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acne home remedies

If facing the mirror in the morning is becoming an increasingly daunting task because of the dreaded pink dots, whiteheads and blackheads that seem to appear from nowhere on the face, it’s time you did something about your acne. This annoying condition of the adolescent years can follow you into the middle age and beyond! According to the dermatologist, Dr. James E. Fulton, Jr., founder of the Acne Research Institute, California, women can experience flare-ups at 25 or 35 or even older.

Understanding acne

Acne actually consists of a variety of symptoms, such as pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. However, their cause remains common, that is, clogging of the skin pores that result in the eruption of inflamed and non-inflamed lesions. There can be many reasons for getting this condition, the main one being heredity.

Other reasons can be stress, sun exposure, seasonal changes and climate. Certain types of makeup and taking birth control pills can also cause a breakout[1].


Acne home remedy treatment

Although over-the-counter products are available and are quite effective, they have some awful side effects. However, there are some excellent home remedies for acne that are both safe and effective:

a. Cleanliness:

Cleaning your face by washing it in warm salty water will leave it oil-free without aggravating the acne. Cotton dipped in rose water may be used for cleaning the skin and to remove the makeup, especially the oil-based one, since it’s responsible for acne outbreaks.

b. Diet:

A healthy diet acts as a natural acne home remedy. So, include fresh fruits and vegetables, at least five servings a day, in your diet.

c. Drinks:

Drinking lots of water generally prevents most skin problems. To find out how much you should drink, divide your body weight in half and drink at the least that many ounces of water a day. Nettle tea is another herbal solution that effectively counters acne.

d. Exercise:

Regular exercise, which may include some form of aerobics, generally helps bring oxygen to your cells and gives you a healthy skin.

e. Ice:

Icing down acne lessens the swelling noticeably. It works best on larger pimples that have not yet formed a head.

f. Topical remedies:

There are plenty of topical remedies, like putting toothpaste on the pimple before going to bed to reduce the swelling; applying paste of fresh fenugreek leaves on the face and washing with warm water to prevent acne, pimples, blackheads, and wrinkles; placing strawberry leaves on the acne to reduce the swelling, because of its alkalinity; and applying the paste of orange peel on the affected parts to rid it of acne.

g. Juices:

Lemon juice mixed with rose water not only cures acne and pimples, but also reduces blemishes and scars. Applying fresh mint juice on the face helps rid the skin of acne, pimples, insect stings, eczema, scabies and other skin infections. Aloe vera juice is another excellent home remedy for acne scar removal.

h. Face mask:

Mixing a mask base powder, such as fuller’s earth or kaolin powder with a few drops of essential oils, making it into a paste using distilled or filtered water and using it as a face mask will not only clear acne, but give your skin a smooth and soft texture.

i. Birth control pills:

Certain birth control pills, like Ovral, Loestrin[2], Norlestrin and Norinyl can aggravate acne. So, consult your physician to switch medication or use another birth control method.

These acne home remedies have worked wonders for many people. However, before you adopt one for your own use, do consult your physician.


[1] http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/meds/a601050.html

[2] https://www.loloestrin.com/loloestrin/index.html


  • Jamey

    I always use ice or take a extremely cold shower before a date or social event. It reduces redness, makes my pores smaller and tightens my face to make me look a year or two younger which helps for us 20 somethings 😉

  • shushi

    I SUGGEST CUCUMBER JUICE,HONEY,LEMON JUICE,ALOE VERA, AND OLIVE OIL FOR SCARS CREATED BY PIMPLES/ACNE. idk if it will work 4 you but just try it and if it works 4 u by alll means keep using it!!!!! good luck and have a great day.

  • Katie

    i know not everyone has penicillin laying around but if you do it sure did clear my acne up and also tanning helps again i know not everyone can go tanning but thats how i keep my acne under control hope it works

  • martha

    The body is complex and simple. The complexity is the lack of understanding about the body, it’s simplicity because most solutions are in our kitchen. Some helpful tips that are cheap and convenient. 4-5 glasses of water daily( lemon optional , 1-2 tablespoons of aloe, fish oil capsules, cod liver oil capsule, flax seed, romaine lettuce is excellent!!!!!!! There are so many foods from which the necessary vitamins – for optimal skin benefits. Also, the discipline factor is important. The body has to be treated with integrity, so be sure to stay the course.
    Let courage and knowledge be the guide!!

