still may not kill. Smear vasoline on bed legs and a line around wall 6 in. above floor where bed is. Bugs have been known to crawl up wall where vasoline is not and drop from ceiling onto bed.
    You can be successful with right producs and methods, and actually get rid of them. Then go to show and bring more home. Putting you coat on seat next to you, doubles your chance. Be viligent.

  • bitten

    to stop the itch from bites….sounds stupid, medicated foot powder
    i wear it to bed now and i havent been bitten for awhile in my sleep,and yup i know i still have bed bugs. started using it out of frustration on several bites to my feet. takes itch right away and helps to heal up small sores from scratching. i have tried EVERY CREAM out there and im one of those lucky ones that gets the huge welts with intense itching. works for me…maybe it will help you.

  • bitten

    something to smile about…remember those old plastic furniture covers, not so funny now…i want some. any ideals where to get them from?

  • Ashley

    vacuum every day every where left your bed and box spring up and vacuum under there even oh and you can take the vacuum hose and go around your bed and box spring sucks them right up…but i don’t know about the eggs also go around the walls where the vacuum cant reach with the hose just to be safe

  • JOHN

    this is the only sure way to be rid of them…
    that or burning the place to the ground
    i didnt say i approve this method but its the only
    other sure way….

  • victor9011

    I have used the canola oil treatment and it worked. I was impressed!

  • Wiffee Detroit

    Note; uhaul sales a furniture wrap on a roll. Use this to completely wrap your mattress and box spring. Purchase Boric Acid; spread this around the entire room, close to the walls, around window seals, around the closet, in any small open space where your eye can see, Bedbugs can hide. Check your bedframe, place Boric Acid around the frame and headboard. Place the Boric Acid in between the wrapped mattress and box spring. Wash all clothing and bedding stored in this area. If you sleep on a couch, spread the Boroc Acid in the creases of the couch, unzip the pillows and spread the Acid around inside and zip them closed. This Boric Acid is poisionest and should not be ingested by a human or animal. Remember keeping the entire area clutter free and the Acid dry will kill the Bedbugs. The bugs feed on pets. Try placing the sticky bug traps under the bed frame post or under furniture. You will start to clean these bugs up a couple of days after application.
    Bedbugs can hide in dresser drawers, mail, books, clothing, curtains, shoes, behind wall paper, picture frames and any place that close, fold or bend.

  • Mike

    Man this sucks. i moved in this this house an i ont know if it infeste but ive been getting bite an had threein a row somebody said bed buggs so i looked around didnt see anything sprayed that bu bug flea killer an instead of killing them it brang them out gave them some heeart cause now im finding some everyday tryed everything an nothing worked….haaaaaaaaaaa…sorry no tip just needed to vent im try a few more ifferent things another hundread dollars or so an then call the pro if that ont work

  • mary

    I know someone who had them and so far the best thing that has worked is a new thing at Walmart for about $20 total. They have a new spray out and Bed Bug Bombs. You get as many as you have of rooms, set one each in a room and let off. Leave the house, BUT MAKE SURE ALL WINDOWS, FANS AND A/C’S ARE OFF! Stay away for 2 or 3 hours, come back to open windows, then leave for 1 hour or more and

    • Maureen

      What is this new thing at walmart called?

  • mary


  • zair


  • Anonymous

    Try washing all the bedding every week in hot water, and drying on high, and them treating your mattress using a hot steam from an iron also on a weekly/daily basis (depending on how bad the infestation) until they are gone. It is my experience with pests, such as fleas and mice, the more difficult you make it for them, the more likely they will leave to find another place to live.

  • Dexter Mills

    Nice Post!!
    I really hate bed bugs, they irritate me very much and they seem to be everywhere. Thanks for publishing this article because i needed it.

  • bed bug spray

    Frequently remove your mattresses and place them in direct sunlight, the sun since temperatures of over 113 degrees Celsius are said to kill bed bugs. This home remedy can also be used to destroy any lingering bed bugs.


    OK, Enough
    Target sells mattres cover for bed wetting twin $9.99 Queen $11.99, they hang on the wall next to the sheets, sssssh
    put your box spring in them only and zip it up, leave it forever.
    Home Depot sells 1 gallon size Hot Shot Beg Bug liquid killer with a sprayer attached $9.99 ( New, Blue and White bottle )sssssh Spray the Hot Shot around the the floor board in every room in the house including the closets, spray under the bottoms of couches,chairs,tables behind t v’s the back of dressers and night stands, take the mattresses off the bed frame and spray the bed frame top and bottom the back of head board around door frames
    Dollar Store has spray bottles buy a spray bottle fill it half Rubbing Alcohol 70% or better and water and you spray it on your mattress in the morning and at night let it dry before lyning on it, spray your pillows & cases spray clothes and furniture, you can spray everything in the closet spray any luggage inside and out when returning from a trip
    keep your spray bottle handy use the rubbing alcohol mixture on furinture clothes liens any area even desk ares your computer stand, lien closet, spray your bath room, spray your self if you feel like somethings on you.
    rubbing alcohol is really propane and it kills bed bug on contact, You really need a vacumm because you gonna find them dead everywhere
    I beleive you have it from here , If you do nothing they get worst.
    You have to get to the point where you say NO MORE, Leave me and my family alone. And you spray until you get tired for as long as it takes, Look for eggs they lay them in dark places and when the bed bugs are all gone the eggs hatch and they back,Don’t give up
    Put a bounty on them have everyone in the house look for atleast 2 a day.
    Take a spray bottle with you on trips to spray your bed and luggage
    Take Charge

  • Jenn

    I’m going CRAZY. I’ve never had a bug problem in my entire life, but my mother and I moved out of a wonderful apartment building closer to our city’s downtown core and it’s a SLUM. Cockroaches, bedbugs, mice, and almost everything is broken, and the neighbors are all into drugs in one form or another. As soon as we moved in, we started getting bit. We thought maybe it was mosquitos because it was the middle of the summer.. NO. Bed bugs. They’re driving my mother insane. Tehy’re really bad in her room. I can kill thirty of them, adults, adolescants and nymphs in a short time in her room, while in mine I see maybe half a dozen. I’m going to try the rubbing alcohol and pick up some bug bombs from Walmart. We were fumigated once, but it didn’t do much of anything.

  • Michele

    Just something that may help – use Florida Water and put a few drops in about 220 mL of water and spray on sofa covered with bed sheets washed regularly – inexpenssive. Florida water smells nice.

    Also – steam mattress – cover matress with mattress cover and box spring cover- vacuum – steam clean carpets. Keep all clothes in transparent plastic bags – so you can see them – but they are protected.

  • TheVenusProject.com

    Bed Bug Killing Methods and Appliances,Chemicals,Means..

    1) Diatomaceous earth is a tiny razor thus added to flours to kill the bugs. Make sure to buy the Food Grade.
    2) Silica powder
    3) Rubbing Alcohol (green)
    4) Dry Steam Cleaner 240 degrees.
    5) Vaseline Barrier.
    6) Baking Soda
    7) Boiling Water with Red Hot Chili Peppers.
    8) Sunlight
    9) Dryer and 50+ temperature washing
    10) Plastic bags
    11) Double Sided Tape
    12) Boric Acid ad Salt mixture
    13) Hair Dryer could work out to kill the eggs
    14) Sulfuric Powder. Sulphur Candle put on the floor and burn for 2-3 days by closing down the whole house or apartment. About 2-3 candles in each room.
    15) Plastic Air Bags
    16) Heat the Room to 140 degrees.
    17) Saran Wrap
    18) Double sided sticky tape
    19) Roach Spray
    20) Chalk
    21) Talcum Powder and Sand
    22) Pine Sol
    23) Petroleum Jelly

  • Four hoarseman

    Heres a recipe, cause people suggested arson was a bad idea.
    Try d- limonene industrial strength, automotive repair shops use it for cleaning parts.
    ( oil of orange extract) and if not try some hydrogen peroxide 35 or 50% .
    straight or slightly delusional. Diluted i mean . Boy theyll keep you up all right.
    I heard borax and shake the spray bottle to unsedementize the product.
    Enjoy eliminating hell! Praying will help

  • Etta Rae

    Ortho home Defense MAX Bed Bug Killer (Kills them where they hide!) is the best pesticide I found out about, it kills them on contact and destroys their nests. You can get it at Lowes for $7.97 plus tax, also using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is pretty good if you spread it lightly to ensure these nasty pests crawl right through it and dehydrate themselves. With the Ortho on the other hand, you have to be persistent and determine to get rid of these nasty little blood suckers for some nymphs may pop up. Just because you get rid of the adults along with the clutter of a nest you see them at, think of the eggs and the nymphs they harbor away in crevices along the box spring, headboard, foot board, sides of the bed, etc. Spray like clock work every day and vacuum. From that point on out after getting rid of the nest, those options are your best friends to prevent them from coming back re-infesting like mad. Stay at the top of your game is what I am doing and so should you! Don’t let these horrible parasites get to you and make you nuts and give up instead make them nuts and give up so they’ll leave your home for good. It’s the only way we’ll be rid of these nasty critters once and for all! Much luck to all may the humans and animals win against these bloodsucking demons! So far for me, it’s 100 – none in defeating these things, I’m winning and they’re getting cocky again and losing. 😀

  • Jennie

    Bedbugs love perfume. They don’t like baby oil with peppermint oil in it. Cover yourself with baby oil and peppermint oil before bed. Use unscented products.

  • crystal

    Some one else mentioned the DE powder. Diatamaceous Earth powder. I brought them home from vacation. My son is the only one they attacked, but couldn’t figure out why my son had the whelks on him and kept getting more. I took him to the doctor and they thought he might have been exposed to chiggars. So, a month later still no better. Til one day, we were in the car and he noticed a tiny bug crawling on him, and acted like it was burrowing in his skin. So as soon as I got home I pulled back his sheets, but couldn’t see anything. Then I pounded on his matress and there they were. I immediately start looking and they are every where, in his room. They were even getting on his pet gerbils. This is when I read about the DE powder. I had to order it online, but I bagged his clothing one load at a time and washed on hot, dried one hour on highest setting. bagged all toys and everything and placed them outside in the sun (as heat kills them)and even left them out in a storage building for the winter too. They hate cold too. I sprayed a diluted amonia water mixture on them as it kills on contact, on those I could see crawling.

    After everything was bagged or washed, I powdered the entire room with the powder, left the room empty for a couple of months. My sons clothes were stored in the living room and he slept on an air mattress the entire time. It was a nightmare. I doused the matress with the powder (it was fairly new) and then put one of the bug protector covers on it. It also said to put down a barrier in the rooms connecting to the affected room, so the rooms that bordered it, I put the powder down on the floor around the barrier walls.I left it for over a month, as they can go a long time without feeding. also took off the electric receptacle covers and dusted in there too. All cracks and crevices were dusted.

    And this would take care of new hatchlings that searched for a feeding ground. It was time consuming and one of the most mentally challenging things I have ever went through. It really is a nighmare and you have no peace of mind. It worked, we got rid of the bugs and now every time I go to a hotel or on vacation, look closely before you even put your luggage on the floor, if they have them leave…. Get your money back and leave! Oh and put the bug sticky tape stuff under the bed posts. They will get trapped in it if they try to climb up it. I hope this helps and it is very inexpensive treatment….when they are newly hatched, they are sooo tiny the naked eye can barely see them. I never had any bigger one, thank God we got to them before they made it to that stage…Good luck to all…

  • Nana

    I’m so depressed cause this is my second time with these pests.I hate those damn bugs. Had them over a year ago and now they’re back.My skin is so dry from using alcohol. For itch relief buy some CVS brand Benadryl. Take two and it helps your itching and you’ll be able to sleep. Also, they sell the gel to put all over your body. Tomorrow I’m calling the Dept. of Agriculture and reporting the problem again. I take Warfrin because I have a rare gene called Factor V Leiden and my INR levels are hard to maintain in range which means I can develop a DVT(blood clot) I swear it’s cause of the the bb bites. This problem causes havoc on your life. I pray to GOD they bring back DDT.

  • buggy

    CURTAINS! Most people don’t realize, but they are usually in your curtains, too. Take one down, that’s closest to your bed. Take it off of the rod. Look where it was gathered, and at the seams. Even the edges where the curtain rod went through. That’s where I found some, besides the ribbing edges of my mattress and box springs. I have fought them for 2 years now. Then I also had discovered, when I went to take the pillow out of the pillow case, BAM! there were some bed bugs on the seam of the pillow. YUK! I will try some of that silicone dioxide!
    Thanks for the tips!

  • sarah

    Hello I have just about read all of your solutions and they all sound good.I had bed bugs since we went to a stupid yard sale near us in May of 2011 and it is now Sept of 2011 so its been five going on six months now.I dry all things from pillows to stuffed toys anything that can go in the dryer lol.I Vaccume everyday mop with lavender and bleach,I clean the couch every once a week they were in my room and ended up every where ugh so I looked online to see what else there was that I could use and the dryer sheet that is a good thing and moth balls they seem to not like that to much it chesed them downstairs to my couch. I dont have any upstairs so far and today I vaccumed the couch and found them and I sprayed them down with bedbug spray and it stuned them right away I taped all the ends of the beds and dont let anything drape to the floor they can crawl up to your bed I spayed all cracks and corners of every inch of the house and I put moth balls ever where in the house under beds behind dressers behind the couch and I even put them inside the couch cracks.

