12 Home Remedies for Appetite Loss

Feeling under the weather? Experiencing a hormonal imbalance? Fighting a serious medical condition? All of the above can result in a loss of appetite – when you just don’t feel like eating anything or your taste buds have diminished. In an effort to get you back on a healthy path, you should consider following a couple of home remedies for appetite loss.

Home Remedies for Appetite Loss

Causes and Symptoms

Your digestive system, mind, overall health, and lifestyle choices all play an important role in whether or not you are hungry. The main causes of appetite loss include:

• Digestive Conditions: An issue with your digestive system can cause a loss of appetite, including an ulcer, gastritis, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome.

• Infection and Sickness: Viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungus can all cause a person to lose their appetite. Some people face short-term or chronic appetite loss due to the presence of infection or disease. Common culprits include the flu, AIDS, pneumonia, strep throat, mononucleosis, and food poisoning.

• Medical Conditions: From liver disease to kidney failure, there are many different diseases, disorders, and conditions that affect appetite.

• Cancer: One of the symptoms of cancer, as well as side effects of many cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery) is loss of appetite.

• Drugs and Medicine: Illegal drugs, over the counter medications, and prescriptions can leave a user without an appetite. This includes codeine, cocaine, morphine, antibiotics, amphetamines and meds that treat the common cold.

• Lifestyle and Environment: From a stressful job to a recent divorce, there are many other reasons behind appetite loss. Other causes of appetite loss include an abusive relationship, new baby, financial difficulties, family tragedy, and the pressure to stay thin.

Appetite Loss Home Remedies

Your body and mind require essential vitamins and nutrients to thrive. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to consider the following home remedies for appetite loss:

a) Lime:

Use limes to bring back your appetite. Mix with powdered ginger for the most effective results.

b) Sour Grapes:

It has been said that sour grapes can cause an individual to become hungry, especially if they are suffering from an eating disorder.

c) Garlic:

There is a unique component in garlic that stimulates the digestive system, as well as improves appetite. Ways to put this home remedy to good use is by adding garlic to a bowl of soup or bowl of rice.

d) Smaller Meals:

If you’re trying to boost your appetite, eat smaller (and more frequent) meals, as your stomach will more readily accept smaller portions.

e) Water:

Dehydration can lead to appetite loss; therefore drinking glasses of water throughout the day can help – especially if you exercise on a regular basis. It is suggested to drink a glass of water before working out and another immediately after.

f) Ginger:

Ground up about five grams of ginger root to treat a loss of appetite. When following this home remedy for appetite loss, lick a bit of the powdered ginger with salt once per day.

g) Eat Refined Carbs [1]:

Eating refined carbohydrates (like white bread) often results in a person getting hungry relatively quickly again. These kinds of foods tend to lower blood sugar levels. This crash usually makes the eater more interested in consuming other foods.

h) Ice:

Apply a bag of ice across the stomach for 30 minutes before eating a meal. You may also rub ice across the skin to lower your body temperature or drink glasses of ice water for the same effect.

i) Pomegranate:

Add salt and honey to pomegranate juice to coax your appetite to return.

j) Watch Food-Related TV Channels:

You know that mouth-watering reaction that sometimes occurs when you see a juicy hamburger commercial or someone licking an ice cream cone. MRI brain scans have proven that the visual perception of food (like watching TV or viewing printed images) directly affects our appetite.

k) Bake:

The scent of freshly baked banana bread or chocolate chip cookies entices our sense of smell, which encourages the secretion of insulin. In turn, many people become hungry.

l) Cold Bath:

Since your metabolism drops when it’s time to eat, the colder a person is – the more likely they will be to eat. Take a cold bath to trigger your body’s response to eat.


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