  • alex briner

    HEy ya use honey and cinmom i am sue it well work for U ;)!!!!!!!

  • Mary

    I know some of you will snurl your face when you read this but hemroid cream works for acne or any kind of breakout..apply after you get out of the shower or when you wake up in the morning

  • Brandie

    I am 14 and at the peek of my hormones and all that crap. Try this facial mask, it helps! 1 tsp. olive oil, 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp. honey, and ground oatmeal. leave it on for about 15 minutes a day. : )

  • nik

    Eucalyptus oil, dries up big pimples/breakouts overnight usually and but doesn’t dry out skin.

  • Alex

    Go to the doctor and get some drugs. That works the best and why waste time making all those home remedies that may or may not work?

  • elina

    You can use lemon juice after you wash your face and let it overnight (it dries in a minute but doesn’t dry the skin )or toothpaste > Apply it in a clean skin and leave it overnight and in a few days you will see a huge difference!

  • samantha

    Okay..I’ve tried a lot of things before for my acne. I’m 14 and i have minor acne but I’ve learned that if you pop it after it has a head (don’t pop before it has a head bad idea!!! ) pop once it has its head then put ice on it to reduce swelling and redness..also use toothpaste, yes it sounds weird but it works like magic! Ask your doctor for some medicine they would work also.

  • vinni

    this works for a minor case apply soap to your face for at least 3 minutes straight then lightly towel dry it. your skin will be a little red for a few minutes but this helps try it.

  • sarah

    Rub a lime all over your face before a shower, then after shower wait about 20 minutes, then rub garlic juice all over. Its stinks but yet it works 🙂

  • Robert

    Alot of the Acne “drugs” have nasty side effects. NEVER get Acutane, it can ruin your life. It is capable of stunting growth and it only keeps the Acne gone while you are on it.

    Diet and exercise are two big steps to helping get rid of Acne.

  • Mike

    I do cold showers, skin brushing and use coconut oil at night. Make sure to avoid too much sugars, meat and milk products since they make acne worse. Coconut oil helps get rid of acne pretty fast providing you follow a healthy diet.

  • Piya

    Try jojoba oil… Use the 100% stuff because the stuff mixed with vitamin E oil can aggravate the skin. Take a cotton puff or pad, put 3 drops and wipe it across your whole face. Jojoba oil has some property that eats the bacteria on your skin. It also tricks your skin into thinking that it your face’s oil so your face won’t produce as much. Try it at night and you should see improvements (and for those who are worried about putting oil on your face, its really a wax so don’t worry). It’s also a great moisturizer 🙂

  • lexi

    Take 1 or 2 aspirin and crush it into a fine powder. Then put 2 or 3 drops of water in it and mix into a paste.

    Then rub on your pimple and leave it on for about 5 or 6 minutes. Now wash it off and it should take most of the red and swelling out

  • jacqueline

    i am only twelve and i have acne!!!! I wanted it completely gone, so i started putting warm/salty water on my face, twice a day!! It worked! My acne was gone!!!

  • Nizzy

    The best Remedy I have ever used for acne was asprin.I crush it untill its powdery and then put witch hazel (astrigent) or water. Then I put it on the blemish and it dries up really fast.

  • George

    i use hydrogen peroxide before i go to sleep at night, then i wake up in the morning and take a shower using dove soap on my face
    so far it seems to be working

  • Cory

    Go to the beach and enjoy the water. Salt water clears your skin up. but make sure to wear sunscreen.

  • Tiffany

    before i go to bed i take a cotton ball and put rubbing alcohol on it then i take and put it on my face about 2 times it works but i still need something better because i have very stubborn acne. my dad taught me this because its what they used before they had all these treatments


    Hi, I’m 13 years old and looks matter a lot well to me.
    I got proactive thinking it would work but it doesn’t, it irritates my skin and and the green stuff you use after you clean your face stings the zits you have. So I wouldn’t recommend that, and my favorite part of proactive is the lotion, it does nothing. Well good luck girls….

  • Gemma xx

    Well Try Drinking Lots Of Water..