    I am so tired and I cant never get any sleep.I have bites allover me neck,back,back of my legs,arms,stomic chest.Im just thankfull my kids arnt getting biten yet Im in a prosses of turning all things off and winter is comming and just freeze them out lol I have two dogs and two cats now I have a question if my pets go outside most of the time can they bring the bugs in and can they take them out to somewhere else? I have’nt tryed the vasoline yet but it sounds affective and I am so tired of these dam things I feel like I was cursed or something lol.I was watching tv and a homeless shelter in my area was also infested with these shits and they called a extermenator twice and it didnt even get rid of them they are now in the prosses of frezzing there beds but they said that didnt work ether.I dont know I think we are just doomed or something lol I herd they dont like lavender herbs and I have some and I put some in the cracks of the couch as well.With having barely any money and the econamy going to crap what can a person do but die from this painfull itchy damnation.

  • mary

    People, I am an expert, please do not use bed bug bombers. they will only make the bugs leave one room and go to another. or in the wall and come back a few months later. or make them spread toyour neighbor if in an apt. how would you like it if your neighbor used it and then they spread to you? only hire a professional. thanks
    and yes getting rid of furniture helps too. but get professional treatment. its worth it.

  • Debbie

    OMG! This is awful! We don’t know how we got them as we have lived in this townhouse for 3 years with nothing like this every happening. I think the important thing to remember is that these bugs do NOT eat dirt. So, they should not be associated with dirty homes. They eat blood and are easily transferred. This needs to stop being thought of as a problem only poor people who don’t clean enough have. Even 5 star hotels wrestle with this problem! Let’s stop playing the blame game and just figure out how to get rid of them! Bug spray seemed to help, but not erraticate them..next going to try the alchohol and vaseline thing. Thank you for all the helpful tips!

  • Susannah

    We got rid of ours using home remedies, as we are very allergic to chemicals, scented products, etc. We live in a very cold climate, so we moved almost everything we could outside in the cold, wrapped in plastic bags, etc. Left for a week, or more for some stuff, but if it gets very cold, like -30 or so, it will kill bugs instantly. We also used diatomaceous earth, there are many brands, but we got ours at the pet store, as it is also used for fleas and other bugs. Sprinkle all around baseboards and under the bed in bedroom.

    We would find dead bugs under the bed every morning; vacuum up and re-apply the diatomaceous earth. Also, washed everything in hot water, dry in hot dryer. To all of you recommending chemicals, gasoline, kerosene, etc: rubbing alcohol, vaseline, and many other non toxic things will kill bedbugs on contact. The problem is finding the little beasties! Once you do find them, they are easy as pie to kill. But they hide. And lay eggs. Good luck all of you out there trying to deal with this problem: do not give up, just try everything you can think of. We have been bug free for 2 years, now, so trust me, it is possible!

  • Susannah

    OMG: to the person who suggested mixing bleach and ammonia: PLEASE PLEASE PEOPLE DON’T try this: it creates a poisonous gas which can send you or your kids or pets to the hospital or vet emergency! Fools!

  • Sara

    Help! A few weeks ago I noticed I was waking up with some red bumps…not tons, but a few here and there. At first I thought it was acne (which seemed strange since it was only a few red bumps, not really “zits”), but then intense itching started shortly after so I went to my doctor. She suspected scabies! It didn’t seem right to me, but hey, she’s the doc so I did the lotion treatment and started looking up everything I could online. That’s when the possibility of bed bugs came up, so I went to check my bed and I found 1 nasty bed bug!

    I’ve vacuumed like crazy for now and am considering my next step. I’m not in a position to pay thousands of $ for a pro, but I’m terrified I won’t get rid of these things on my own. What do you folks think? Since I only recently started being bit and I’ve found 1 bug (so far), do you think I’ve caught them early and can eliminate them on my own?? I’m kind of freaking out now and so worried I’m going to be doomed with them

  • Melody

    Bleach is a good remedies to get rid of these little blood sucking pests, spray bleach on the mattress & box spring…Spray carpets with bleach…spray couches, reclining chairs with bleach. To reduce skin irritation from the bleach be sure to allow the bleach to fully dry in the furniture carpets & mattresses; then once after the bleach dries, put on clean uninfected bedding, throws etc. Wash your clothing (Whites in bleach) and the colored clothing on normal wash; then dry on high heat in the dryer for 30 minutes. Be sure to spray Bleach in front of your door and place towels at the base of your doors to keep these bugs out!!!! Be sure the towels have just a slight dosing of bleach.

    When using bleach; Bedbugs do not like breathing in bleach, and it will suffocate them or they will go feed some where else. Bed Bug full Mattress covers are the best..any bedbug trapped within the cover will eventually suffocate and die, and this will decrease the biting. If you’re an alcoholic or drink Bedbugs that feed do not like the poison in your blood and will die on contact. Vacuum thoroughly, and use carpet cleaners to clean carpets and rugs to eliminate odor of the bleach! Sweep any hard wooden floors thoroughly. Keep person(s) who are infested with bedbugs out of your home so you don’t have to put up with the re-infestation and go through the problem all over again. Rubbing alcohol also works, and so does Bedbug repellent you can buy at WalGreens for under $10 a can. You can get Full mattress covers for $30 at Ross. Bedbugs like to travel through pipes and they are inside walls.

    Do you know that the bedbug is the prime enemy for a cockroach??? Cockroaches will kill bedbugs as a source of food; Cockroaches maybe nasty, and carry diseases; but they can help eliminate the bedbugs, so they are good for something. plug holes in entry ways in your home using wool or S.O.S. Grease cleaners. Make sure all Electrical sockets have plastic out lit socket covers when not in use; bedbugs tend to crawl through electrical sockets. You can use a Vacuum cleaner with a hose to suck up the bedbugs, and eliminate the eggs or droppings.

    You can use a steamer to steam your mattresses. Once the bedbugs are eliminated be sure to do a inspection every day of your furniture or clothing etc. If you see one grab it with a piece of toilet paper and flush it down the toilet right away. Check your furniture, drawers, desks, night tables, dining tables, couch crevices, reclining chair crevices, mattress crevices; that’s where these pets like to hide. you may get a black light to detect where they are at, so you can use the proper home remedies to kill them right away. Please keep on top of it, if you see one; there is more hiding, and kill them quickly before the infestation gets out of control. Good Luck Exterminating!!!!

  • Edna Rosa DeJesus

    I have been fighting the bedbugs with the DE powder which is Diatomaceous Earth…I also include in the powder some of cat litter crystals which I crushed down to powder in the blender…I use both the Diatomaceous Earth and the cat litter crystals which I crushed in the blender,half and half,and I placed it on all legs of the bed…I also put some at the door frame where if they come in from outside the will be toast…it will kill them…I also brought a product called BedLam at the pest control center,which is a bedbug spray bottle…People all we can do is keep up the cleaning process and pray every night before you go to sleep because they will always come back…but you can control them?

    Get the Diatomaceous Earth and the cat litter crystals and mixed them together…Dont forget to crushed the cat litter crystal in the blender…and mix some of it together…Place some of the powder where ever you need it and leave it for weeks…buy also bed bug spray at the hard ware store and spray the legs of the bed…Also throw you bedding into the dryer for 60 minutes and you will sleep…I also use alcohol both the clear one and the green one and I put it in a spray bottle and spray myself with it and I get a good night sleep…I spray my son also with alcohol and he sleeps like a baby…you can spray your bed also and sleep.God bless all of us and dont stop praying…

  • brady

    after spraying EVERYTHING WITH KEROSENE, lite a match, throw it in and run out the door. (take the kids and pets first) then build a new house out of aluminum foil. furniture? aluminum foil and cinder blocks. either that, or send terrorist signals to whoever is in charge at the pentagon and they will fire one of those drone missles like they did the other day in YEMEN, and that will destroy all bedbugs in your house.

  • Sheri

    We tried the alcohol and diathomoi..? powder. WE used the 91% alcohol and we got a sprayer from the lawn and garden department so we could put ALOT of the alcohol in it. It does kill the bugs on contact. If you turn your central heater on the highest setting, it will draw them out so you can spray the bastards as they emerge from their hiding places. We sprayed all pillows and then put them in the dryer for 30 minutes and then dusted them with the powder. We put the powder in all the cracks and crevices in the walls. DO NOT forget to take pictures off the walls in the infected rooms and look for signs of the bugs there. I was surprised how many we found in our artwork! Spray carpets and EVERYTHING with the alcohol then after the alcohol dries dust everything with the powder. The powder isn’t poisonous but is an eye irritant. We do plan on keeping up the alcohol spraying every morning until they are gone but between the powder and the alcohol and putting ALL clothes and stuffed toys and beeding in the dryer prior to use will help.

  • Vanessa

    To all that is suffering with these pain in the ass bugs don’t give up. It is a war but it is a war I pray can be won. I have been at war with these creeps for one solid year. I read many blogs and decided to put them all together and that it was time to let the war begin. The first thing I did was to call an exterminater and $2,300 later i still had bugs. They had to return several times by their fourth visit I gave up on them. I took everything out of the bedrooms, got big black garbage bags sprayed the inside with 91% alcohol mixed with green alcohol (really kills them instantly) and put everything in the bags tied them up and put thrm in the basement. Then everything that could go in the dryr was dried. Next I made the best investment I could make by buying a $40 steamer.

    After emptying out the rooms I steamed every single spot in the room, walls, ceilings, furniture, light fixtures, curtain rods, curtains, electric outlet, cable box, back of TV’s places you think nothing can get into a bed beg can so steam it. They can’t take the heat. This summer it was in the 100’s i closed every door and window in my house and turned on the electric heater then left for three hours. After steaming I vacumn the rooms and then put down Diatamaceous Earth powdwe everywhere. I have been doing this for about four months now and I have only seen one bug. So every week I follow this routine. I spray everything with the alchole first, steam, vacumn then put down the dust. It is a lot of work because I have a very large house but it is better then living with the bugs. But wish me luck I havn’t unpacked the bags from the basement yet, honestly i’m afraid to do it, I think i will do a bag at a time outside and steam everything before bring anything back intp the house. I also pulled my beds from against the wall and put vasoline heavy on the bed posts and pray.

  • Erin

    Alcohol kills on contact, but you really have to drench them in it. Or, drown them in it. They’ll be done in 10 sec or so. Also, avon bath oil, which is not great to sleep in, did decrease my bites substantially. Just be prepared to put it pretty much everywhere! Vacuum often and empty vacuum right away because they can crawl out.

  • Jamie

    We just got the Diatomaceous Earth to try because we have been sprayed 3 times by the pest control guys and after every spray they get worse and we get bite up from head to toe. I have done the alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it in closets and bedding and hidden places. Think im gonna try spraying everyone down with it at night to see if it helps. The thing that sucks if they have nested in your couches or beds you have no choice but to toss them out, we did not have any bugs what so ever until we moved to a different apartment in the same complex. The garbage can was against our bedroom wall and we think this is how we got the nasty little buggers from everyone who did have them tossing out their infested items. Its a fight and I am going nuts and my family is doing everything to get rid if them. I feel like they are on me all day and night eekk my skin crawls!!!! Also these essential oils work if your willing to spend some money on them,Palo Santo – $32.75
    Eucalyptus Blue – $12.75
    Cedarwood – $9.75
    I have had several people tell me what wonders they work but unfortunately we can not afford them right now. Look up the oils with bed bug in the title and it will tell you how they work. Also its a false add to stay clean and uncluttered to keep them away, we are a very clean house and still got them all the clutter does is give them more places to hide and nest but doesnt keep them away. Also adults can stay hidden for up to a year without needing to feed. They are so hard to get rid of because they produce so fast and I really want them gone. Happy bed bug killing to everyone good luck and I hope we can get rid of these nasty blood sucking life ruiners soon. Sad we are in a bed bug epidemic yet the government has done nothing to help get rid of them!!

  • melissa Aoki

    If you have bed bugs you have a 99% chance of having pin worms too. There are over the counter treatments but bed bugs also cause perinial/vaginal pinworms in which case requires an RX. You also have to treat your hair and body with lice shampoo. I belive trhe term for the condition is lous. I read over half of Americans have pin/thread worms and don’t know it. Bed bugs are highly unsanitary and pin worms are found in animal and human excretment.

  • Chana

    TEA TREE OIL . Buy it at Wal-Mart or a pharmacy . You can add 10 -12 drops to your shampoo or body wash and use every day . Tea tree oil is used for , lice , scabies, boils and even staph . It has been known to clear up MRSA! I read you can put it on a boil full strength. Mix in a spray bottle with water and spray everywhere!

  • Mags

    Diatamaceous Earth powder. You can find it on the net cheap.. we thankfully only had them in our bedroom. We put a mattress protector on and put DE all around our bed under the sheets behind the radiators and inside the light sockets and put a buttload around the legs of our bed. Nothing else worked. No traps, no alcohol, no sprays, no bombs. We used this when my son brought home a kitten that was flea ridden and fleas everywhere. We did this in the middle of summer and it was majorly hot here one week, we did not use the AC and we went on vacay. We came back and they were dead dead! 5 months free of them buggers.

