12 Home Remedies for Anxiety and Gas pain | Q&A

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Q: Grandma ,I very often get pockets of gas at bottom of esophagus or top of stomach region which is usually relieved by a big burp.  It causes bloating so I have hard time breathing since gas is trapped. I do smoke and I am very healthy eater so I eat a lot of foods that cause gas.  I was wondering if you had a remedy that I could use either taken before, after, or during consumption of such food? I also have Anxiety Disorder which seems to cause the gas attacks?

A: Dear J, There are many reasons why gas pain is experienced by a person. In your situation, the main problem you might have is because of tobacco consumption. Cigarette or tobacco contains nicotine; most people believe that smoking cigarettes reduces anxiety. However, nicotine actually signals the brain to trigger an episode of anxiety. With that said episode of anxiety can also transmit signals and temporarily alter the normal function of the different parts of the body. The digestive system is primarily affected.

Normally, it is up to you to decide whether you stop the underlying reason of your problem or try these quick relief home remedies for anxiety and gas pain.

Home Remedies for Anxiety and Gas Pain


1. Heating Pad – Direct the heating pad on the affected area. It is among many effective home remedies for anxiety and gas pain. Heat can help in relaxing the muscles and nerves in your gut and reduce the pain felt. Make sure to take extra precaution when using a heating pad on your skin. [1]

2. Hot Tea – Sip hot tea particularly after consumption of gassy foods. Drinking tea can prevent gas attacks and helps you relax.

3. Fennel Seeds – Chewing a tablespoon of fennel seeds after meals hinders the formation of gas attacks after eating gas forming food.[2]

4. Water – Drink plenty of water at least 8 glasses a day. Water is among many proven home remedies for anxiety and gas pain. Avoid drinking coffee or any caffeinated drinks; it only worsens the anxiety and gas pain.

5. Charcoal – If you think you are going to experience a gas attack, mix charcoal with hot water and drink immediately. The taste is bad, but it does the job of preventing the gas attack. [3]

6. Ginger – Drop ginger into boiling water and let it sit for about a couple of minutes. Pour the hot water with ginger into a cup and drink it before sleeping. It promotes better digestion and reduces the chance of gas attacks during bed time.

7. Peppermint or Chamomile Tea – Drink a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea after eating. This kind of herbal tea can both relieve anxiety and any stomach and gas problem. [4]

8. Lemon and Peppermint – Drink peppermint mixed with lemon and hot water, this can alleviate anxiety and gas pain.

9. Warm/Hot Bath – Take a hot/warm bath or soak your body for 20-25 minutes into a tub filled with warm water and mild aromatic scented oil. It helps reduce anxiety, which definitely inhibits gas pain. [5]

10. Chew Your Food – Carefully make a conscious effort to remember to chew your food thoroughly. Proper chewing of food reduces the chance of swallowing gas as you eat.

11. Exercise – Conduct light exercise and movement to energize the muscles, this can promote better food digestion, reduce anxiety, and exercise can expel gas.

12. Mind Body Exercise – Anticipate and train your mind to counter attack every time you experience anxiety. This can help you learn how to manage and overcome anxiety, which prevents gas attacks to further progress. [6]


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