20 Home Remedies after Colonoscopy | Q&A

Q: Grandma, I have been experiencing severe constipation ever since I had a colonoscopy. Can you please recommend effective home remedies for faster relief of my condition?

A: Dear T, constipation is a common occurrence after colonoscopy. The condition largely indicates the success of the diagnostic treatment in detecting the presence of polyps in the anus or in removing fecal matters blocking in the intestines. It is mainly caused by the insertion of a foreign body into the intestine. Although it is a normal after effect, some home remedies can be applied to alleviate bloating sensation.

Home Remedies After Colonoscopy


1. Apple – Without using a knife, bite into the apple to eat it to cure constipation problems. Eat an apple each day.[1]

2. Honey – Mix one tablespoon of honey with one glass of boiled, cooled water. Drink the mixture before retiring to bed.

3. Lemon – Slice the lemon and keep it away from insects for the whole night. Do not refrigerate. In the morning, drink the extracted juice.

4. Orange – Drink a glassful of two fresh orange juice as one effective way of treating constipation after the treatment procedure.

5.Chebulic Myrobalan – Fry the fruit of chebulic myrobalan (Terminalia Chebulia) in ghee. Add in an equal amount of black salt. Take a spoonful of the mixture with slightly warm water before going to bed as an overnight aid in the proper bowel functioning.

6. Milk of Magnesia – Take two ounces of milk of Magnesia prior to the laboratory procedure to reduce constipation.[2]

7. Avoid soda and coffee – Abstain from drinking beverages with caffeine because of their dehydrating properties that can cause constipation.[3]

8. Water – Drink plenty of bottled water, preferably warm, to replace all the lost body liquids.

9. Bael fruit – Eat about 60 grams of the fruit in its original form before dinnertime.[4]

10. Pear – Consume an all-pear diet for several days. Another option is to eat a medium-sized pear before dinner or as breakfast fare every day.

11. Guava – Eat two guavas with seeds every day to aid in normal bowel movement.

12. Grapes – Eat at least 350 gm of this fruit to relieve constipation.

13. Raisins – Soaked raisin in water for one or two days until they bloat to their original size. Eat the raisins early each morning and drink the water used for soaking the raisins.

14. Papaya – Eat half of a medium-sized papaya every day during breakfast.

15. Spinach – Extract 100 ml raw spinach juice then add equal parts of water. Eat the mixture two days a day to treat constipation after colonoscopy.

16. Linseed – Mix a teaspoon of linseed with water to deal with constipation problems.

17. Grain products – Consume at least six ounces of grain products to obtain big dose of fiber to fight off constipation.

18. Bananas – Eat two ripe bananas in between meals to relieve constipation. Do not eat green bananas.

19. Molasses – Take two tablespoon of blackstrap molasses each night before going to sleep.

20. Beans – Cook the beans thoroughly before eating them to prevent gassiness.


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