  • randy & alicia romero

    me and my wife have been fighting bedbugs for over 6 months, although they don’t bight me they attack my wife and 2 out of four kids and our dogs, all this because i had to have these nice couches from a yard sale, i feel like crap, buyers beware…. finally i got a wild hair and desided to catch one and seee what works faster because the thousands i already spent had done nothing, so we catch one and put it in a glass sprayed it with alcohol…yes rubbing alcohol and in seconds my problems are solved it worked they dry up like the little scabs they are and so we are doing one room at a time because the fumes are harsh but manageable; WARNING AIR OUT THE ROOM DURING AND AFTER YOU SPRAY IT DOWN YOU MAY WANT TO WEAR A MASK OF SOME SORT…. be sure to lift all furniture and spray all of the carpet they hide in the carpets well and in baseboards…trust me it will work just do it faithfully and good luck…

  • sadmother:(

    Ive tried everything to get rid of these things i been dealing with this for about 4 months !!! i just had a baby she is 5 months old and im so scared of her getting bit!! I need help i know ppl are saying to move but i just had a baby and finances aren’t that great.. i just wish this nightmare was over.. I was sheets for my bed everynight just so i dont get bit but im so sick of this i need help please someone help!!

  • cah

    we have them… I can’t sleep…. for any of you that have had them in the past do they stay contained in the bedrooms? We have a two story house and basement.. we have only seen them in two of our bedrooms due to one child at college and he is not home so we found non in his room although I think they came from him! Thanks to college dorm infest. anyway we have sprayed a spray from home depot… and steamed everything in the bedrooms… they seem to be out of my daughters bedroom but I am still seeing them in our bedroom only a few… I can’t stand it… I have not slept in days. I wonder how some post that they left everything. I can’t do that we have a farm. I will steam everything again and hope I get them this time… plus I think I may order that de powder. Sorry everyone has to go thur this. anynew infor would be great

  • Patricia

    cedar cide works wonders. Oil from a Texas cedar tree.

  • zakhameed

    Crsytal soda kill them. I use that home washroom sink cleaner on them they died instantly.

    • Maureen

      Where do you find crystalsoda?

  • Sharka

    Thanks to all… After reading many of these great tips, I am itching all over my body and see little brown spots everywhere… Now, I don’t even want to go to bed..ever again… I just may soak my self in my bathtub with a mixed solution of everything suggested here… No idea… Just scratching….. Asking my self “In who’s image the bed bugs were created..??”….. Anyway.. Thank you for the effort… 😀

  • The Daughter

    HELP PLEASE!!!!! My mom got infested by bedbugs, I’m allergic and she wants my boyfriend to come get rid of them for her. Any tips on how I can make sure he doesn’t bring them home???? I love my mom, but she’s not the most self-reliant person, and I REALLY don’t want to have to suffer because of that. ANY CHEAP TIP WILL DO!!!!!! PLEASE???????

  • Dina

    Bed Bugs are easy but time consuming to get rid of.All you have to do is mix 4 oz,of Murphy’s oil to a spray bottle of water and spray everything nightly, and I do mean everything… even baseboards and around your windows,dressers,tables everything. do this everynight for about 2 or 3 weeks and their gone, try and spray them on contact, look in the folds of your matresses do the top and bottom of both, and spray the entire bed railings, dont leave nothing unsprayed. murphy’s oil is cheap and goes a long way and best of all it works

  • Mr Realist

    “all i can do is pray that God blesses me with a mirical…PLEASE HELP ME DEAR LORD PLEASE!”
    Whats the point of praying to the one that created the bed bugs in the first place?
    Whats gods plan with creating bed bugs?
    Yeah he works in mysterious ways… There is no intelligent design behind bed bugs or for example parasites that lay eggs in living persons and eat them up from the inside. What kind of god would create anything like that??

    Praying never helped anyone except for the placebo effect but that doesnt work on bedbugs, get help from professional exterminators!!!

  • John

    Onse sure way. Use an exterminator that uses high temperature gas powered heaters the type used to heat a large space. They look like jet engines. Bring room temp to 140F for 30min. They will all dessicate no matter where they are. Make sure the room is evenly heated…no cold spots….make sure they verify the temperature with a hand held infra red detector. No pesticides, guranteed results, Hard to do for a house but it is done.


    It is the responsibility of the owners of an apartment building to provide professional services to exterminate bed bugs and cover the costs, not the tenants. ALL apartments must be done, including the basement within so many hours of each other. I spent over a year living this hell with bed bugs. It was never done properly and we had no choice but to leave. Everything untreatable was thrown out. There is no ONE way to kill them and depending on the stage of infestation it becomes almost impossible. Our walls were fumigated and heat treatments and still not gone. many years ago people would burn down there houses and now I see why. Good luck and hopefully you can prevent it before it reaches to this point!

  • janza

    I had been fighting the bed bug problem for almost twelve months and tried everything on the market. It cost me a small fortune. I finally tried this routine for three months and have not had a problem for over five months. I vaculmed the carpet everyday and steamed the carpet everyday, I them sprayed the carpet and furniture with a mixture of 2 parts savlon disinfectant 3 parts water,for a month. I repeated this every other day for two months. I still do this but only once a month and we have been bug free for over five months and nobody in the house has been bite.

  • TheMother

    My ex’s druggie son brought these into my house from a dive he was staying at; that was a while ago. But now, I have had it.

    I’ve tried sprays, bombs, exterminators, etc. I even have the best mattress covers money can buy, and that knocked them down to a much lower level for months, but they have since attacked from other areas (since I know they can’t get out of the mattresses).

    They keep coming back. These things have ruined our sleeping, and we are even afraid to have friends or relatives over for a visit, let alone staying over as we live way out in the country. There is no way I want the rest of my family getting bit by these things.

    After doing much research (multiple tens of hours reading every paper I can get my hands on without much hope of ever being allowed to use DDT, and I’m a relatively smart person), I have decided on the following course of action:

    First, do the obligatory clean, wash, clear, steam clean, spray with conventional store bedbug products and bombs. Then…after the first waves (which they’re used to by now)…

    Here we go. I have recently purchased 48 ounces of pure essential oils: 16 oz clove leaf (you have to use the leaf kind for this as it has much more eugenol in it), 8 oz peppermint, 16 oz neema, and 8 oz orange to make it all a bit more balanced.

    I also bought 25 lbs. of DE food grade that comes with a powder spray load and applicator, sold in a box.

    First, after the usual conventional attack, which by the way they recover from in only a few weeks…but I’m not waiting for that. In fact, only three days after…

    The DE goes down. EVERY nook and cranny conceivable and in every desk, around every bookcase, etc. On every bed frame, and even between, over and under every mattress, and window sill. Everywhere, as shown in how-to-apply videos. Not just willy-nilly, but everywhere just the same.

    Then, a spray of the essential oils I just mentioned. After mixing all of the oils together, I will fill a spray bottle halfway with it, topping off with water, and of course constantly shaking while applying.

    EVERYTHING gets it. Everything we don’t eat off of. The saltwater fish tank, obviously will be covered in plastic, and the pets and people out of the house. The carpet gets it, too; heat/AC vents, intakes, etc. (Of course, the windows will be open, and I will be wearing protective gloves, goggles, and a mask)

    And I know they’ll run. Right through the DE (it only works if they walk through it); put down at every baseboard, every exit, cranny, vent, in ways they MUST contact it. They will have no choice, to get away from this spray which they will not only hate but will kill them if it touches them.

    All the clothes will be outside in bags, as they will once again be run through the dry-wash-dry cycle. All drawers will be emptied, removed, and sprayed inside and out.

    No mercy.

    And when they come back in (and they will)…to get to us…they have to run right through the DE.

    Oh, and by the way…repeat everything in two weeks.

    I’ll let you all know how it goes. Of course, the house will smell like potpourri for a long time, but hey, there are worse things (bite bite bite all night night night).

    The above supplies (48 oz of essential oils and 25 lbs of DE food grade with applicator) cost $115.00. Much less than some of the other things I’ve tried.

    Wish us luck! I hope we’re not crazy…

  • Missviscous

    These are cheap and effective control methods … I have used them pretty successfully to stop being bitten and end obvious infestation but in both cases (two infestations, one three years ago and one right now, two different buildings) had to get exterminator to fully finish them off.

    BUT if you are very persistent, these would probably work on their own. I just read a life story from Paris in 1900 talking about bedbugs … before DDT .. and they got rid of them doing things like this.

    Don’t give up! You don’t have to throw out/spray/heat-treat everything you own!

    First steps:

    1. Bugs usually stay close to where you sleep/sit for many hours i.e. bed, sofa, if you work at home maybe office chair or desk, plus baseboards or small tables right beside those areas. So even if you have a lot of clutter (like me!) they probably will NOT be in other areas (bookshelf across the room, or kitchen, bathroom etc.) Ignore those for now — concentrate on obvious places.

    2. BED and BED FRAME:

    If your bed has legs (not boxspring straight on floor) Find a plain white or pale coloured sheet and lay it under the bed, lifting bed legs GENTLY, so you can see if anything falls off frame as you work.

    Take linens/blankets off bed and seal in plastic bag, then launder, or just tumble dry hot for 60min.

    Look carefully at mattress and bedframe in case there are obvious bugs and/or areas with little black spots that look like ink stains. Also look at wall around/under bed, especially baseboards, and any furniture near bed. Clusters of black spots show where insects are hiding.

    Live bugs can be killed with alcohol, Murphy’s oil soap and various contact methods mentioned by other posters. Spray anything that moves! Spray any areas with black spots!

    Do everything you can BEFORE moving whole mattress too far i.e. slide it along two feet and look at top and all sides, take care of anything you see, THEN lift and stand it on end to see the bottom of it. Bedbugs feel vibrations and will crawl away from the area if it is moving too much, plus can fall off onto carpet etc.

    Look at all seams, crevices etc of mattress and spray.

    After dealing with mattress: If you can take apart your bed frame, carefully do so. Any loose bugs should fall onto sheet. Stand parts of bedframe on end, and spray/wipe down with contact killer. Put back together; put clean sheets on.

    Ideally, put each bed leg in a stainless steel bowl and fill bowls with insect killer solution, or wrap bed legs in double sided sticky tape.

    3. CLUTTER AROUND/UNDER BED: Clear out and throw away or seal up anything stored around/under beds, sofa, anywhere you get bitten. Sealed things you are keeping have to be sealed for six months minimum, some people say 18 months. Then vacuum around the area, seal and throw out vacuum bag. (vacuuming does not do a lot as bugs tend to hide in deeper cracks/crevices, also the eggs are laid with sticky substance attached to wood surfaces and won’t vacuum up, but still a good idea for any loose/stray ones.)

    4. INSECT DUST: Dust with diatomaceous earth also called Crawling Insect Killer– works great — I bought some at garden section of Canadian Tire for 7.99 Works well but takes time (they crawl through and it gets into their joints and dehydrates them but not an instant kill; any eggs need to hatch and then crawl through it … this could be 2-3 week process before noticing results)

    How to dust with Diatomaceous Earth:

    Careful! This is not poison but can get into your lungs and be harmful as they are tiny very sharp particles. Very bad to breathe in.

    Shake up bottle with lid closed, then open the tip, hold bottle horizontally, and squeeze/puff it out into the areas where bugs are … it comes out in a cloud of very fine powder. Wear a dust mask if possible, or hold your breath, then leave room/apartment and don’t come back for at least one hour while dust settles.

    Not effective to leave it in “lumps” — should fall in a very fine “mist” of powder onto floors, bed-frame and any surfaces where they may be crawling. Luckily it is so fine you can puff it onto walls, into cracks, etc.

    Leave it down for 2-3 weeks. After you vacuum, dust everything again.

    5. CLOTHING: If you have clothes that are dryclean or cold water wash only, just throw them straight into dryer for 60 minutes without washing first. Tumbling clothes in dryer for 60 min on hot setting will kill everything, even eggs, and won’t hurt most delicate fabrics as long as they are DRY when they go in.

    (some synthetics like sheer nylon may melt, so be careful with those, but silk, wool, cashmere, cotton etc are fine)

    6. Glad Wrap your sofa:
    If infested and you can’t afford to replace it, wrap it thickly tightly and completely in saran wrap. This is a whole evening or whole day project, took me 7 hours and 8 standard size (in Canada 60m) rolls (5h, then had to re-do part, 2 more hours).

    How to Saran Wrap your Sofa:

    I took off seat cushions and wrapped each separately in 3-4 layers. Then wrapped the rest of sofa as one piece. Wrapped starting at each end (arms/legs) and working toward middle. This is tricky, it needs to be stretched tight around legs, plus need to leave extra loose wrap on “L” shape between back and seat because it will stretch and break when you sit down on it.

    a) Pat and smooth down each layer with your hand as you go.
    b) Look on YouTube for videos of furniture movers saran-wrapping furniture … not quite the same, but gives a basic idea of what to do.

    You need to do at least three layers over entire sofa. Try to stretch tight everywhere EXCEPT inside the “L” seat-back join of sofa (i.e. where your ass goes … ) in that area you need to leave the saran wrap loose but put lots of layers.

    Think about working on a diagonal or figure-8 whenever you can
    i.e. from front bottom leg around outside end to top back corner then back inside the arm toward front bottom leg …

    Did mine with trial and error, time consuming but can’t afford new sofa and don’t want to buy another used one in case of bugs!!

