Home Remedies with Baby Powder

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The absorbing and deodorizing qualities of baby powder not only keep infants dry, but can also come in quite handy around the house. From tackling damaged books to supplementing your stain-fighting power, you may want to become familiar with home remedies using baby powder.

What is Baby Powder?

Baby powder is an astringent powder that works as a diaper rash preventative, deodorizer, and has a place in the world of cosmetics. It is typically comprised of talc (or talcum powder) or cornstarch powder, which offers a coarser grain. When using on babies, the cornstarch type of powder is recommended by doctors and the Academy of American Pediatrics because it is less likely to be inhaled. Talcum powder can be harmful when inhaled since it may cause aspiration pneumonia and other health complications [1].

Baby Powder Home Remedies

There are three different kinds of baby powder that you may have in your house – regular, cornstarch or medicated. Regular baby powder is made from talc, while the cornstarch type has coarser particles. Medicated baby powder contains zinc oxide, which can address irritated and moist health concerns. In addition to treating the body, home remedies using baby powder go beyond addressing your skin. A handful of instances include:

a) Sand Removal:

Sand has a knack for sticking to your skin even after you’ve wiped down your body with a towel. Before getting in a car or entering your house, sprinkle a bit of baby powder over sweaty, sand-covered skin to minimize the number of grains that remain. The baby powder helps by soaking up excess moisture and making the sand much easier to brush off.

b) Cool Summer Sheets:

To prevent the annoyance of hot, sticky sheets in the summertime, sprinkle a bit of baby powder between the sheets before slipping under the covers.

c) Clean Your Dog:

Baby powder can act as a dry shampoo for your pooch. Simply rub a handful or two of the powder vigorously into your pet’s fur. Allow it to settle for a couple of minutes, and then follow up with a thorough brushing. The powder will enhance your dog’s appearance and scent.

d) Absorb Grease:

If you’ve spilled a bit of greasy food on your shirt, treat splatters by dabbing the stain with a bit of baby powder. Rub it in well and then brush off any excess powder. Repeat the process until you see that the stain has disappeared.

e) Fight Bed Bugs:

Some people have tried suffocating bed bugs by sprinkling baby powder on their mattress. The best kind to use will contain talc. You can also treat the cracks in the wall and other holes that the pests may hide or enter your home.

f) Calm Oily Hair:

Just like your pet can benefit from baby powder in their “hair,” so can you. When you’re in a rush and cannot commit to washing and drying your hair – treat dull and oily locks with a sprinkle of baby powder. Leave it in for about five minutes, and then comb the powder through. The powder will absorb excess oil in the scalp and your hair.

g) Kill Ants:

Ants are no fans of baby powder (especially when it is scented), so sprinkling the powder directly on the house pests will cause them to scatter.

h) Clean Your Cards:

To prevent playing cards from sticking to one another, loosely place the cards in a plastic bag with a bit of baby powder. Seal the bag and give it a couple of good shakes. When you remove the cards, they should have a revamped feel to them.

i) Treat Your Books:

To rejuvenate moldy or mildewed books, let them air dry before sprinkling a bit of baby powder between the pages. Stand the books upright for several hours. Afterward, gently brush out the remaining powder from each book.

j) Putting on Rubber Gloves:

Sometimes, it’s a real pain to put on rubber gloves when you have a bit of dirty work to do. However, make things much easier when you lightly dust your fingers with baby powder. This approach will make it less difficult to put on your rubber gloves.

k) Garden Help [2]:

Before planting your flower bulbs, a light dusting of medicated baby powder can help reduce the risk of rot. Place five to six bulbs in a sealed plastic bag with three tablespoons of the powder. Gently shake the bag a couple of times. This method will also repel moles, grubs, voles, and other pests that like to eat bulbs.

l) Bed Sores

Bed sores need to be protected as a sufferer is moved around. Friction with other objects and even the own patient’s skin can cause discomfort. See our how to get rid of bed sores guide for more information besides using baby powder for bed sores.


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