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Here at GHR, we’re known around the world for our holistic and natural healing articles. It’s no secret that curing yourself naturally is the way to go. Our site has many key features but should never be viewed as professional medical advice. Always remember to consult with your doctor.

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toothache home remedies

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Toothache is one ailment that can make your life miserable. The intense and unbearable pain won't let you sleep, eat, drink or even draw...

Home Remedies for Your Body

home remedies for menstrual cramps

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If you're a female, at some point in time, you'll most likely experience menstrual cramps – a symptom that usually accompanies your monthly reminder...
how to lighten your hair with home remedies

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If sun-kissed hair just isn’t in the cards for you, an assortment of home remedies to lighten hair awaits your curiosity. As you browse...

Home Remedies for Your Skin

spider bite home remedies

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You probably didn’t know that nearly all the spiders you come in contact with are poisonous – a common feature that allows them to...
acne home remedies

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If facing the mirror in the morning is becoming an increasingly daunting task because of the dreaded pink dots, whiteheads and blackheads that seem...

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What is Grandmas Home Remedies?

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Do you truly want to give your body natural treatment? Do you want to stay healthy and only use household items around the house? Welcome to the top website for home remedies. There’s a reason why thousands visit every day looking to find treatment and possible cures for their ailments. If you’re suffering from an illness or simply want to allow your body to heal naturally, use our search function and come back often.

We created this website with you in mind. To have a one-stop-shop for anything and everything to do with natural healing. Our wholesome articles are intended to be guidelines for each and every visitor that comes to GHR.

Finding Naturopathic Doctors Online

It’s not easy to find naturopathic doctors and certified medical advice online. Have you ever wanted to find a naturopath that could guide you in the right direction, health-wise? We have too. It’s a tough road to navigate and follow as we all want a trusted place to search for doctors online. It’s okay if you can’t find an internet-based doctor. If you use ours or any other site for health and medical advice, always be careful. Consulting doctors isn’t always a bad thing. Many of them have your best interest in mind. Free online medical advice is not always safe, so double check your doctor sources with everything you find. Local family doctors are certified and safe. Also pediatricians if you’re looking out for the health of your children.

Original Home Remedies – From Our Family, To Yours

Grandmas Home Remedies is the original remedy website generally recommending items you can find around your house. It’s sometimes much better to treat yourself at home instead of paying thousands for a doctor visit. Oftentimes, doctors will prescribe fake drugs that only mask your symptoms, and don’t truly treat them. Keep in mind that our website isn’t a one-all-be-all cure and is not intended to give direct medical advice. You should consult your doctor before doing any extreme changes, putting anything on your skin, ingesting anything orally, and especially before doing anything to more open parts of your body such as your eyes.

Please consult a physician and don’t put your family or your own body in jeopardy by blindly following. Also, cross-reference what you read in the articles on our website and be sure that you are doing the best for your exact use case.

A Natural Health Thank You, From the GHR Team

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From the team at Grandmas Home Remedies, Thank you so much.



Pest Control

head lice remedies

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Ever seen people, especially children, scratching their head persistently? Well, they certainly put you on guard, for you know the only reason why one...
ant home remedies


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The orangey discoloration of rust not only rubs off on your clothing, but can compromise the appearance of household features, such as kitchen tiles,...

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