  • Shareeda From Michigan

    I noticed i had bed bugs when I went to help my 8yr old son in the shower and he was completly bit up from the mid torso all the way down to his toes! needless to say was pissed off! luckly it was close to bulk day so i threw out his matress wich was completly infested went completely crazy and did not sleep for about 3 days washing everthing washable in my home. bought him a new matress new pillows even bought a steamer! I steamed my matress his the couches! vacumed like crazy! Alcohol does work but it has to be 90% or better and only works on contact and does not kill the eggs DO NOT USE KAROCEN!! Thats just crazy! STEAM AND THE Diatamaceous Earth powder WORKS!! STEAM YOUR BEDS AND COUCHES. SPRINKLE CARPETS AND BASE BOARDS WITH THE POWDER. MAKE YOUR BED LIKE A ISLAND AND DONT LET ANYTHING HANG OFF AND TOUCH THE FLOOR OR WALLS. USE DOUBLE SIDED TAPE AROUND THE FEET O THE BED AND CHECK IT DAILY ALSO U CAN PLACE MATRESSES IN SPECIAL MADE COVERING THEY SELL THEM AT WALL MART BUT NO CHEEP $40 TWIN-$60 KING! COMBINE THESE STEPS AND U WILL SEE A HUGE DIFFRENCE. STAY ON TOP OF THE ISSUE CECKING TAPE AND VACUMING DAILY FOR ABOUT A MONTH WHEN U STOP SEEING THEM ON THE TAPE U SHOULD BE OK… GOOD LUCK!!

  • mom

    About a month ago I turned my daughter’s mattress and found the bed bugs in the seam. I panicked. The only thing in the apt. I could find was window cleaner which I sprayed the mattress seam with. I then tried to clean them off and flushed them. I don’t know how many were alive and how many was where they had shed. We have found a couple in the bathroom, and a few in her recliner in the living room.

    I have put mattress and foundation in plastic zip casings along with pillows. She has no bedding on ther bed other than a throw she sleeps under. We have sprayed all baseboards more than once with Flea and Bedbug killer. Also have sprayed around baseboards with alcohol. She did have whelps on her her prior to all this and now has not been bit since then. I packed up all clothes that were not in use along with pillows, stuffed animals and anything else did n’t have to have and put them in those bags where you suck the air out and have put them in outside storage building.

    Personally I want her to move to another apt. But she likes this one and wants to stay. There is another apt. in the building and a business underneath. Who knows where they come from. I’m sure they are still there.


    go to a dollar store and buy some “awsome”cleaner,its cheap,take your curtains and wash them right away! AND any clothing you have in your closets, bag em’up and get em’ washed right away!! and stuffed animals too. shoes, shower curtains,everything! search in cracks of anything and everything, furniture, even clothespins.

  • Corrine

    I just found bedbugs and its disgusting, but I know how I got them. I usually drive my car, but it was getting fixed so I had to use public trasportation and I believe thats how I contacted these gross things. I totally forgot about that…that if you use public transportation, you are easily able to get these creatures attatched to you that way.

    So if you use public transportation:

    Once you go home take off all your clothes put them in a bag. That immediately reduces your chances of getting these things. Then of course wash all your clothing.

    Believe me these bedbugs are on buses and the trains. It’s like I cannot believe I forgot about this…I just found these bugs and I am freaked out and grossed out I hope though that this tip can help any one of you out.


    If you see ones that are alive, spray them with orange oil, like the stuff you use to polish wood furniture. Kills them DEAD on the spot.
    Just found out I had them 3 days ago. I’m a flight attendant and thought I was beyond vigilant with checking my many hotel beds, but apparently I wasn’t vigilant enough. Looks like one hitched a ride home with me in my suitcase(despite never putting my bags on the bed, EVER. Worst passenger EVER). Sad thing is my boyfriend and I started getting bites months ago, but were told by the dr that it was allergies probably caused by laundry detergent. We were checking for bedbugs all the time anyway like the paranoid entomophobes flight attendants are and still missed them. Thankfully our apartment building just treated the whole apartment with no cost to us. We’ve vacuumed everywhere repeatedly, to the point of overheating the vacuum cleaner, and I’ve been liberally sprinkling diatomaceous earth everywhere like a bed bug fairy of death.

    We also bought bed bug covers for the box spring and mattress ($45 each at Wal Mart. Go! Now!). I know that throwing away furniture is a big no-no, but honestly, we tossed our bed frame and bedside table, and then vacuumed the hell out of the apartment again after transporting them into the bin outside. After everything I’ve read, a good majority of people have said they inevitably throw out their bed frames and nearby furniture. I just decided to eliminate one for-sure issue. After every vacuuming session, we suck up a boatload of DE into the bag to ensure they are suffering til death in their dark, blood deprived hellhole. God, I hope this all works.

    Came home today to find a few dead ones. Miniscule triumph after an 8 hour duty day at the laundromat. Still have no idea how my wool uniform is going to survive a dryer for 40 minutes, I’m hoping a Dryel bag will protect it from shrinking. I’d throw it all away, except I still have to work and it will take 2 weeks for new uniform pieces to arrive. The whole lot is currently quarantined, tied up in double bagged heavy duty garbage bags.
    I will update our trials and tribulations as they happen. I am crossing my fingers for everyone.

  • Hilltopgambler3535

    We have steamedour home ,all of the furniture mking sure to get into ll of the crcks an crevesses. washed all linens and clothing in the house basicly any type of material.We have wrapped all of our box springs a nd mattresses in plstic nd sealing it with duck tape but for some reason we keep seeingthem about every two weeks on our couch. We steam it gain and we don’t see anything for two weeks then all of the sudden bam we see one again why is this?

  • Freaked Out Woman

    I Have OCD. I keep everything clean there is not one lint on my floor. We Just got our rugs replaced…to my surprise I think when they brought the new rugs in they brought some friends with them. We Never had bedbugs  NEVER EVER EVER and all of a sudden I see one in my bed and the couch in the living room. As I was sitting on the couch on my computer reading these post one had crawled on my shirt. I’m freaking out now i do not like bugs. As I start to itch now..I get up and look at my leg the little buggers got me good. After reading everyone’s post I just got my spray bottle filled 70% with bleach and 30% with water And just started spraying every where. I also rubbed my self down with green rubbing alcohol after showering. Please don’t do what I did for one I used to much bleach but if  you do open the windows…Ugh these things got me mad.. I can’t afford professional help.. So I have to do it myself hope one of these methods work…If the bleach don’t.


  • Laura

    Does anyone in the pest control industry know how to prevent someone from falsely telling you that there are bugs or from, worse yet, bringing them to fake it? I have known someone who told me he did this years ago at a major pest control company. I am afraid and want to get the house checked, but am more afraid that if I don’t have them the pest control person might bring them just to get the contract.

    I have found a couple of carpet beetle larvae presumably from all the ebay sweaters and thrift store shopping of late, and once I found a larvae crawling in my bathroom sink, it dawned on me that I am just as at risk for bed bugs coming in. I have recently purchased on ebay from people all over the US and from out of state thrift stores, too. I am totally freaking out and don’t know if I am over reacting.

    I have all my woolens in airtight bins within giant ziploc bags with the newer mothballs, where they have been for a week, when I just realized and it dawned on me that I should be more worried about bed bugs. Can I prevent any eggs or new implants from spreading or am I just freaking out due to flashbacks to a 70’s year of roach infestations in Texas that left my ptsd in a constant state of disorder.

    Thanks, L.

  • Linda B

    We have 3 apt buildings and have had new tenants move in with the bed bugs.Since we don’t have the money to keep on calling an exterminator we have learned how to get rid of them ourselves.First you need to use the sweeper then a steamer over everything.We buy the Bayer spray and spray all over then use the bedbug bombs,after the bombs we use the DE powder and leave it for a month.The bombs will kill some and cause the rest to run so the powder is necessary for when they come back.Put the legs of the beds and couches in a butter tub and put the powder in the tub and they will walk thru it to get back to the bed or couch and it dries them out and kills them.If you have pets get cedar oil to spray their bedding with.

  • yikes!

    we found two adult bugs no droppings no skins in our matress we bought the matress covers from wally world 55.00 for all the beds in the house. Then went to southern states(feed store) and bought the d-earth 9.99 for a 4lb bag. put this everywhere….not seen anything else…..its only been a few days but no new bites!

  • Zebediah

    Federal help. state help … When I was a kid, they used to drive around the streets in the summer (in the south) spraying DDT to kill, keep down the mosquitos. All summer long, usually twice a week.

    Many of the kids, especially the boys would run along behind the trucks getting coated and breathing in the fog straight off the trucks. No one thought it was Dangerous, We thought it was fun.

    Now DDT is illegal in most countries that can afford different methods. I was recently made aware that it is still used in some 3rd world countries, and there are many kids, especially boys – running along behind the truck soaking up, being coated in and breathing DDT.

    Be careful what you ask for – if you ask long enough, scream loud enough your leaders might give you what you want.

    Not real sure mass spaying, inside your home is a good idea either.

  • mom

    I first posted 12/23/11 after finding bedbugs on daughters mattress when I was turning it. Mattress and foundation are now in plastic covers. I have tape around the legs of the bed frame and it is scooted away from the wall. There is no cover that touches the floor. We have not found any in the bedroom since doing all of this, but the smart little things went to the recliner in the LR. Everytime I am in the apt. I inspect the chair. I will find one every once in a while and kill it. I had not seen any for about 2 months, then my daughter said she had been bitten again. I inspected chair and found them in crevice where the arm attaches on both sides. I sprayed with alcohol and was able to kill a few more. The last time I looked I killed 3 more, l big one and 2 tiny ones. I don’t dare move the chair out for fear they will go to another place. For the time being I think they are only in the chair. I still want her to move from the apt. and just put all her furniture in storage until they are dead.

  • Jean

    So I’ve had these THINGS for over two years TWO years and I have no idea what to do any more. I have tried at least five exterminators and some other remedies. Nothing has worked. I don’t know what to do anymore ANSI have no money for anything expensie anymore. Can someone PLEASE help me get rid of these nasty little things. I just can’t take it anymore. I’m so traumatized by them now that once I find something that works its going to be full mayhem. I WILL get my revenge!

  • Me21

    i HATE BED BUGS. MY COUSIN GOT THEM from a movie theater.. NOW THEY ARE IN MY HOME,,, HELP!!!!

  • ht02135

    the only tool to fight bedbug is diatomaceous earth (DE) period. but you need to have strategy to deploy it.

    1>spray 2 or 3 inch wide line to seal all entrance to your home and rooms. nothing should come in/out your home or move across you room. (quarantine them)

    you also want to quarantine place where rats/pets comes in/out your home. rats/pets feed and carry them into your home. having them also break quarantine strategy (if you have pets, then time to set them free into wild XD)

    2>quarantine them will not kill them unless they go across DE. so you need to prepare to keep using DE for 18 months (lifespan of bedbug). or your whole life. seriously, even after 18 months, you get no bites. will you dare to remove DE at all? not me!!!!

    3>make sure DE protect you when you are most vulnerable (when you sleep). make 100% sure no bedbug on your bed and bed-frame with stand. spray DE around the bed-frame stand.

    DE is very dusty and will not be nice to your lung. so you dont want to spray all over the place, just entrance and bed-frame stand.

    also stop getting any more furniture or clothes. you want to keep the home as empty as possible.

  • ht02135

    also, like i said

    1>quarantine them will not kill them. you will get bite, but you will/should know where you get bite and do more clean up in that room. (you should be smart enough not to clean up DE too)

    2>clean the room, seriously nothing beats empty room. so try to lessen your furniture in the room infected or all rooms. avoid buying any more furniture or clothes for them to hide.

    3>dont use box-spring. use bed-frame with stand. and spray DE around stand.

  • just seen two

    I’m with the landlord. This is an epidemic! I seriously think that it may have started here in Detroit, because about five years back, someone I know was infested with them, then it spreaded all through the friends, but I seen them down in Geogia too. I just wish that people need to slow down and become aware of there surroundings, so that they can notice things. Also, prople need to stop visiting others knowing that they have them, but they say that you can pick them up from anywhere. My sister was at the doctor officeand said that she seen one crawling on the receptions desk. I don’t know what I’m going to do but I cant move right now because I’m disabled but not legally, with no income, but with two little ones. I did hear a couple of years back that vaseline does work, but I also heard that you are to sit the bed legs inside of the vaseline jars filled.

  • fed up

    Bed bugs die when they are exposed to heat of 120 degrees-130 you can rent heaters from your local hardware store or wait till summer and turn off the air let it heat up turn all your heaters. please make sure you do not have anything flammable around the heater’s hopefully it takes care of the problem.

  • Kelly

    Bed bugs are a problem in Las Vegas. If you’re reading this, you’ve searched and may have problems yourself. You’re probably at your wits end and need an answer, and honest help. First, don’t feel bad, guilty, or ashamed that you have them. The common myth is that you only get them from sleazy motels. THAT IS NOT TRUE! THERE IS AN EPIDEMIC IN LAS VEGAS! You can get them from movie theater seats, restaurants, hospitals, and even five star hotels. They are everywhere! Who knows where they came from but the common belief is from the Middle East, where they were hidden in the seams of purses, being sold in the US. NOW THAT YOU KNOW, LET’S GET THEM OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND LIVES FOR GOOD! I am an extensive researcher, who enjoys solving problems. If I can’t solve a problem, it eats at my core until I find a solution, for anything: laptops, legal issues, appliances, ANYTHING! So when a dear friend, needed help, knew my solution solving idiosyncrasy, THEY KNEW I WOULD HELP NO MATTER WHAT.