    Use Warm Water Every night and apply witch hazel
    i wouldnt suggest toothpaste it irratates your skin

  • Grace

    I stayed at this Shack (holiday house,or whatever) and went swimming everyday in the sea, and I didn’t get any pimples for ages!

  • Elsa & Jocie

    okay soo this might sound a little weird but trust us.! it works.!
    1st.Mix Mustard with lemon juice.
    2nd.Crush 1 Garlic clover &&mix.
    3rd.apply it to your face.wait 30 minutes.
    and wash off with warm salty water.!
    then wash off completely with warm water.!
    it worked in less than a week for us.!
    Don’t Knock it till you try it.!

  • destiny

    believe me proactiv doesn’t work that well and as soon as you stop using it your face becomesssssssss horible. crushing up asprin or advil and mixing it with water and petroleum jelly or vasline really helps.

  • Jessica

    Well I am 15 years old and I have acne. I cant get rid of it, I have tried everything! Recently, I have been putting baking soda and mixing it with water and putting it on my face, and then leave it on over night and then rinse it off in the morning, but it doesnt seem to be helping…So if anybody has any ideas that REALLY works then will you please tell me!

    Thanks, have a wonderful day [=

  • chelseaa (;

    im thirteen and i started getting acne at the age of ten
    try this
    its really does work
    everynight before bed wash your face with warm soapy water
    apply witch hazel (generously, buy bottle at drug store)
    put lemon or lime juice all over your face (dries acne,softens skin)
    if you dont have witch hazel, put plain or natural strawberry yogurt and leave to dry for twenty minutes. cleared my acne in one week and use it eveyr second day to prevent more breakouts! dont ever ever use proactive or accutane- its like a heroin addiction and in the long run it will clean out your bank account and ruin your skin! trust me

  • Mary

    i tried proactiv and it actually worked for me, the refining mask was amazing! i put it on every day i know it sayas evry other day and only 10 minutes, but i left it on overnight, by the time i woke up wow results!
    but once u stop using proactiv, it all comes back!
    i also tried toothpaste, i guess i left it on too long???
    well that just sort of irritated my skin (really badly)
    my friend uses hydrogen peroxide and it worked for her its a really economically convenient way to get rid of acne…

  • suzanne

    It is such a curse when the skin decides to have break-outs. From experience I have learnt not to try too many things at the one time. It can be emotionally frustrating when you read many remedies and over the counter products working / not working on other people. Three tips are 1. Dont let the skin problem go on too long – seek advice from a naturpath, doctor, or skin specialist. 2. Dont try too many products at the one time as this confuses the skin big time. 3. As tempting as it may be DO NOT squeeze or pick at the skin.

  • corinne

    Does it have to be aspirin? i have tylenol, but no aspirin. my tip is honey. after washing your face right before you go to bed, put honey onto it all over and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. it helps if your face and fingers are wet. do this about once a week. it kills the bacteria which prevents acne and sometimes gets rid of existing acne. it also moisturizes your face in an unoily way.

  • alexa


    mix honey and lemon together, under a low flame, then add the oatmeal and stir to stop burning
    at the very end, turn off the stove, and sprinkle a tsp of cinammon, and mix. it works pretty well. leave on for 10-30 minutes.
    (amount of honey, lemon do not matter, but depending on how much honey and lemon you use-lets say you use 2 tbs-use only 1/2 tbs of oatmeal. it has to be less than honey and lemon)

  • cassie

    haha… okay, so alota ppl get pimples but i hate em!! i mean yea ima girl and i can cover em up a lil bit with makeup but i hate em!! i just started usin noxzema a whilea ago and it has worked but my grama tld me tht she use ta put a dab of noxzema on her pimples or alcohol b4 they had any medication… u can also use toothpaste… trust me!! it does help. <3

  • Sabrina

    I am pretty sure this works, because it has been working for me.All i do is apply ice to my acne and it reduces the swelling and redness.Also, i have heard that crushed advil mixed with water works on pimples, so i’ll have to try it!