    Here’s a brief history : My friends are a loving couple, who live simple lives. They work, go home, and enjoy normalcy. They only go to restaurants and movies, maybe 5 times a month. They started noticing scratch marks, bites, itching, redness and swelling on areas of their skin, then after months saw the bugs. They spent hundreds of dollars, on foggers, pest sprays, and home repellents. They did home solutions found on the internet, such as alcohol, or using cat litter, all to no evail. THESE ARE TEMPORARY FIXES AND BRIEFLY DETER BED BUGS.


    So now using a modern day version of an ancient derivative, and time, I can help you too! I am not a licensed exterminator, but I am a problem solver, and I CAN HELP YOU. REMEMBER: EFFICIENT REMOVAL REQUIRES THE HOMEOWNERS COOPERATION AND ASSISTANCE. TOTAL COMPLETE AND EFFICIENT REMOVAL CAN TAKE BETWEEN 12 TO 24 HOURS!

    If you’re tired of the scams, rip offs, and need honest relief, PLEASE CALL: (702) 647-4105 and ask for Kelly (that’s me). NO CHARGE FOR AN EVALUATION (WILL NEED TO EXAMINE THE INFESTED AREAS AND GET A BRIEF HISTORY OF YOUR BED BUG PROBLEM). So if you want honest answers, and an efficient end to your bed bug problem, please call. IT COSTS ATTENTION, TIME, CARING, KNOWLEDGE, AND EFFORT TO RID THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL!

  • wengat

    Another remedy you can try is mix coconut oil with camphor and using a brush paint your furniture.

    Also to prevent insecticide powder from dissipating in the air( due to open windows and doors) mix them with little white spirit and apply around corners …

  • skyler

    i sprinked cayenne powder around my bed frame and it DOES repel the bugs… vasoline around the legs of the bed stops the from breathing. and if you mix lavender, canolia, and rosemary oil with a little bit of water and spray whatever you need it relaxes the bug and they will die off because there too tired to reproduce!

  • lilbit

    I don’t have a tip but I got them when I moved from my apartment to another apartment. The lady had them and the landlord said he got rid of them. I now have moved into a house and I still have them. I think I will try the alcohol and seran wrap and see if that works. My arms are all scarred up from being bit by these things. I’m tired of getting bit. Thanks for all the remedies. I’ll let you know if they work.

  • Been there

    For under $20 you get rid your home of these little buggers. First of all it may take a couple of cycles but it works. If you can find their major home – it is going to be somewhere in your bed, mattress, box spring or floor boards. Ideally you would wrap it in plastic, tape it up and throw it out but not everyone can do that and it still won’t completely solve the problem. Grab everything that you can and wash it in hot water, dry it hot. Even fabric on furniture if you can. Jackets, sweaters etc…Don’t forget to clean your laundry bag or hamper! Then clean the dryer vent and toss it in a zip lock. Wipe down your area completely as you go from load to load.

    While that is going on apply the powder (available at Home Depot- don’t be ashamed of asking for help they get requests every day. The product is in the seasonal department. ) Apply it all over the infested area, then through your couch and furniture on the floor around the walls, sweep it around a little to get it into cracks and crevices? Dont be shy with this stuff Don’t forget you luggage, that is probably how they got here. Leave it for a week or so then vacuum it all up. Check their main home, vacuum everything up…throw out the vacuum bag when done. You can use your iron on hot with steam on your mattress, boxspring and furniture as well cause he does kill them, but you have to hit them with it Clean everything top to bottom. Hot water or alcohol as others have recommended, I like the Lysol idea as well. Monitor yourself and the main home frequently for the next couple of weeks. If you get another bite do it again. The second time should get of the rest of them. remember they lay eggs and have 3 life cycles so multiple applications may be necessary.

    Further prevention: if you life in a building sprinkle a line of the powder at the threshold of your unit. They won’t cross that line, neither will roaches by the way Leave some powder around the baseboards until you are very confident they are gone and maybe even between the mattress and box spring.

    Buy white sheets and inspect daily for small drops of blood. React as soon as you see it. They always bite me in the same place…every night, so I knew when they came back the second time. My spouse was not bothered at all by them. Be aware of how you react.

    Other tidbits: they have three cycles and feed between cycles. First cycle they are translucent and small- almost invisible. If you see 10 brown ones (full of blood) there are probably 50 translucent ones as well. Be aware of the pads in the elevator as that is where people place their infested mattresses. Buy a steamer and / or steam mop and use it whenever you feel like you need some reassurance. General Cleaning often won’t hurt either.

    You will never get over this experience. Don’t worry it can happen to everyone, rich or poor, dirty or obsessive cleaner. Exterminators are expensive and since you take no involvement in the process you will probably forget something.

  • Frightened over Bed bugs!

    Firstly i like to say thank you to everybody who has giving a tip and advice on how to kill bed bugs, I have not actually seen anything in my apartment, or when i travel to different hotels, But every since i,ve 1st seen this dsgusting bugs online i have taken precautions; when i go away: We don,t throw our luggage and garment bags on the bed anymore; and we keep our luggage up high and the zipper is ducted real tight so those pesky bugs won,t come in I check everything as soon as we get a room, The bed mattress seams , headboards, etc. my husband can tell you also that i want sleep soundly in a hotel bed; until i throughly inspected our room and our 2 daughters beds as well, And at home the same thing I started putting rubbing Alcohol on my skin at night and wearing longsleeves and socks and so far so good it works, and I looked online and brought a bed defense repellent for trapping bedbugs inside and it claims it keeps them away from you: It says You can slip it under your mattress or box spring. It,s supposedly made of natural products and it want harm your family or pets: This is my 1st night using it i pray it works; Then i,ll know for sure if we have them or not I really can,t stand any bugs period! And i want to make sure our family is safe from anything that causes and spreads diseases period, this is making me itch just thinking about them;God Bless everybody and i wish you all the best with getting rid of these Blood sucking parasites for good!

  • relief

    i have purchased a bed bug mattress cover , so at least they cant come up from there…. also before putting it on mattress i purchased bed bug spray from home depot… sprayed mattress very well specially in the rims of mattress ..fyi it stinks… every night b4 bed i spray lysol all around box spring bed frames/post. and i started sleeping with light on…as they come out at night , i figure i confuse them, by making them think its not night yet…. so far no bites…. but i want them totally gone…. exterminators are pricey…good luck… got them from 1st floor tenants…ughh

  • crystal

    The thyme works and also i went and bought a steamer from big lots $40 I steam the mattress’s and put all blankets/pillows in dryer for 60 minutes and before i put them on back on mattress i put baby powder all of the mattress the rubbing alcohol works to

  • crystal

    I bought the shark steam cleaner off of an paid commerical you buy the floor steam and get the portable one free and use that on my mattress’s while I put all the blankets & pillows in the dryer. before i put the sheets on the mattress I sprinkle thyme (yes the herb) all over the floor under the bed, spray with mattress and walls with rubbing alcohol and then sprinkle alot of babypowder on the mattress before I put the sheets on I did this everyother day (except putting blankets in dryer, I would do that right before anyone went to bed everynight for about 20 minutes so when they laid down it was on warm sheets/blankets and the heat would sufficate anything that might have got on during the day) for about 2 weeks and have had no problem or if you dont want the steamer off the paid commercial just go to big lots/kmart and get a portable steamer (not one for clothes or floors you wont be able to reach the corners) but check out TRYSHARKSTEAM.com I love mine got more for the buck

  • Lauren

    Anyone having serious bed bug problems needs to look into Thermal Remediation. It is te ONLY treatment that kills ALL STAGES OF BED BUGS INCLUDING EGGS. If you do pesticides, they will come back. You will end up spending thousands of dollars and end up with pesticide resistant bed bugs! Heat is the only thing that kills all stages permanently! We are saving up are money to do this treatment and finally see a light at the end of this horrifying tunnel. Until then, we plan on trying to keep them at bay.

    When I called to get a quote, I was given some suggestions. Diatomaceous earth works well.. In the carpets and floorboards. Mattress encasements.. Mattresssafe.com has bed big certified cases for pillows, box springs, and mattresses. Double sided tape on EVERYTHING you can possibly put it on.. Headboard, legs of the bed, floor boards, behind dressers, lining the mattress.. Catch the boogers before they can get to you! Steam cleaning helps, sticking your mattress out in the sub also helps if you can’t afford to buy a new one right away.

    Vacuum RELIGIOUSLY. Wash and dry RELIGIOUSLY. Change sheets everyday. Hot dry pillows and blankets everyday. I’ve heard benzyl benzoate is a good chemical to spray on the floorboards and carpets also.. I order it from med lab supply online and mix it with 91% rubbing alcohol, 1 part BB and 4 parts alcohol. That’s all I got for now. Goodluck to anyone going through this hell.. Hopefully we will be out of it soon.

  • Don

    Give your furniture away for free on Craigslist. LOL! And they will carry it away for ya! Then treat your home before buying new furniture. :\

  • Len

    ok here are a few things i have tried and it has helped.
    Alcohol does work to kill them.
    I have gotten almost every kind of over the counter spray there is and NONE of them worked.
    i purchased a Shark hand held steamer at walmart and it is an absolute God send.
    Deep woods off with Deet will keep them off of you while you sleep.
    you need to steam every thing bed, drapes, base boards, corners, nightstands, dressers, I mean everything at least 2 times a week and keep doing so even after you stop seeing bites. I an 4 months in and the infestation is getting less and less. it is not and over night fix but in time you can be rid of the bugs. And FYI the steamer is only about 35 bucks.
    I tried everything even 3 differnet extermination companys and still had no improvment until i started steaming everything. Hope this helps.

  • C.j.

    Visting nurse brought them to my home.twice before we figured it out. We got rit of them completely both times
    Start with one room at a time. Put alcohol in a spray bottle open windows take everything out of the drawers put in plastic bags ( I use trash bags and the air bags you vacuum the air out of ) they worked better because you can get a lot in the bags at once . I ordered 4 sets from hsn the large square ones. Take your sheet wash and dry on high heat. Put them in bag also. Get plastics cover for beds tape zipper if you can’t afford cover spray your bed top to bottom all around the sides turn mattress over spray it leave the room for fresh air and go back in. Spray head boards and corners very well. Spray base boards spray everything you can sprat alcohol on rag wipe thing down on your dressers pull drawer out spray inside dresser and drawer stake a rag wipe wall from top to bottom remember to take breaks for air.

    Once your done get the diazadine earth (spelling may be wrong ) garden center or hardware store do not !!!!!! get the one for swining pools garden only lightly dust on your floors under your bed very light you don’t have too see it I use a wide paint brush put the powder in a zip lock bag stick brush in and brush the like your painting it
    After your done leave close your windows close the door get wide tape make sure it sticks tape around door seals all opening taped about a week open the door get double sided carpet tape put it on the floor run it up the door frame ( you can use a lighter double side tape to protect you frame) pulling it off may damage you wood but I did care. Bed time undress out of the clothing you’ve been wearing all day put on night wear you’ve wash and dried sleep on the mattress take nothing in but fresh covers that been wash dried on high

    Do each bedroom one at a time sleep in it go to the next room we were luckily only had to do bedrooms caught it right away. It worked for me each time no bites while sleeping. I know this sound strange but! I’m gonna just! Put it out their because it help me. While sleeping in another room before I could treat it I sprinkled gold bond extra strength powder all over the bed top to bottom I did not get bit all night . I discovered mice didn’t like gold bond they walk trough it lick themselves and it burns it medicated. We had a mouse that would climb on the back of my couch I put gold bond across the top it never got up their again later I got peppermint oil put on cotton balls it ran the mice away they hate that oil I put about 6 drop drop it behind places mice like to go under beds couchs stoves refrigerator etc….. I don’t know if the bed bugs don’t like the smell or if it’s just to strong for them but it helped me spread the powder so you can kinda see it make sure cover are already cleaned my son also surrounded his bed with it. Keep a flash light by your bed wrap it in Saran wrap so bugs can’t get in it or put in zip lock bag if you turn over in the night shine it at your ceiling sometimes when they can’t get to you they craw on the ceiling and drop to your bed it a lot of work focus on a room at a time so you put your attention on it as if it’s war because my dear it is. Post after a month you will know before that but post let others know if it worked for you. If they are all over your house do each room the same way good luck. Remember this is war all the way around your door frame till tape meets tape

  • paula

    We have bed bugs, I have no idea how we got them since me and my husband don’t travel! But we have them just the same! We tried sprays( bedbugs spray from raid works the most) and they help for a few days to a week. We have our a/c going now because it’s so hot in our house. We live in an old house and it’s a rowhome, I don’t see as many as before! We have a few but not like before! We tried vacuuming the mattress, the boxspring, and the frame….it helps alittle but they seem to come back. I wash our sheets, blankets, pillows, and comforter in straight hot water and that seems to help somewhat for a few days. Best thing to do is wash all bed linens and pillows when you spray the entire bed! Mattress, boxspring, bed frame and floor around then bed as well as baseboards.