  • Jessica

    I am 13 and I am already strugling with acne. Clean and Clear Advantage is the best stuff I’ve ever used. I went to the doctor and he prescribed pills for me to take twice a day. My mom takes the same pills and she has no more acne. I use clean and clear in the morning, I wash my face and back with oxy body wash at night and then apply Differin. I get toothpaste with backing soda in it and apply that 15 min after I apply Differin. Leave the toothpaste on overnight and then wash it of. This works great for me. Note: Only apply the toothpaste where you have pimples, I got a little carried away the first time and my skin got all ichy on me. Remember to get atleast 8 hrs of sleep if posible.

  • Jaden

    Just soap and warm water can do the trick. It clears ur pores and also clears acne.

  • angi

    i know this might sound a little bit crazy, but ive learned from an old newspaper clip that if you put milk of magnesia all over your face at night, it really helps with acne ! I’m not sure exactally how it works but I am 27 and STILL struggle with acne. believe me I’ve tried everything under the sun!!! Proactiv and Neutragena skin I.D. also worked but they will break the bank.

  • Kimberly

    ok so these last 2 weeks i have been gettin baddd cystic acne…and ive NEVER had it before than. i have no idea…im not about to get my period… so i dont know what it could be…Nothing has helped so hopefully SOME of these tips work…& like someone said proactive doesnt help, at least not me. PLEASSEE HELP!

  • monkey

    put milk fats over your face or put ice it worked for me!!

  • kit


    glass of milk 2x a day
    balanced diet
    2 liters of water(purified)
    avoid eating oily and spicy foods
    apple a day
    . Cleanliness:
    . Diet:
    . Drinks:
    . Exercise:
    Topical remedies:
    . Face mask:


    1 tsp. olive oil, 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp. honey, and ground oatmeal. leave it on for about 15 minutes a day. : )

    Eucalyptus oil, dries up big pimples/breakouts overnight usually and but doesn’t dry out skin.

    Diet and exercise are two big steps to helping get rid of Acne.

    Try jojoba oil…

    Take 1 or 2 aspirin and crush it into a fine powder. Then put 2 or 3 drops of water in it and mix into a paste.

    Also, i have heard that crushed advil mixed with water works on pimples, so i’ll have to try it!

  • Donna

    for zits that have come to a head or big sore red ones, before going to bed scrape a bit of DRY soap from a soap bar (make sure the soap bar is dry not wet) the best soap bar to use is one for sensitive skin and rub it over the area – dry soap will stick to the skin, leave it over-night and wash off the next morning, it dries out the pore underneith the pimple and also prevents it from re surfacing, do not use an acne wash, toner or moisturiser on the area after using the soap as it wont work.

  • pill

    thanks guys for the tips but who knows ingredients for facial mask

  • kyilye

    I have been getting realy bad zits in the same spots for about a year now. The are painful,red,and realy big!
    my grandma told me the other day that if i put germx or hand sanitizer all over my face in the morning and when i go to bed they will clear up realy fast. I tried it, and it worked for me.
    another thing she told me to do was drink LOTS of water and DO NOT touch your face. The oils and dirt on your hands will cause your skin to break out. Get a good amount of sleep at night,and eat healthy.
    Try to stay away from greasy or unnatural foods.

  • Lynn

    i use Desitin before i go to sleep. and i c results the morning iwake up.

  • Dersmth

    Tooth paste works in 2-3 mins. Apply it directly on the infected tooth our teeth’s. Repeat it nessacary

  • MynMyn

    take a finger nail brush. put any acne medication on it and scrub your face like crazy, it may hurt but it works. it also works on dry skin. works for me and my little brother. love it

  • stormie

    Those little pads that stick to the acne overnight? All they are is crushed aspirin! The aspirin thing works for me, but it also blisters the skin. Only leave on the paste (aspirin and water)until it dries, then get it off.