  • dj

    Please thank everyone for their tips, they helped alot. we moved into a new apartment I kept itching and I concluded they were bedbugs. I mean, are they some plaque or something? I hate getting
    ate up, but when they bit my 1yr. old that was the Straw That Broke
    the Camel’s Back!. I got up in the middle of the night and plugged
    in my iron. Yes!, I said iron. I set my iron on 2 sometimes 3 to warm
    it up ( be careful!)not recommended. I got some newspaper and whatever else paper I wasn’t going to keep. I placed the paper over these scum critters as they popped up and ironed accross the paper quickly and lightly before I knew it I had ironed my whole mattress. I repeated this method twice so faarr, it worked but I am following up with alcohol and other home remedies. I also used a pet urine remover spray (dollar tree)for removing bug body fluid. If you try the iron please keep iron at a low temperature but just hot enough, store and cool iron properly when done. Together we can achieve.

  • Merrandie

    2 things have worked for me. I live in east Texas and these things are bad out here but the first time I put everything I owned in storage and bombed it during the summer then I moved. Yes…. It worked but not everyone can go to that extreme. So call Servpro. Have them ozone your house. An ozone machine removes the oxygen from them air and NOTHING CAN SURVIVE! My sister did this and it worked. Good luck, they are a plague. But also remember, the Bible says no plague or calamity shall come near your dwelling. So prayer and standing on that word works too if you’re willing to try 😉

  • AV

    I have no tip. However, i just moved into this apartment 3 months ago and weeks into it began getting bed bug bites. The day i moved in the landlord said that there was not an infestation problem however there really was. My boyfriend is getting them- only i am. We are in the process of having an exterminator come in and clean out the place however it works for about a day and then they are back. He said, “There is a two week cycle in which they lay eggs however the chemicals that they use do not kill the eggs, only the bed bugs…

    The chemicals bring the bed bugs out of their hiding spot and then stick to them and they go off back to their hiding spot and eventually die” (Sounds like a bunch of bull to me BECAUSE ITS NOT WORKING) and for that they have to come back three times every two weeks. It is not working! and is to expensive. I have been using itching creme for my bites and moved my sleeping area however they have followed me there to. Cayenne pepper is supposed to keep them from entering. They will not go past it so i have been told to put that near my doors and places i do not want them to enter.

    I lathered my couch in it to. I hope it works i am going to try these remedies. MY LANDLORD HAS TO PAY FOR THE PEST CONTROL TREATMENT (the professionals are about 500 dollars) DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY BECAUSE IT DOESN’T WORK. HE SAID MY APARTMENT WAS NOT SEVERE YET HE CAN’T GET RID OF THEM – If yours is severe and you can actually see them (because i have only spotted two – in two different stages) you might want to try EVERY SINGLE REMEDY POSSIBLE FIRST. For three months, i have vacuumed, steamed the carpets with a steam vacuum, used alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide,cayenne pepper, bed bug spray…nothing has worked.

    They are back with in a couple of days i have not enough money. And i freak out when i sleep. To the point where i dot the spots that bother me and itch when i try to sleep in order to wake up and see if it was actually a bug biting me or my imagination. IT BLOWS!!!!! They are like mice in bug form – I’d much rather have mice! sheesh – I AM GOING TO TRY EVERY REMEDY ON HERE TO SEE IF IT WORKS – ALL OF YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME – DONT HOPE THAT ONE CURE IS GOING TO WORK – WE NEED TO GO DETECTIVE ON THIS!!!! Keep my posted please i need a quick and cheap remedy !!!!

  • CCR

    swimming pools with chlorine in tanning salons.wipe your body down with white vinegar. That will purge them from your body and out from under your nails from the pores of your skin. If you can stand it you use castile soap and you can dilute wit water and a couple of wipe over the infected areas and it speed up healing and nagging crawling sensation.burn sage around the house also can’t stand the smell. Also there are to kinds of diatomaceous earth one for the garden and one for the food you eat once this touches their skin it dehydrates and kills them in two mins also takes it to the nest so once its on them they can’t run from no matter where they hide.look under the web site bedbugsCentrol.com GET THE FACTS.



  • V

    they were created by the govt back during the first recession to make people start buying treatments. the plan was cut short when a now banned poison proved to destroy them. they were created to be poison resistant, but the DT Earth works. you can find it in your gardening section at most stores. have had this problem for over 2 yrs now, but with a lot of work it has eased up. use alcohol! dont scratch. spray the alcohol on the infected area, dust everything with DTE and try to find sulfur for farming. if you burn some in your home, do so properly, float a can with about a 1/2 cup full in a bowl of water in the middle of the infected room. COVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE with something impenetrable. light it with a match and runoutside. close doors tightly behind you and dont breath until you reach the edge of your lawn. sulfur is highly toxic and will kill EVERYTHING inside the home so make sure no one is left inside, including fish, before you light it. The bugs were bred to be very tenacious, so if you rent your property, tell your landlord to remove all carpeting and install wood floors.

    they like to hide under the carpets and inside the walls. DO NOT TRUST EXTERMINATORS! a man from a top extermination company confessed that each company was given a box of bugs to release into each home they treated for other pests to start the epidemic so the government could repeat their plan from the recession so long ago. since its release, the video waas banned from youtube, along with the exterminators confession, so i cant post a video, but he had told in detail of everthing, including how the bugs were genetically spliced with dna from roaches to make them resillient to poisons, and tick and flea dna to make them tiny and biting. he even told that they were created to be immune to those so-called bed bug ridding poisons sold in stores. i was a victim from one such exterminator as my landlord had him come in and spray for ants, roaches and termites. i had no problems with bed bugs until the day he came and sprayed. that night i was assaulted by the demons, but have since suffered an infestation like no ther, it was like poison made them reproduce faster and bite harder. but ive got them almost under control with DTE and alcohol now. benadryl and poison ivy cream medicines help with the itching. milk soup, sleep medicine, and hot tea help the sleep.

  • Keylaq Koenigss

    With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright infringement? My blog has a lot of exclusive content I’ve either authored myself or outsourced but it looks like a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my authorization. Do you know any ways to help stop content from being stolen? I’d certainly appreciate it.

  • Robert

    After reading through a couple of ideas and steps here, I went to Lowes and bought Diatomaceous Earth and the Hot Shot in the purple container

    I have also tried the Pine Sol in a spray bottle. It works quickly on roaches, but I am not sure about bedbugs. I sprayed a infested are on my box springs as well as the group of adult bugs. It didn’t seem to have any effect. I waited a couple of hours and the adults were gone.

    The eggs etc. looked the same as before. The apartment complex had their exterminator come out and do his thing.

    3 weeks later the bug were back, but not as bad.

    I am on a fixed income and have to depend on the buses to travel around. I have to go to a laundromat so washing all my clothes at one shot is difficult.

    I vacuumed after applying the products mentioned earlier. I will go out tomorrow to get rubbing alcohol.

  • Christina

    I can’t stand these little things.I have vacumed everyday i have mopped my entire room with bleach water. and even bought raid NOTHING WORKS you will have to get your house clean and vacum all your sofas chairs and beds and rap in plastic rap also put duct tape on the bottom of your bed leaveing some of the sticky stuff hanging out the bugs get stuck to it and call a exterminater also put bleach water in a spray bottle and spray down bed and dresser/bookshelf this is all i know i wish i could just burn down my house and kill those nasty things

  • Amber

    I just did the rubbing alcohol and it works great there buts go in the air when there dead Thank you for rubbing alcohol.

  • Laura

    My family has suffered for two years with bed bugs! We are in a really old house that has many settlement cracks and old wood cabinets and wood beams, etc., etc. We have hardly slept at all during this time. We have been so upset, angry and have cried many times. And have even thrown away beds etc. We absolutely cannot afford pest control! I have felt like I’m going to lose my mind many times. I did tons of internet research until I found Diatomaceous Earth. I bought a 50 pound bag at a horse feed store for $10.00.

    I began putting it around everywhere with a used hair color plastic bottle. Wear a mask! It works! But you have to keep at it for awhile. Don’t give up! We still see a couple every now and then, but then we re-dust. In fact, alcohol works very well, and I’m getting ready to do alcohol first and then dust again. Alcohol is temporary, the DE is permanent, because it shreds their little bodies! Be sure its Food Grade only! And remember alcohol is flammable! Tear the cover off the bottom of your furniture and beds and dust, dust, dust inside. Dust everything. My house looks like a powder bomb exploded at times, but you have to realize I am a little over the edge after two years of these bugs, and I have tried EVERYTHING!

    But, joking aside, I think if you dust (for example) just the back of shelf units and inside drawers (the edges) and underneath, and between mattress and box spring, and inside box spring and around outlets, under carpet edges, a fine layer on carpet, and around woodwork should be enough to begin with and see how it goes. Repeat every 2 weeks. Use bed covers, bed bug or allergy, or actually I like the Saran Wrap idea as well, and probably even plastic would work. Put legs of bed frame, or legs of furniture in little plastic dishes (dollar store) and coat the inside with vaseline or fill with 1/2 in baby oil. The key here is DON’T GIVE UP! They are everywhere, we just have to learn to deal with them. You can even spray yourself with some alcohol at bedtime.

    I wouldn’t do it for long, but remember alcohol baths for a high fever?? It used to be common to put it on our skin! My heart bleeds for all of you that are suffering. Oh also, the DE is really an irritant so be sure and wear a mask, and goggles if you can, and air the place out for awhile. It puts such a fine mist in the air you don’t even realize how much you’re breathing. THE OVER THE COUNTER SPRAYS and BOMBS for Bed Bugs DON’T WORK. If you can afford it go with a company that uses heat treatments. Good Luck from Tucson!! Just for clarification, the very first time I used DE I didn’t see anymore for a couple weeks. And we are finally almost rid of them, but you can’t imagine how many places I have in this house where they can hide! Again, Good Luck, and don’t let these stupid little bugs bring you down. We’re stronger than that!



  • Richie

    Dryer sheets on the corners of your bed under the elastic sheet ends works best.

  • Renee

    I’ve tried most of the “remedies” & advice offered here & all over the internet without much relief or hope for a happy ending to this nightmare of bedbug bullshit. I will say, alcohol does kill on contact, and if you spray it on a freshly-fed bedbug (bright red in color), they explode…literally & instantly,(which now gives me a good deal of satisfaction. How sick is that?)

    Anyway, my next desperate attempt to be rid of these awful creatures, is “thermal remediation”. Here is the link, http://www.heattreat.biz/. It sounds too good to be true, & probably far from affordable, but has anyone out there heard of, or tried this method? If so, I’d appreciate any feedback before I take the plunge & attempt to retain their services.

    Also, my two cats are tormented by the bedbugs, as well. Can anyone refer me to an agency or cat-grooming company, who offers cat bathing “for bedbug removal”- type of service, preferably in Boulder/Denver areas of Co? or anywhere……….I’d be forever grateful for the info. Thank you all for the advice given so far, & good luck to all of us, plagued by this unbearable & devastating insect invasion. I hope this link will provide positive results of some kind…………..Cheers to all!



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  • Towcb

    I know one remedy that comes slightly handy, but it may take months to kill them all if you have a small infestation, if you have a larger one, it may take a year or so but it does kill them. There’s a certain grounded fossil you can spray onto your couches and floors and it’s even safe for you to ingest. The fossil is just powder to us but to them, it’s like small shards of glass and when the bedbugs crawl through it, the powder dries them up and kills them.
    The fossil is called diatomaceous earth and it’s actually pretty cheap. But the only downside is that it takes a long time and you need to be reapplying it every month or so.I’ve been using it for awhile now and the infestation is getting smaller; I can tell by the amount of little dead bodies I find beneath the couches. I hope this helps some people.

  • tina

    we buy the glue traps for mice and stick them under the legs that way if any bug trys to craw up the legs they get stuck and really any liquid kills them if you see them but the hidden ones are the ones you cant kill we have less now but we do a check every few days raising our mattresses up and we got the bedbug mattress and box springs covers with the zippers

  • Jacqueline

    I bought bed bug spray from dollar general. It works on contact but that’s all. I have found that for the bites if you make them hot (as hot as you can stand without hurting yourself) it STOPS THE ITCHING!!! That’s all the help I have. I’m disabled and I’m having shoulder replacement surgery this month. I continue to wash my bedding in hot water but haven’t gotten rid of them. All I can tell you is good luck.

  • Amber

    Hahaha…. don’t think that going north will help, I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada…. Yesterday it was -20C (-4F) … and have the critters all over my bed and mtself and my fiance are covered in bites…. anywhere people have been or are… these little bugs follow…. A cold northern climate will not save you…

    • Lori Estes-Blunt

      No because it is the HEAT that destroys them!

  • niki

    I had them once moved and stored my stuff for a year in a cold shed. It got rid of them until a couple months ago and we got a new neighbor Now i’m fighting the battle again!! I’m getting ready to try all of these tips….The bites are driving me insane and i cannot sleep….the funny thing is i get bit during the day!

  • diane fletcher

    I’ve been at war with these damn bedbugs for about two years. I live in Phila. Pa & this city is having a serious problem to the extent that it actually an epidemic. I tried Alcohol which it does work temporarily but I also tried Hot shot for fleas & bedbugs. (The Alcohol seems to of worked better, but I still have them. We are suppose to go shopping for new furniture but I fear that WON’T solve the problem. We don’t have a lot of money but I know with all the money we spent on these chemicals, he could of bought new furniture 3 times over. I read most of the home remedies & the one that caught my interest was the baking soda. We will bomb the house (again) prior to when the new furniture is delieved. I cut up the living room rugs & discarded them months ago. I still have to cut up the rug in the master bedroom. All the other rooms don’t have carpeting & we plan on getting hardwood flooring to replace the rooms that had rugs. I can’t put blame on anyone since it can’t be proven on how we got them. PLEASE WISH US LUCK & I HOPE WE CAN WIN THIS WAR AGAINST BEDBUGS!

    • Lori Estes-Blunt

      Try crushing the mint leaves up put around bed, under box spring between mattress, the Indians used to rub their skin with it before going to bed. also try the rosemary oil spray around your bed.

  • Nia

    My daughter bought home bed bugs from her grandmother house in NY a few years ago and I tell you they are the hardest thing to get rid of. I’ve thrown away two beds and two couches so far. I found some bed bug & flea spray at Big Lots in a purple can and it works but I have to spray down everything every couple of months. I could probably get rid of them for good with the spray but my whole house is carpeted and I’m a renter. But between the bug spray and ironing my mattress (the heat kills them as well) I can go a few months at a time bed bug free. If anyone figures out a way to get rid of them for good please do share!!!!

  • Leann

    My daughter had bed bugs in their home teribbly bad. They had spent a lot of money on chemical items that didn’t work, and got rid of beds, chairs and couch and carpets and still had them.
    I found your tips and emailed them to her. About seventy dollars later, they are now bed bug free for over a month. She still sprays the spic and span once a week and mops with the rubbing alcohol once a week. We recommend this to everyone we hear discussing this problem.

  • wes

    Thankyou all for the tips. I just realized a frw days ago that I have them, and I am hoping that if I impliment alot of these cures to rid them, as well as using a
    SOLID PREVENTITIVE SOLUTION, on a weekly basis, or so, then maybe I can grab the bull by the horns, before it hits the china shop. Thanks again!!

  • bed bugs how to get rid of them

    The common chinch bug is a common lawn pest that lives and breeds in the thatch area of turf grass. They are known to be severe lawn pests that are found all throughout the United States. As far as lawn pests are concerned, chinch bugs are considered one of the most common species that can be found in the Northeast region of the United States.

  • Pija

    I worked as Maintenance Head at hotels for years and ran into bedbug infestations on several occasions. An exterminator friend shared the company secret with me. Go online if unable to find product elsewhere and order Mother Earth. It is a white powder that you can dust your bed, picture frames, etc. In a day or two, what creatures remain will have crawled up the walls toward the ceiling in an attempt to escape the dust that dries them up. Spray them and soon you are bed bug free.

    • Lori Estes-Blunt

      it is called diameticous earth avail at hardware store (food type)

  • Kiran Kumar

    Noticed bed bugs a week ago in the folds of my mattress. Quite a good number nested there. Going bonkers. 4 days since I have been to the house. Purchased a powerful vacuum cleaner, a branded & powerful steam cleaner, some chemical & a sprayer. Gone around Hyderabad searching for Diatomaceous Earth, no body has clue. On net it to s very costly around 2000 rupees for 40gms. Pray the steam works for now. Hope it is not spread around whole house.

  • PollyMunoz

    For welts, apply hot pepper sauce..I used SRIRACHA… and I said: Suck THIS! They die instantly and the itch goes away. The sauce does not sting on your skin…but wash your hands & dobt get it in your eyes! If they suck blood…let them suck TABASCO sauce…I am not kidding. It works.

  • Gary Mitch

    diatomaceous earth does work, I put this between the box spring and matress and in the entry way of the bedroom door. I am always finding dried up dead bedbugs in the carpet.

  • Sandra

    Don’t forget to check your electrical outlets. Bedbugs will hide behind them. You can try a natural approcah:

    Bed Bug Spray Recipe

    1 Cup Water
    10 drops lavender essential oil
    10 drops rosemary essential oil
    10 drops eucalyptus essential oil
    3 drops essential oil of clove (optional)

    Place in a fine mist spray bottle, and shake well before using.

    I want to include some cautions here. Never work with essential oils unless you are wearing gloves. Undiluted essential oils can be dangerous if absorbed through the skin. Another possible problem is that essential oils, even diluted, can have an adverse effect on some cats, so keep kitty away.

  • Sandra

    Forgot to mention, throwing away your furniture is not going to help since they also live behind electrical outlets, in the carpets, etc.

    For those with animals, you can use flea and tick shampoo/spray/powder. It will kill the bed bugs too.

  • Buffy the Bed Bug Slayer

    I noticed that after using absorbine jr., for a sore elbow, there were no new bites on that particular arm. I don’t suggest rubbing whole body with absorbine jr. but I did this until bottle was empty. I’m guessing the comphor is what deterred the little savages. Had some medicated foot powder from dollar store. You got it! I used it! Sprinkled it on bed before laying down. After finally getting some sleep I got the idea to just dowse the whole bed. Between the mattresses, all over the top mattress, and in the “lip” of pillow-top mattress. DO NOT PUT MEDICATED FOOT POWDER ALL OVER YOUR BODY! IT WILL BURN LIKE A M*TH*R F*CK*R! I know this for a fact because, lol, I HAD. I also did the alcohol spraying. Sprayed alcohol in the holes on side of mattress where handles are. My bed was the only place that I encountered the bugs. I probably put up with them for about a month and a half before finally admitting to myself that it WAS bed-bugs. I haven’t had any problems since the night I emptied two containers of a dollar store brand of medicated foot powder. Worked for me. Hope it works for you!

  • barbara

    here’s something no one put on this site….try diatomatious earth.It works but it’s kind of hard to find. There are plastic bulbs that you put the powder into then you squeeze a puff of the powder into all the cracks and seams anywhere and everywhere. If you have pets…look for the “food grade” or “water grade”. This type can be added to juice or water and drank. It’s very good for your bones and teeth. It’s all natural…but you have to make sure it’s the ‘water or food’ grade. I’m not sure…but I think if you drink it everyday…when the bugs bite…they get that in their blood stream and die….but i’m really not sure. But it kills them when you sprinkle it between the mattresses..and the cracks in the floor n stuff like that.

  • barbara

    oh yea….one more thing on the diatomatious earth….it comes from fossils and is mined like salt. It’s fossilized earth and extremely good for you but extremely bad for bugs. Can also be sprinkled directly on pets for fleas and possibly ticks. Very safe if you get the ‘food grade’ or ‘water grade’…I cant stress that enough. The other stuff is good to kill bedbugs…but has other chemicals in it that’s not safe for pets or human consumption.

  • Bill Pleasant

    An idle thought…. I have bedbugs in my living room furniture (I long since went to an air mattress in the bedroom.)My Yorkie is unaffected by them. He takes Comfortis as he is very susceptible to fleas. I know that many human drugs are used on animals with the dosage adjusted for weight, species idiosyncrasies etc. Does anyone know if there is a form of Comfortis geared to humans or is my thinking completely off? My logic is that if the food supply (me) is removed, they’ll either die or move on. Feedback?

  • Dee Arn

    To Save A Little Money
    This was taken off and I’m putting it back on !
    To save on duct tape , trash bags , water (I pay for mine) and alcohol and to get rid of more bed bugs quicker you will need tote boxes , a pair of wire cutters , duct tape , Plastic box sealing tape , trash bags on line (400 kirkland drawstring on amazon.com for $47.00 free S&H) alcohol 70% in quart bottles at Walmart or Dollar store (Buy a case at a time, it hides what you are buying and the sprayer from Glass Plus fits the bottles from walmart also the sprayer from the small bottles of febreze) , hair grease or vaseline , vacuum cleaner that takes bags, green scrubbers,face mask and food grade diatomaceous earth (50 lbs on amazon.com for $55.00 free S&H). If you have a very small home just buy 25 lbs. with the trash bags and you will still get free S&H.
    For your health, I suggest you buy Silicea 30X , 500 tablets at 1-800-homeopathics, either on-line or by phone . It is the same kind of stuff like teething tablets for babies , but for the diatomaceous earth side effects. Take 5 tablets every 4 days .

    Directions: Turn your tote boxes up-side-down.You will notice 3 tabs of plastic at each corner of the tote.Take your wire cutters and clip each side of the tab mostly up to the end.If you do it too close you will ruin your tote.With your wire cutters, grab the tab and twist it back and forth while pulling the tab and it will come off.Use a small piece of duct tape in-side and one outside to fix any mistakes.Do this for all four corners on each tote box.Next look for the hole under each handle of the tote. Take a small piece of duct tape and apply it to the inside of the hole and one more to the outside of the hole. Take your thumb and forefinger and press the sides together over the hole.Now you can use this tote for clothes inside trash bags, one bag for each set of clothes. Before you use it, Spray it with Alcohol from top to bottom .Close the lid while you put your sets of clothes in your trash bags.
    Spray each bag with alcohol.Fold your pants, put them in the bag and Spray with alcohol. Fold your blouse/shirt ,put in bag and Spray. Do this with each garment until done. Now push as much air out of the bag as possible and twist it to make a neck and to keep the air out. Pull the draw strings closed and wrap one aroud the Lowest part of the neck you made 2 times .Now take the other draw string and pull it the opposite way at least 2 times.Pull tight. You will have extra sticking out over the neck so take the rest of the part of the ties and twist them ABOVE the opening of the bag at least two times each and make a bow. Put about 4 or 5 sets of clothes in each tote. Take the plastic sealing tape and make one side the top . Close it with plastic tape. It will be a hinge tape that you can leave on and re-use until all the sets of clothes are used. Next tape the handle sides. This is a little tricky and you will have to make sure the tape is long enough to close it. You have to push the tape into the very small space to make sure you sealed it right. Tape the other handle side and then the bottom. Your clothes are ready for you to use.
    When you take the tape off, just take it from the sides and bottom and leave your top or hinge tape on.
    Bring one in the bathroom with you. Take off your dirty clothes and put them in an alcohol treated bag as described earlier with the clean clothes. If you have a bag from the clean clothes you took out the night before , use it for your dirty clothes you take off today. Fill your tub half full and add dishwasing liquid to it. Get your alcohol spray bottle and wet your hair down with it while sitting in the tub. Leave it on for as long as you can stand it and rinse off with the tub spigot. BE CAREFUL OF YOUR EYES. If you get it on your eye lashes, wash with a soapy wash cloth before you open them. The alcohol sticks to the oils on your lashes. When you are done bathing ,shower, untie your clean clothes and towel and use. Remember to keep the CLEAN clothes bags and re-use them.
    Every time you feel any bugs, Spray that part of your body (EXCEPT your EYES) with alcohol. You will be killing them instantly.
    Vacuum the whole house and throw that bag in an alcohol treated bag. Vacuum it again in a week . When you start feeling some relief from the treatments,(a month and a half) vacuum every two weeks.
    After vacuuming take the diatomaceous earth and scrub it on every surface except the ceiling with the green scrubbers. Your beds, dressers, carpets, in and outside cabinets and walls included. If you can’t afford a face mask, a dish towel and a safety pin works better if you dampen the dish towel and tuck it into the top of your shirt or blouse.
    At night I was applying hair grease and vaseline to my whole body to keep the bugs off me . I was doing a lot of mouth breathing because I wasn’t getting any air throught the pores in my skin . Now I put it in my ears, around my nostrils , mouth and on my feet and the backs of my legs, buttocks and thighs. I put it on my private parts too.
    I did put plastic on my bed and they ate right through it. Since the Diatomaceous earth worked somewhat , I reapplyed the plastic and it did good for 5 days. What am I doing wrong on the plastic ?
    I trick the bugs in my car by spraying it with alcohol just before I get in. That way they stay away from you since they can not smell your breath through the alcohol for a little while.
    This has been one of the hardest trials of my life . God thru Christ is seeing me thru this, since everyone else has deserted me like rats on a sinking ship ! At least I know who my friends weren’t. Like many people in the Bible , I cry out , How Long Oh Lord ! He replies , Have Patience and this too shall pass. He Is right ! I think it’s almost passed.

  • Robyn

    We’ve moved into an apartment complex that is infested with them. After having our apartment treated two times we decided to find our own way to get rid of them. We found that spraying our bed with lavender and rosemary oil keeps them away. I spray once a week when I change the sheets. I spray the mattress, pillows, and sheets. So far, it seems to help. We still get a few bites here and there but not like before!

  • Delphia

    Oil your body with any body oil, or olive oil infused wiht lavendar essential oils, or Jergens original cream on regular basis. Bed bugs dont like an oiled or hydrated body, drink lots of water. Use a blacklight in a dark room to locate in room, furniture, or on body. The blacklight is good to use after your body is well oiled & another person can take them off with tweezer. Time consuming but worth the effort. Don’t forget to check nose,ears, eyebrows & eyes. My daughter felt one come out of her lower eyelid. You can feel them coming out of your skin cause it feels like someone poked you with a pin. We just started battling bed bugs a month ago. Already had to get rid of one mattress. Have wrapped other beds in plastic & leaving clean clothes in bags out in sun for two days before putting back into drawers. There is a peppermint soap available at health food stores like Sprouts we noticed a difference when bathing at night. Also soaking in hot water, hotter the better draws them out, and then rinsing them off in hot water. Here in Arizona hanging out in the hot sun helps some. Good luck.