  • Rachna

    Jai Shree Krishna, mix sandlwood powder & black gram powder in rose water & apply overnight it will work great on yr face

  • Miranda

    I am 14 and i have BAD acne
    My mom keeps bugging me so i found home remedies 2 fix it
    i use WARM salt water for a cleanser
    and apply rose water and toothpaste
    i know its a weird mixture but it actually works for me at least

  • Liz =]

    Here is to EVERYONE with acne. Adults, teenagers like me aren’t the only ones who can get acne. It happens to everyone. Yes, acne is just a part of growing up, but that doesn’t mean you have to walk around with it! As a fourteen year old who absolutly HATES acne…I recommend Glicerin Bars. It’s pretty much soap. It doesn’t smell at that good, but it works wonders. Btw, for you sporty people, my friend had really bad “backne” and the glicerine bar worked wonders. I’ve always used glicerin bars since I’ve done sports, and they work pretty darn good.
    It’s also important to drink LOTS of water and eat properly. Also, EXCERSIZE!!!!
    Hope this helps.
    -Liz =]

  • julie

    the less junk u eat, the better

    also for ppl with bangs, try keepin them from ur face

    also try salty water with sea salt
    always wash ur face with COLD water =]

  • bj

    i use to love cheap mud masks growing up but haven’t been able to find them reasonably priced anymore. after seeing an episode of Ellen, i decided to try what one of her experts suggested…new cat litter. sounds crazy but i have a few friends that are now using it as well. get cheap cat litter, pour some into a bowl and run warm water into the bowl to create a muddy like substance. wash face like normal, apply mask and let on for about 10-15 minutes or so. i really like to use this after working out before getting into the shower. my face is clearer, softer and smoother. dont let it dry on your face. the cat litter pulls out all the excess oil and clears your pores and opens them up.

  • lori

    i tried honey baking soda with water n tooth paste i didnt think anything wood happen but i noticed the difference a day later try it out. they work great and tanning

  • staceysmith

    Use water sprayed from a bidet! Works like a charm

  • Chinedu

    In the morning wash your face and apply aloe vera juice on your face, repeat in the afternoon. When going to sleep wash your face again and apply the pulp of tomatoes cut into four, wash off in the morning.Repeat it and in less than a week pimples should disappeared if not reduced. Also try washing your face with warm salty water. It helped me and am sure will help you also. Wishing you the best.

  • Support

    Doesall this stuff even work??? Cuz I mean like somtimes toothpaste ruins my skin. And somtimes when I just leave my skin alone it clears away all by it’s self. Soo don’t freak out an use all that ploy makeup and stuff!!!! Good luck 😉

  • Cheryl

    Old fashioned Listerine. The yellow bottle, not the new one with blechers, don’t want to bleach your skin. Take a few cotton balls and a bottle of Listerine and cleanse your face, once in the evening and then again in the am. I promise, you will see a HUGE difference the very next day. I have been doing this for over 35 years and have a beautiful complexion.

  • Helen

    I’m 31 and had terrible acne when I was younger. The best thing I found was fresh Aloe Vera gel, taken straight out of the leaf of the plant. Rub it all over your face after cleansing and leave on overnight. It feels slimy at first, but dries quickly, and peels off while you sleep. Also a fantastic face mask is natural yoghurt mixed with some lemon or orange juice. Use it after cleansing and let it dry, then wash off. Avoid any toners that have alcohol/ethanol. I found using hardcore cleansers made it worse, so now I use only gentle cleansing gels, and a light moisturiser (dry skin can also cause acne). Avoid coffee, chocolate and full fat dairy products, and wash/change your pillow slip every 2 days.

  • shazia begum

    I have tried few things from the chemist, but dont seem to find a way to get rid of the acne. It looks horrible and its too much. I desperately need help but dont know who to ask and where to find out exactly what to do to get rid of the acne,through what kind of home remedies, not quite sure which one to go for,worried it might spoil my skin,as it is already in a bad state.

  • brit

    i have horrible acne all over my cheeks i use proactive but it doesnt workk ive also used baking soda and water it helps a little with acne but makes your skin really soft. i havent found anything that actually works but when and if i do ill let you know

  • ss

    Use aloevera twice a day on the entire skin. It really works.
    But the disease can be controlled only by some medication. Consult ur dermatologist.

  • Mmz

    Best thing to do is FREAKING LEAVE YOUR SKIN ALONE. Do not pick or squeeze at any pimples, try not to touch your face (it’s hard with that itch on it), and wash your face 2 times a day (morning: cleanser; night: facial scrub/exfoliater). Some home remedies may even irritate the skin, so attempting one of these could actually be a risk!

  • preethi

    eat fruits and vegetables daily…it works