    • Lori Estes-Blunt

      Are you sure you are talking about bed bugs? I mean they don’t embed in your skin, or take hot water to come out of your skin, are u sure you don’t have body lice? or scabies? I’m serious.

  • Mousie

    I herd that 2 prevent them place dryer sheets in all your linens under your mattress in all your couch cushions. The dryer sheets drive them out as long as it hasn’t Gotten out of hand.

  • Lydia

    I have noticed that i have bed bugs. I have done everything from getting a new bed and i even took my carpet out. Ive cleaned, Ive bombed my room. I used rubbing alcohol to kill them as well to clean. I checked my bed and i see nothing, However i see them in my childs toddler bed who is also in my room. Ive done everything imaginable to get rid of these critters and cant seem to keep them away. I have NO clutter. My room is cleaned everyday. My home is cleaned also everyday. What can i do to get rid of them and keep them from returning?

  • buggin crazy

    look at ACE hardware and home depot for the DE diatomatious earth I found a bag there going to try it today

  • crystal

    i had just sprayed my whole house and garage for bugs which i try to do on a regular basis since i am allergic to almost all insect bites. when a friend told me it was bed bugs which were to small for me to see. the neighbor told me they had to treat his house while he was in the hospital. he said they used vinegar and water. i tried that at a half and half ratio which lasted a few days. i then called the girl that cleans his house and she said she used almost straight vinegar and it really works. i have even used it on the clothes in the closet instead of washing them and its working.

  • Found a solution…

    Cedarcide is a product that works and works well. Being a resident of NY I knew it was only a matter of time before I dealt with BB’s again. First time was about 5 years ago, after much research and deliberating I decided to try out “Cedarcide” and to my amazement it worked and continued to work for some time after due to its residual properties. Now I’m dealing with them again in my new apartment and patiently waiting for the product to come in the mail so I can unleash a cedar-packed fury on these rotten things. I don’t want to come across as a salesman for this company but I also understand what many of you that are reading this site are going through and I just want to offer one solution that had worked well for me before. Good luck people, and try to sleep well!

  • Chris

    Food grade or water safe diatomaceous earth – I know others have said it but it works! It helps to buy a professional duster to apply a fine enough dust – too thick and they will go around it, defeating the purpose. It takes some learning about how these bugs live(and die) and A LOT of cleaning, washing, vacuuming, purging, replacing, patience, diligence, heartache and tears and that’s if you’re lucky! I’m being cheeky but it has driven me to the brink of emotional, financial and physical breakdown. I’ve done it and used it all! I feel for everyone that experiences this God awful pest that knows no bounds!!! Best wishes All!

  • Michell

    WD40 works really well, does not stain furniture, doesnt smell great but works!


    I went to wal mart, bought a steam cleaner, and steamed everything all the way down to the metal that holds my bed together in which it blew the queen egg layer right out. killed them on contact. also put bug sticky pads under your bed posts after steam cleaning every crack and crevice of your bed.steam clean the whole house especially the cracks and baseboards. put clothes you don’t usually wear in black plastic bags and set them in the hot sun. don’t know about you but they are going to be in those bags til next summer. dead bugs or not. but I am finding them dead
    steam cleaner around 150.00 walmart


    also besides steam cleaning, keep washed, clean clothes in plastic totes with slick sides. they cant crawl up them if they are hard, slick, plastic

  • Someone in Canada

    Thank you to everyone,,,,,my son and his girlfriend who blessed with with a grandson, who is under a year. They are in a basement apartment and were told by the landlord…a complete pig…that they might have them…we washed all their belongings….we hung some clothes to dry on the banister….which is wood…we are not experiencing anything, but I will tell them about the rubbing alcohol and span spray ….I am also going to be doing our house, as my grandson will be coming here for about a week….I could just ring the landlords neck….the danger they have put my grandson in is awful! but I will try some of the suggestions…I am itchy just from reading all of this amd seeing pictures on other sites…Good Luck to all!

  • CR

    My brother got them and we used a case of bedding spray for lice and it got rid of them also the Kerosene tip works but u need to know where there at

  • Homeless in a van

    We are homeless and we got bed bugs before we moved out of our apt. I have tried store bought spray and order on line spray and nothing. Call Antimte and they won’t help us. I have a new mattress with a mattress cover but they still find me but not my hubby. The inching hurts like hell. I have Pets too. I really need some help from anyone. At lease I am not alone. Please help us.

  • Jean

    We moved into this motel and after 3 months I started getting bites… We didn’t know what it was at first but then one morning I was making the bed after we got up and spotted a couple of bugs.. Looked online and sure enough with pictures and discription of the signs I discovered we had bed bugs.. I didn’t ever think anything of the blood spots on sheets cause my husband is a diabetic.. We told the motel owner and he
    Bomb our room.. It didn’t faze them.. We have bought bed bug spray over and over… Our mattress is wrap in dry ran wrap … Well the bug spray works but they have good hiding places.. After another 3 months they started getting a taste for my husband’s blood… So he suggested one night to take 2 Zyrtec several hours before going to bed and well neither of us wake up to the itching and scrTching from their bites.. We actually get sleep.. They still bite.. Ohh and they avoid the sticky tape.. They have a tendency to crawl up to the ceiling and drop down on us … Seen one do it while I was reading and it landed right next to me on the bed… I still spray when u see them or squeesh them… But they are getting smarter about when to come out and go into hiding.. Will try the alcohol next… Good luck everyone on killing them.. It’s a hard battle we all are fighting..

  • sl

    I’ve had bedbugs for 9 months now! It’s like the little jerks won’t die. I used Dio. Earth for about 6 months and although it did dramatically reduce the population by about 50% it didn’t kill them fast enough to stop the breeding process. I powdered the baseboards, around the bed and the perimeter of the bed mattress, probably used way more than what’s safe. Dryer sheets do repel them but only for a few days at a time, if they get hungry enough they will feed. I spray hairspray on the bites and it stops the itching, I’ve heard that it kills them too but every time I’ve sprayed one I couldn’t stop my self from squishing it before I could see the effects. I have noticed that everytime I find a nest and spray it with hairspray they won’t go back to that spot. Now what I do is once a week I stand up all of the mattresses, take a spoon and run it thru every crevice, the 1st time I did this I could actually hear them popping. Then I have a spray bottle of vinegar and I spray the mattresses, check about every five min. and they’ll come running out of their hiding places so that I can kill them. Then I spray everywhere that I think they may still be hiding with hairspray. I’m down to about one bite every two weeks, maybe one day I’ll be free of the little buggers. Oh and I saw something on one website that said hit them with the blow dryer…don’t do it directly, they’ll blow everywhere!

  • Jo

    One way bed bugs escape and invade is by using your electrical outlets like your switches and plugins. I put diatmetraceous earth inside the wall plates. It wasn’t hard but takes a long time.

    Another way is probably the water pipes. Try wrapping them at the opening to each room…mainly your sinks… in crinkled aluminum foil so that it will hold the diatmetraceous earth so they have to crawl through it.. If you have snails you can put crinkled foil on your water pipes where they enter your house and it will block them and other soft bugs.

  • Jo

    You can use borax and salt for fleas and some bugs. Roaches like sugar so you can use sugar and borax under your fridge, etc.

    Take paper plates and mix sugar and borax half and half and the same with salt and borax. Put them where little kids can’t reach them.

    If you put borax and salt under your mopboards, it will stop a lot of the bugs from coming from outside or other rooms. Take a caseknife and scoot it under them. You may have to use roach powder for those that are too close to the floor.

    Bedbugs like to live in window sills so put some there and caulk them.

  • c0cky

    I have never seen so many bad spelling mistakes on the one forum! Good grief!Where did you people go to school!!..anyway,I tried diatomaceous earth(food grade) and it does seem to work,though you have to give it time. Making your bed into an ‘island’ is also a necessary part of the strategy,as is setting the alarm for 4:AM and checking for them..to kill them all is not possible..you just have to keep interrupting their breeding cycle..

  • Rachel

    I have never had a bed bug infestation, but I have had a flea infestation that took me almost 4 months to get rid of it. I think I can understand how crazy it makes you how you want to throw up your hands running and screaming! There is that stuff that helped really well though you may have to go through a vacuum. It’s called diatomaceous earth or de (FOOD GRADE). It is a powder that is rough on all insects that actually lacerates their skin and makes them bleed out. They die of anemia just by walking over it. It is safe for pets and children to touch or eat it thought it is dangerous to breath it while it is in the air (because it is a powder and can scratch your lungs up!) I was wondering if this might help. Good luck!

  • Ellen

    Sorry, this is not a tip. I need help please!!!!
    I’m a senior who has been trying to get rid of bedbugs in my home since last August. I have tried everything, the earth thing, 2 way tape around legs of my bed & the rest of the bed too, washing sheets every day in hot water, bought a new mattress with a bedbug proof $45.00 encasement. Threw old mattress in dump. Put encase meant on mattress just inside my door in the living room so I don’t get bedbugs in the new mattress & still I am getting bite. I have yet to see a bed bug. I’m at my wits end now. I don’t sleep all night for fear of getting more bites so I am so tired & depressed to the point I cry all day! I can’t take much more of this. I can’t afford a exterminator as I live on a fixed budget (old age pension) I itch so bad & scratch to the point the bites are getting infected in a few places.
    I desperately need help & I pray to god someone else out there might have a Full Proof solution to get rid of these pests! Thxs for listening to me.

    • BlackCatsDream

      Did you get rid of them Ellen or move? I sure hope you’re OK. Let us know.

  • Chris Turner

    I am a pest control company owner that deals with these everyday and I would like to help set the record straight. Extermination of bed bugs is not a easy process and it requires quite a lot of prep work by the homeowner before any treatment is started. If the house is not prepared correctly then the treatment will fail.

    Bed bug treatments should not be done by a homeowner except in a few cases where the infestation was caught very early because in most cases the homeowner will only make the problem harder to correct by driving the insects back into the walls and subfloor or ventilation system. Killing the bed bug insect itself is not that hard but to rid a home of a bed bug infestation is a different matter altogether. The female will lay eggs every day for up to 6 weeks at a time before she needs to feed. A female bed bug only needs to be inseminated once but needs to feed every 5 or 6 weeks to be able to lay eggs and this is why they are easy to get but hard to get rid of.

    Chemicals do not work on the eggs so if you do not do the treatment correctly the first time then chances are the adult egg laying female will get into areas that are not accessible and that make the treatment much harder and more expensive. We use a steam sterilization and chemical treatment process that works very well and is designed to protect against re-infestation. My company Stare Standard pest control worked for 2 years to come up with a treatment that is safe and effective but what we found was the treatment is only as effective as the technician is trained so we have a 6 month training period for our bed bug control team.

    I just want people to know that there are some pest control companies that have great success treating bed bugs and then there are some that have no idea how to do it correctly so please do your homework on the companies . My rule of thumb is a bed bug treatment should cost between $350.00 to $450.00 per treatment for a standard 3 bedroom house in my area of the country( KY. ) and please make sure that a warranty of at least 6 months is offered. If a company wont warranty for at least 6 months then its a waste of you money

  • ziggy willis

    Garlic granules and garlic worked for me we stripped bed box springs spray all bottom with flash with bleach kills on contact whole base was sprayed then mattress left to dry then Hoover mattress put base done and covered it with garlic granules and all skirtings with salt and garlic granules washed and tumble bedding and made bed and pop Clove of garlic pealed and chopped in every room been a week today not seen any or got any bites but garlic a stinks seems to work follow me or msg me for updates but a week later can sleep bites healing and been take in garlic capsul one a day hope this helps as has us so far so worth a go x

  • tracy baldwin

    I thank Almighty God that human are not God, if not, by now i would have been a dead human, after so many years of been suffering for hepatitis B and all the Dr doctor said there is no cure, till this new year that i came in-contact with this clinic called MEDICATION CLINIC who deliver the medicine to me and now am cure.Am so thankful to God their email is [email protected]

  • Clifton Jamison

    Thanks for the info grandma.I used to joke about “don’t let the bedbugs bite”well not anymore !
    In Florida here i had a terrible problem with bedbugs last winter.In my whole life of 50+ yrs I never ever have seen one.I was covered in what i thought was an itchy heat rash.
    Well here’s how i dealt with them.I tried 5 cans of all those major brand sprays,to no avail.I ended up useing a 3 point approach. 1.The hair dryer trick and still do,as it kills everything like dust mites where i sit mostly.2.I smear vasoline on the bed supports and legs and around wherever i’ve seen these little bastards. 3.Then sprinkled boric acid powder around where i’ve see them.It’s $1.50 for a 1 pound bottle at the dollar general.(you have to tap sometimes as the nozzle cogs,no big deal). It kills roaches and others and haven’t seen a bug in months.I now after a year bug free, and nearly going nuts over this shit,still get chills thinking about those nasty bastards crawling and biting on me!

  • clark lewis

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